The Gift Of Um…Gifts.

I see this quandry a lot – on our Facebook page, in our community comments section… lovelies wondering a) which members of the wedding party to buy gifts for if any and b) what to actually purchase.

Personally I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer, if you want to say a huge “Thanks” to your Mum, or your Father-in-Law or your best girls for helping out with W-day/just being them then go ahead, it is a generous and thoughtful gesture.

Ahem. Don’t feel you have to though – it’s not customary and along with everything else that goes into making your celebration everything you want it to be, it is yet another expense and consideration.

And if you do want to give something tangible as a way of showing your appreciation it certainly doesn’t have to be expensive, in fact some of the most impressive presents I have seen have been reasonably priced but personal or 100% hand-made.

So to take a little bit of the thinking out of it team RMW thought we might put together a little series of gift ideas starting with your maids.


This is what I opted for – I figured everyone loves a delicate piece of pretty and your favourite ladies can opt to wear said item actually on the day. I bought earrings from Coast – a high street store that I still really rate for costume pieces and evening accessories.

From top left: Cindy earrings, Fiesta earrings and Samantha earrings all £15 each. The Tallulah cuff is £35 and looks amazing on – seriously, the picture doesn’t do it justice.

If you are looking for something a little more quirky then take a butchers at the jewellery section on Ruby and Diva, these are four of my favourites:

The handmade porcelain poem pendant makes a lovely literary gift for readers and writers, hand-cut from wet clay the pendant is hand-inscribed with a quote from Sylvia Plath’s poem “The Moon and the Yew Tree” £34. And in a similar literary vein The antique gold “Alice” key necklace is ideal for those who adore Lewis Carol or want to get lost in Wonderland £20.

A little more kitsch is the scrabble “Love” brooch which is just £10 and at the other end of the price scale is the Votre Amie Pendant in sterling silver that reads “Votre amie qui vous amie toujours” – your friend who loves you always, not cheap at £90 but so damn lovely.

Maybe I am being a little bit behind the times but I only just realised Cath Kitson does jewellery, this Make-Do-And-Mend bracelet is particularly cute especially for a best girl who is assisting you in your quest to be the Queen of D.I.Y.

And if you haven’t had a look see at Etsy yet you REALLY need to, so many beautiful (and inexpensive) maids gifts to choose from. I stumbled across Anatoliantale Design which not only offer a wide range of gorgeous items using semi-precious stones but you can also save significant $$$$$ if you order more than one – a great option if you have a couple of ladies to buy for.

The monogrammed necklaces in Aqua are $32 each and the pink opal earrings are just $21 each plus postage – either would be perfect with your best girls birth stones.

And my absolute favourite idea of all? This embroidered initial pendant from Merriweather Council, just $35 plus $3 shipping each (about £25) that come in a myriad of shades from teal to eggshell. You could match them up to your W-day colour scheme or just find out what each of your friends favourite hue is.


This is my fail-safe giftage should I be temporarily void of inspiration. Never underestimate the power of the black and white gift bag – no woman can resist. And what’s inside doesn’t have to cost the earth either, nail polishes (I rate both the coral “Distraction” and the biscuit nude “Particuliere”) and the compact mirror are just £17 and £23 respectively. And if you want the whole Chanel gift wrap and ribbon experience I would highly recommend John Lewis – they always seem to go the extra mile in terms of cosmetics customer service.

Just For You

One of the coolest bridesmaid gift ideas I have ever seen on these pages was bride Dawn’s framed cartoon strip, she had one made for each of her best girls:

The “Adventures Of” are by No-Me illustrations.

Another thoughtful idea is to make a photo book of all of your time together – holidays, celebrations ….. embarrassing outfits you used to wear (!) that type of thing. My girls all got together and made me one of “The Glamorous Tour” – i.e. my 2009 hen party that my sister presented me with whilst I was getting ready on the morning of W-day, I was needless to say more than a little bit touched. They used Photobox which was quick, easy and pretty cheap (oh and they currently have photo books at 40% off.)

And if you want to go the whole really make something from scratch route then this is perhaps one of the most creative (and greatest) concepts I have seen in a long time:

Bethany of Rinse.Repeat blog made each one of her favourite ladies a personalised box all about choosing them as a bridesmaid and the wedding plans. The attention to detail and sentiment were outstanding and although not everyone would have the time or indeed the inclination you should go check out the post “Askin’My Maids” regardless as it really is a beautiful piece on friendship.

So then you gorgeous lot, are you buying your best girls something special? Or do you think it is yet another unnecessary expense?

And if you have already bought something/have something in mind do let us know in the comments section below.

Big Giftage Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

29 thoughts on “The Gift Of Um…Gifts.

  1. Im having my sister and my step daughter to be accompany me on my wedding journey, they will be 31 & 15 on the wedding day so I’m going to get them something similar but slightly more grown up for my sister.

    What? at the moment who knows, but I love the things on Etsy and love the initial bracelets, and i had thought of a photo montage of us, me & my sister, and me and SD so they can keep that forever.

    I think the photo montage will be a defo for my sister.

    I’m also getting my dad, and my mum a framed photo of us when i was little, i’ll always be their little big girl (I’m the oldest!).

    Getting me all emotional thinking about it!!

  2. I also stumbled across Anatoliantale Design and think I will probably get the girls something from there as they are just so pretty 🙂

    However, the comic strip idea is just brilliant! 😉

  3. I got little bracelets from I love Gorgeous for the flowergirls. For my uncle who is giving me away, I went to my favourite antique shop and got a silver match holder, it is beautiful, and was not too expensive at £45. Its like something Poirot would have in his pocket. And for my sister, who has bleedin everything in life, I bought her a Tous Monolo Blahnik necklace! And for my gorgeous Mr T, an antique russian silver pocket watch. Its perfect. So, looking at this, I feel I may have gone over the top…..but hey, its a special day. I had saved my pennys, and I have enjoyed spending them.

  4. The problem I have here is that I now want to buy all of that for ME. Especially that dark Chanel nail varnish (my nails deserve a treat after completely decimating them with acrylic recently – excuse).

    Off to read ‘askin my maids’ so I can provide them with full insructions and paint charts in ‘daisy yellow’.

    Right up my street!! xx

  5. @Abi – Oh no…. I am a sucker for coral.

    @Kelly – What a lovely idea – to combine all of your W-day adventures too.

    @Hazel – “Something like what Poirot might have in his pocket” – genius. And a Monolo Blahnik necklace?! that is one lucky lucky sister.

    Charlotte xxx

  6. This whole subject it giving me a headache. I would love to get gifts for my maids, but we are seriously restricted, budget-wise, and they are all so different, I don’t know where to start. Also, my boyfriend is having 4 best men, one of whom is a girl. Should we get them gifts too?! Argh!

  7. Oooh those boxes are so lovely! Already been downloading the fonts and ordering boxes (Amazon people, £4!). I’ve already asked my maids but it was very unofficial (and by unofficial I mean drunk and emotional), so I think it will be nice to do it again properly!

    Those necklaces are gorgeous Charlotte – I’ve seen some similar but with a vintage locket on too next to the initial and the birthstone, gorgeous. Don’t know if it’s the same seller but they’re also on Etsy.

  8. @ Sarah – why don’t you get some nice paper and write them all a nice letter, you could also get them a ‘friendship’ bracelet that you could drake with some embroidery silks from hobby craft and get a nice bead and put it on there.

    It doesn’t have to be extravagant, just something from you to them :o)

  9. We went with cufflinks for all of the men (best men, usher, dads), necklace for my chief bridesmaid, flowers for mums and finally my flowergirls got Tangled Barbie dolls and personalised bracelets. I think ladies of any age are easier to buy for than gents, beyond cufflinks and hip flasks there just isn’t that much to choose from.

  10. @Sarah – how about a photoframe, and print out something like Top 5 Reasons why you’re my friend and put in the frame, and then when you get your wedding photos back you give them a print to go in the frame. They can keep the note behind the photo.

  11. I’m not having ‘maids as its a small wedding, but I was thinking of some giftage for the parents. I spied on Etsy some sapphire stud earrings and thought as my engagement ring is sapphire it would be a nice gift for my mum, not too dear and look lovely! Not so sure about the boys though :s

  12. I have struggled with this – A LOT – but keep coming back to Rosie Brown. I’ve pretty much made up my mind that I’ll be getting my girls a Rosie Brown pearl bracelet – they are timeless but with a contemporary twist! Thinking of going for a different charm for each girl – one with a heart, one with the cherries, and one with the birdie.

    I also feel like I NEED a grey pearl bracelet in my life, is it totally wrong to buy myself a W-Day pressie?!

  13. I am making box frames for each of my 5 maids, It will be filled of all little pics and things that tell our friendship story and am hoping it will be a truly personal touch to each one of them to show how much they mean to me xxx

  14. Loving the Coast cuff, of course the Chanel have you seen there Holographic shade? one word wow, and the box idea…if I could have them all please I would be one happy bride to be 🙂

    Im having my daughter and my 2 best girls for our bridesmaids. Ive been uming and arghing over numerous things for my friends as they are both so different in style, then I was drooling over handbags the other day, namely the Mulberry Alexa and came across some Mulberry friendship bracelets (a little bit luxe I know, I actually want one myself) and would love to get my friends one each, I just love the whole idea of giving them a friendship bracelet, so I think I better start saving.

    Now to find gifts for daughter, mum’s, best man and hubby to be. Thank god Im not getting married till next year.

  15. @Abi Lady HarHar – where are the coral coloured earrings? Coral is in my colour scheme and I am madly hunting down coral accessories for my maids!!

  16. I don’t think it’s an unnecessary expense, I can’t imagine not getting my girls something to say thank you for all their help and for being awesome friends!

    I have got my 4x adult bridesmaids some jewellery I think they will wear in everyday life, rather than on the wedding day. I scoured Not on the High Street and Etsy to get them something personal – they are each getting a necklace and either a brooch or a pair of earrings.

    I am also going to buy them some little pamper boxes (bath melts, fancy soap) nearer the time.

  17. Hi Bo – They are on etsy under the store Anatoliantale Design

    @Charlotte I swear I could be looking at a page of 100 different items and if its coral, it is the first thing I see

  18. @Ruthie_Ruth – you had better be sending me some pictures if you make them young lady! I want to see evidence!

    @Helen – You know what? I love letters. I have kept so many of mine – my friend live in Spain then Ireland, I’ve still got them all, email just isn’t the same.

    @Kathryn – Another lovely idea, you guys are full of them – if only I had you when I was getting married!!

    @Annie – Oh yes pretty, one of my friends has a sapphire engagement ring and it is so beautiful – I love a blue stone.

    @JanieP – I think it is perfectly acceptable, especially if there is grey involved.

    @Claire – Lovely, are you buying or making said box?

    @Faye – Mulberry for your maids? Um… can I be one of your maids?

    @Anne – Awesome, what lucky ladies. I love Etsy with all my heart.

    @Abi – Actually me too. Then blue. I always end up buying the grey though….

    @Jeanie – Thanks Pet, anything in particular you like?

    Charlotte xxx

  19. I think for my dad I am going to give him a photo frame with a picture of us when I was little and a space for a picture of us together on the wedding day…. My Mam loves Annie Haak jewellery and she has a lovely “send with a kiss” bracelet…. notice a lot of people getting jewellery have a look here her designs are beautiful.
    My bridesmaid is the one I’m struggling most with… thinking as I am doing her make up ( I’m a beauty therapist) of getting her a lovely make up bag and filling it with powder, lipstick nail polish…. but not sure?

  20. I was trying to think of something for my bridesmaids, after spending a lot of time researching I knew I wanted something that was personalised – I found this website, It’s Handmade, they do beautifully engraved bracelets which I have ordered from them! This allowed me to add my own personal touch to the items.

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