The Messy Textured Bun.

As I’ve mentioned before many a time I don’t really “do” hair. One I don’t get time and two, I’m frankly not very good at it.

However apart from my “just got out of bed” look (bit of mousse, dry upside down, few waves) I am partial to a messy textured bun. By this I mean an up-do that looks kind of “casual” has lots of volume and pretty much stays in for a few days at a time, perfect for a fine locked Madam such as myself. And it doesn’t take that long either – promise.

Yes I have been known to sleep in it for two nights in a row and with a minute or so of morning “fixing” it’s as good as new. Ahem. I realise this may be a bit dirty stop out but on day three sometimes it actually looks better than when it was originally created.

I figure that many of you will be ace at various lock looks and if you are you MUST share them with me at the end of this post ok?

Oh and if you are wondering who the lady in the pink jumper is then that’s my sister Melissa – she is good at hair.

What You Will Need:

  • Babyliss Triple Barel Waver – this is awesome. Makes your hair all bohemian and twice as thick.
  • Michael Van Clarke 3 More Inches Mousse – The best mousse money can buy, somehow makes your hair massive and a lovely shiny condition (From Space NK)
  • Osis Hairbody Volume Spray – For the roots.
  • Backcombing Brush – I prefer the course bristle cheap ones.
  • Two Hair Elastics – Thick strong hold versions are best.
  • Grips – I like the tin you can buy from Bumble and Bumble as it’s um….pretty.
  • Milkshake Hairspray – for me nothing else compares.
  • Mattifying Hair Powder (optional) – I am in love with Redken Powder Grip. It makes your barnet HUGE and dare I say…. sexy.

Step 1:

Put a generous dollop of mousse on wet hair and spread evenly (I use one of those tangle teaser jobbies), spray some root lifting stuff on the roots and blow dry.

Step 2:

Separate into two sections ready for some serious waving action.

Step 3:

Get waving the underneath section. You can actually use much larger chunks of locks than shown here but we did it a wee bit finer for the purpose of showing the texture in the pictures you see.

Step 4:

Use hairspray to hold.

Step 5:

Now start waving the top section.

Step 6:

Run your fingers through it to make it less structured/neat and spray some more.

Step 7:

Backcomb at the roots – as much or as little as you fancy. (My choice is A LOT obviously)

Step 8:

Secure into a tight high ponytail.

Step 9:

Pull some of the front sections forward to create that volumous “bouff” and secure at the base (where the elastic is) with grips (this means you get stay-all-day puffiness you see)

Step 10:

Backcomb the ponytail until your hearts content.

Step 11:

Collect up your backcombed ponytail and mould into a lovely round shape (doesn’t have to be perfect and at this point some of you may prefer to use a Donut)… and pin/grip in place.

Step 12:

Spray – LOTS and LOTS of spray!

Et Voila – put a pretty hairband on or whatever in that you fancy. This daisy one is from New Look and was £3.99 (great for flower girls I thought) or my personal favourite: the feather-down-your-back look. This was from ASOS about two years ago but you can find similar at Topshop.

So then lovelies – do share your hair “do’s” and if you’ve got any tips and tricks then please share them in the comments box below. I would love to know if any of you are opting for a bun for W-day.

Oh and as you read this I will be in a meeting with the team from Jimmy Choo…. I better ruddy well have some appropriately awesome footwear on….And of course my barnet will be in a messy textured bun.

Big Volume Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.