The RMW Real Bride Search….Rustic Romance No. 1

What have we here then?

A brand new shiny category lovelies that’s what. With such a wealth of top notch entries that carried a certain rustic inspired vibe we decided it only fair that we have a whole space on RMW just for this type of outdoorsy and romantic W-day.

First up, it’s Lisa and Matt with their delicious Devon soiree…….

When my Mr B got down on one knee in Paris over Easter I thought he was joking. Given that this is the man who, on our last big holiday got down on one knee with a glint in his eye when we were watching the sun rise on a deserted beach (complete with dolphins dancing in the waves, as if it wasn’t romantic enough), and then extravagantly tied his shoelace, it wouldn’t have surprised me. But he wasn’t. And so now the boy next door is my H2B. And I am Mrs B2B.

What we haven’t got yet…a date (although current thoughts are September 2012), a venue, a church, a colour scheme, a budget, a photographer, a caterer, a dress…you get the picture.

What we’re thinking…although based in the Midlands, my family live in Devon. We’d love to get married down there and have our hearts completely set on a church we know right on the waters’ edge. I could arrive by boat (not sure it’ll make for a great entrance hair and make-up wize but I’ll work that bit out later) and have bell ringers, choir, the whole che-bang. This will however involve a 540 mile trip every month for six months in order for them to even consider marrying us.

For the reception a farmer friend has offered us one of his fields, complete with big skies and sea view. We just need to go field shopping and pick which one we want and he’ll then plan his crops round it so we end up with a beautiful grassy field. And upon said field we want to place a tipi style marquee, with home made planters full of flowers at the entrance and rustic, elegant, cup-of-tea-with-granny type touches within.

Add to that the low late summer sun, champagne afternoon tea, live music, lanterns, oodles of twinkly lights, candles and a hog roast. A warm fuzzy glow of a wedding, that currently only exists in my head….

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Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

36 thoughts on “The RMW Real Bride Search….Rustic Romance No. 1

  1. I know its a bit wrong to vote for yourself but I’ve just worked out that Lisa becoming a RMW real Bride would probably keep her busy for a minimum of 2 hrs per week! That means between now and our planned Big Day I could potentially have nearly a weeks worth of peace and quiet! For that reason alone – VOTE! x

  2. VOTE- this wedding sounds perfect and what a unique way to make your big entrance! Would love to hear more about it.

  3. This sounds very similar to my state of affairs. Plus, I LOVE the picture of the kissing shadows behind the parasol. Vote!

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