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We’re shining a whole lot of light on The List’s wonderful Videographers this month, and so it is rather timely that we’re able to introduce you to a brand new supplier, Luma Cinematography. Luke, the man behind the brand has a wealth of experience in the TV and Film industry and as such creates incredible, cinematic films with wonderful narratives, in an unobtrusive yet seriously creative way. We’re absolutely thrilled that he has joined The List so we’d love it if you could give him a very warm welcome.

Hello there! I’m Luke Wheldon… a Wedding Cinematographer, an experienced Film and TV professional, an Apple Certified Pro Editor and a devoted fiancé based in Yorkshire. My absolute passion lies in being able to tell personal stories and is why I love weddings so much. I’m essentially capturing and crafting real life moments that can be uniquely treasured which is just an amazing thing to be doing for people. I specialise in capturing unique stories, the intimate parts of your wedding day and hand crafting those moments into a luxury cinematic narrative that expresses all of the love, affection and friendship that surrounds the most important day of your lives, in a way that you’ll never forget.
Great wedding videographers need to be ninja-like; quick, stealthy and always prepared for what the day will throw at them. My non-intrusive style allows me to capture moments naturally and as they happen, even the most camera-shy people can relax and enjoy their wedding day. There’ll be no asking to stage moments or interfering with your wedding. We’re shooting your wedding video, not making a £100m hollywood blockbuster; even if we’d like to think we are!
Big events and wedding days are especially important and there’s good reason for it too. It’s something that happens once in a lifetime; you’ve spent lots of time researching the perfect venue, the colour schemes, the flowers; and don’t forget the most amazing wedding dress. By far, the best way you can treasure and preserve those memories are through the use of an experienced narrative videographer that can present it to you in the best way possible. All Luma wedding videos are shot by an experienced professional, and edited in an Apple based studio suite with high-end, industry standard software – even Hollywood movie editors use the same stuff, so maybe we are a bit closer to that £100m budget after all!

Luma Cinematography


“We discovered Luma on an internet search for wedding videographers. We had initially decided we didn’t want a videographer at our wedding, having seen quite a few of our friend’s wedding videos which tend to be inherently boring to re-watch and a feeling of ‘low budget ‘. I also wasn’t particularly enthused about the idea of having a camera in my face on the day. Only a month before the wedding we had a change of heart (having spent so much money and energy on all the wedding prep) and decided we may as well get it on film.
We contacted Luke and we were very lucky he had availability on that particular date. He was extremely helpful, meeting Edward in advance to discuss our requirements and the packages he could deliver. We decided on an extra camera and also the drone- although we hadn’t really appreciated what effect this would deliver.
On the day, I was impressed with the level of professionalism Luke and his team demonstrated. I barely noticed them, they worked with the utmost discretion and respect for the proceedings of the day. There was no staging, no cameras in the face and I didn’t even notice the aerial drone.
A few weeks after the wedding Luke sent us a 3 minute ‘teaser trailer’ of the wedding video whilst he was preparing the final piece. We weren’t entirely sure what to expect but I have never been so pleasantly surprised! The finished piece came a few weeks later.
It came presented in a beautiful presentation box containing a USB. The video itself was of optimal quality comparable to watching a blockbuster film. The amount of work Luke had invested into it was clearly evident. It was creative and thoughtful and captured the day perfectly. The addition of the drone added a unique touch and the aerial shots are absolutely stunning. My husband and I have not been able to re-watch it without welling up! It literally is the perfect memento of our day. I have never been so pleasantly surprised and impressed with a product. We have even used some of the ‘stills’ as our official wedding photos. This was the best spent money from our whole wedding (including the dress!). I am so pleased we employed Luma. If you are considering hiring a Wedding Videographer, I can’t recommend Luke at Luma Cinematography highly enough; his professionalism, quality, creativity and vision are second to none. Don’t even bother looking anywhere else – this is the best wedding videographer you will ever find!”

Charlotte & Edward Goodyear

“When my nieces tried on their bridesmaid dresses at her fitting I filled up as they looked so beautiful and it dawned on me that I’d put all this effort into everything looking perfect but I wouldn’t get to see any of it… the room decorated before the ceremony, the guests arriving, the bridesmaids and flower girls walking down the aisle or most importantly Andy’s reaction when I walked towards him. I got quite emotional thinking about it all but I wanted to witness it all too. I saw Luke’s on his website and was completely swept along in the emotion of other people’s weddings…….the story he told, the goosebumps it gave me. Andy was really apprehensive about having the day filmed as he felt he wouldn’t be able to relax but after explaining this to Luke he came out to meet us at home and completely put us at ease. So much so that we were completely unphased by it on the big day. Our guests have even commented that they forgot there were two cameras filming all day. The guys also worked perfectly with our two photographers. We couldn’t have asked for better. As for the finished result……words cannot describe how thrilled we are with it. It’s tells the story of our day and captures the emotion perfectly. We absolutely love watching it. Every time we watch it I cry at different parts.
Luke has been amazing from start to finish………even providing stills from his footage of the ceremony as our photographer was asked to stop taking pictures.
I would recommend Luma to anyone wanting to capture their day…..I’m so glad I managed to talk Andy into it and he’s said he can’t imagine not having such an amazing memory from the day.”

Linzi & Andy Bentley

“We chose Luke as our videographer after a recommendation from my brother in law who has worked with him in the past. We had previously booked a different videographer who cancelled on us about a month before our wedding, but it must have been fate because we couldn’t have been happier with the service Luke provided us with or the finished video! A genuinely nice guy who made us both fee at ease on our big day, his video skills were second to none and we are absolutely thrilled with the final product! We would both highly recommend LUMA Cinematography to anyone looking for a quality video.”

Stephanie & Nick Weston

Don’t forget to visit Luma Cinematography and the wealth of other talented industry professionals who have been handpicked for The List. All have the desire to assist you in creating the day you’ve been dreaming of, so what are you waiting for?

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  • When I’m not glued to my camera I like travelling to new destinations.
  • I never thought filming weddings would be something I’d end up doing, but I love it!
  • With every wedding I edit there’s always a moment or two (or three!) when I get choked up.
  • When I was a kid my family say that I looked like Bart Simpson…
  • Being my own worst critic helps me push myself into making a better end product.
  • Jurassic Park is my all time favourite film and so much so that a friend joked about having it play during my wedding ceremony. There’s NO WAY I could handle that or get through it without crying my eyes out. I’m sure some of you know where I’m coming from, right?!?

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Luma Cinematography

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Luma Cinematography
t: 07593 408199
e: luke@lumacinematography.com
You can find Luma Cinematography in our Yorkshire Videography category of The List.



Author: Laura Humphrey
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