The RMW Stepford Wives – Alex, Celine and Some Rough Luxe.

Well good morning lovelies, I sincerely hope you enjoyed the first instalment of the RMW real bride shoot yesterday.

And as you might have noticed there were two missing – Alex and Madame Celine (she is an actual real Madame being French and all)….well here they are, complete with Team RMW’s favourite W-day decor look of the moment – Rough Luxe.

Anyone who buys Living Etc magazine would have seen these current buzz words for interior design and we decided to bring it to Bridal. Think unfinished hessian mixed with soft wools and mercuried silver. Think mirrored glass and heavy linens paired with the prettiest of blooms…

And considering it was the rainiest day on record this year, Christian and Erica made everything seem bathed in perfect sunshine.

Celine And Alex

Honestly – these pair make me laugh. There’s “face hate” Alex and teeny tiny Celine both worried to death about their pictures. I mean what? have you seen how ruddy gorgeous they look?!

For Celine and Alex it was all about soft and pretty make-up, simple yet stunning gowns and a few knock-em dead accessories….who was it that said you needed real models for a photoshoot?

Well it certainly wasn’t us.

Chloe McCall Make-up Artist: For Celine’s base Mac studio fix fluid was mixed with Mac face and body to create flawless skin. On the cheeks Mac Mineralize dark mixed with Estee Lauder Illuminating powder.

On the eye “sin” was used as a base then sidecar, smog, darkhorse and toasted eyeshadows from Urban decay naked pallet were blended to create the smokey brown eye. Smashbox gel eyeliner in black was used to line the eyes and give definition. Natural looking eyelure lashes were used to give some volume to the lashes.

We wanted Celine’s lips to be Natural but still have some colour so Mac pro longwear lipstick in “Till Tomorrow” was used, this range of lipsticks from Mac are perfect for your wedding day as they are long lasting but don’t dry out your lips.

For Alex we used Mac studio fix fluid and Mac face and body mixed together to create a flawless finish. Mac cream blusher in so sweet and easy was used on the apples of the cheeks. To illuminate the face Estee Lauder gelee powder was applied.

On the eyes Mac paint pot in bare study was used to create a base, then Graffiti, honey and shag from the Urban decay deluxe eyeshadow pallet were applied and blended. Mac eyelashes in No 4 were used to give the open eyed look.

On the lips Mac lipstick in shy girl was used with L’Oreal lip gloss in “forever nude” over the top.

Celine’s first frock was a short sweet number by JLM Couture from Miss Bush Bridal. It was perfect for her and for an extra bit of glamour we added the Astoria head dress by Stephanie Browne and the blossom shrug, both at Hope and Grace.

Cassanda Rizzuto kept Celine’s shiny locks natural with some waves and a wee bit of volume at the roots – sometimes that’s all you need.

Celine’s second dress was the beautiful lace-bodiced “lampshade” by JLM Couture at Miss Bush Bridal (yes I know, swimming hat, ice-cream and now a lampshade…) unfortunately due to the weather we don’t have an image of it in all its glory (we just couldn’t put it in the muddy wet!) but you can have a butchers here: Lampshade dress!

We paired this with the Hayworth Bandeau by Stephanie Browne at Liberty In Love and some bottles of Coca Cola!

Alex’s first gown was a strapless chiffon full-skirted design by Justin Alexander at Mamfii. The jewels were immense – from the brand new Peter Lang collection at Liberty in Love. And the nails – gotta love those – the mint green shade is from Barry M, sold out everywhere apparently.

Cassandra Rizzuto swept Alex’s blonde barnet into the most exquisite plaited up-do, I want my hair to look like that for the rest of my life…. If only I had the necessary skills.

Alex’s second dress was the Jim Hjelm number as worn by Amanda previously – a really lovely style for sexy curvy girls. I like the fact it shows a bit of cleavage and the thick straps are uber contemporary….oh and this one also has pockets.

As well as her polka dot apron (a bargain from H & M) Alex also wore the catwalk-worthy “Audrey” headpiece from the Opulence collection at Rosie Willett Designs.

Obviously both Celine and Alex are awesome cake bakers hence the beautifully intricate two tier item you see here (this is in fact a lie – Krishanthi made it…) decorated with some immense Etsy cake toppers picked by me under the influence of a large glass of lunchtime Pinot Grigio (should I admit that? oh well, just did.)

Of course Celine had the crocheted heart FRENCH one and Alex recieved the hot pink acrylic one that could be well….a little bit naughty. That’s because Alex is – face of an Angel mouth like a sailor (but in such a good way!)

And last but not least the talented Sally from The Little Peach created us an original design of all of our six brides to decorate the wall. This would make a perfect maids gift and a lovely momento of your favourite girls.

Rough Luxe

I knew what I wanted in my head….a table scape that was ridiculously pretty yet rough around the edges, all pinks, white, silver and natural fabrics. Sweetpeas were a definite yes – my favourite flowers in the whole wide world along with hydrangea and they smell amazing. As I mentioned previously – Karen and Gemma from Passion For Flowers really delivered on the bloom front, they produced exactly what we asked for and then some.

And of course as Karen and Gemma also own The Wedding of My Dreams it made sense for them to supply us with a selection of the most amazing silver candle holders, bud vases and various other rough luxe-esque table decor items.

The hessian table runner and linen napkins were courtesy of Emily Carlill – one of our favourite ever RMW brides and maker of crafty W-day things. Lauren did her super stylist thing by tying the ends of the runner with pretty rose embroidered ribbon and used strands of pale pink and beige wool to tie a single stem to each napkin.

The stationery throughout was supplied by Eva Slade – timeless, classic and oh-so elegant – and she managed to supply everything in plenty of time despite it being a rather last minute request.

One of my most favourite details was the wool chair tie-backs finished with a single bud vase from The Wedding Of My Dreams… simple and easy to create yet really dressed up what would essentially be a plain white folding Argos special.

It turns out Karen is not only an awesome florist but also a genius – she suggested we used the extra hessian to tie around the cutlery to add some extra rough amongst the sweet pea prettiness, this looked super cool. In fact as a result I’m all up for doing some kind of hessian-esque thing with the O’Shea dining table next time we have folks round for dinner.

Lauren finished off the luxe look with some macaroons from Waitrose in a variety of sorbet shades (I did try and pinch one but got caught….)

Paper Poms are everywhere at the moment – and we adore them…feminine shades, bold brights, huge, small, medium size……but what we are really having a moment over are these honeycomb paper balls in plain white, again they add that slightly urban edge when suspended from the ceiling at varying heights.

Alyssa at Peach Blossom supplied ours – as well as the stripy straws.

And before I include our last image I just wanted to say a huge MASSIVE thanks to all of our suppliers, the RMW Real Brides and of course all you lovely lot who’s continuous support make things like this possible for us.

Goodness….what on earth are we going to come with for the next one?!

Earrings, bracelets and Celine’s Bandeau – from a selection at Liberty In Love

Aurora Headpiece and Blossom Shrug – Hope and Grace

Audrey Headpiece – Rosie Willett

Celines Gowns: JLM Couture at Miss Bush Bridal

Alex’s gowns: Justin Alexander at Mamfii and Jim Hjelm at Miss Bush Bridal

Make-up – Chloe McCall assisted by Danielle Slater

Hair – Cassandra Rizzuto at Love Your Hair

Styling – Rock My Wedding

Blooms – Passion For Flowers

Candles, Bud vases and Mirrored table ware – The Wedding Of My Dreams

White Paper Hanging Decor – Peach Blossom

Bespoke Hand-Drawn Print – The Little Peach

Hessian Runner And Napknis – Emily Carlill

Acrylic Cake Topper – Miss Sarah Cake

Crochet Heart Cake Topper – Cherrytime

Stationery – Eva Slade

Fancy Cake – Cakes By Krishanthi

Photography – Christian Ward

As always please leave the ladies some love in the comments box below – and let us know what you think of the whole Rough Luxe Bridal movement!!

Big Sweetpea Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

32 thoughts on “The RMW Stepford Wives – Alex, Celine and Some Rough Luxe.

  1. OhGee Celine and Alex. Alex…that first pic of you, you look like a porcelain doll. Seriously that snap needs to be blown up very very large and put on your wall. Celine, you must have been a model in your previous life!!!!! You girls are hooooot.

    The table is gorge, wish I could recreate that for my day! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Oh my just checked out lampshade dress (needs an extra http removed btw) and it is immense…seriously everyone needs to go look now! I love the rustic look and so does my husband we often find ourselves looking at some beautiful worn out looking object wondering where we could put it! There was bits of Hessian in all sorts of places at the wedding mingled with pretty ribbon 🙂


    Alex and Celine you look breath taking!!!!

    AMAZING!!! Especially those first two shots!!! CRAZY GOOD!!!

    Also nice to see some nice ones of us all together!


  4. As Karen said we are loving this post, brightened up this gloomy morning. Love the concept of the whole shoot, genius idea using the bud vase name holders as chair backs. Love the hessian styled with luxe silverware, when are we coming for dinner?!

  5. Ooo love the tableware especially the silver/glass cake stand – where is it from? Just had a wee search on ‘the wedding of my dreams’ but didn’t spot it….

  6. Holy Moly Celine you are like an actual beacon of real life gorgeousness!! You look sooooooo stunning on these pics (and in real life)!!

    I loved the headpiece Celine wore, I sort of wanted to pinch it at the end of the shoot but would not have worn it half as well as Madame herself!

    As for me, I like the head shots where there are no boobies bursting to get out…man I need to get rid of those!!! I am seriously back on the diet after seeing these…clearly being wed has made me eat all the pies!

    However…the head shots…not so much hate going on for those, however I do not believe that is my real mug and that they have been buffed up to flawlessness haha!!

    Seriously loved the day, loved seeing all the brides again and love Charlotte and Adam. So professional yet fun and lovely! And Lauren and all the people who took part, Christian and Erica were fab! And make up/hair…wow those guys were AMAZING!!!!

    I wont lie I may have been out and purchased a pretty big lot of stuff they had laid out on the table…and in doing so realised I have a massive reaction to Stila’s new face bases they have brought out (in the swirly multicoloured bottle?) yep….burnt my skin off!!! Live and learn!

    But wow…just a wonderful day. And the pics are beauts. xx

  7. Simply gorgeous! flawless beauties!!

    And the styling is to die for. I’m in love with every item of sparkle i’ve set my eyes on too. You all look like you had a blast too.

    @Charlotte I knew you’d work those chair ties in sooner or later (flashback to parcel string at the National Wedding Show) – am I right in thinking the ‘vases’ are salt and pepper shakers? Project!!

  8. Holy moly, you all look absoutely stunning!

    I’m also loving the sweetpeas 🙂 they are my favourite flower ever and will be the flower of choice on W day, partly in honour of my Grandpa who grew them all over his garden and partly because I just love them! Thanks for the inspiration!


  9. @Kathleen the mirrored glass cake stand aren’t available from The Wedding of my Dreams unfortunately, they have been discontinued by the supplier. We have a stock which we hire out if you book Passion for Flowers as a florist

    @Karen – yep the little bud vases are based on salt cellars

  10. OH MY GOD look at us!!!!!! It feels a little bit surreal seeing ourselves up on those pages looking so glamorous in such professional pictures!

    Seriously, they look awesome!! Like every girl, I have face-hate issues too, but even then I recognise how cool these all look.

    Alex, sorry to disappoint, but this is actually how you look in real life lovely. Absolutely angelic (but we all know how naughty you are hihihi!). My favourite one of you has to be you giggling next to the blackboard, looks brill.

    That said, all the photos look gobsmackingly brilliant – Chrisian & Erica, you are geniuses. Truly.

    I’m sorry we didn’t get a full picture of the lampshade dress, it really was absolutely spectacular (even if I did risk flashing everyone on a regular basis). I loved loved loved the headpiece even if it meant I couldn’t really move my head for a while and weighed a ton!!! Still, a little pain’s worth it for something that cool.

    The styling was absolutely amazing. What I loved most was how everything seemed to go together just so effortlessly – seriously Adam, Charlotte, Lauren and Karen put that table together in under 30 minutes as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Very very very envious.

    All the girls are just so much fun, we always such a great time together. So much so that we’re trying to convince Adam & Charlotte to host a rock the frock with all our real wedding dresses…. 🙂

    Such a wonderful day – thank you to everyone for making us feel like supermodels for the day!!!

  11. Aw Alex I don’t know why you hate your face, because I think it’s absolutely beautiful! You look like a cross between an angel and a cherub, hehe!

    And Celine your eye makeup is amazing and makes your eyes look even more gorge! What an amazing shoot basically – and it looks like you all had a fantastic time!


  12. I didn’t get the chance to comment on this yesterday, but both parts look AMAZING. Team RMW you have done such a fabulous job and all of the Real Brides look gorgeous!!!

    Now… please can I get married again so I can wear ALL of those dresses?!?!


  13. So gorgeous!!! I love the rough luxe look as well, totally what we’re having in our garden party and you read my mind on the wool and hessian usage!

  14. Holy bananas Celine and Alex!!!!! You guys look incred!

    Favourite pics… The first two for ‘serious’ shots… SO beautiful, the both of you! Then, the one of Alex on the blackboard and the one of Celine drinking the Coke! Completely, totally AWESOME!!!!

    Loving those group shots around that epic table too. Remembering the conversation that cracked us up… Thank you Kelly 😉 xxx

  15. Celine and Alex – OMG how gorgeous are you!!! You just both look so so pretty, the make up again in this shoot is immense!!

    The rough luxe look is so super stylish – love the table and all the props!

    Rachie xo

  16. I got our cake topper from Miss Sarah Cake in her Etsy shop and it’s just such a beaut! We have the ‘you & me always’ one in a lovely peachy colour as that’s our first dance song. Urge you to check her out if you’re looking for an original cake touch- so affordable too! xx

  17. Ahhh you girls are like proper models, how do you both get such beautiful skin?!? Lovely styling and the accessories are almost more beautiful than the dresses!
    Makes me want to invite my married friends to come round and have a tea party in our wedding dresses 🙂 Though will restrain as the husband with actually think ive lost it!

  18. Hi,

    Where can you buy the Rose Embroidered ribbon which is tied on the hessian table runners? its perfect for our wedding


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