The Prettiest Dresses…

So we’ve been banging on about Pretty all week, pretty maids, pretty accessories, pretty cakes and of course, the most beautifully pretty weddings.

But hold on. Have we forgotten something? Ahem. Do we ever forget here at RMW? No.

So this post is all about the prettiest dresses. We haven’t by any means chosen the definitive collection as we would have lost sleep over the selection out there (and believe me it was hard enough to come up with these!) but Charlotte and I have had a little fun with this and tried to find a selection of dresses that we love and think will appeal to all of you, in one way or another.

Below you will find a selection of 8 pretty-as-a-picture wedding gowns, and guess what, 4 were chosen by Charlotte and 4 were chosen by me. And here’s where the fun begins… we want you to guess which ones belong to which blog queen, and also of course tell us which one you think deserves the title of prettiest gown today. I can’t wait!

Ruffles and Flounces

*Caspe by Rosa Clara.

*Rhianna by Monique L’huillier.

Lovely Lace

*Finnisterre by Pronovias.

*Tabitha By Charlotte Balbier.

Fifties and Fashion

*8465 by Justin Alexander

*Futuro by Pronovias.

Cap Sleeves

*4065 by Paloma Blanca.

*Mystere by Claire Pettibone.

Right then Ladies… On your marks, get set, Go!

Cast your votes in a comment and speculate on Charlotte and I’s favourites… all will be revealed later 🙂

We have even bought a special treat for you to win… a lovely bottle of MAC nail polish in Blue India (as featured in Charlotte’s I Love London post)… so you can have the prettiest nails too!

The guessing is open until midnight tonight and the winner will be randomly chosen from all the commenters,

Yours Truly,


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

49 thoughts on “The Prettiest Dresses…

  1. Okay here goes…!

    Caspe: Charlotte
    Rhianna: Charlotte
    Finnistere: Rebecca
    Tabitha: Rebecca
    8465: Charlotte
    Futuro: Rebecca
    4065: Rebecca
    Mystere: Charlotte

    My faves are Mystere, Tabitha and Rhianna!

    Fab post!
    Rachie xo

  2. I am seriously thinking about purchasing a Claire Pettibone dress and wearing one for every single one of my birthdays from now until I die. They make me go weak at the knees!

    Based on gut feeling alone:

    Charlotte: Caspe, 8465, Mystère, Tabitha
    Rebecca: Rhianna, Finnisterre, Futuro, 4065

    Although you ladies always throw one in from out of left field…!

  3. Tabitha! Oh my… oh my oh my… I think i am in love!

    Charlotte – can see you in Mystere.

    Rebecca – Futero and 8465 would look hot on you!

  4. Right I would say:-

    Caspe – Rebecca
    Rhianna – Rebecca
    Finnisterre – Charlotte
    Tabitha – Charlotte
    8465 – Charlotte
    Futuro – Rebecca
    4065 – Rebecca
    Mystere – Charlotte

    I love them all but my fave has to be Mystere – what a stunning dress! Really like Tabitha too for more understated glamour.

    You both have great taste ladies!!!

  5. Aw, they’re gorgeous!

    My guess is:
    Caspe: Charlotte
    Rhianna: Rebecca
    Finnistere: Rebecca
    Tabitha: Charlotte
    8465: Rebecca
    Futuro: Charlotte
    4065: Rebecca
    Mystere: Charlotte

    My favourite by far is Caspe, just imagine floating down the aisle in that, beautiful!

    Bobbie x

  6. Wow – what pretty dresses. Makes me want to get married again!

    I love Tabitha and Mystere – gorgeous and totally different to the wedding dress I wore.

    I would say:

    Charlotte – Caspe, Finnisterre, Futuro & Mystere
    Rebecca – Rhianna, Tabitha, 8465 & 4065

    Great post and fab week xx

    P.S. this is my first comment even though I have been reading this blog since it began! x

  7. I just spent my lunch break deciding this and here goes…



    I have just written these out and have just seen Anna K’s entry is the same, this does not mean you are predictable ladies, it just means your individuality comes across so well in this fabulous blog!

    ….unless we are both wrong that is!!!


  8. Hmmm, let’s see…

    Caspe – Charlotte
    Rhianna – Rebecca
    Finnisterre – Rebecca
    Tabitha – Charlotte
    8465 – Charlotte
    Futoro – Rebecca
    4065 – Rebecca
    Mystere – Charlotte

    My favourite dress (and has been on my dress wishlist for FOREVER) is Mystere, it’s beautiful!

  9. Ooh what fun to brighten up a Thursday afternoon.
    Charlotte – Tabitha, Mystere, Finistere, 4065
    Rebecca – 8465, Caspe, Rhiana, Futuro
    As a short dress bride it has to be the Justin Alexander 8465

  10. Rebecca:


    My personal favourite Caspe.. stunning… dress wobbles have kicked in ( again).

  11. So much fun! But very strange too…I’m pretending to work when actually jotting ‘R’ and ‘C’ all over Post-It notes, and my predictions are exactly the same as Jill’s! Great minds!
    I’m joining Anna on the Claire Pettibone boat…I dream of her dresses.

  12. What a super idea – I’ll have a go at:

    Caspe: Rebecca
    Rhianna: Charlotte
    Finnistere: Rebecca
    Tabitha: Rebecca
    8465: Charlotte
    Futuro: Charlotte
    4065: Rececca
    Mystere: Charlotte

    Probably way off!

  13. Oooh this is exciting! I think some of the dresses are easy to say are Charlotte or Rebecca but others are not so easy. Can’t wait to find out which is which!

    My guesses are;

    Rebecca – Caspe, 8465, Rhinanna and Finnistere.

    Charlotte – Futuro, Tabitha, Mystere and 4065.

    I am loving Finnisterre and it actually shocks me as it’s very lacey xx

  14. Ok so here is my guess

    Caspe: Charlotte
    Rhianna: Charlotte
    Finnistere: Rebecca
    Tabitha: Charlotte
    8465: Rebecca
    Futuro: Rebecca
    4065: Rebecca
    Mystere: Charlotte

    All the dresses are stunning ladies. My fave is Tabitha but im a bit biased as my dress is a Charlotte Balbier gown – Pixie. Love her dresses

  15. Perfect post after a very stressful morning!

    Caspe: Charlotte
    Rhianna: Rebecca
    Finnistere: Charlotte
    Tabitha: Charlotte
    8465: Rebecca
    Futuro: Rebecca
    4065: Rebecca
    Mystere: Charlotte

    Favourite is Mystere – by a mile!

  16. Loving the short look – 8465 is my fave but don’t think I’d ever really have the guts to go for short…hmmm…Great post ladies!

  17. Ok here goes…..

    These are Charlotte’s:
    1. Caspe by Rosa Clara
    2. Rhianna by Monique L’huillier
    3. Futuro by Pronovias
    4. Tabitha by Charlotte Balbier

    These are Rebecca’s:
    1. 8465 by Justin Alexander
    2. 4065 by Paloma Blanca
    3. Finnistere by Pronovias
    4. Mystere by Claire Pettibone

    And the prettiest…….
    Definitely 8465 by Justin Alexander…..very Eva Peron!

  18. erm i don’t think i’m right but here goes…

    Caspe, Finnistere, Tabitha & Mystere – Charlotte

    Rhianna, Futuro, 4065 & 8465 Rebecca.

    Favourite…I love the top of Rhianna but not the bottom so will go for Mystere, fabulousness to the MAX! xxx

  19. Blimey – gorgeous!!

    My guess is
    Charlotte – caspe, tabitha, 8465 and futuro
    Rebecca – rhianna, finnisterre, 4065 and mystere

    As a short dress girl I H.A.V.E to go for JA, if only he wasn’t 1 million dollar – sigh

  20. Beautiful dresses girls, I would say:





    p.s. My favourite is Tabitha

  21. Ooooh all so beautiful!

    My guesses;

    Charlotte – Caspe, Mystere, Futuro, Tabitha
    Rebecca – 8645, 4065, Finnisterre, Rhianna

    Probably way off the mark! My favourite is Rhianna, would LOVE to see a bride rock this x

  22. I think…

    Charlotte: 8465, Tabitha, 4065, Futuro
    Rebecca: Caspe, Rhianna, Finnisterre, Mystere

    I LOVE Mystere except for the big rose on the back which I’m not so sure about… So I’m going for Tabitha as overall fave!

  23. Charlotte – Caspe, Finnisterre, Tabitha and Mystere
    Rebecca – Rhianna, 8265, 4065 and Futuro

    Tabitha is my favourite one too. Very pretty. Loving this whole week on pretty!


  24. Oh my! You’ve got me so excited as I’ve got an appointment at Pronovius’s flagship store next Saturday! Their dresses are just beautiful…

    I only found your website last night but I’m hooked (to the detriment of my productivity in the office today – oops!)

    My favourite dresses are Caspe and Futuro, but if I had to choose it’d be Futuro.

    For your favourite, I’d say 8465 by Justin Alexander. Gorgeous detailing! …And Futuro too, but that’s just because I’m biased!


  25. Wow how lush are these dresses?

    My guesses are:

    Charlotte- Caspe, 8465, Mystere and Tabitha
    Rebecca – Futuro, 4065, Rhianna and Finnisterre

    My fave is Caspe…Rosa Clara certainly rocks pretty dresses x

  26. Charlotte:

    1.Caspe by Rosa Clara.
    2.Finnisterre by Pronovias.
    3.Tabitha By Charlotte Balbier.
    4.Mystere by Claire Pettibone.


    1.Rhianna by Monique L’huillier.
    2.8465 by Justin Alexander
    3.Futuro by Pronovias.
    4.4065 by Paloma Blanca.

    now for my favourite hmmmmm hard choice but i’d say

    Mystere by Claire Pettibone.

    love this post!


  27. Ah, this is fun!

    Ok, my guess is…

    Caspe – Charlotte
    Rhianna – Rebecca
    Finnisterre – Rebecca
    Tabitha – Charlotte
    8465 – Rebecca
    Futuro – Charlotte
    4065 – Rebecca
    Mystere – Charlotte

    Me? Caspe, Tabitha and Futuro x

  28. ha this is fun!
    charlotte caspe,tabitha,futuro,mystere
    Rebecca paloma,8465,finnisterre

    my favourite is mystere totally stunning and very pretty in deed! xxxx

  29. Gorgeous dresses!
    My guesses would be:
    Charlotte – Caspe, Finnisterre, Futuro, Mystere
    Rebecca – Rhianna, Tabitha, 8465, 4065
    My fav is Caspe totally love the skirt and so stunning! x

  30. charlotte- Rhianna, Tabitha, Justin Alexander, Mystere

    Rebecca – Caspe, Finnistere, futuro, Poloma

    My favourite is Tabitha – sooooo pretty.

  31. this is soooo hard, they are all so gorgeous!
    Prob way off but here goes:
    Charlotte – caspe, futuro, 8465, mystere
    Rebecca – rhianna, finnisterre, tabitha, 4065
    think my fave would have to be Futuro but love Mystere too-just not on me!!

    p.s love this post, I’ve been addicted to RMW since day 1 but never commented b4!!x

  32. fab post, here goes with the guessing…
    Charlotte – Caspe, Rhianna, Tabitha, Mystere
    Rebecca – Futuro, 8465, Finnisterre, 4065

    My fav is prob Tabitha, I nearly picked it for my dress! xx

  33. Ok Ladies, It’s the big reveal…

    Charlottes were:
    Caspe (Rosa Clara)
    Tabitha (Charlotte Balbier)
    8465 (Justin Alexander)
    Mystere (Claire Pettibone)

    Mine were:
    Rhianna – gotta love Monique!
    Futuro, (pared down ruffles)
    Finnisterre (for the lace)
    4065 (purely for the lace and the back)

    And my actual vote for prettiest? Still the Justin Alexander or Rosa Clara. Am really having a moment over the pronovias ones tho, although not the prettiest here, I love them 🙂

    Thanks for voting ladies, we will announce the winner of the nail polish tomorrow.


  34. Wow am impressed that Anna K got it totally right! (maybe others did too but I started at the top of the list and found someone that had – unlike me! – so stopped looking!) Does it make me obsessed that I’m making myself late for work because I had to check the answers on here….?!

  35. Hi ladies!

    I was so impressed so many of you got so many right and a few of you getting it exactly right – amazing!

    I am a BIG fan of Mystere, have to say….it might be my favourite out of the lot – I know the big flower is unusual but that’s why I like it.

    Love Caspe – those ruffles are to die for. I think Tabitha is a classic lacy beauty with a beautiful shape and as I mentioned on my Justin Alexander post how much I liked this particular short number.

    I have to say though Futuro is a stunner and a great find of Rebecca’s – would love to see a bride rocking that come W-day.

    Charlotte xxx

  36. Obviously I am late to this game but just wanted to say that the Claire Pettibone dress is unreal, I need that dress in my life!

    Tabitha was my dress if we were having a marquee wedding (we are now having a city chic hotel wedding though and I didnt think tabbers would fit the theme, its more vintage chic than vintage glam). I have still got the pictures I took of me trying it on as I love it so much! I tried on the antique gold colour which is divine.

  37. hi, i know this is an old post, but does anybody know the rrp for tabitha please?? want to know before i go look incase it is out of my budget thanks for your help girlies xxx

  38. Hiya
    The current rrp for tabitha is c£1300 I am totally in love with it and trying to decide whether to totally break my budget or not! I have seen a couple of ‘preloved’ ones for sale though!
    Hope that helps

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