The Prettiest (D.I.Y.) Cakes…

We all love a bit of cake, and the prettier the better in my book. So when Sarah from the Blue Door Bakery got in touch and I checked out her site, we were blown away. With a craze for cupcakes sweeping the nation and a huge fancy cake being eschewed for the purse friendly and mouthwatering delights of a cupcake, the Blue Door Bakery are right on trend. As cake baking is something many Brides can tackle themselves it is becoming an increasingly popular DIY option to save on costs. Not only does Sarah make the most scrumptious looking cupcakes, but she also solves the dilemmas of the DIY wedding cupcake maker… read on to hear her words of wisdom.

My absolute favourite part of my job, without question, is meeting couples and planning their wedding cupcakes. I love to hear about the wedding plans of the couples that visit me. (What can I say, after my own wedding nearly 2 years ago, I have to get my wedding planning fix where I can!) I really enjoy helping them dream up something fabulously different, that’s a reflection of their unique wedding day.

Introducing the DIY Fairy Godmother of Cupcakes…

Last year, I started to get emails from brides asking for advice, often where they or their Mum or a friend were going to bake their wedding cupcakes for them. They wanted to know when to bake the cakes? How much time would it all take? How to decorate the cakes? How would they transport the cakes safely? After answering these emails, I was always left with this niggling feeling of worry about these brides and their Mums panicking in a cloud of icing sugar the day before their wedding, who wants that?!

So, I hatched a plan to help the DIY cupcake makers.. I planned a workshop, where people could come, to my working kitchen, and learn about wedding cupcakes, get some tuition and advice and have a fun practice session. They were an instant success and some months later, with lots of happy ladies having left workshops covered in a sprinkling of edible glitter, full of ideas and clutching their box of cakes, I’m now running these workshops regularly. We have a great time, its really relaxed and because the classes are relatively small, everyone gets my undivided attention. You can ask as many questions as you like without feeling self-conscious. I really do want everyone to go away from my class feeling totally inspired.

My philosophy is that it’s important to choose what you’re going to create on the basis of the time and skills you have. No time during the weeks before the wedding? No experience of piping icing? Can’t follow a recipe?! These are some of the scenarios that we cover and try and find a solution for everyone and their schedule in the lead up to the wedding. My main aim is to help avoid any stress the day before and leave calm brides, enjoying delicious DIY cupcakes on their big day.

I’ve also now included shorter sessions for people who just want to learn for fun to decorate cupcakes for fun, these have proved to be perfect for a hen party (including making hen party themed decorations..!) I’m also about to add a ‘Start Your Own Cupcake Business Workshop’ to point new entrepreneurs in the right direction.

We’re happy to bring any of the workshops to you for groups of 6 or more (and we do the washing up!)

The Blue Door Top 5 D.I.Y. Tips

1. Practice well before the big day. Don’t wait until the day before to find out that you are unsure how to roll sugarpaste or are a bit wobbly piping vintage rose style icing.

2. Do a full shopping list well in advance and then buy all of the ingredients you might need (with some spare) at least a week before.

3. If you buy a cupcake stand to use, think about selling it on eBay afterwards. This can work out slightly less expensive than hiring a stand.

4. Think about buying decorations, although they will dent your budget a touch, they are often a good option if what you are after is particularly intricate.

5. Finally, don’t take on too much yourself. The day before your wedding is so special, don’t tire yourself out! Ask for help from trusted friends or family.

Genius! What a brilliant idea for a hen party or for you and your mum/maids to make sure you are totally ready and prepared to bake up a cupcake storm!

Thank you so much to Sarah for so generously sharing her wisdom and make sure you check out the Blue Door Bakery if you’re in need of some DIY tuition, or if you just want the stress taken away and the cupcakes making for you! I think I’m having palpitations here about the chocolate spectaculars up there!

Are you having cupcakes for your big day?

Yours Truly,


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

19 thoughts on “The Prettiest (D.I.Y.) Cakes…

  1. Oooh what a wonderful idea! Cupcakes look delicious and so pretty. As a regular cupcake baker, I have actually made the decision not to do the cupcake thing for our wedding cake option. I have a horrible feeling I will be running out of time before the big day and making a huge batch of cakes would be beyond me. It is so tempting tho…

    Totally loving pretty week!

    Am going to have lie down now to recover from the gorgeousness of this week’s pretty fest…phew. C&R, it’s just getting better and better! I love being a girl!!!hee hee x

  2. I heart cupcakes!

    If you are after more of a North West based cupcake course I can really recommend Leah’s Pantry. I did the course last summer and it was simply fantastic…

    I’m putting my skills to use in May when I’m due to make 120 cakes for my friends wedding – 4 flavours and lots of different decoration! I’m loving the love heart ones on here… they might be added to the list!

  3. I’m stealing the Love Heart cupcake idea! We’re having a dessert table and a lovely friend is making us 70 cupcakes, which I’m now going to throw Love Hearts at! Yay! Fabulous post, although totally ruining my 6-weeks-and-3-days-til-my-slinky-dress diet!

  4. You’ve prompted me to book onto a cupcake decorating course, whilst The Boy is watching the world cup, as I can never quite get the frosting quite right! And now it’s time for a cup of tea…

  5. I LOVE cupcakes, my sister-in-law is making them for our wedding and I have to say it has been a great 12 months truing out all the different flavours!


  6. oh god I am starving now! I love cupcakes I make them all the time as its about the only thing I can actually bake and its so much fun decorating them. Think the workshop is a totally brilliant idea and would be tons of fun with the added bonus of being able to eat them afterwards! xxxx

  7. Um I so need to go on this course. The only cake I can make is banana and chocolate chip. For some reason every other cake I attempt either burns, doesn’t rise or just looks generally tragic.

    James didn’t marry me for my domestic goddess abilities. I don’t have any…. 🙂

    I think this is a GREAT idea for a Hen not to mention a cost effective way to put a great big personalised stamp on W-day.

    Charlotte xxx

  8. Oh my! My favourite topic…cake! I kinda wish we were having cupcakes, but with 100 guests it’s rather costly. I do love baking them though and would love to do a workshop, shame you’re not near me. Victoria, thanks for that link, I’m in the North West x

  9. I just love the cupcake wedding cake idea- and I always thought it must be a less intimidating form of cake for DIY brides-to-be.
    I especially like the tip about buying decorations- they can be so fiddly, and can make or break the overall look. Thanks for this!

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