The RMW Real Bride Search.

Happy Sunday you gorgeous lot. Just in case you missed this post on the 22nd, the closing date for our real bride competition is midnight on Tuesday the 3rd April, so if you fancy telling the W-day world all about your plans then you better get crackin’ with sending us your entries!

Please note: although we love looking at your pintrest pages we will need you to put together a mood board for your entry to be valid, when we post the finalists there will be a picture of the two of you looking lovely, your text and yep you guessed it….your inspiration board….so we actually need one.

I am loving looking through everyone’s ideas already – there are some seriously talented brides-to-be out there….Charlotte xxx

That is right folks, the search is back on.

Already one of our latest crop of blushing brides has gone and got herself married, congratulations once again to Alex. And soon enough Amanda and Shirley will be saying “I do” too…

That leaves Rock My Wedding looking for 3 new Real Brides to share the thrills and spills of planning a wedding with our wonderful RMW community. If you’d like to apply, then read on.

How To Become an RMW Real Bride.

Most importantly we are looking for brides with a date set between December 2012 and September 2013.

If you would like to apply then all you need to do is write a maximum of 500 words about you, your style, your theme or any plans you have for your big day.

Oh actually we want pictures too (demanding aren’t we). They say that a picture paints a thousand words… so a mood board must paint about a billion!

We want to have a peek at your visual references of inspiration, your favoured colours, florals, fashion, stationery – anything visual that represents the sort of wedding that you are hoping for. It’s time to get creative and compile your definitive inspirational artwork.

Please accompany your text and inspirational mood board with a photograph of you and your future husband and send it all in to

Remember that your text and mood boards may well appear on Rock My Wedding – so please leave out any information or images (like shots of your actual dress!) that you don’t want to share.

The Closing date for entries will be Tuesday April 2nd. We are looking for three real brides at the moment but soon enough we will be on the look out again – so don’t panic if you can’t get your entry in on time, all is not lost.

After the closing date Team RMW will choose a selection of our favourites then it will be up to the RMW community to decide!

So, who fancies themselves as the next Rock My Wedding Real Bride?


Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

32 thoughts on “The RMW Real Bride Search.

  1. Oh wow! I would looooove to do this but my wedding is in october so i dont qualify. Damn my desire for a halloween wedding! Best of luck to everyone who submits their info! Looking forward to hearing about your build up to the big day!

  2. This might be a VERY silly question – but can we just use powerpoint to make the mood boards or do they have to be uber fancy photoshop numbers…? x

  3. ahhhhh how exciting!!!! I remember when it was our turn back last summer – I was soooooooooooo nervous about applying!

    For all those of you on the fence, I’d said, go for it! It does require some time and effort (only if you leave it to the last minute) but I’ve found it really enjoyable and almost therapeutic to be able to reflect on what’s been done! Plus the RMW community is AMAZING and all the Real Brides have really bonded together.

    Best of luck everyone!

    @Lynsey – powerpoint is fine. That’s what I did and they I saved it as .jpg format.

  4. OK, so because when we first got engaged and everyone was doing my head in about being a ”bride”, I was a bit contrary (OK mum, maybe a lot!), refused to set a date and refused to do any research into weddings…

    So, when the date was finally set for August 2012 and I had realised I was never going to be the type of bride that did chair bows (they can look lovely but are just not me!) and had therefore discoverd RMW…it was too late to be one of the 2012 Real Brides…

    And now, I am too early to be one of the 2013 Real Brides…

    But thems the breaks I suppose!

    @Lynsey – please do tell more about this Halloween wedding! My birthday is Halloween!


  5. Ooohhhhh exciting!!!! Good luck everyone 🙂

    As Celine said, the whole process is amazing and you’ll love it sooooo much. Go BRIDES!

  6. I’m in the same boat as you Pamela – too late to apply last time and my wedding date is too early to apply this time!

    Pity you weren’t looking for somebody from September – still ages to go!


  7. How exciting! I can’t wait to read the entries. PLEASE enter girlies!!!

    As Celine said, DEFINITELY go for it if you’re wondering whether to or not. Entering really helped me narrow down what I actually wanted for our wedding – colours, style etc – so even if I hadn’t been chosen to share my journey, it would have still been massively worthwhile. Being one of the Real Brides does make you feel a little bit like your wedding has to be *amazing* (I’d be lying if I didn’t say that) BUT its also been a great way to focus my attention on what needs doing, sifting through various ideas and getting feedback from the RMW community. Most of all, all of last years entrants are a fantastic bunch of girls and we’ve really bonded and regularly chat on Facebook – they’ve turned out to be my main point of sanity over the last few months!!!

    @Beccie – I didn’t tell my other half I’d actually entered until we appeared on the shortlist and the voting started *grins* Fortunately he’s a patient soul and used to me pulling stunts on him, so the first words out of his mouth were ‘what can I do to help us win?’ – BLESS HIM! This is exactly why I’m marrying him in ummmmm 3 weeks!!!!!

  8. Do I jump in feet first or skulk off into a corner wishing Id given it a go…decisions, decisions also is my style and how I want our day to look pretty and amazing enough to grace these pages, may need to have a think about this one…

  9. For those of you getting married in October onwards …. I bet that once some of the current batch of Real Brides get married in the summer, that Charlotte and Adam will be on the hunt for more brides getting married Oct 2013 onwards 🙂 It will be your turn soon 🙂

  10. Well I sent it though last night eeek!!! Took me all night and found it really hard to limit all my idea’s to just 500 words lol but will see, not sure if it is special enough to be crowned a ‘real Bride’ but who knows?!? xx

  11. Oh how I wish this search had happened a few months ago! I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to be a RMW RealBride but my wedding is in just under 5 weeks so I don’t meet the criteria. Damn!

    Any chance you will do a seach for RMW Real Newlywed anytime soon?!

  12. Still can’t believe I missed this post! Darn a school work.

    This is SO exciting!! Celine – I was exactly the same when I applied but am SO pleased I did. I love playing a teeeeeny role in the lovely RMW. Apply lovely ladies. That includes YOU, One Jolly Girl 🙂

    @Ruby – You are definitely an editing genius. I am a fellow waffler, so feel your pain!

    @Shirley – I had no idea Rog didn’t know you’d applied until your entry popped up. He he heeeeee!!


  13. sadly my w-day is Nov 2013…hoping hoping hoping there will be another RB search for then *fingers crossed* looking forward to seeing the new Real Brides 🙂 x

  14. Phew, ok, just sent mine in!!
    So blooming excited!
    And even if I don’t get picked to be a RMW Real Bride, putting together a more definitive mood board of my inspiration has been really helpful – before I just had images and links to webpages all over the place, it was quite focusing to pull things together and have to go through everything again and say ‘yes I like that’ or ‘no, that’s out’. And so looking forward to seeing what other people have put together!
    Love love love all the good things RMW is doing for my planning 🙂
    Good luck to everyone who’s entered, fingers crossed!!

  15. Sooooooooooo excited to see the finalists and everyone else’s ideas – putting together my moodboard has got me completely obsessed with collecting more and more pics and starting a Pinterest… It’s so fun – what an amazing opportunity!!!!!!!! Fingers crossed 🙂 xx

  16. @Charlotte, hurrah! no need to postpone the wedding after all 🙂 (that would have been an interesting conversation .. ) x

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