The RMW Real Bride Search, GROUP 3:1 – Tabitha & Chris.

Hello folks… This is real RMW bride group 3 number 1!

Have a good read and a butchers at the mood board and then please cast your vote for your favourite from 4pm – there will be four brides to choose from in this group and they will be posted on the hour, every hour from 1pm.

Hello *grins and waves* we are Tabitha and Chris and we’re getting married on the 6th July 2013 and that means we only have 458 days left to plan W day, not that I’m counting or anything!

On the day we get married we will have been together for 7 year and 3 months, yes I was wee 18 year old when we first met and I haven’t looked back since. As you can imagine, we’ve done a lot of growing up together. There’s been illness, redundancy, and miles and months of time apart but I really believe I wouldn’t be the person I am today without him. He’s the ying to my yang, the Ant to my Dec, the Robson to my Jerome (is it sad they were the only examples I could think of, I feel I may have exposed my lack of coolness too early on!) So that’s why, while standing on the beautiful ancient city walls of Dubrovnik (the boy did good), when he got down on one knee and asked me that very important question, I wholeheartedly agreed to be his wife, and I can’t blinkin’ wait!!!

So what kind of wedding will we be having I hear you ask! So far we have a ceremony venue; it’s a castle that looks like a church. We also have a reception venue, a beautiful country pub with a paddock around the back for a marquee. It featured in a Top Gear episode and it came on Dave the other day and we squealed with excitement (well I squealed and he more stared at me in surprise!) Last but most definitely not least, we have a photographer! We have just booked the amazing, drum roll please…. Chris Barber, found through these very pages. We met him a few weeks ago at his studio, and we could not be more excited. I have no doubt that the photos will be nothing short of amazing!

In my head our wedding will be an ethereal vision of beautiful flowers and greenery, twinkling lights, rustic mismatched lace bunting, and soft shades of blush! Transpiring this into reality though is a whole different ball game. We’re also very determined to follow the RMW advice of ‘Your day, your way’ but I must admit I find this really hard sometimes; it’s more within my nature to try and keep everyone happy. However I know this is impossible and I think it’s about time we got a little bit selfish (just a little bit)…well it is our wedding day after all! I’m hoping if I could become one of THE real brides, the RMW community would be able to help me stick to my guns!

Please leave a comment on your favourite post to register your vote after 4pm. Voting closes at midnight on the 27th April.

Good luck everyone!

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

155 thoughts on “The RMW Real Bride Search, GROUP 3:1 – Tabitha & Chris.

  1. I do believe July 6th 2013 is when all the best people will be getting married ;0)
    Good luck! Will come back and vote later but just had to say how much it made me smile to see your day counter because of course ours says the same amount of days to W day! x

  2. You have my vote! 🙂 Your mood board is very pretty. Hope all goes well and enjoy wedding planning 🙂 x

  3. Ok I love the name Tabitha, I love the colour scheme, I love the comparisons (Robson & Jerome?? lol) and I love how you are struggling to stick to your guns like I am. Would love to hear more on how you cope with that Tabitha as I can’t seem to find it in me to say no to people even about my own wedding!?! Big VOTE from me Loves Claire xx

  4. As the very lucky groom to this gorgeous woman, I’m surely entitled to a vote right? 🙂

    Just to get this far is an honour, and I’m loving seeing the comments come through from you all. Here’s hoping for a late surge of votes later on as you all get home from after works drinks

  5. I have know Chris for a long time now and know that he has met his match in Tabitha! You have my vote and wish you a beautiful day (from someone who also met her better half when she was 18 and got married on their 8th year of being together!) Enjoy!

  6. Ahhh Chris! This man used to phone me on bad dates and enter full blown conversations to annoy the girl he was with. Funnily I knew Tabitha was different when I never once received one of these date ending calls! Having known chris for about 13 yrs ( omg ) I can honestly say that Tabitha is a very lucky girl and that wee Chris is Definately punching well above his weight! All the best to the both of you. You have an amazing future ahead of you. Lots of love Jen and John xxxx

  7. I like that she said she tries to keep everyone happy! I know the feeling!! Love the colours on this one too!!! Vote

  8. You have my vote Tabitha! (I don’t really know what I am voting for, but what you said was really cute, and I know Beth is super excited for you!) hope you’re ok xx

  9. Hi Tabitha, you have my vote! (I don’t know really what I am voting for but what you wrote was cute and I know Beth is super excited for you both) Hope you’re ok xxx

  10. Tabitha and Chris I can’t beleive its finally happening. Can’t wait to buy a massive hat and celebrate your day with you. You get my vote!

  11. I understand where Tabitha is coming from in it’s in her nature to try and keep everyone happy! Pretty mood board too! Here’s my vote x

  12. My best friend deserves this so much I can’t imagine two people more in love and I cannot wait to share your special day with you both xxx

  13. I definitely vote for you two, you gorgeous couple!!!
    I love what you have written and your plans sound amazing.

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