The RMW Real Bride Search… Winter v Destination No. 4

For our last entry, we’re going full-on Winter, with a particularly cosy looking winter affair from Becky and Tristan.

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Some girls have a scrapbook; most girls have a dream. But I’ve never been one of those girls. While I never hankered after a big marquee, or a small country church, or even spent any time trying to conjure up a picture of how I wanted my wedding to be, I’ve always loved Christmas, coming in from the freezing cold and curling up in the warm. So, here I am age 28, planning my wedding – and those frost-tinged memories is where my wedding scrap book has been started.

To me there is nothing nicer than being curled up in a big old sweater drinking a hot chocolate or a good glass of red in front of an open fire. Consequently when Tristan and I started the daunting task of shaping what we wanted our wedding to be the one thing I was sure of was it had to be winter and our special day had to be crammed full of those cosy, loving feelings.

It was really important to me that Tristan had a genuine opinion about our day other than “Whatever you want, I just want to make you happy” (I’ve learnt this is a default groom to be answer when faced with a decision). On a Sunday afternoon I sat him down with a pen, piece of paper and some magazines and asked him to write down 5 words he didn’t want our wedding to be and 5 words he did. After some initial grumblings about ‘being managed and bossed around’ his list was done and we had our eureka moment, we both wanted the same things! Phew – we are meant to be together after all.

So here are our five words. We’ve created a sort of manifesto with them and even Tristan has become quite passionate about staying true to our original ethos.

Wintery, fun, intimate, cosy, non-traditional

We’ve only made three definite decisions so far, date, venue and photographer.

We’ll be tying the knot on Saturday 8th December with our ceremony in a beautiful old hall in a 12th century Abbey. Our reception will be 10 mins away in what has to be one of the loveliest pubs in England in the beautiful Somerset Village of Hinton St George. The Abbey is a much grander than I thought we would go for but as the reception is in a pub (albeit a lovely one) we thought it was important we had a venue for the actual deed that was special enough for such an important occasion. We will have 60 guests for the day, our nearest and dearest family and best friends, then we will be inviting more friends to join us for a brilliant party in the evening.

We’ve got a long way till the actual day so we are going to make as much as possible. I want our day to exude ‘us’ and I’m actually quite excited about the prospect of getting crafty over the next year. I have no idea about colours and things yet but we’ll take our inspiration from the best of the season without it being about Christmas chintz. Think mistletoe, winter berries and an extortionate amount of candles!

I’d absolutely love to be a RMW real bride as I’d love the community to help me shape my special day. We’ve got a limited budget and this will be a DIY, Winter warmer with bags of personality!

Becky xx

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Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

361 thoughts on “The RMW Real Bride Search… Winter v Destination No. 4

  1. VOTE!! I’m having a winter wedding (November 26th this year) and people keep asking me why? Short of telling them to f*%k off I might just quote some of your submission!

  2. Votey vote vote vote!

    Becky and Tristan will be getting married just before my 1st wedding anniversary so I’m a little biased! Plues I had lots of candles, a gallon of red wine and ours was an intimate small wedding too!


  3. Vote! I was torn between you and Celine (in particular the 1950’s American Rock n Roll mention) but I had to vote for you as I got married in December for the same reasons you state and my wedding was filled with mistletoe, red berries and candles too! Interested to see how your wedding will look!

  4. We got married at the end of November. It was all the things on your board too, Land Rovers, Springers, Wellies, Tweed. Still together after thirty years.

  5. Vote! Really torn between this and Celine’s Anglo/American/French extravaganza, but this mood board made me feel all cosy inside (plus it has a real Scottish tartany/tweedy/heathery/thistley hint to it, which I love, being an Edinburgher), so this one just edges over the line

  6. I had to vote for Katy and El Chico, but can I just say this wedding looks immense. I love that moodboard, I love the spaniel, and that’s some good writing too! Oh, and Becky is unfairly beautiful to top it off! I hope we get to see all the weddings on RMW in the end x

  7. I love this one as it sounds to similar to my own winter, bride in lace, groom in tweed, cosy, intimate, wonderful wedding!! Big VOTE!

  8. Vote, sounds absolutely A.Mazing, Me and H2B are getting married at end of Oct this year and Im insisting on the big log fires roaring whatever the weather :o)

  9. Vote! Because the mood board is awesome. And because of that ceremony room with the fireplace. And because of the spaniel!!

  10. Just love the country theme. Who wants morning suits and silk when you can enjoy all the things you love, in style. Love it. VOTE

  11. Oh please tell me the Springer is going to be a ring carrier!
    Good Luck to you Becky and Tristan. A dog is for life …. just like a wife! VOTE

  12. Vote vote vote vote
    I too had a winter wedding with lots of candles, fires and Winter Pimms…….love that other people think of winter just like I do!!

  13. VOTE…Landrover with wedding ribbon. My H2B loves defenders after looking at your mood board I realised this would be the perfect wedding car for us!

  14. VOTE!!! Sounds gorgeous! Having spent recent months fending off questions like Why on earth would we want to get married in the middle of winter? And so close to Christmas? And hadn’t we thought about how busy everyone one will be?? And how expensive that time of year is already? And the possibillity of snow? And the cold?! I was starting to question it myself! This has just reminded me why we chose to have a winter wedding in the first place!! Thank you x

  15. VOTE!!!!
    I do not usually commement!! but this got me excited as its exactly what we wanted our wedding day to be and got last year on the 22nd December! Id, love hearing about the run up to your wedding like you we made it about “US” and it really was the most perfect best day of our lives!! DIY/creativity and a venue which was relaxed and rustic (a pub)
    To vic, our wedding was 3 days before christmas in the middle of the country side with 3 foot of snow and no heating in the church and you know what it was perfect and no one even complained and most of our guests made it on the day! xxxx

  16. Vote. Love it, love it. Warm love, cold spaniel; big church service, small pub celebration; cosy AND non-traditional. Makes me want to get married all over again (to the same man of course).

  17. Becky is my daughter, not only is she beautiful,intelligent,kind and funny and yes I am biased, she is also her mothers daughter. Her plans for her wedding show that she is really a country girl at heart like me.

  18. Hello all you amazing people who have deemed our entry worthy of your vote. We are completely overwhelmed by all your lovely comments and ecstatic that so many people share our penchant for tweed, passion for Land Rovers and agree that no wedding is complete without a waggy springer ! This isn’t a vote for us ( although if Charlotte, Rebecca and Adam deem it ok we won’t complain) but a thank you to everyone who has shown us support.
    Becky and Tristan xx

  19. Love the ideas, sounds fantastic I hope that all your dreams and visions for the day and afte come true.

  20. VOTE! Stunning mood board and just love the juxtaposition of the delicate lace with robust tweed. Beautifully creative x

  21. All of us here tonight have tried to vote for you and here is mine now VOTE that’s number 10. I hope the system works

  22. VOTE! a wonderful winter wedding! Chestnuts roasting on an open fire……the christmas songsare already going round in my head!

  23. Wellies,flowers,Landies,Spaniel’s smell in front of the fire. Never mind the wedding I will buy the video. VOTE

  24. You get my VOTE girl. How can anybody be so clever and so beautiful. i am so envious of you. maybe I will enter next year. I will have to find a bloke!

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