The RMW Real Bride Search… Winter v Destination No. 3

Next Up, we’re bridging destination and winter with Katy’s wedding to El Chico – styled to match the Paraquayan Winter…

I am getting married to El Chico (not his real name!) on the 7th Jan 2012 – about 7 months away.

I don’t really fit into the first categories so I would be the OTHER CATEGORY. (I would say I am a multiple personalities bride!):
The wedding is on the 7th of January 2012 (Winter Bride)
The wedding is sustainable as I can make it/convince everyone to make it (Eco Bride)
The wedding is to my darling El Chico who is Paraguayan. I am English. (Multicultural/Bilingual Bride)
We are having 2 weddings! One in UK and one in Paraguay. (Lucky Bride)
I (and my lovely friends and family) am doing DIY bits (DIY Bride)
I am planning the entire wedding via the internet as I live and work on womens health in Paraguay in South America. (Overseas/Cyber/Crazy Bride)

Basically the wedding we want reflects the relationship El Chico and I have, our personalities and our individual cultures. The theme is “We walk in the Winter woodland” and the colours are brown, green and white.

Each part of the theme has a different meaning:

We walk – El Chico and I met on my GAP year and spent a year together. I then went back to the UK and studied for my Biology degree and we saw each other in my summer holidays (when I could afford it). We once went 1 and a half years without seeing each other. All through these times apart El Chico would send me messages saying that we walk together and although we have chosen a hard path, we will always walk it together.

In the Winter – The winter is my favourite season and I wouldn’t have a wedding at any other time. For four years we were only ever together during the winter (in Paraguay – I went 3 years with no summer!) and it feels like a good reflection and end to that time in our lives. Also, I just love the feeling of being warm inside when its cold outside and its a good excuse to have lots of Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows!
Woodland – The wedding is as “eco” as possible and the idea is to bring the woodland in. Although not in the Royal Wedding style – those trees just wouldn’t fit in my little church!

The culture part is especially important to me, but I don’t want it to be too obvious (i.e. union jack flags and paraguayan flags, national anthems etc) So, there will be details here and there of both cultures and El Chico will feel that his culture is loved by me and my family in the UK.

El Chico and I don’t take things to seriously and tend to do things our own way – for example we MOST miss English cheese when not in England so we are having a HUGE cheese wedding cake instead of a traditional wedding cake. We are also not having a top table but will instead be playing musical chairs (sort of!)

I don’t know if this gives a clear picture of the style of the wedding. Its hard to describe because its not a wedding made of buzzwords – its a wedding made of us, him and me.

I would like to be a RMW bride to be able to talk weddings to people! Due to my work I am as far removed from weddings as I possibly could be and to just be involved in a wedding community and have people tell me “Yes! Katy that sounds great” or “No!! Katy thats an impossible idea and would never ever work” would be a great help and inspiration! El Chico is not much help. I would also like to post about problems mutliple category brides face – winter bride = freezing her bum off, eco bride = vintage dress? And just make people smile.

I hope you enjoy the mood board, its the first one I have ever done!

Katy H

This is the third of four entries in this category. Voting will not open until all four entries have been posted. Vote by writing VOTE (or commenting) in the comment box of the bride you want to vote for. Please vote only once per category (ie Modern Elegance, DIY etc.) If you wish to vote in secret send the name of your chosen couple to: Voting will close at 12pm on Friday 1st July.

Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

26 thoughts on “The RMW Real Bride Search… Winter v Destination No. 3

  1. I want to see ALL these weddings! They’re all so different, it’s so difficult to choose – please, pretty please can you all submit your weddings (nosey much me?!!!).

    But this one gets my vote for its beautiful story and its ‘coming home’ aspect and because I feel emotional just envisaging it!

  2. Um…I am a complete goner for you, Katy, and of course for El Chico!

    I think this will be exciting, something new for many of us, and the story behind this absolutely slayed me.

    Hurry up, January. It’s going to be a corker.

    Vote! (and please, pelase have a pine cone bouquet. And a winter bridal coat. Not that I’m shallow)

  3. What a touching story…sniff! You are obviously meant to be together! It’s hard enough to plan a wedding let alone two, especially from so far away. I was lucky enough to be a Real Bride and it has helped me with so many decisions. I have no doubt it would help you too – it’s an amazing community to be apart of. You get my VOTE! x x x x

  4. Vote vote vote! Largely for this sentence… “its not a wedding made of buzzwords – its a wedding made of us, him and me.”

    I love. x

  5. Votey vote vote vote! All the weddings in this category are gorgeous and I’d love to see them all for different reasons, but there are a few things that I love extra much about this one: El Chico 🙂 – Toasted marshmallows. Definitely have some of them – ‘Wedding made up of us, me and him’ – oh YES!

    You also touched my heart about just being involved in a community and wanting to talk to someone, anyone, about their wedding and hear someone be excited about it. That’s me too, so I hope you win. Good luck!

  6. Vote
    I planned a wedding from abroad on the internet and know how lonely it can be not having a sounding board. Your story really touched me. If you two can survive not seeing each other for 18 months – you will survive anything.
    I was torn between this one and the other winter wedding – but your story touched me. Good luck

  7. Yes. Vote. This was hard, but I think I love El Chico already and to forgo a summer for three years is true love in my opinion! So yes, Vote.

  8. Oh my goodness!!

    Ladies, thank you so much for your comments!

    Each one is very special to me and I almost cried! (I never cry)

    There may have been some copious wine involved in writing this and El Chico may have pressed send when I went to the bathroom because he was tired of me debating to send or not!

    I never dreamed that I would be put forward. And that other people might actually like the wedding!

    I have sooo many other stories to tell but, I will zip my mouth shut and put the key in my pocket until voting is over.


  9. Ok so I too have some shallow reasons for voting i.e THAT dress and coat….man I want it! And generally the moodboard I love.

    Bigger reasons are I love how you write, I was hooked. The fact that you guys spent so long apart…huge kudos for that!
    It does sound so different and you are planning not one but TWO weddings!!?? I can’t wait to hear more! It’s the month before ours so not too far and really exciting!
    p.s. Loved all the entries though, they are all so good! xx

  10. VOTE! This sounds a totally awesome wedding! The wedding theme is awesome, the cheese, the eco, el chico!!!

    Everybody vote and make this wedding what it deserves after so much dedication! : )

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