The Road To Becoming Prince Charming…

Men may not volunteer this information, but I don’t think there’s a bloke on the planet who doesn’t want to look good on his wedding day. I can say this because I myself am a man (don’t believe me? Look me up).

I’m guessing there is a wealth of potential princes/best men/ushers out there who love the idea of finding that “perfect suit”, only to loose interest when it turns out that the road to Suitville has a rather long and nasty detour that takes you right through the heart some really dreary places like Burtons, Debenhams and Marks and Spencer…. to name just a few. The chance of a serious breakdown at some point en route is definitely on the cards.

However, I’m here today to tell you about the ring road that takes you straight to Suitville! Think of it as the M6 Toll road…. It’s going to cost you a bit for sure, but if you’re up for it then you’re going to arrive at your destination in record time feeling fresh and completely road rage free. Rather than spending your time trying to find a suit that’s the right colour, the right style and most importantly fits you well (or more than likely, fits you ok’ish but needs a bit of adjustment here or there….) why not just tell someone what you want and get them to go off and make it for you?

Answer: Because it’s going to be bloody expensive that’s why…..

Aha!……not necessarily. Read on peeps…

Go Bespoke.

Like I said during my genius “toll road” analogy, going bespoke is probably going to cost you a bit more than the average suit off the high street will, so this solution is not going to be for everyone. With a wealth of internet based tailors popping up over the last few years though, a tailored suit is a more affordable option now than it has ever been. You just might get that “perfect suit” that fits like a dream for the sort cash that you were intending to spend on the high street, plus that extra bit you were keeping in reserve to pay for a couple of alterations here and there.

A Suit That Fits.

I used the people at “A Suit That Fits” when My Brother got married three years ago, I needed a suit with a red lining to fit his chosen colour scheme and I couldn’t find anything that colour in a style that I liked. Eventually my search took me to a company who at that point had only been running for a few months, but who promised bespoke tailoring for high street prices…. It sounded like a fairytale that was too good to be true, and that almost turned out to be the case!

image courtesy of

How it works.

The concept is brilliant, a very “man based” solution to shopping. You sit at home on the internet and make a list (anyone who has read or seen Nick Hornby’s “High Fidelity” knows that men bloody love a list). Two piece or three piece? Slim fit or regular? 1,2,3 or 4 buttons? How many flaps? How many vents? Would you like a working cuff? How many buttons on the cuff? Do you want ticket pockets? It goes on and on. You sit there clicking your mouse and making your list, you choose material, colour and lining. That’s it, job done. Its a long list granted, but it’s going to take even the most indecisive amongst us 20 minutes tops to finish. Then you save your creation and book an appointment to get measured, or if you’re feeling really brave/lazy you can even take your own measurements at home and email them in.

A suit that doesn’t fit.

I feel like I should mention at this point that when my slim fit bootleg suit arrived in the post I discovered that the Jacket hadn’t been made for me, it had been made for James Corden and the (straight cut) trousers were obviously intended to hang in Ronnie Corbetts wardrobe, not mine (and before anyone says anything, I did choose to go in for my measurement appointment, this crazy outfit was not the result of a cack handed session in front of the MacBook, mouse in one hand and tape measure in the other). Not pleased. Three weeks to the wedding. Not pleased at all.

A Happy Ending.

In true “fairytale fortnight” form, there is a happy ending. Hurrah! I phoned A Suit That Fits, and after making some wise crack about the company having a beautifully ironic name, I explained that I wasn’t exactly over the moon with their Corbett & Corden range. To the credit of A Suit That Fits, they were very apologetic, and very brilliant about the whole thing really. Judging by the raft of awards the company has spent the last three years collecting, it would appear that I was the unlucky victim of a company finding it’s feet and working through a few teething problems. They hurriedly arranged another fitting and in a little over two weeks turned around a replacement suit that never fails to provoke a few comments when I wear it out and about, whether it’s the full suit or just the jacket over a geeky T and battered pair of diesels.

…They’re good comments by the way, not comments like,

“hey, Smithy wants his Jacket back…”


“….nice socks lanky”.

Seriously, it’s a great bit of tailoring and three years on I am still chuffed to bits with my hand made suit, a suit that left me with considerable change from 400 quid.

Big “Bespoke” love,


Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

30 thoughts on “The Road To Becoming Prince Charming…

  1. Ooooooo.

    So I went and had a little look see at A Suit That Fits, is v.reasonable indeedy. But then I did a quick google and the reviews I found weren’t good.

    Anybody else had anything to do with ASTF?

    Nice to have out writing again Adam!


  2. Not impressed witht his post to be honest,firstly,SNOBBERY,ok my other half didnt get this suit from any of the above mentioned but thousands of people do and look great in them,not everyone has a huge gudget to spend on their wedding attire…and secondly its just a blatant plug for another sponsor,you havnt even mentioned any other companies that offer that service to balance it out a bit!shame on you! ;-p

  3. My fiance hasn’t had a good experience on the High Street so far, nice suits just not a good fit for him unfortunately. I didn’t realise you could get bespoke so cheap tbh, thanks for the info 🙂

  4. Lordy Kimberlee. Bit harsh.

    Firstly, Adam, I love you. If I only I could send the boy these posts without sending him the whole schebang including all the bits I say that would make him cringe.

    Secondly, a bespoke suit “with change from £400 is blinking cheap”. The point of this post wasn’t that Marks and Spencers is pants (remember the underwear post which turned into a M & S LOVE IN?!) but rather that the shopping experience is a nightmare. Plastic lights, horrible changing rooms and one grumpy groom (OK mine anyway). Hence the word “dreary” rather than “crap”.

    RMW constantly feature less expensive items (Tom Ford Lipsticks excepting – mine is lush by the way), Its not snobby in any way.

    Also, I just checked up the side and the company aren’t even a sponsor. I’m the first one to get a bit irritable when I feel I’m having a sponsor rammed in my face but usually when its a sponsored post there is that bit in bold at the bottom saying how its not sponsored.

    I love this blog because it contains some high street chic, some DIY details and a little bit of luxe. The best of all worlds.

  5. I was about to leap to Adams defence, as this is not the first post we have written focusing on one supplier we have personal experience of (which is the case here and often the most appreciated part of the site… we do the leg work, you get the benefits,) but I see Rebecca has done it for me.

    She has also pointed out our policy on sponsored posts and making them transparent.

    Thanks 🙂


  6. Another excellent thing about the more affordable bespoke version is that boys who are not a ‘conventional shape’ can also get something beautiful…..having big thighs & child bearing hips isn’t an issue that just plagues us laydees! For brides it is easy (ish!) to get someone to make us what we want to wear for our wedding day so it’s lovely that there is now that option for the boys without having to spend more than the bride!!!

  7. Hello Peeps…..

    Adam didn’t mean the High Street suits were dreary just the shopping experience, I guess he has had the experience to write about it as only a man can.

    Mr O’Shea had a High Street suit, it was lovely but did need several adjustments, as Rebecca mentioned above the experience wasn’t that great really.

    A Suit That Fits are not sponsors, I hadn’t heard of them until Adam wrote about them recently.

    We can only write about certain things because the RMW team have experienced them directly, this is one of those experiences and Adam has written about it like it was – nothing more, nothing less.

    Charlotte xxx

  8. Hi Kimberlee, I’m really sorry that you feel that way. Of course thousands of people look great in off the peg suits, but if you can’t find what you are looking for, or if the thought of searching the high street doesn’t appeal, then there are other options… that was my focus.

    Maybe if I had suggested visiting a top end tailor on Saville Row was the only solution if you want to look good then you could call me a snob, but that is not what this post is about. It’s an account of me buying a suit, a true account that (let me make this absolutely clear) is in no way attached to an RMW sponsor.

    If anyone would like to share their experience of any other online or offline tailor, then please feel free to do so, I was kinda hoping that people would to be honest! I only have experience of one, so apologies if that makes my report seem one sided. Also, please feel free to join in the high street vs. bespoke debate….

    I appreciate your comments Kimberlee, and thanks for being so honest.


  9. hello, even though im now married i still come back and look on the blog! I’ll be showing this post to my husband when he gets home as he is asking for a custom made suit for christmas and has only seen one company so far. He has to wear suits for work and our budget is high street but its so difficult to find something that looks great and a £150 high street suit is expensive for something that looks like the wrong fit!
    I have to say that i was really disapointed with the high street for men’s formal wear when we were wedding planning a few months ago. My husband had all of his kilt outfit except for a shirt; and it had to be navy to match in with the kilt, we went to every high street store in the city and found only one! one not so great fitting but it’ll have to do shirt in debenhams!
    My brother, an usher, also spent a day with me on the high street in search for a chocolate brown suit (he doesn’t suit black!) and had no luck at all. Anyway i think my point is custom made=good, high street=completely unpredictable!

  10. Sorry – I sounded very defensive in my last post. Didn’t mean to. Well, maybe a little bit 🙂 Me and my Boy (My Boy and I?) walked in to M&S Bluewater, picked up 5 grey suits and the first one he tried on made me blub. We’d planned to spend the whole day there going round in circles, instead we were done in 30 minutes and out to lunch for the rest of the day!


  11. My new husband (of 6 weeks swoon!) got his bespoke suit from King & Allen and both the service and the suit were fantastic. Hubby’s suit was a tux and these do tend to be more expensive due to the fabric but he has since got a more casual suit and it was less than £400 so give them a look..

  12. Holly, no worries – if you find “the one” in 30 minutes, and it’s got the blub factor then that is great, jobs a goodun!

    And Marks & Sparks isn’t dreary. All my best socks and pants are from there 😉

    Traipsing the high street, shop after shop after shop is the dreary thing…. and it seems you managed to skilfully avoid that so well done.


  13. Poor sods. We forget about them sometimes don’t we??! I’ve just picked up Mr S’ suit for Saturday but I’ve had ‘wobbles’ over the past few weeks whether he should wear something he can keep ( why am I wobbling??!! And why am I talking FOR him. Shame… on… me!). But a suit is a guaranteed swoon-fest, whether that’s a traditional morning suit, the latest Paul Smith or the good ol M&S! The wedding suit tweed is made from a neighbouring town from where my Dad is from in Ireland. So, I’ve gone for sentiment over trend and used a lovely, lovely local supplier. But I LOVE posts for the boys and this is something we can think about for afterwards, not just for W-Day! Thanks Adam xxx

  14. Wasn’t being harsh Rebecca,i just say what i think,and to me,personally it looked like Adam was being a bit of a snob.You say your not Adam,then fair enough,i love this blog enough to believe you!

  15. Oh Dear Kimberlee… bad day pet?

    I am actually quite pleased that the girls have kept this up rather than sacking it as a negative comment.

    I think that we forget the snobbery allegation and get back to giving Adam the credit he is due for another excellent post.

    My Gavin is donning an ever so sexy kilt (yum!) so I didn’t even really have cause to read this post, but I did, because I think your awesome Adam. I love your writing style and the road analogy was a rather impressive one. I bet you had to have a wee lie down after thinking that one up, eh?

    So thanks for a lovely read (and an entertaining comment box).

    PS. The navy and orange is lush.

  16. Woooooo, tension… and we’re not even talking about DRESSES here! Adam, love the post and happy they’ve let you out of the box again. My man (and I!) have turned surprisingly fussy after a trip to the dusty time warp that is our local tailor only to find them 100% devoid of style. The guy told us we couldn’t have black trousers in a morning suit because “that wasn’t the done thing” Plus, Keiron looked like an extra from Downton Abbey crossed with the Penguin in the suit he was forced into. The result- Nearlyweds make sharp exit! Now we’re leaning towards the bespoke, or maybe even a halfway house and getting a bespoke waistcoat as a memento and hiring the rest. Definitely didn’t think we’d be fussing over menswear, but there you go! Have shown this post to my man who’s now all excited!

  17. Cheque is in the post Naomi 🙂

    And regarding negative comments… we really only censor if something is unnecessarily harsh or directed at someone who shouldn’t be in a position to have to defend themselves…..

    In a nut shell – feel free to shoot me down if you see fit.

    Kimberlee had a valid opinion and she is more than welcome to express it. It would be pointless if you guys felt you couldn’t disagree with me, or any of the RMW team.

    …It’s all about the discussion!


  18. Is there something in the comments water this week?!

    Cracking good read Adam. Mr B is going for the more formal suit hire option, but its nice to know that there is somewhere well recommended to get a dashing bespoke lovely from – I’m with the other ladies, navy and orange = hawt!


  19. The Mr is wearing a fantastic skinny navy blue suit with grey trim from the very wonderful Topman! It cost £130 I think and he looks amazing in it. He is a skinny boy 😉 and most of the suits we looked at elsewhere just didn’t suit him. He would’ve looked ridiculous in a classic cut suit and it wouldn’t have suited his bow tie that he wants. It doesn’t matter where you get it from, as long as it suits the man inside it 🙂

  20. this is a good post and interesting debate. i quite like the concept altough the reviews are a concern. My man has decided to go for a very traditional top hat and tails and i wont be supprised if i see him with a cane and a monical when i walk down the isle.
    We too felt we wanted somthing for him to keep after the wedding but due to the formality of tails felt it was unlikely he would ever wear it again and so have gone down the local retailer hire route which was fortuanatly a 2 min walk from our house.

    Also i agree with GP when will the love lust list come into fruitation? it seems to have very much gone on the back burner.

  21. Hey Adam, you said you’re open to us mentioning other tailors. Well, would you mind if I did a ‘I’m just so blinking proud of him’ big up to my husband of 5 years, Adam Waite? He set up his own personal tailoring company in September and his suits are very cool, quite contemporary with a slim fit. He’s had a few wedding customers come his way already, which is great. He loves that Grooms are open to being quite creative with their look for their big day! He’s not an ‘online tailor’ like ASTF but he does have a website if anyone would like to take a peek… Just in case any of you girls are on the lookout for something a bit different for your hubbies to be. Jen x

  22. Hi blog father and RMW readers, I am planning my wedding and am trying to find somewhere I can hire slim fit grey suits for the grey. I cna’t find anywhere that hires normal suits instead of tails can anyone offer any advice ?

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