Capturing gorgeous weddings all over the world, Sally joined our handpicked supplier directory last year and we think she is a wonderful fit with you, our super stylish community. Her wealth of experience means Sally confidently captures every story to perfection; every perfectly imperfect moment, the feelings, the details and the candid moments you thought no one had noticed, which truly is storytelling photography at its very finest. Sally: I'm Sally, and I'm a creative wedding photographer covering the UK and beyond. I have a degree in Fine Art and a Masters in Journalism; I worked on a local paper and on the radio for a while before going full time as a photographer in 2013.  I love relaxed weddings that are full of heart and soul - my work mixes real and candid moments with a little gentle direction and creativity. I love meeting new people, hearing stories and visiting new places - luckily for me, weddings combine all three. My path was never pointed directly at photography, on a whim one day I bought a camera and quickly I fell in love with taking photographs. I loved capturing moments and see people’s faces light up at what I’d captured. It felt so special to be providing people with something to help them remember their own stories - the right photography makes seemingly ordinary things extraordinary. Fast forward a few years and I’ve been lucky enough to shoot around the world - from Italy to Las Vegas, Bournemouth to Aberdeen, Morrocco to France. At the end of the day, though, the best things about weddings is always the people. My work is creative, honest and story-telling. I want to capture weddings in their beautiful and raw reality; my work suits couples who don’t want to 'say cheese' but really value creating lasting memories and love to celebrate life together.  

“They are simply breathtaking! I don’t know how Sally did it but she truly captured the essence and magic of the day, the nerves, the love, the fun and the laughter. Looking through the photos made us feel like we were back there on our wedding day getting married all over again. We are so grateful for Sally’s hard work in capturing the details of our wedding in such beautiful images and we will treasure them forever. She was a pleasure to have around and made everything feel so effortless! We can’t recommend her highly enough.” Holly & Steven

“Our photos are here - they are amazing! Do you have a twin? How are you in about 900 places at once?? We didn’t even see you take most of them! Seriously, they’re absolutely wonderful and just wnat we’d hoped for. We are so pleased we found you. Everyone at the wedding was asking what relation you were to us because you felt like part of the family all day. You have a gift and you’ve managed to capture not just a beautiful series of photos but you’ve really shown *us* in them too.” Faye & Dan

“I’ve been trying to day to put into words just how astounding our wedding pictures are, and as someone who is never stuck for words this is very unusual for me! Your relaxed, informal photographic style was the very reason we chose you to take our wedding pictures. When you turned up, camera in hand, I knew that we had made the right decision. You are not only friendly but extremely professional. We are so, so proud of our pictures - we marvel at how wonderfully accurate you have managed to capture one of the best days of our lives.” Emma & Scott

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  • I have a background in Fine Art and Journalism, they don’t seem to be obviously linked but I like to think that both lend themselves well to storytelling.
  • I’m a little too sentimental. I collect anything that inspires me or sparks a memory,  from ticket stubs to postcards to my own personal photographs - I’m very easily lost for hours going through my own archives.
  • On days off  I love getting outdoors and into the hills, spend time cooking at home, going to festivals and watching live music, taking personal photos and binge-watching Netflix. 
  • I love to travel and each year try and visit at least one new place, always armed with my camera.
  • I bought my first DSLR camera on a whim with the last £200 of my student loan (very responsible..) I started keeping a photography blog and everything went from there..
  • I work best when I’m powered by black coffee and Throwback Thursday playlists.
Sally T Photography
t: 079460 24023
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Laura Humphrey

Written by Laura Humphrey

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