The Perfect Nude Pout.

When I say “nude” I guess I kind of mean natural – a barely there enhancement of your already existing lip colour. The in-the-know acronym (according to many a make-up artist and cosmetic junkie) is in fact YLBB….”YOUR LIPS BUT BETTER”. So what I am continually in search of is my perfect YLBB hue.

I have tried LOTS. And for W-day I did pretty well – a lightish pinky beige lipstick shade with a dab of glistening gloss on top. This lipstick has now been discontinued….as has the gloss.

I know. Why do they do that?

After a fair few expensive mistakes I have nailed down my nearly-naked favourites. The tubes of goop I reach for the most in times of a much needed pout pick-me-up.

Clockwise from top right:

YSL – Beige Tribute: This has a luxe creamy feel and has a slightly bronzy undertone. I reach for this one for work often and make it more pink with a lipliner pencil if the mood takes me.

Chanel – Chintz: This is the most peach out of my selection and looks lovely in the summer with a sweep of coral blush. I also like the satisfying click of the Chanel case and the fact it is well…Chanel. Shallow? me?

MAC – Creme Cup: The most Barbie of the bunch. A milky pale pink that looks ace with a slightly smokier eye. The finish is a lustre so it doesn’t stay on particularly well – I blot and re-apply to increase staying power.

Hourglass – Grace: One of my newest brand discoveries, the finish is absolutely exquisite – just the right amount of sheen. This has more brown than most so makes it a great Autumnal wear-with-cosy-knitwear-and-gold-eyeshadow shade.

Bobbi Brown – Pale Mauve: As the name suggests this has mauve undertones but is surprisingly pink on me due to my yellow skin. If you too are the proud owner of an almost jaundice-esque epidermis then you will like this very much as it never EVER turns orange.

Tom Ford – Blush Nude: By far the fanciest and the most full coverage (i.e. not for naughty kissing moments, believe me from experience this stuff will end up all over your mush if you attempt any kind of lip-locking action whilst wearing it.) I do love it so though – but only when I am wearing a whisper of cheek flush and blackest black eyeliner and mascara. Otherwise it can kind of look like the dreaded “concealer” gob.

KAT VON D – Celebutard: My new favourite. I bought this in New York at Sephora. Apparently Kat Von D is some kind of tattoo artist who had a reality show (also may have run off with Mr Sandra Bullock a while back..) and now has a um…entire make-up range. And don’t shout at me because you can’t buy it in the UK – I’ve looked and looked and I can’t even see how to get it shipped internationally.

Boo hiss.

Anyways – it’s all kinds of awesome. The perfect peachy pinky beige with a very “now” matt finish that doesn’t make your lips peel/shrivel.

So then lovelies, you really REALLY Need to share your go-to nude shades. I want to know the brand, the colour name, why you like it and how you would describe the colour.


And are you considering going all-out naked for W-day?

(I mean pout wise not down the actual aisle – obviously.)

Leave your beauty gossip in the comments box below and get sharing the lipstick appreciation.

Big YLBB Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.