The Perfect Design…..part 2

Well then.

Where do I begin?

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how many times I pour over a W-day submission there are always lovely new things amongst the images I have missed and Katie and Harley’s Big Day may just be the greatest example yet. Even after completing the templates, editing, editing some more……there were still so many gorgeous decor surprises that I couldn’t stop looking.

A bicycle decorated with bunting, a retro radio, old cinema tickets, the prettiest ( and most unique) table plan, a chintzy lampshade, a step ladder laden with blooms…….the list is endless.

The Bride and Groom, wedding planner Lauren at Florence Blue and photographer Lee Robbins created what is a definitely a W-day with the Wow factor.

Enjoy Lovelies.

Journey’s And Jazz

We had a big red london bus to take guests from the museum which started the entertainment off. We had a fabulous silhouette artist who walked round and created the most amazing silhouettes of the guests to take away. My friend Mary Morris and Dom Stichbury were a jazz duo and sang and played piano to entertain guests in the afternoon tea section of the day. Lovely jazzy numbers.

We also had Metropolis which is one of Harley’s favorite films playing in the background.

Afternoon Treats

We had afternoon tea with delicious cakes made by Jo Nelson Angel Cakes and biscuits from Bettys (which Harleys family often go to in Yorkshire) so we didn’t want to have another cake for after the meal as it might have been a bit cake overload. So being total cheese lovers we went for a ‘cheese’ tower cake from Country Cheeses in Devon (down the road from where my family are from)

The design museum laid out lots of apples and crackers so it was an amazing cheese tower with all the trimmings. Our cake topper was a little wire bike, we both are keen cyclists so this fitted in perfectly!

The Perfect Design

Lauren at Florenceblue managed the decoration of the Design Museum along with, Rebecca Nee who is the Events Executive at the museum. They were both amazing and worked so hard to make it all run smoothly.. By the time I met with Lauren a few months before the wedding, pretty much most of the details had been decided but Lauren was key in the afternoon part at the Design Museum and brought it all together on the day and made it all work brilliantly.

We wanted something whimsical, vintage, meets London chic and as the room at the design museum was a modern blank canvas there was lots to do. We decided on a vintage afternoon high tea with a cozy, living room feel where guests could be entertained, soak up the atmosphere and get some refreshments. Lauren found a great vintage shop in Wimbledon which provided us with old vintage tins, blankets, old bike, cups and saucers, chairs, dressers, stools, bookshelf, cake stands, coffee table, old suitcases, ladder and much more. We used furniture and more props from Drink Shop & Do in Kings Cross.

There was a soft seating area for guests to hang out, then a massive table of cakes and biscuits. We didn’t serve champagne till later in the afternoon so we provided warming whisky macs that were set up in the room for people to help themselves. There was a vintage Bureau where we put our guest book with old polaroid cameras for guests to add their photos and comments of the day. I made hot water bottle covers that were in keeping with the room style so that guests could sit outside with them as the weather was cold and take in the amazing views at the Design Museum.

I also made some little bespoke Harley and Katie tickets which guests were given, as guests were able to go round the museums exhibitions for free. Lauren made little bike themed paper cake flags and paper chains for decoration.

The room was lit beautifully with fairy lights and uplighters and festoon lights by Colin Head at Ash Event Productions Ltd

D.I.Y Decor

The restaurant was not changed too much as the view in the room is fantastic and does all the work. It was drenched in candle light which set the mood beautifully. I bought a load of little glass bottles which Lauren from Florenceblue used to put simple flowers on the tables. The table names were our favorite ales that they had tried or that just had a great name! I designed an ale label for each table which I stuck to painted white sticks which had the table names on.

I also designed the menus and wrote peoples names on little luggage labels which Lauren then tied up all together so everyone had a little package of napkin, menu and name tag as they sat at the table.

Food For Thought

The food was absolutely amazing and we went for big plates of salads for everyone to share on the tables and then big sharing beef pies and mash so everyone to get stuck into it. To accompany the pie we used a local ale company which brew there own beers, The Kernal Brewery

They were delicious and really great using another small company just starting out. Melissa Sargin and staff plus head chef Jeremy Lee worked so hard and fantastically to make the day be totally brilliant.

Stylish Blooms

The reception flowers were done by the wonderful talents of Jessica Phillips They were also in keeping with the season and fitted in with the style at the Museum.

The wedding felt extremely special to us as so much of it was so much about the two of us. As I am a designer I designed the invites and stationery which immediately set the tone of the wedding. We both wanted it to be a lot of fun and whilst still staying within the traditional wedding boundaries we also wanted to put a little twist on it and give all the guests a day to remember.

We also wanted it to have that home spun feeling as much as possible even in quite a modern setting at the Design Museum. St Paul’s was incredible and we felt extremely privileged to be able to get married there. We wanted something very London which the Design Museum gave us as the Thames view was perfect with Tower Bridge, The Gherkin and the City. We were keen to use small independent businesses in our wedding and some that were just starting out, it felt good helping those businesses grow and felt more unique.

We also were aware that if there was a friend with a skill that could help out it also made the day much more personal and unique to us. However much hard work it is I think the more you can do yourself and as a couple the greater satisfaction you get from the day and it feels like you are giving your guests a little part of you and what you represent as a newly married couple.

The Greatest Advice

The biggest advice we can give is soak it all up, enjoy it and have fun. We laughed all day and stayed in the moment rather than stressing about the next step, as by that point the best thing you can do is take a deep breathe, soak it all up and enjoy.

Silhouette Artist – Alison Russell

Biscuits –Bettys

Cheese Tower – Country Cheeses

Wedding Planner – Lauren at Florence Blue

Reception Venue – The Design Museum

Vintage Finds – Nicholas And Steele

Lighting – Ash Event Productions Ltd

Photographer – Lee Robbins

I know. So much pretty to take in.

I suggest you come back and have a second look, and maybe even a third…….

Big Vintage Inspired At Its Best Here On RMW Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
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30 thoughts on “The Perfect Design…..part 2

  1. I’ve been waiting so eagerly for part two!!! 🙂

    Such a pretty pretty wedding. I love the table plan – I’ve lusted over some like this before but I don’t think it would go with our wedding sadly or I would be stealing the idea!

    Off to have another look at the photos! 😀


  2. Such a creative wedding, I love it all! I think my favourite has to be the table plan though – how unique is that?!

    These are ALWAYS the best weddings, bursting with little details and lots of love x

  3. Gorgeous, I’ve been waiting for part two! Love the individual unique touches and details, someone has put so much thought into it. I wish I was getting married again!

  4. OK, so I’m clearly going to get fired for spending ALL AFTRENOON looking at these pictures instead of doing work but hey, its probably worth it!

    I think this really goes to show what a difference it makes to have a strong vision for your wedding (I nearly used the phrase ‘design narrative’ then but thought that really would be too poncey!!), and having funds in your budget for a professional to bring things together beforehand and on the day.

    Charlotte, you’re right, there are so many amazing details here that you can keep coming back and back and still find new ones that pop out at you.

    I find it very difficult to do ‘theme’ without it being too overt but this is so polished and coherant.

    Katie – it looks like an amazing day, the result of lots of hard work and effort! x x x

  5. I LOVE everything about this chic city wedding! The venues, the decor, the details {oxo cube tins!} and the love and the laughter all captured beautifully! x

  6. I absolutely love the venue, the photography is stunning too.

    Have to give a special mention to the table plan too – it’s genius!


  7. The vintage bureau with the guest book on is a.mazing. Fact.
    There is so much delicious vintageness in this whole wedding, that I die!
    And that photo of the baby being kissed is soooo cute!


  8. OMG – this is my first post as **engaged!!** Love all the creative ideas here – the hot water bottle idea is sooo cute and the venue is fab especially the fact that the guests can go and have a look at the exhibitions! Loving the hired props (putting that one up my sleeve!) and all the stationery! Basically love it all!!!
    Rachie xo

  9. @Rachie – congratulations!

    The venue for this wedding is so amazing and sounds like it was perfection for the couple. How special would you feel walking around the Design Museum in your wedding finery, clutching a personalised ticket? Just fab. xx

  10. Really pretty wedding! Congratulations to you both!

    The table plan idea is a fab one, I’ve seen them on Stylemepretty before, but it’s so in keeping with the rest of their day.

    Anyone else wish they were arty?! I definitely do!

  11. Oh Lordy-this wedding is divine! Super, super stylish!! I am loving every little tiny detail from start to finish. They have thought of absolutely everything-including hot water bottles for the guests-how cute  Every time you look back through the gorgeous pics you notice something else. They look like such a relaxed and happy couple-the love really shines through in these shots. Have you ever seen a groom smile so much xxx

  12. GORGEOUS!! Very jealous of their relaxed, super cute wedding. All those little details are just WOW.
    Thanks for sharing, I’m going to now have my ‘what if’ dreams.

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