Samuel Docker has been a long time favourite of Rock My Wedding so it's rather bloomin' exciting to now be able to shout it from the rooftops that he has joined our handpicked wedding supplier directory, The List! I'll hand you over to Sam now, who can tell you all you need to know... Oh man, the bit where I have to say something about myself, this is why I’m a photographer! Ok, well I suppose you should know I live in Derby, that’s a good place to start, right?! I have a wife and we’ve made 2 awesome mini people, Betsy and Buddy. How people have more than 2 I will never know! I’ve been a photographer for 4-5 years now, and I’ve shot almost 200 weddings. My background before finding weddings was a combination of art, design, fashion and marketing. I was okay at the other jobs, but I never loved them like I do right now. My approach to documenting wedding days has always been quite relaxed and informal, don’t get me wrong, I work incredibly hard during a wedding, but I try not over-think or force situations, I like to just be a part of the day, to witness it unfold, and to make those split second decisions on how best to shoot or frame a moment, I thrive on those moments. I’m also a keen people-watcher, a bad dancer and I’m unable to think of a joke on the spot, I’m trying now... nope... nothing there!! So yeah, shooting weddings is the first job (if you can call it that?!), that I’ve truly loved, and hopefully been quite good at, I’ll let you be the judge! I wouldn’t dream of doing anything else right now, getting to go to everyone’s best party, and to document all of the beautiful/emotional moments through to the crazy dancefloor antics, it just doesn’t get much better than that!! Samuel Docker Photography | The List

“I woke up extra early this morning and couldn’t sleep because I’m too excited about sharing our photos with everybody. They are just insane!!! You put so much passion into it and you can really see it in every photograph. There’s such a fabulous range – funny, wicked, awesome, beautiful, tender,,, All those feelings and emotions are in there. The personalities are genuinely captured. I couldn’t begin to tell you which my favourites are because they are all my favourites. I’m really not sure how we will ever thank you enough and properly... We’re working on that. But for now please just know that you’ve made us incredibly happy and we couldn’t ever have imagined such a dream collection of memories.”

Hannah & Toby

"So we followed your instructions...I waited patiently for Chris to come home from work, we opened a bottle of fizz, I put my PJs on... I honestly can't find the words to tell you how we feel looking at them all. They are absolutely amazing. They capture all the fun and laughter, and we couldn't stop smiling as we looked through them. Obviously I bawled my eyes out as well and lost most of my mascara, but other than that, it was all laughs! So far we've watched the slide show twice, gone through the 500+ on your website twice and Chris is looking at them again on his phone as I write this. We've forgotten about dinner... and that never happens! We truly love them. Every single one. They're exactly what we hoped for and more, and to be honest, I can't quite believe they're our wedding photos that we'll be looking at and showing family and friends for years to come - I feel so, so lucky to have had you as our photographer, and so lucky that these are our photos. I can't quite believe it. I think we can safely say, stumblinng across you was the best thing ever. We honestly can't thank you enough Sam. I'm welling up, let's change the subject.”

Katie & Chris

"I can't express to you enough what a HERO you were. Multiple people have come to me saying how amazing you were, how they didn't even notice you were there but when they did you seemed like you were part of the wedding guest list and I have to agree whole heartedly. But then again, I never had any doubts :) From day one of you agreeing to take on our wedding, you're the one "service" I knew I wouldn't have to worry about, and as you can imagine, that's an invaluable relief to a bride! To top off my gratitude, I'll leave you with some quotes from various guests about your hard work! "How did he get that?! We only held hands for A MINUTE!", "He was everywhere I was, and then some.", "How did he know to be focusing on that?!", "Your photographer worked SO HARD.", "Your photographer was AMAZING!", "He felt like one of the guests."... Honestly the list could go on, but I hope it gives you all of the feels on how amazing we (and our guests) thought you were and we look forward to hopefully seeing you again at many more weddings (that we will hopefully be guests at, and not bride and groom!)”.

Jessica & Jordan

Don't forget to visit Samuel Docker Photography and the wealth of other talented industry professionals who have been handpicked for The List. All have the desire to assist you in creating the day you've been dreaming of, so what are you waiting for?


  • I’ve never weighed more than 11 stone... and you should see what I eat!!

  • I’ve hit a hole in one, it was a complete fluke, but I’ve done it!

  • I often get likened to a lovechild of Calvin Harris and Ricky from Kaiser Chiefs.

  • I’m not very good at taking orders, and by not very good, I mean awful! My wife will vouch for this!

  • After trying to coax my now wife into dating me, she said “I thought we were just going to be friends”, my response was: “I’ve got enough friends thanks, I don’t need anymore!". It must have worked, she’s still with we me now 6 years and 2 little people later!!

  • I’m unable to order a good meal at a restaurant, if there’s a poor dish to choose amongst a hundred good ones on the menu, I’ll choose it . I get the biggest food envy when I’m out! My wife now picks from the menu for me, it works better that way!

Samuel Docker Photography
Samuel Docker Photography
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