The List is Here!

*Takes a deep breath…*

It’s here. The List is Live.

Finally we get to share with you what has been in in the pipeline for the best part of a year, designed and redesigned, through countless tweaks, improvements and revisions to (hopefully) make it the best it can be, all for you guys.

It’s by no means full, but there is a good reason for that. It’s all in the name you see. The Love Lust list is just that, things we love and things that you will lust after. Members must meet high standards and be able to truly rock your wedding, so for that reason we won’t be signing just anybody up. The list is a work in progress and there are some sectors that have proved to be a lot more hard work than others. And nope, it doesn’t end here… we’ll be continually striving towards frequently adding to the list, still spurred on by your recommendations and our own research. And of course we’ll keep you posted on any new additions 🙂

So head on over, (you’ll also want to bookmark the new site, take a look around and tell us what you think…

Yours (An extremely nervous but excited) Truly,

Rebecca and the RMW Team

P.S More wedding pretty coming up this afternoon!

Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

35 thoughts on “The List is Here!

  1. Congratulations RMW! How amazing is this? This could be like the yellow pages for Brides, every household in the land should have one! Who knew Ivy Clara were int he North West, I know now! YAY! xxxxx

  2. Ohh- this is a fantastic list – I’m new here and I see some of all my industry favs on your list – photographers I really admire…note to self..must work harder, must work harder… fab list xx

  3. The List looks great – congratulations guys. I’m really happy to be on it, it’s good to see other suppliers and I can’t wait to see it develop. Looks great on my phone too.

    Any plans to lock Adam up again until the ‘List iPhone App’ is completed? 😉

  4. Fantastic! It looks amazing guys, well done! I am absolutely honoured to be included and you really did make my day when your email dropped into my inbox! You’ve done a brilliant job, loads of congrats xx 🙂

  5. Great job girls (and boy!). Just a quick question though – when I search for a supplier in my region (south west), when the suppliers pop up on the list it doesn’t tell me where in the south west it is? I have to click on all the sites to find out where they are based? I know its obviously in the vicinity but it would certainly help to know if it is near to my home or 200 miles down the road.

    Hope thats helpful? Loving it though!!!!!! 😀

  6. Fab. I wouldn’t be surprised if this crashed twitter.

    My area is a little bit bleak for wedding suppliers (along with everything else) but we’re using a photographer and hair artist from London (the other end of the country) and a florist from three hours away. It worked out cheaper in terms of travel to have a hairdresser from London (five hour drive) than Newcastle (40 minutes away).

    The problem is that I want to click on EVERYTHING.

    Adam, loving the graphics.

  7. So what I mean is don’t just stick to your region. You might be surprised how little people charge for travel!

  8. My amazing photographer is on it, eek I am so excited to have already booked someone deemed good enough for this amazing directory. I can’t wait to see how it evolves.xxxx

  9. This looks great! Well done guys!! I wish I’d had this at the start of my planning, you’ll be making life so much easier for so many couples! xx

  10. I’m so pleased to see the launch of the List and looking forward to making some gorgeous Rosie Willett Designs headpieces and jewellery for Rock My Wedding brides!

    Rosie xxx

  11. Looks amazing guys!!!! Love the site!

    Poor wee Northern Ireland needs to get its ass in gear and step up to the wedding market! We are smidge behind the times really!!!!

    I am going to make it my personal mission in my summer break from uni to hunt out all the fabulous wedding suppliers/venues/caterers/photographers in Northern Ireland and get them to contact you guys about being on the list!

    Honestly we do have some awesome people behind our wedding scene, they just seem to be a little shy!!!


  12. I second the request for location, particularly given how big some of your sections are (some of the geography looks a little generous too but providing the town names should help with that).

    Great graphics, Adam! Any chance of some sort of review system of the suppliers? ie if brides suddenly start flocking to one having seen it on here but they don’t live up to expectations is there some way of recording that?

    Great start though, Team RMW!

  13. Waaah! I can’t see it, my stupid computer keeps crashing when I try to access it.

    It sounds AMAZING! Well done guys – its a massive achievement.

    Going to keep trying to view…

  14. Looking AMAZING, guys. Seriously impressive and def worth the wait, well done all three of you!

    Just to let you know, in South East Photographers, the lovely Carrie Bugg is missing a ‘g’ from her surname…

    Have an amazing afternoon, you deserve a laaarge glass of something vaguely alcoholic!


  15. Its just brilliant! Well done guys!

    Already had a little lookie at the florists featured. And its very user friendly too.

    Its going to be so useful!

  16. Well done all 3 of you! Looks fantastic and I am sure alot more suppliers from all the regions will be jumping on board when they realise how popular this will be! 🙂

  17. a big massive ginormous…


    we know how hard you’ve worked and now its finally here.

    have a stiff drink and enjoy the fruits of your labours!!

    mrs x x x

  18. Hi Guys

    Thanks so much for your positive responses and your advice, this is just the first “skin” of LL so we have a lot to update, improve and add to in the coming months.

    Cat and Hernea, there are a lot of people in the list at the moment which is probably the reason for the crashing scenario, we’ll get Adam on it though and see if there is an underlying issue that we are unaware of.

    Charlotte xxx

  19. You lot are SO bloody clever! Loving the graphics. It is VERY slow for me too, though. Wonder if that’s because everyone is using it already?!
    Love that my fave boutique Mamfii is on it!
    RMW- I smell dot com millionaires! 🙂

  20. Well done guys Im sure this is going to be a dream to all new brides to be! Wales is also a bit on the quiet side but I have found some amazingly talented people during my planning – you have just got to search a bit harder! Seriously good work 🙂 xxx

  21. Cat and Hernea, could you email me with your symptoms, what sort of computer you use (pc or mac) and what web browser and version you use….. i’ll look into your crashing issue.

    I’m glad to report that we haven’t had any other reports of issues and we have exceeded 10,000 page views already today! which may be why things are running a little slowly for some

    Thanks for your support guys, we will certainly be listening to any of your suggestions – we want to make this list as good as it can be.

    Carrie Bugg has her G back now too 😉


  22. Looking good, although hopefully there will be more Scotland categories for the things I haven’t sorted yet! Already bought a new baby card from a letterpress stationer on it, after going on ‘just for a look’

  23. I’m very excited to be part of the South East (Accessories) section of the List. Remember that many of us cover nationwide too so don’t be put off if we aren’t just round the corner. Lisa, Lou Lou Belle Designs x

  24. This has come at an amazingly great time in my phase of planning our wedding…. yayness!!!! And thank you!! 🙂

  25. Love it, love it, love it!

    Just logged onto the list and it’s ace-such an amazing directory for all us brides-to-be!! Such cool graphics and it’s so easy to navigate around.

    The accessories, entertainment and hair and make-up categories have come at just the right time for me 

    Would be nice to see a few more North West suppliers added over time.

    Well done guys-once again you rock-head and shoulders above the rest 


    P.S. Adam-I’m viewing the LLL on my I-phone and it keeps shutting down when I click on each of the categories in the North West. Not sure if it’s just my phone playing up (which it tends to do on a frequent basis!). Just wanted to let you know in case it’s something more sinister…

  26. Oh no I can’t view it 🙁
    I’ve clicked on the link and I can see the home page but then when I go to click on areas and the page just stays the same 🙁
    Hope Adam fixes the problem soon xx

  27. Not a comment on the site, but on the map – you’ve completely destroyed the isle of Anglesey, North Wales… it’s just dissappeared! It’s pretty big you know, difficult to miss 😉

    Even though you might think it’s not that important, loads of us Wlesh live there, and The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge ‘n all! Great site, but this is really annoying!

    In hope of Anglesey coming back,

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