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Wedding Season is fast approaching now and if any of you are in remotely the same situation that was in 2 years ago (10 weeks to go and my mum running about like a headless chicken still having NOTHING TO WEAR!) You’d have thought she was getting married!

Joking aside it’s a massive deal for most Mums, finding something to wear on such an important day. I know my usually super confident Mum developed all sorts of insecurities about choosing the right item, feeling the pressure of being the MOB, worrying about her (self perceived and completely not a problem) body hang-ups, not wanting to look too under dressed/over dressed/mutton dressed as lamb… it was quite an ordeal. And of course I wanted her to look hands down fabulous whilst feeling totally comfortable and able to enjoy the day.

So today I’m doing a little round up of gorgeousness I’ve seen in the shops as spring designs (and colours) flood in. Do send this along to any internet savvy Mums out there, or let it guide your shopping trips, I hope it takes just a little bit of the stress out of it and pressure off!


Right on trend florals are everywhere this season with Milly leading the way… Hayley (pink) floral print dress,Milly – Net a Porter
Erdem at Net a Porter. For something a little more graphic and modern, in a shape that could either be bold or forgiving (consider cinching the waist with a belt) how about thisPeony Print dress, from Jaeger? Want real designer kudos or just a timeless treat? No-one does floral like Erdem.


This Hepburn Silk mix Dress from LK Bennett doesn’t look much in the shot above but in the cloth it’s a beautiful sheeny golden oyster colour with mesh top insert making a classic style totally modern. As with All LK Bennett designs the length is always totally MOB appropriate too. They also have a lace offering in the Lexi Dress, a popular taupe colour with some coverage in the chest area without looking matronly. Going for Grey? How about his stylish Grey Temperley London Dress – Net a Porter with detailed embellishment plus shoulder coverage.


With bold brights being so hot right now on the catwalk, I’m living in hope that we see more of this trend on Maids. I have always thought it was nice to have the MOB toning with the Maids and bridal party, not only does it look good, but my Mum is also like my best friend so it seemed only right to include her like this. My maids wore Raspberry pink and Mum wore a cream Jaeger dress with purple and lime green pattern, plus purple accessories which blended perfectly.

Try these brights to make your Mum stand out in style: Green Pleated Silk Dress, Burberry at Net a Porter,
Tangerine Shift with back Bow detail (back view shown) Hobbs and Purple floral Shift, Coast.

The Arm Saviours…

Every woman has their body hang-ups but as Mums get older the biggest ones seem to be bingo bettys. As well as encouraging your mum to join you in the gym or just get those upper arms toned with a few Bingo Betty exercises at home and some hand weights, an arm cover up might be the solution to her worries.

All of the dresses featured today have been chosen to be age appropriate and the perfect length whilst making Mum feel a million dollars but these beauties also have the added bonus of arm coverage. I’m loving these floral brights from Viyella. The high street wins out with this French Connection Coral Dare to Dream Dress number, which would look great with a fabulous belt and matching shoes/bag to make it more classic. Don’t mind your mum wearing white? It might even be fate if you’re choosing to put your maids in pale tones too, this is a decidedly modern take on the wrap dress for a super chic MOB, by Karen Millen.

Hobbs Heaven

One store I was really impressed with when browsing for this post was Hobbs, so much so, it gets a mention all of it’s own.

There’s a lovely selection of jackets and dresses in flattering cuts, varying styles and bold brights. Definitely don’t miss it off your shopping list for a selection of modern and stylish occasion wear.

Advice to save your Sanity!

Look for styles that make your Mum feel comfortable.

This might be the first time she’s worn something for such a big occasion in several years so be kind, whilst encouraging her to try new things.

Don’t stick with ‘occasion wear brands’ – try the high street and even your own favourite shops, just look for appropriate lengths and shapes.

Don’t forget accessories. Make sure she’s carrying a fabulous bag for those tissues, rocking some stand out heels and consider statement jewellery to vamp up a simple shift.

When it comes to head gear anything goes. Lots of Mums want to wear a hat but fascinators, combs or even jewelled headbands or florals when done right can be just as effective.

So what is your Mum wearing or have you any must stop shops to add to the list above?

Yours Truly,


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

28 thoughts on “The M.O.B. Fash Flash

  1. We looked at the usual high street places for my ma (she’s trendy, fashion conscious but age-appropriate-aware, too). She decided that she didn’t want to run the risk of buying something that one of the guests might wear and so is having something made.

    She’s gone for a Grace Kelly inspired aubergine and grey number. It’s beautiful. Shows off all her best features but hides away the things she’s not so keen on.

    My mum is going to look amazing. I’m so proud of her!

  2. Totally agree Sarah – last thing you want is the MOB clashing with a guest. Hence why I included quite a few pricier numbers.

    Looking forward to hearing all your ideas/experiences!


  3. For mum’s with a bigger budget, I think DVF is worth a look at. I’d also suggest a trip to somewhere like Selfridges or Browns, lots of smaller designers and far less chance of a clash!

    I’d love to get my MIL in some of the ones you’ve featured but she’s much more ‘traditional’… Shame, as she’d look ace! Can anyone suggest something a bit special for the larger lady?

  4. My mum ended up in a silver and purple sheer silk skirt suit set (alliteration!) from John Lewis – the old standby! She’s 63 so a lot of ‘younger’ cuts weren’t really an option, and she was always going to be more comfortable in a suit set than a dress.

    Under it she had a white silk cami made for her and she had a bag commissioned in the same purple that there were flashes of in the suit. She looked very smart indeed 🙂

  5. Wow! I’m loving the peony print, can I have it instead?! But I think my Mum would prefer the Hobbs, so have forwarded this to her. And knowing my Mum, she’ll probably become a regular reader, sending me emails about the posts before I’ve even had a chance to read them myself!

    Hmmm………..just wondering if she’s going to see this now and tell me off!

  6. My Mum made her MOB outfit (as well as the bridesmaids)! Pale pink raw silk two piece with a big bow at the front of her jacket. She looked amazing and I am so proud of her.
    She only had a slight wobble when we went into ‘Paddy Campbell’ in Wimbledon – BEAUTIFUL original designs – would definitely recommend.

  7. My mum is starting to worry about what to wear to my wedding in July. She is very body conscious and won’t wear anything revealing/fitted, she has to have sleeves and a high neckline, and she doesn’t do heels or exciting accessories…but I want her to look and feel gorgeous, so not sure what to do. I think I’m going to take her shopping and make her try on things that are a bit different…I think I have a hard job on my hands (she is also fairly stubborn and doesnt like to deviant away from Marks and Spencers)!

  8. My mum is starting to worry about what to wear to my wedding in July. She is very body conscious and won’t wear anything revealing/fitted, she has to have sleeves and a high neckline, and she doesn’t do heels or exciting accessories…but I want her to look and feel gorgeous, so not sure what to do. I think I’m going to take her shopping and make her try on things that are a bit different…I think I have a hard job on my hands (she is fairly stubborn and doesnt like to deviant away from Marks and Spencers)!

  9. My mum has literally just bought her outfit – a gorgeous silver/grey number…fitted dress with matching jacket.

    She went down the small independent shop route to avoid a matching guest nightmare!

    We initially thought about having something in a standout colour, but in the end thought that complimentary colours to the bridesmaids/groomsmen would work better for her!

    The only issue we’re having now is shoes/bag/accessories. She loves these little beauties in LK Bennett, but the matching bag is no more 🙁


  10. My Mums just bought her MOB outfit from Phase 8, she looks amazing, it fits her like a glove and I’m super jealous of her figure in it! True, a guest could turn up wearing the same thing but to be honest I think that’s way more embarrasing for the guest, plus I’m confident that my Mum will be wearing it better anyway.

  11. My Mum definitely felt the stress. She got remarried 2 years ago and said that she was more worried about her MOB dress than her own wedding dress! I think her concerns were the normal body worries that every woman has with having to dress for big events, plus the fact that there would be loads of pictures of her with me and my siblings kept FOREVER.

    Even though it’s not a ‘traditional’ summer wedding colour, my Mum has gone for a fitted navy blue shift dress with large gold beads around the neck. With her blonde hair it looks fab and she’s looking now looking for a jacket and flat navy blue or gold pumps. It also ties in with the bridesmaids. The most important thing was that she feels good in it, so she will look good.

    I suggested this dress to my MIL2B: She really liked it and has bought similar fabric and is making her own version, so that’s good!


  12. Great post Rebecca and good finds also!

    I was super proud of my yummy mummy on my wedding day. She, like others here, didn’t want to look like a “mother of the bride” so to speak, or one of the guests.

    My dad and I were adamant that she was going to treat herself as she rarely does and she looked fabulous.

    She bought a beautiful navy dress from Emporio Armani, a white patent mulberry bag which she bought with christmas vouchers and for her 50th we all chipped in to buy her navy peep toe platformed suede Robert Sanderson Shoes! She had a hat specially from the most fabulous Milliner – made to look like Audre Hepburn’s famous bow hat as her dress had subtle bow detail also. She looked amazing and clearly felt great on the day!

    x x

  13. Well Mrs A will be wearing a sari to my big day. A super heavy, flashy pants one. In turquoise and white last time I checked. And for a small, fierce old-school Pakistani mother, I’m pretty sure she is going to be all blinged up and looking the business!

    I am giving serious consideration to that purple print dress from Coast.!


  14. This comes at the perfect time as my mum is already stressing about her attire, and the wedding is a whole 15 months away. The problem is she hasn’t worn a dress since her wedding, and she’s not keen to start now – big problem! It would be great to hear anyone’s suggestions about elegant, feminine trouser suits that work for MOTB. Xxx

  15. I really do have to recommend Norma & June Fashions in Easington, County Durham. Don’t just by the name or location, it is a fantastic shop and a real treasure trove of MOB goodies! My mum got her outfit there last week and they also sorted her for my sisters wedding in 2008. They ask you a few questions about colours and styles and then disappear into the stock room and return with about 5 outfits for you to try on. My mum established an early favourite with a strapless, bright blue print dress with a matching plain blue jacket, but then tried on a gorgeous silk lilac print shift dress with a matching jacket and just fell in love with it (just like buying a wedding dress!)
    They also have bags and shoes and do hat hire (which saves a lot of money compared with buying the hats).
    I really can’t sing their praises enough, the range of stuff they have is incredible and they are experts at making ladies feel a million dollars.
    I’m not on commission, honestly, but if your mum has trawled the high street and not found anything she WILL get sorted by Norma & June!

  16. Lovely picks for MOB’s. My mum had a bit of a nightmare finding something and ended up buying two outfits before the one she actually wore as she didn’t feel they were quite right, in the end she found it just a few weeks before our wedding in the Phase Eight Sale and she looked great….although unfortunately another guest was wearing the same type of dress but in different colours as the guests dress was from the year before, but luckily they are great friends so they just joked about it, I don’t think anyone really cared to be honest!! As long as your mum is feeling glam and comfortable at the same time, that’s all that counts! x

  17. Hi, great article but I would be interested to hear abour MoB for the not so trendy Mammas. My mother, lovely as she is, is 70 and a size 20-22. She needs long sleeves and probably trousers or a long skirt. I will be going on a shopping trip with her in May so any recommendations on where to go / websites to try would be fabby. xxx

  18. @ sinead – my mama is wearing a dark brown trouser suit from next with a swirly, colourful top from ted baker underneath.

    she’s not at all interested in being the ‘Mother of the Bride’. I told her I had her on a techicality but still… she’s just not into that whole thing.

    She does have a kick ass fedora hat though which I am trying to persuade her to wear instead of chickening out!! x x x

  19. Like Emma – my Mum found her outfit in Phase eight – she is nearly 70, and didn’t want to spend too much, but Phase Eight had some great options, that she looked fab in and more importantly she felt fab in – so thank you to Phase Eight – you made the potentially most stressful day of the wedding be quite nice and calm!!
    Word of advice though – it was much nicer and more relaxed to look at and try on Phase Eight in John Lewis than it was in the tiny rushed and busy Phase Eight store! They have sofas for the B2B to relax on and plenty of shoes to try on with the outfits! xx

  20. I’ve booked an appointment with a fashion advisor (read: personal shopper) at John Lewis for my mum, as she’s 70, a bit self-conscious, being a bit awkward (!!), and not worn a dress for years! Plus she’s not just the MOB, she’s giving me away too, so added pressure to feel fabulous!! Oh and we’re going just after Mother’s Day, so it’ll be a nice day out and treat for both of us!

  21. Great selection. The grey Temperley London dress is gorgeous! If you’re looking for clothes with sleeves, try Armed & Glamorous – loads of dresses, shrugs and cover-ups, and everything has sleeves.

  22. Hi i am Mother of the groom ! i am wearin the Phase Eight Hydrangea dress but not sure what colour hat,shoes and bag to put with it ? i was thinking light pink what do you think wedding in 3 weeks HELP !!!

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