The RMW Real Bride Search…Contemporary Cool No.1

Just to throw a bit of modernity into the mix our next set of brides are too cool for school, think fresh colour palettes, bold brights and chic city venues. Not to mention a whole host of unique decor ideas and contemporary touches.

First up is Rachie and her stylishly designed London affair …..

Vineyard wedding in South Africa, European chic in Mallorca, London City Glam, and country casual in Gloucestershire – Yes I have considered them all!

And when we got engaged all of my friends thought that me (6X bridesmaid, 5X hen night organiser, lover of all details girl) would have it all mapped out! Umm that would be a big fat no then! You see I guess I’d always thought of my wedding in that vague, unlimited budget way(!) But I certainly hadn’t made any decisions! There is so much choice and therefore the logistics were all blank, I just didn’t know! Cue lots of thinking, and ambiguous questions to H2B

Me: What do you envision our wedding to BE?
H2B: What do you mean?
Me: Well you know, how do you see yourself on our wedding day?
H2B :Ummm

Exactly! Okay so this is what we have deciphered so far. We want the wedding to reflect us as a couple and for me that’s cocktails, bit of glamour, and tons of details, and for him that’s good food and drink and a chilled out vibe, Oh and a sharp suit! So when we put this all together we have come up with London City Glam which is the contemporary cool category. London is the place where we both met, we both work in and most importantly we both love! It’s central for the friends and family and those coming from abroad (as H2B is South African)
We have almost finalised the venue – a City Church and then Andaz Hotel in Liverpool Street, contemporary and stylish. I have discovered that they too are a lover of the details (The side plates were black slate chalk boards- this made me very happy!) Oh they were also the only venue to give us champagne. The deal is almost done! I’ll try not to change my mind – I promise!

So onto the fun details bit – I’m not restricting myself to one colour, there will be a colour palate of pinks, oranges, whites and greens, Oh and possibly some yellow!! As many flowers as my budget allows, all tied in with a bit of black and white detailing and a South African flavour. Oh and funky stationery – that’s important to me! And five bridesmaids and one sexy groom and me in a dress that will hopefully choose me as I don’t have a clue what I want!!

So I wanted to leave you with a few words to sum up our wedding, CityGlamBrightClassicFunLove – it’s my new word!

Oh and I want to add that this pro bridesmaid, hen night organising gal is a big RMW fan and would be totally honoured to write for you lovely clued up advice giving ladies! I promise to share with you the ups and downs, the big squealy moments, the “OMG if someone dares to offer me advice again” strops, for better for worse , for richer for poorer.

Rachie xo

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  1. VOTE.
    Rachie helped me with table centres at my wedding. It would be amazing to see what she produces for her own CityGlamBrightClassicFunLove Wedding!

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