The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year.

Isn’t it?

The tangy crisp air, the crunch of leaves under foot, the myriad of colours in tree canopies above, the first frost and… the new Autumn/Winter collections in the shops. FYI, Charlotte and I are obsessed, I tell you, with the latest Kooples collection.

Seriously though, I love Autumn for each and every one of the glorious attributes that I’ve listed above. But I love it even more because it means that one of my favourite seasons…Winter…is on the way.

I’ve never been to a winter wedding and it’s not something we see a great deal of here at RMW HQ either. This makes me sad because if executed properly, a winter wedding can be an utterly glamorous and elegant affair.

And we haven’t even got started on how much kinder a soiree held in the colder months can be on the pocket.

Some of you may already be aware of the wintery inspiration shoot that I styled in December last year which was photographed by the lovely Ann-Kathrin Koch. I confess, the inspiration shoot was a self indulgent affair, it meant I got to ‘scratch an itch’ that I’d been longing to creatively explore for some time.

However there are so many other wonderful interpretations of the winter wedding theme out there that I just had to share them with you. The following moodboards are a cherry-picked selection of my favourite images…honestly I was like a kid at Christmas curating them all for you.

Hopefully they’ll inspire you too…

We Scream For Ice Queen

Shorter days and darker nights lend themselves perfectly to chic black tie events with grooms in tails and romantic brides in slinky ice-queen style dresses lit up by soft candlelight.

It’s worth looking for inspiration in the great outdoors too when making sartorial choices for your big day. Winter whites and layered gossamer textures are reminiscent of voluminous snowdrifts; they just scream elegance whilst keeping you warm too. Accessorizing with glitzy, metallic heels are the perfect way to finish off such a look – it’s almost like having beautiful icicles on the end of your feet.

Think outside the box when choosing your bouquet. Wintry posies of evergreen branches and berries such as fir, wild pine, aspen twigs and tree nuts swathed in natural fabrics such as hessian offers a seasonal alternative to conventional blooms.

If the weather is kind enough to allow you to have photographs outside then we recommend dressing for the elements. Choosing a luxurious cape or a furry hat will mean that you stay cosy and fashion-focused all at the same time. If you don’t want to cover up your beautiful dress with a cape then opting for a gown with long sleeves is a happy alternative.

Deck The Halls

You may have noticed that I’ve included a few wreath images in this particular moodboard. Granted, folks, they are a weak spot of mine but there is a solid reason for this indulgence.

Allow me to explain…

A seasonal wreath (and this applies to any month of the year) hung at the entrance to your venue is a wonderful decorative touch that not only pays homage to Mother Nature but also signals to your guests that the party starts here.

I love that the old customs of protecting woodland and tree spirits by bringing branches indoors has been passed down the ages to our modern society today. Try arranging snow-dusted branches and eucalyptus in tall vases to hint at a Winter wonderland without becoming too Narnia-esque.

You can also reflect the textures of the great outdoors by using soft palettes of greys, mauves, off-whites and ivory tones. Choosing these colours will add a sophistication to your nuptials without veering too far into winter wonderland territory.

Darker winter evenings also allow you to make a statement out of your entrances in other ways too. Why not garland doorways with fairy lights or place votive candles and oversized storm lanterns down steps and along paths to double up as essential lighting whilst looking pretty all at the same time.

If you’re looking for budget-friendly decor, filling glass jars with seed heads, fir branches and cloved oranges not only looks gorgeous but smells amazing too. Alternatively go foraging in your local parks and woodland for pine cones and string them up as festive bunting around your venue.

With the right elements, your winter soiree will overflow with decadent wintry textures and gorgeous rustic details; it’s all about bringing the outside in.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Because that’s what winter is all about right?

If there’s an upside to the darker nights and the freezing temperatures it’s that it allows us to feast!


We’ve got to keep our fat stores up, you know!

With decadent dining comes the most divine tablescapes bedecked with candles, crystal stemware, beautiful centrepieces and a little bit of mistletoe.

For the ultimate wintery tablescape, line candles along the length of of your table and keep main overhead lighting low. Go to town on your table linen by opting for metallic tablecloths to reflect flickering candlelight or layer up different swathes for material for a more textured look. Finish off the look by slotting placecards into pinecones for a touch of festive glamour.

Continue the theme by greeting your guests with mulled wine and hot chocolate as they arrive to warm them up from the chilly outdoors. Serving wintry cocktails such as Eggnog along with roasted chestnuts (on an open fire…) at your drinks reception is a wonderfully festive treat.

Lastly why not wrap baubles in fabric reflecting your colour scheme to hand to each guest as a favour to remind them of the day. You could even use them as an alternative to a guestbook by asking your nearest and dearest to write words of advice on them and hang them on your very own Christmas tree.

So what do you think? Have I seduced you into hosting a winter wedding or are you firmly and irrevocably a summer bride?

Perhaps you’ve already chosen to be a beautiful ice-queen bride…bravo for you! I want to hear all the details…

In the meantime I am desperately hoping that it doesn’t rain on my big day. I must be the only bride that is hoping that the sun stays away at her wedding. Instead I would like a smouldering low-lying mist to hover over frost-bitten ground.


Here’s hoping anyway…

All my love Lolly xxx

Author: Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.

31 thoughts on “The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year.

  1. This is my dream wedding – and it’s happening in 4 weeks! We chose the 10th of November so that we could induldge in some lovely soft candle light, silvery grey and ivory shades, long sleeves (!!!) and some richly satisfying sticky toffee pudding for dessert! I knew I wanted a autumn/winter wedding (still not quite sure where November lies in the seasons) even though the rich autumnal shades are not really my bag – it was a struggle getting some people to see our vision but fingers crossed it will work. And if I get “smouldering low-lying mist to hover over frost-bitten ground” I’ll be one happy bride!

    So excited to read about other weddings like ours 🙂 xxx

  2. Half way through this, I found myself pondering whether it was feasible to move everything from March 2013 to December 2012… Possibly a little short notice, hmm?

    Gorgeous post, Lolly.

  3. We got married last October and were expecting cold weather. I had a little furry jacket to keep me warm, we had candlelight and fairy lights, we were hoping for a cold crisp day with crunchy leaves underfoot and maybe a touch of frosty mist. What we actually got was blazing hot sunshine! The mini-heatwave was much appreciated by the Australian part of the family who had come over but I was roasty toasty in my dress and the furry jacket never got a look in! Ah the joys of the unpredictable British weather! 😉 We got some great shots of everyone out in the garden though.

    Loving the autumn sunshine today and I’ve just bought some new winter boots so looking forward to some cooler weather – fingers crossed for some snow this year 😉


  4. I completely agree with this Lolly! I have always said that the only weather you can depend on in England is that when it’s the winter…it’s cold. There are many arguements to be said that rather than worry about whether the sun is going to shine for your photos outside, you might as well assume the worst and prepare for it! x

  5. I’m having a winter beach wedding in Cornwall in January 2013 – lots of knitwear, wellies, vintage dresses, candle light and romantic wild seas in a boutique beach hotel 🙂

    I’m trying to avoid the red rose and ivy theme at all cost as I know our guests will be christmas-ed out! I love the ivory and grey colour schemes.
    I’ve mixed it with blush and copper to warm things up and not feel too icy!

    Decorations are hard though as I love bunting but it feels too summery… DIY’ing my own tassel garland instead in silver and copper foil with grey, ivory and blush tissue paper on thick grey curtain rope.

    Totally right about the weather! At least it can usually relied upon to be cold and wet. Embracing it must be the secret…

    Hoping winter will be cozy and romantic for a wedding. It’s great reading all the blog posts turning from summer weddings to autumn/winter loveliness at the moment!

  6. Oh Lolly, you’re making me wonder why I didn’t go wiht a winter wedding!!! :-/
    Would’ve LOVED a winter wedding but it would’ve meant waiting until next winter as this year was so packed with other people’s weddings that I couldn’t see us having enough money let alone enough time to sort it 🙁

    Don’t get me wrong I LOVE my plans, but when I was little I remember adamently telling my mother that I would be wearing a long red cape with a white fur lined hood!
    What I really, really wanted was snow & seeing as we don’t often see snow at the same time every year that would mean going abroad & that was never an option!

    Lolly I can just imagine your wedding is going to be so beautiful, can’t wait to see all the pics 😀

    Thanks for all the pretty as always! 🙂 xxx

  7. Love this Lolly, so nice to see some wintery wedding pics.

    We’re getting married on 29th December this year and I can’t wait to be a winter bride. Mainly as I can’t bear the thought of being too hot on the big day

    Our colours are white, navy and pewter. We’re having twigs and stems of honesty entwined with fairy lights for the table decorations, instead of the peonies and hydrangeas I originally lusted after (only suitable for summer unfortunately).

    Mulled wine for the receptions drinks and mini beef with yorkshire puddings for canapes

    We also sent snowflake save the dates using the stamp Adam suggested on a D.I.Y Friday post.

    I’m trying not to think about the weather, a cold crisp winter’s day would be fantastic but you just never know. Fingers crossed!


  8. Oooh this just got me excited about my wedding again! We’re doing a city-centre wedding in Liverpool on 2nd Feb – a few people have been puzzled by the choice of month but it’s near our anniversary, plus we got a Saturday in Feb for what we would have paid for a Tuesday or Wednesday in peak season, plus a really good deal with the lovely Andy Wardle on snapshot duties!
    For some reason I’ve ended up with a strapless frock so shall be accessorising with a vintage fur jacket on the day together with some sexy berry-red Louis Vuitton knock-off shoes from good old Topshop. Bridesmaids in sexy red maxis with vintage brooches. Decor is still a work in progress at the mo but we’ve got a vague colour scheme of grey and red, with lots of candles and tealights plus some beautiful warm-white star fairy lights that I found on eBay, plus ivy leaves in memory of my lovely Nan. I did have big plans to grow potted snowdrops but the man in the garden centre reckons the bulbs almost never flower in their first year and when they do flower it’s only for a few days. Chances of them flowering for my wedding? Slim to none, booo! So any alternative ideas from the lovely RMWers are more than welcome!x

  9. Oh my what a lovely bunch of images!! I tried to convince my fiance to get married on the 28th November 2014, which will be our ten year anniversary. Unfortunately he is dead against it. We have settled on the 14th June, which is the date we got engaged. Although it is not actually booked yet so maybe I could change his mind ;0) I do like the idea of mulled wine and hot chocolate for arrival drinks.

  10. I really, really wanted a winter wedding, I adore snow and frost and everything Christmassy as well. Fiance proposed to me on one knee in the snow in sub-zero temperatures, the most romantic thing I could ever imagine, he says he organised the weather just for me! The huge snows of the previous winter put us off though as we could foresee chaos with guests (and us) stranded, especially as we got married on an island off the coast of the uk. I still slightly regret missing out on my Christmas/Winter wedding, particularly as my wedding day in May this year was actually colder than Christmas day in 2011 due to a freak cold snap! Yes really! 8 degrees max, versus 10 on 25th Dec! Which meant I was freezing in a sleeveless dress with only a sheer tulle wrap, and could have done with one of those furry coats you’ve shown off here! If this winter is snowy and crisp I will be slightly sad for the wedding it could have been. But at least there were no travel issues for guests, and it was a beautiful, bright and sunny day.

  11. We got engaged on NYE last year, and both love teh winter, and I adore the festive season, the colours, the cosiness, the food, the decor, just the impending feeling of a new year etc.

    However at the beginning of our planning we thought we were going to have to save up for a year and ahalf to be abel to afford the wedding, so we decided on a summer 2013. THEN in May I came into some money which meant we couldve got married this christmas, BUT i hadnt started to lose weight which is a huge issue for me, adn we could haev moved the wedding forward but Mr J said he wanted me to feel happy with the photo’s and to feel comfortable.

    So we’ve stuck with the summer, and i can see sunsets and haybales so all is good, but I really would have loved some snowy frosty cosy pics!!

  12. We get married 21st December 2012 – 10 weeks away – and this post has got me so excited!! There aren’t many winter wedding articles so it was lovely to read this – and I love all the images. We’re holding our reception at a nature reserve, so going for the winter woodland theme. It’s a wedding at Christmas though, not a Christmas wedding, so not going over the top and there’s no red in sight!! Great post Lolly 🙂

  13. @Nicola 4 WEEKS?! Are you wetting your pants as much as I am? And the whole struggle to get people to see your vision in the way you do? Lady I HEAR you! Your dessert also sounds amazing. Great minds think alike eh?

    @Rachel There’s always renewing your vows….

    @LadyFuschia ahhh that freakish heatwave! I remember it well. I’m praying that it doesn’t happen later this month.

    @Alice – wise words doll. Wise words.

  14. We’re getting married this December and this has really put me in the mood! You’re right, there’s not much out there for Winter Weddings.
    We decided on December as the Summer weather has been so unpredictable, we didn’t want a weather-reliant wedding. Ours will be all hot cider, open fires and winter foliage. Then a honeymoon in the Maldives for some warmth and sun!

  15. Makes me wish I wasn’t already happily married…beautiful sensual styling; maybe I can use it for gorgeous Christmas styling instead x

  16. My hubby and I got married in December and we decorated our church hall reception with bare trees that we went into the woods and cut down (shhhh!!!!) painted white, put in pots and draped in fairy lights. It was lovely lovely lovely. Our daughter gets to be bridesmaid in a December wedding next year and I CANNOT wait, it’s going to be blues/greys/frostiness and sounds gorgeous.

    Oh and can you please feature Jenny’s January beach wedding when the time comes?!!!! It sounds absolutely awesome!

  17. @Jenny we love a bit of bronze here at RMW HQ – in fact it’s our new favourite colour so I’m thrilled to hear it’s a part of your colour palette too.

    @Rebecca pleasure sweetheart! I love the sound of a fur lined cloak – might have to wear mine for the outdoor photos! Your wedding will be gorgeous regardless of the time of year!

    @Carlie a snowflake save the date sounds utterly dreamy – I’d be thrilled to find one of those come through my letterbox. I’m loving the sound of all your finishing touches too. Gorgeous – make sure you send us some pics!

    @Amanda whoever said that you couldn’t have hot chocolate and mulled wine in June. We say go for it!

  18. @Natalie the nature reserve sounds amazing and will look EPIC in the photos. Will there be reindeer – I know that your wedding is not a Christmas wedding but you gotta love a reindeer – right?

    @Rozzie there’s always renewing your vows you know…

    @Naomi your wedding sounds absolutely gorgeous – would like to see some photos please!!

  19. @Lolly – I can’t believe I forgot to tell you! The Kooples sent me like a neck scarf for like …free. As an apology for the mess up with my parka order (I got it in the end anyway) – I will bring it in to show you!

    Loving all of the winter wedding tales, especially the news on BRONZE. This is very VERY exciting indeed.

    Charlotte xxx

    P.S I want my stairs to look like the top image at Christmas – I guess everyone will just have to spend December in the kitchen/living room.

    Charlotte xxx

  20. I’d love a Winter wedding, literally days before Christmas is my dream!
    However, until I am asked I will continue to always be the bridesmaid and keep my eye on lovely posts such as this 🙂

    Gorgeous post on a crisp day!

  21. We’re lucky enough to be getting married on 21st December 2013 and we’ve been feeling very Christmassy since booking our venue in August.

    I’m surprised how many people have commented on how unusual it is that we’re having a Christmas wedding but it’s our favourite time of the year so why not?

    We’re going for yummy jewel colours but the mood boards have really inspired me. There’s some fab ideas for centre pieces, so thank you! 🙂 xxx

  22. We also booked our venue in August for December next year. We’re going for a white and sparkle theme with flashes of deep purple. I’m so excited to plan our relaxed, cosy and intimate celebration, but I’m struggling with ideas for the bouquets, as most sites seem to contradict themselves on what flowers are available – anybody know for certain??

      1. I’m having a bouquet of pine cones with long branches for me to hold it. Will be slotting a few white roses and crystal beads in there for sparkle too. My bridesmaid’s actually made it ready for our Dec 21st wedding. There’s white ribbon wrapped around the branches and a little silver frame charm attached, with a photo of my dad, as he’s no longer with us – but this way he’ll still be coming down the aisle with me.

  23. Ahh I just love this post. It makes me so nostalgic for ´proper´ winters (I live in sunny Spain)! My ideal white winter wedding would consist of roaring open fires, snuggly fur stoles for my guests, contorted willow branches in huge vases all over the place dripping in crystal garlands and ice-white fairy lights. And to top everything off chunky crystal goblets with steaming hot chocolate, Baileys and marshmallows…..heaven.

    Thanks for such a fab post!


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