The Perfect Nude Pout.

When I say “nude” I guess I kind of mean natural – a barely there enhancement of your already existing lip colour. The in-the-know acronym (according to many a make-up artist and cosmetic junkie) is in fact YLBB….”YOUR LIPS BUT BETTER”. So what I am continually in search of is my perfect YLBB hue.

I have tried LOTS. And for W-day I did pretty well – a lightish pinky beige lipstick shade with a dab of glistening gloss on top. This lipstick has now been discontinued….as has the gloss.

I know. Why do they do that?

After a fair few expensive mistakes I have nailed down my nearly-naked favourites. The tubes of goop I reach for the most in times of a much needed pout pick-me-up.

Clockwise from top right:

YSL – Beige Tribute: This has a luxe creamy feel and has a slightly bronzy undertone. I reach for this one for work often and make it more pink with a lipliner pencil if the mood takes me.

Chanel – Chintz: This is the most peach out of my selection and looks lovely in the summer with a sweep of coral blush. I also like the satisfying click of the Chanel case and the fact it is well…Chanel. Shallow? me?

MAC – Creme Cup: The most Barbie of the bunch. A milky pale pink that looks ace with a slightly smokier eye. The finish is a lustre so it doesn’t stay on particularly well – I blot and re-apply to increase staying power.

Hourglass – Grace: One of my newest brand discoveries, the finish is absolutely exquisite – just the right amount of sheen. This has more brown than most so makes it a great Autumnal wear-with-cosy-knitwear-and-gold-eyeshadow shade.

Bobbi Brown – Pale Mauve: As the name suggests this has mauve undertones but is surprisingly pink on me due to my yellow skin. If you too are the proud owner of an almost jaundice-esque epidermis then you will like this very much as it never EVER turns orange.

Tom Ford – Blush Nude: By far the fanciest and the most full coverage (i.e. not for naughty kissing moments, believe me from experience this stuff will end up all over your mush if you attempt any kind of lip-locking action whilst wearing it.) I do love it so though – but only when I am wearing a whisper of cheek flush and blackest black eyeliner and mascara. Otherwise it can kind of look like the dreaded “concealer” gob.

KAT VON D – Celebutard: My new favourite. I bought this in New York at Sephora. Apparently Kat Von D is some kind of tattoo artist who had a reality show (also may have run off with Mr Sandra Bullock a while back..) and now has a um…entire make-up range. And don’t shout at me because you can’t buy it in the UK – I’ve looked and looked and I can’t even see how to get it shipped internationally.

Boo hiss.

Anyways – it’s all kinds of awesome. The perfect peachy pinky beige with a very “now” matt finish that doesn’t make your lips peel/shrivel.

So then lovelies, you really REALLY Need to share your go-to nude shades. I want to know the brand, the colour name, why you like it and how you would describe the colour.


And are you considering going all-out naked for W-day?

(I mean pout wise not down the actual aisle – obviously.)

Leave your beauty gossip in the comments box below and get sharing the lipstick appreciation.

Big YLBB Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

34 thoughts on “The Perfect Nude Pout.

  1. Not being a lipstick person, I searched and searched for a nude lipstick for W-day. It’s strange how such similar colours can give such different results! A lot washed me out, and I nearly gave up hope. Until I found Dior Rouge Dior in 169 Grege. My perfect nude and I’ve been wearing it every day since!

  2. I’ve been using 17 Mirror Shine On Lipstick in nudist peach, it’s cheap as chips (£4) and acts a bit like a lip balm too. It looks a bit rubbish, as in the packaging, but I really love it and is great for everyday!

    I must admit, I’m not great with lipsticks so I love nude shades as they are definitely YLBB!!


  3. I wore the Tom Ford: Blush Nude on my W-Day and I have to say I have no regrets! I had heavy 60’s eye make up and a cheeky light pop of pink of my cheekbones which assisted with the whole look!! But I loved my lippy, and now I wear it for special occasions and it reminds me of my day! It was expensive but I picked it up in Harrods, and despite the orange lady serving me telling me I needed to me more orange to pull it off (you’ll be pleased to know I did not take her advice and went for a subtle tan) it was a thoroughly lovely indulgent experience which all added towards the build up of my day! x

  4. As featured here a few months back, I’m hopelessly devoted to Collection 2000 Creme Puff in Power Puff (the nudey pale shade), but when I went for my makeup trial at MAC in Liverpool the slap technician used rather a lovely shade on me (can’t remember the name but it’s on my face-shaped colouring book page that they give you to take away!) Obviously I’ll need to buy a tube for W-Day, if there’s ever a day when posh lippy is needed it’s that day! I’m also rather liking Charlotte’s Chanel shade…and I’ve never owned a Chanel lippy…and I’ve just been paid…rude not to?!x

  5. I have to admit my lipstick collection is very limited! I suffer from very, very dry, flakey lips so often just use my trusty old tin of vaseline!!
    I have started to buy the odd lipstick but am yet to find a nude that fits my skin tone!
    My problem is I’m always too worried I will look like I’ve applied concealer to my lips!! ha ha

  6. I used Revlon’s matte lipstick Mauve It Over for my wedding day. Perfect matte nude lipstick to go with my massive flicked eyeliner & big hair! Lasts really well and very reasonably priced too.

  7. Ohh great post!!
    I am always on the YLBB quest, something that makes you look amazing without looking too done..
    I now have 2 favourites I wear every day.. Perfect for day and night.
    Dior Addict – Nude: Looks quite a peachy nude in the tube but on it is THE perfect naked lipstick – Definitely my lips but better.. and shiny without the thickness of gloss (thus eliminating the risk of all your hair getting stuck to your mouth if it’s windy.. which I hate)!
    And my new fave, Dior Addict Extreme – Incognito: A kind of dusky pink nude in the tube, and on is the perfect nude with a hint of warmth and great coverage without looking cakey. I would say my lips but sexy, with a twist of 60s glam (but with no hint of a concealer pout).. LOVE this colour and the packaging is lovely 🙂

  8. @Jenny – Grege? MY sister works for Dior and she has not mentioned this to me! is it a bit…grey though?

    @Tabitha – Isn’t it cool when you discover a cheap gem of a make-up item, I haven’t looked at NO.17 in years so must have a butchers.

    @Charlotte – Never heard of this either, is it a new shade? I used to use the honey one with fantasia lipliner.

    @Mrs S – Yay for none orange 🙂 I have to be pale PALE for this shade to work but when it does it’s beautiful.

    Charlotte xxx

  9. I never wear lipstick but dreamt of the perfect nude lip colour for W day. I searched high and low but couldn’t find the one. Like Rebecca I have very dry, flakey lips so in the end I gave up the search. I ended up with a shimmer of my trusty Blistex medplus. I don’t regret it as I’m glad I looked like ‘me’. I think I’m destined to be one of those peeps that just don’t suit lip colour. I made up for the lack of nude lips with peachy peach cheeks. Sorry, I couldn’t tell you which brand as my amaze make up artist worked her magic 🙂

  10. @Lou – Go on do it! (Or at least ask the nice ladies at Chanel to put a bit on you so you can see how pretty it is!)

    @Katie – I still haven’t tried Belle Du Jour! ( I know – my bad) and I’m wondering if it will look as good on a pale blonde as it did on your honey tanned, raven haired self. Must check out those chubby sticks though….

    @Rebecca – Right then. You NEED Hourglass, seriously, like a balm hybrid but doesn’t fall off. As well as Grace I also have Fable – I think you should give it a whirl. They sell the brand at Liberty so next time you are in London…..

    Charlotte xxx

  11. @Sama – What a perfect name for W-day!!!

    @Jessica – I think glosses/balms can look lovely on the right lips. Unfortunately on me they just look a little “blah” which is a shame, as you can’t get more natural looking than blistex!

    @Deborah may – Ah yes, I have tried Hue, it’s a popular one – Creme Cup works better for my yellow skin tone though, I think it’s slightly warmer.

    Charlotte xxx

  12. Benefit Lip Plump is what I use for the perfect nude lip. It’s a fantastic lip primer, its quite a thick product but use a tiny bit and smudge it in then, wait a few minutes (I usually do my eyes) and apply a nude/pale pink liner and a pink lippy or gloss over the top. My lips are noticably fuller and you can use a pink that suits your skin tone over the top – it just becomes paler if that makes sense. Oh and your lipstick/gloss stays on much, much longer. Works for me! 🙂

  13. @Charlotte – okey dokes my dear, I will have to give them a visit – any excuse to go into Liberty!!! (I love their Christmas display sooooo much I can just stand outside their windows staring for hours!!! ha ha)

  14. I wanted nude for my wedding day and after reading a glowing review here I bought a Nars Belle Du Jour lipstick. Problem is that I have a pink complection and it just made me look more pink!

    On the day the make-up artist bought a soft pink that gave me a bit of colour but not too much as my lips are very thin.

  15. I love nude lippies! I love the creamier ones as I am not a huge fan of gloss.
    I bought creme cup and love it! I have asked Santa for a few mac glosses just to try them out for a bit of a change and to hope they convert me.

    I love Bobbi Brown ones, one is a pinky nude and I have an Illasmasqua browny nude but not as keen on it as the pinky ones.
    I also recently bought posey, a creme blush from MAC and use it on my lips for a subtle peachy pout but it is a bit peach and I tone it down with a bit of concealer.

    I also am in love with a Nars lip laquer, Chealsea girls which gives a gorgeous long lasting nude sheen. Perfect for a daytime look or smokey eyed evening look.

    I am now adding a list of other nudey lipsticks to try!! xx

  16. I feel your pain, Charlotte – about discontinued fave lippy colours. A few years back Bourjois did a beautiful honey/apricot gloss that was just PERFECT. Of course, they promptly discontinued it and I have been on a quest to find a replacement since!

    For my wedding day I wore ‘Jubilee’ – one of the Mac lustre lipsticks. Very nice but maybe just slightly too nude for me! At the moment I’m a big fan of the Carmex shiny lip balm (the one you get in the long silvery tube) and I agree the Clinique Chubby Sticks are good. No. 7 also do some good sheer lipsticks.

    I think I prefer the sheer lippies as then your hair doesn’t get glued to your face!

  17. @Alex – *waves* – I’ve missed you! Which Bobbi Brown do you have pet? and Chelsea girls – I MUST give that a whirl, I hear about it being a favourite a lot.

    @Abi – Ah yes Jubilee, it was a bit brown for me – give Creme cup a try for something more pink and less “nude” …and what is this long shiny tube you speak of? is it tinted?

    Charlotte xxx

  18. Boots 17 Mirror Shine lipstick in ‘Belle’ is the perfect YLBB shade, it looks more expensive on the lips than some other really expensive ones I own, and feels lovely on the lips. Staying power isn’t amazing but it’s so cheap you can’t go wrong!

  19. @Charlotte – got it in one! I think I got my first tube over 10 years ago.. I use a really nice pale honey beigey/brown lip liner from Mac – I cant remember the name but it is perfect for making your lips look massive and very smooch-able! 🙂

  20. I love nude lips, they are my staple coupled with smoky eyes. One nude lipstick that is amazing and won’t break the bank is Topshop’s “Nevada”….their make-up is made in the same factory as Chanel and a fraction of the price! Also it is super moisturising… winner! 🙂

  21. @Louisa – It seems I need to make a trip to Boots this afternoon (going all the way to London not to look at expensive make-up but as it turns out…no.17!!)

    @Laura Jane – Right! I will get thee to a MAC counter then (I am liking the phrase “smoochable” very much indeed)

    @Victoria – I have one called Secret Admirer (I think!) by Topshop – the perfect summer coral pink 😉

    Charlotte xxx

  22. Also a big fan of Nars Belle du Jour but didn’t wear it on W Day. Was just a gorgeous nudey peach gloss from Chanel that my little sister (and MUA) chose & bought for me x

  23. I love Boots Seventeen sheer lipsticks, I’ve got nudist peach and beehive which are brilliant nudeys on me (freckly, pale pinky skin) and also love cheeky secret and LA (which is a fab sheer red). I’ve got quite dry lips so prefer sheer or lipgloss (but not too sticky!!)

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