The Prettiest Maids…..

The one thing that I was ALWAYS disappointed with whilst browsing the wedding magazines and bridal stores was the selection of bridesmaids dresses on offer. At worst tragically unflattering and at best just well…..a little bit dull to be honest.

Thankfully even just a year on it seems brides are making sure their maids look magnificent in a whole host of oh-so-pretty frocks that flatter their shape and reflect their personality.

And being in the theme of pretty and all we thought we would treat you gorgeous lot to some of the loveliest ideas we’ve seen so far in weddingville that we hope will give you all plenty of inspiration for your own favourite girls come W-day.

Multi Colours

Who said Maids had to be all matchy matchy? Not us that’s for sure. Nothing wrong with tying in your colour scheme of course but how about having a little bit of variation on that colour scheme….like these little numbers for example:

*images by Juliet Elizabeth

Pinks, oranges, blues, greens? Why not mix your different shades of Jewel Tones and have your ladies in something that suits their colouring as well as your desire to tie everything together beautifully.

*images via The Brides Cafe

Are you considering a palette of soft neutrals or vintage inspired hues for the Big Day?

You are?


And even more gorgeous if you let your maids wear a super cute dress in any one of your desired shades like these soft pinks, beiges and creams.

*image by Erin Hearts Court

Of course you could just decide to let your maids have free reign – the only prerequisite being “Make it sexy, make it short, make it God darn cool as hell” ….then you could end up with something like the image above.


Just about the most unique set of maids the Rock My Wedding team have ever seen.

And of course you can make sure there is no mistaking the ailse walkers with the guests by the simple addition of a stunning bouquet.


Shoe Candy

So perhaps you do want to keep it all dress co-ordinated chic, no problem with that. And absolutley no reason you can’t add to a matching set of frocks some FABULOUS unique footwear.

*images via SMP, Credit Crunch Bride and by Next Exit Photography

Whether it’s some polka dot fancy, an array of their favourite brights ( which is especially amazing with black gowns as in the image here)…. or a pair of floral adored hot pink greatness then I’m sure your girls will be pleased as punch.

Not to mention the fact that if they could choose their very own piece of epic shoe candy then it takes away the whole “Should the bride pay?” issue out of the equation. Or alternatively you could offer them as a gift.

Now that is one present I’m sure EVERY lady would love.

Unique Accessories

So maybe you want to keep the dresses matching and the shoes the same and go for a more traditional route ( Rebecca and I both did after all and it was the right decision for us)…but you still wouldn’t mind adding a piece of accessory pretty to make your maids contemporary.

*images via SMP and The Brides Cafe

Now we know many of you adore a statement bobby dazzler and these chunky beads are absolutely to-die-for delicious.

Maybe you you can let your maids choose something they love and something they can wear again. I am more than a little bit in love with the pearl strands and the fact these ladies are clearly the only girls in the wedding party but at the same time clearly rocking their own sense of bejewelled style.

Same dress different belt….. LOVING.IT.

My Favourites

You know I always have them in every fashion related post folks and here they are…..

* image via Tanja Lippert Photography

Ia anyone going with a print? Can someone? Please? Pretty please with sugar on top and some sprinkles? It would just be so undeniably stylish.

*image by Juliet Elizabeth

Shades of grey. I can’t get away with my obsession from grey at the moment, especially as it looks so completely perfect with a white dress and well….. any other colour for that matter.

Of course if actually you want to keep absolutely everything the same for each lady then maybe consider this:

The bouquets.

Nope you don’t even have to have a different hue for each person, the same hue just a different type of flower.

Who can deny how heavenly these bunches of Hyacinth, tulips and Anemones look?

Total Bridesmaid bloom perfection.

Do let us know what pretty maid tricks and tips you have planned for your wedding and if any of the ideas in this post have given you a little bit of much needed inspiration.

We just want to make you love what you do, love what you choose and above all do what you want.

Big Prettiest Maid Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

41 thoughts on “The Prettiest Maids…..

  1. Loving the polka dot shoes, and the polka wedding dress is to die for! Had forgotten my once obsession with everything polka dot *tries to think where it can be sneaked into my wedding!*

  2. love this post it has just settled my mind that what im doing with my bridesmaids is going to look great. I have 3 bridesmaids two are wearing bright fuscia pink and the other one is wearing a bright turquoise blue. I have told them they can wear any style of silver shoe so they dont all have to match and they can wear what makes them feel comfortable. Great pictures very inspiring xxx

  3. Ooooooh love this!!! I was really set on greys with purple/pinks for ages, but changed in the end to my four girls wearing the same dress but in different shades of the same jewel tones – so one has a dark violet, one a sugar plum purple, one a deep dark pink and the other a bright fuschia. they look FABULOUS. On the search for some gorgeous accessories, something different for each of them, and have spotted some delicious bits on Etsy, and they are having any silver shoes they like ( snap, Stacey!) xxxxxx

  4. I love it….all of it! The girls in the four different pale vintagey colours look stunning. But my absolute favourite are the grey dresses – my girls are in grey dresses from Ted Baker – all three of us saw them and loved them, and they tie in perfectly with my elegant vintage ‘non themed’ wedding (snap Rebecca!). I’m heading over now to check out the Martha Stewart article. This is possibly one of my all time favourite posts yet on RMW….seriously Rebecca and Charlotte – I think I may have a little bit of a girl crush on you! Finding this website has confirmed my need for a totally ‘non- weddingy’ wedding!

    Brilliant job girls, cannot wait for the rest of the week…


  5. Love those jewel tones. Some great ideas, thanks! Really thought the bridesmaids would be the easiest part but no….

  6. Totally loving the dress ideas – I’m having emerald green as my theme and my girls are wearing gorgeous dresses from phase8. And what’s more we got them on sale! Budget chic! The dresses don’t have any detail so I’m asking the girls to provide their own silver or ivory shoes and I’ve bought them each a gorgeous broach to attach wherever they choose – one could even wear hers as a hair pin!!!

    I always said I wanted my girls to feel comfortable – so they’re choosing their own makeup and doing their hair the way THEY want – they’ll all look lush whatever they do! Totally different looks and yet similar enough to look awesome in the photos.

    Budget beautiful indeed!

  7. Loving this!!

    My girlies are wearing black 50’s style dresses and are having bright shoes but I am so loving the shoes with the huge pink flower on…maybe a change a plan me thinks!

  8. We are having our bridesmaids wearing different shades of silver/pewter and their dress can be in a style which suits each lady and their personality.

    So far I have bought my CBM silver one-shoulder dress from Karen Millen, it’s perfect for her.

    All of my bridesmaids shall be carrying white hydrangeas (with hint of colour) whereas my twin sisters maids are having sweet avalanche roses. They will all have different shoes to their own taste and style.

    It’s pretty difficult trying to tie everything together in a double wedding so we’ve thrown the theme book out of the window and just going to go with our hearts.

    Please note myself and my twin sis shall have different dresses too.

  9. I’ve always been adamant that I don’t want any bridesmaids for my big day, which originally caused several noses out of joint, but is now absolutely cool with all my closest girls. HOWEVER, reading this post has made me question my decision…..I can so see my girls rocking some of these looks…….oh dear, yet another thing to start wobbling over!!

  10. I have ‘unofficial’ bridesmaids-because our registry office isn’t enormous and we’re having a garden party instead of a reception it seemed a bit odd to have a dedicated bridal party when so many of their ‘duties’ weren’t necessary!
    This is where my girls have totally come through for me-they’re rocking 3 seriously stylish and totally different dresses with statement accessories and will be carrying a gorgeous bouquet similar to mine. I’m hoping for photos just like the ‘sexy, short and God darn stylish’ above!
    Really great feature that covers all the options available to all the different kinds of Brides-to-be….love it!

  11. Love this post! One of my biggest issues wedding planning so far has been picking a colour scheme and the fact I am not a fan of traditional BM dresses. I love the nude type colour around at the mo and currently on the look out for somthing suitable for my girls on the high street.. defo thinking some statement pearls too after seeing this! xx

  12. Wow – am loving the grey hues! Can you find out where the ones worn with the fabby pearls are from, please, please, please? And the lovely grey ones worn with the polka dot brides dress!

    I have to have them!


  13. I think my bridesmaids were a little unsure when I said I’d seen a really cute little white capped sleeve dress for them for the wedding and to be honest I did have a bit of a wobble after I’d forked out £110 each for them because I thought maybe they are just not weddingy enough… luckily for me before I traipsed back to FCUK with four little white dresses in hand I stumbled across Charlotte’s report and yeay! there were my little dresses looking super gorgeous on her bridesmaids. Wobble over and I promptly emailed the link to the bridesmaids who were suitably impressed and now convinced.

    Since then one of my bridesmaids has got pregnant and so she is not going to be in a short white minidress at 35 weeks preggers and so is rocking a taupe chiffon dress from ASOS maternity. To co-ordinate we have bought the girls taupe hidden platform suede shoes from Dune and they are not having bouquets but killer clutch bags and an ivory wrist corsage.

  14. What a fab start to pretty week!

    And I LOVE the grey colour palette, (maybe or maybe not due to the fact it is part of our colour scheme ..)

    Fab inspiration once again. Thank you!


  15. Oh.My.God.

    Firstly a huge thanks to everyone who has commented and like this article – it is my first attempt at writing a bonefide “trends/ideas” post and I have been really nervous about how it would go down.

    Secondly just how cool are you lot?! Loving the mix of dresses, jewel tones, grey palettes…. Your favourite girls are going to look A.mazing.

    Brideand chic – ha ha snap! The girls loved the dresses, I wore my sisters to my 30th and they have ALL worn them since… I now have it in black too 🙂

    And your shoes sound perfect Pet – lucky ladies!!!

    Hello and welcome all you new commenters – we love hearing your ideas and it’s great to start a discussion/give inspiration to others. Keep them coming!

    Charlotte xxx

  16. Hi again

    Is there any way you can link to stockists and the like? Would be really useful, even if they are US based.

    Ta muchly!

  17. Fabulous! These pics are lovely.

    I really wanted different dresses for each of mine but would have needed to have them specially made and couldn’t really afford it so they had the same.

    My girls did have different shoes (an assortment of Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon, leopard print peeptoes and zebra print peeptoes) and everyone seemed to think I was MAD because they didn’t *shock horror* MATCH, but I wanted them to express their own style.

  18. im having grey & pink, 3 are in grey with a pink sash and my moh is in pink with a grey sash!! love it love it love roll on 12th september!!

  19. I’m loving this too – really loving it Charlotte, but I told you that yesterday 🙂

    Bridesmaids are such a great way of expressing your wedding style but keeping the whole wedding youthful and modern. I’m just a little bit obsessed with non-matching BM’s too, I wanted to do the same but it just didn’t work out so they made their hair accessories individual to personalise. I’m a massive fan of the chunky jewellery too, and different colours on different girls, and shoes etc etc etc. Just love it.

    If you are worried this would be hard to pull off, just remember you need one unifying thing to pull a look together, whether that be shoes, dress, jewels, or just the bouquets and it will look fab 🙂

  20. Love it! I am currently on the search for grey/silver dresses for my girls, they are having bright yellow flowers which will hopefully contrast well.

    So far can’t find anything so would love it if some of you ladies could tell me where you found your grey dresses! x

  21. Hi Livy, mine were from Ted Baker. Not sure if I can post links here, but they are called Cante

    and are a really nice material, much nicer than they look on the website even. I’m only having two bridesmaids, so we decided to have the same dress, and are now looking for different accessories and shoes so that each of them can have their own style on the day….


  22. Charlotte- I have it in black too! I bought it a couple of years back when it first came out and it is a great LBD! When I spotted it in white I knew it would look great on the girls who are a mix of heights and sizes, its super flattering isnt it!? I saw a girl on the underground a few months ago wearing it with some black opaques, patent mary janes and a long medallion necklace… made me wish I’d got myself one in white too!

  23. So many of these pics are from Real Weddings that don’t supply stockist details however the grey dresses are by Lula Kate (for Livy and Sarah who wanted to know) – this is the web address

    They are American so not sure if they are stocked in the UK ( I’ll do some more investigating later and comment on here)

    Loving the Ted baker Clare!

    Brideand chic – yes I wore mine with black opaques and black platform dolly shoes 🙂 Seriously they are fab and super flattering on everyone.

    Charlotte xxx

  24. I plan on getting the Ivory FC dress to wear as an unofficial BM dress for my sisters wedding next spring. I should really check with her first though – but I am worried she will say no and then I won’t have an excuse to buy it!

    What a successful post! More of these please Charlotte!

  25. Fab post! Some really inspiring ideas here. I think I’ve said it in nearly every single comment I have made but I SO wish RMW were around when I was in the planning stages of my wedding! Oh well – I still took some inspiration from Charlotte’s original post way back when and bought myself the white FCUK dress and it is so so so flattering! It’s also still in the shops! Saw it in House of Frazer in Manchester on Saturday and also saw it in blue which I now really really want! 🙂

  26. i am having one lovely bridesmaid who i knew would be my bridesmaid long before i was engaged. And i knew from the start i was never going to put her in a long satin strapless number or anything overly “bridesmaidy” after much high street hunting i found the perfect peachy pink knee length dress with cap short sleeves and a floaty hemline (why do 99% of formal dresses have no sleeves when i guess about 70% of women have issues with their upper arms!?) in no other than Hennes for a bargain price of £30, now it means i still have money left for some vintage accessories and patterened tights.
    loved this post! i think its time there was a change in bridesmaids outfits.

  27. Zoiks! This has got me thinking more seriously about my BM dresses and colours…With the big day now confirmed for Oct, am thinking Autumnal hues but don’t want obvious colours (natch..) Am thinking pale gold with some dramatic colours in the flowers. Does anyone else have an adult CBM and 2 little ones (age 13 & 10)? How to co-ordinate…

  28. They are gorgeous Aisling! My bridesmaids’ shoes are from New Look – a bargainous £16 for gorgeous bow peep toes in exactly the same colour as their dresses…it’s all about the bargains! xx

  29. I may have just purchased a pair of watercolour floral Mary Janes from the NL website….oops!
    You’re spot on Pippypoppy…you can’t go wrong with NL shoes!

  30. Love the dresses with the pearl necklaces, the whole look is so uber glam, I have forwarded the link to my lovely bride best friend who I am bridesmaid for next year. Loving the pokadot shoes as well but not a fan of the maids all in different dresses, there is such a thing as overkill and I feel they would blend into the wedding guests as soon as they put their bouquets down.


  31. Oh I must get me on the New Look site Pronto!!

    Alex – great idea, hopefully your friend will pick you something fab! It would be hard to out-do your very own bridesmaids dresses I have to say ( they were beaut)

    I disagree on the different dresses though – the bridesmaids would know who they were, the bride would know who they are and so would everyone else once they walked down the ailse. And even if from the photo’s it wasn’t obvious unless they were holding their bouquets I don’t think at that point it would really matter….they would all be feeling fabulous – in an outfit they had absolutely picked themselves.

    Feel free to drop me an email if there are any other topics like this you would like us to cover

    Charlotte xxx

  32. I love this website and the maids section is just fab. I’m really struggling to find ideas so bridesmaids look amazing.

    I love love the cream dresses with the pearl necklaces. Where are these from?

    🙂 xx

  33. Hi, I love the LulaKate dresses but they don’t supply to the UK. Does anyone know of anyone in Scotland or UK that has dresses this fabulous in such great quality fabrics?


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