The Messy Textured Bun.

As I’ve mentioned before many a time I don’t really “do” hair. One I don’t get time and two, I’m frankly not very good at it.

However apart from my “just got out of bed” look (bit of mousse, dry upside down, few waves) I am partial to a messy textured bun. By this I mean an up-do that looks kind of “casual” has lots of volume and pretty much stays in for a few days at a time, perfect for a fine locked Madam such as myself. And it doesn’t take that long either – promise.

Yes I have been known to sleep in it for two nights in a row and with a minute or so of morning “fixing” it’s as good as new. Ahem. I realise this may be a bit dirty stop out but on day three sometimes it actually looks better than when it was originally created.

I figure that many of you will be ace at various lock looks and if you are you MUST share them with me at the end of this post ok?

Oh and if you are wondering who the lady in the pink jumper is then that’s my sister Melissa – she is good at hair.

What You Will Need:

  • Babyliss Triple Barel Waver – this is awesome. Makes your hair all bohemian and twice as thick.
  • Michael Van Clarke 3 More Inches Mousse – The best mousse money can buy, somehow makes your hair massive and a lovely shiny condition (From Space NK)
  • Osis Hairbody Volume Spray – For the roots.
  • Backcombing Brush – I prefer the course bristle cheap ones.
  • Two Hair Elastics – Thick strong hold versions are best.
  • Grips – I like the tin you can buy from Bumble and Bumble as it’s um….pretty.
  • Milkshake Hairspray – for me nothing else compares.
  • Mattifying Hair Powder (optional) – I am in love with Redken Powder Grip. It makes your barnet HUGE and dare I say…. sexy.

Step 1:

Put a generous dollop of mousse on wet hair and spread evenly (I use one of those tangle teaser jobbies), spray some root lifting stuff on the roots and blow dry.

Step 2:

Separate into two sections ready for some serious waving action.

Step 3:

Get waving the underneath section. You can actually use much larger chunks of locks than shown here but we did it a wee bit finer for the purpose of showing the texture in the pictures you see.

Step 4:

Use hairspray to hold.

Step 5:

Now start waving the top section.

Step 6:

Run your fingers through it to make it less structured/neat and spray some more.

Step 7:

Backcomb at the roots – as much or as little as you fancy. (My choice is A LOT obviously)

Step 8:

Secure into a tight high ponytail.

Step 9:

Pull some of the front sections forward to create that volumous “bouff” and secure at the base (where the elastic is) with grips (this means you get stay-all-day puffiness you see)

Step 10:

Backcomb the ponytail until your hearts content.

Step 11:

Collect up your backcombed ponytail and mould into a lovely round shape (doesn’t have to be perfect and at this point some of you may prefer to use a Donut)… and pin/grip in place.

Step 12:

Spray – LOTS and LOTS of spray!

Et Voila – put a pretty hairband on or whatever in that you fancy. This daisy one is from New Look and was £3.99 (great for flower girls I thought) or my personal favourite: the feather-down-your-back look. This was from ASOS about two years ago but you can find similar at Topshop.

So then lovelies – do share your hair “do’s” and if you’ve got any tips and tricks then please share them in the comments box below. I would love to know if any of you are opting for a bun for W-day.

Oh and as you read this I will be in a meeting with the team from Jimmy Choo…. I better ruddy well have some appropriately awesome footwear on….And of course my barnet will be in a messy textured bun.

Big Volume Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

36 thoughts on “The Messy Textured Bun.

  1. Charlotte!!!! Please don’t do this to my bank balance… I blame you entirely for now needing to buy the mousse (and the rest of MIchael Van Clarke’s products) along with the Redken Powder Grip.

    Current fave hairstyles of mine include: the fishtail (I taught myself how to do it using a YouTube tutorial), a very messy top knot, and a loose wavy look which is easily achieved with the Babyliss Waving Wand.

    Hope all goes well at Jimmy Choo!


  2. Love a messy updo!! and I love the babyliss triple barrel waver too! I agree Charlotte, it makes your hair so much thicker and easier to use than straightners or tongs!! Never thought to use them before to have a messy up do, normally just backcomb and pull up, but you’re hair looks AMAZING! Know what I will be doing this evening!! xxx

  3. Crap. I’m gonna need me one of those Babyliss Triple Barrel Waving Wand thingymabobbies. Are they two separate items Katie and Samantha?? Which one’s better??

    Love that- my favourite tutorial yet. And gorgeous photography as well… that last shot is beautiful! xx

  4. This is my W day up do. I want to do a version for my engagement pics in a couple of weeks but I haven’t been practicing nearly enough!

  5. I have been the proud owner of a doughnut thingy for a few weeks but not really known what to do with it…definitely trying this before football tonight (wonder if the buys will notice the cange from my usually flat ponytail… 🙂

  6. I think they are two different things unfortunately Sama, the wavers you pretty much use just like crimpers! One of my girlfriends recommended them to me, and now we all have them 🙂 Couldn’t say which is better though! x

  7. I am so rubbish at hair that I wouldn’t be able to do this. My two hairstyles I can achieve are down and straight, or tied back for exercise.

    I have never been any good :-/

  8. Top tip for a messy bun – instead of sticking your hair in one bobble, do it in two…kind of makes it a bit easier and look a bit messier…I am not sure why, but it does!

    My other top tip for hair…go to Herbert’s in Liverpool. If they can’t do it, it can’t be done.

  9. @Jodi – I’ve just got into doughnuts. They look frightening, but actually once you know how to use it, it’s good. Pull a high ponytail, pop it through the ring bit thenpull the hair down so it covers the whole doughnut, pop another elastic over the top and then pin. Definitely use hairspray – I’d run out the last time I did it and all the pins popped out because my hair is very defiant. But they’re great for a ballerina bun – so big! Have neer tried a messy one like this though…

  10. @Kitty – I’m exactly the same!!!! I’ve been growing my hair out for the past year to try to get it long enough to put it up in July (I think I’m getting there!). As a result, it’s looking a bit limp and Tom really wants to learn a couple of up-do’s to give it some oomph and because he really likes me with my hair up…. but I just have no idea what the heck I’m doing!!!

    I think it might be time to invest some serious time and a little money in this (my friends were SHOCKED to find out that I don’t own straighteners….).

    This looks a little uncomplicated but since I also have fine hair, maybe i’ll give it a shot this weekend!


    PS The pics are awesome!!!

  11. @Celine – I’m glad I’m not alone, I don’t feel like a proper girl sometimes! I have been growing my hair out too to make sure it’s long enough to go up and am currently tryign to decide whether to grow out my fringe too so that it’s more of a side fringe instead of full like it is now :-/

  12. Were u sporting this hair do at the Nec on Saturday by chance? It looked lovely and was wondering how u got such volume… Now I know 😉 thanks tomorrows hair style planned lol

  13. Oooh pretty, one question – does that hairspray smell nice? I had my hair trial the other day and the hairdresser used Elnett – whilst I am sure some people will like Elnett the smell just wasnt for me, and Elnett smells so strong I fear it would over power my chanel!!


  14. SOOOO pretty – makes me mourn the loss of my tresses (I have a bob – it’s not like I’ve done a Sinead) but they were so wimpy and fine, they had to go.

  15. I have muchos hair envy.

    I too am completely useless at ‘doing’ my hair, i do nothing, wash, dry, brush and off i go!!

    I did have it made wavy at the hairdressers two weeks ago she had this wand that she wound my hair around then she split the twirls with her fingers. That made for a great messy ponytail the next day. And Mr. J said i looked so different and it looked lovely.

    Just not sure I could pull it off myself!

    *trots off and wills her hair to grow like rapunzels….*

  16. Eh hello now I must buy one of those Babyliss Triple Barel Waver things, but any chance of asking the wonder sister if it will do thicker hair? Seriously I have so much the only way i can geta decent wave look is tying it up in a bun wet the having it wavy the next day….. I need instant wave!

  17. Hair is the thing i’m good a make-up not so much. Guess you can’t have it all!

    I used to have really long hair but chopped it off into an Olivia Palermo style bob just before Christmas. It grows really quickly so it’ll be back to it’s usual length by the time W-Day rolls around.

    I’m a fan of Osis Dust it for artificial volume, guess that’s similar to the Redken stuff or do I need both? Not that I really need it though given the girth of my follicles!!

    For natural volume I love a bouncy blow dry followed by pin curls. Makes the volume last all day. The higher the hair the closer to heaven and all that… Another style I’ve been rocking recently is vintage waves al a Madame Del Rey – easily achieved with some hot rollers and a brush 🙂

  18. Evening ladies!

    @Katie – Oh send me the link pet! (and you won’t regret buying the mousse!)

    @Samantha – I love the barrel wavers, they really work and for the up-do the texture kind of makes it bigger and less “done”

    @Sama – What I used here was the wavers (like crimpers) the wand version gives more of a bigger wave/curl – I have both!

    @Pamela – you have a face hooray!

    @Emma – It doesn’t smell hardly at all and then the smell disappears really quickly anyway – promise.

    @One Jolly Girl – They will pet, you may have to clamp them for a second or so longer on thick hair but trust me they wave like nothing else!

    @Lynsey B – I’ve tried the Osis Dust it but much prefer the Redken, it gives me more oomph and doesn’t feel as weird as the Osis one did (a bit ….slimy?!)

    Charlotte xxx

  19. think i may also need one of those wave maker thingimibobs! have ridiculously flat hair.

    @Jodi – try it! I invested in one not long ago and they’re really simple! try holding the hair around it and then putting a bobble around the outside of the doughnut – saves on hairpins and keeps more hair in place. The boy didn’t even notice the first time I tried it, when told I just got a vague ‘oh I thought your hair looked bigger’ and then a lot of prodding till he got over the novelty of having a doughnut in my hair!

  20. Mr G looked a little worried when I tootled off into the bathroom with the iPad, but have just emerged with a doughnut sized creation on the back of my head and an quite pleased! Will aim for a bit higher next time…
    Now…nervous pause…has anyone tried a “clip in winge”?!?

  21. Yay a messy bun look! Love it and now defo need those wavers in my life!
    I have been a much loved fan of messy hair for the past few months and feel so much less scrubberish for also keeping hair in for a few days now!

    I have been using the Lee stafford range of plumping products and quite like them but will give these a bash when they run out.

    Where can you get the milkshake hairspray from online or shop wise?

    Love the head bands too and will definately be coveting some this summer with some floaty long skirty dressy type efforts xx

  22. what a fab post! I have very fine/thin hair 🙁 and my hair is by no means long but for me it is is.(just about touching the top of my shoulders).

    I wear a messy bun on day the 2days after washing my hair. I put my hair up in a ponytail (a small animals tail more like!) then bought clip in extensions that i attach round the base of my own ponytail. then twist/tease into a bun after a touch of back combing and pin to make sure base is covered. No-one knows it is not my own hair!

    Big, kinda messy, top bun for my wedding day. have bought real hair extensions that will be dyed for wedding day. I am going to have more hair than i ever had in my life!

    back combing is my best friend and liking the sound of the babyliss along with redken! thanks for the tips girls.

    hope Jimmy Choo went well Charlotte xxx

  23. @charlotte, a clip in winge is,I hope, for wimps like me who dare not quite have a fringe cut.! If you google it I promise no dodgy sites come up! Hershesons sell one called rock chick that I am tempted by….but worry that on a windy day my dark secret will be revealed

  24. @Charlotte – a winge is like a merkin. Honest 😉

    Would the barrel waver thing work on bob length hair? Would be nice to have a bit of variety…

  25. I’m a bit late to this, so not sure if anyone will see, but at bit of advice if you don’t want to buy a crimper/waver. I do two French plaits (one on each side) on slightly damp hair just before bed, and when I take it out in the morning it’s all wavy and crimped. I usually just scrunch a bit of texturizing product into it, backcomb a touch and go!

  26. I have thick, wavy hair, but I find that dry shampoo works wonders for volume. Also I use this goopy-wax stuff from Garnier (something about surf waves) & that works really well for waves too.

  27. Oooo! I have really thin hair, and no matter what I (or others) do it will never look neatly made. It instantly separates and tangles. But on the up-side, it seems that “sex hair” is definitely in now! I generally use Sebastian Professional Whipped Cream (light-conditioning-style whip)–it smells amazing and leaves my tangles looking like they have been legit styled. But the one style product I cannot live without is Bigsexyhair’s “what a tease” backcomb in a bottle. It’s AMAZING! And worth a try for all you likewise thinned haired ladies. Haven’t tried any of these products you suggested, but will sooo be buying some of them to try it out! I’ve been looking for a good hairspray–one that holds well, but doesn’t necessarily make your hair crunchy– and the milkshake name is veeery tempting. Is that a good one for what I’m looking for?

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