Coco….The Rock My Boutique SS13 Campaign.


I’ll begin by explaining that the theme of this shoot was supposed to be something entirely different. And as the product range evolved it became very apparent that our initial design ideas were just not going to…work.

At all.

Nothing like going back to the drawing board when you already have a limited time frame and your mind is consumed with another topic altogether.

The main focus for RMB SS13 was what we are renowned for as a brand……pretty. Huge, massive great big heaps of romantic, feminine pretty. We wanted to create and discover products that not only enhance the overall aesthetic of W-day, but would also be a welcome addition to any home interior. We appreciate that weddings are often prohibitively expensive and if you can justify expenditure because there will be more than just a “one day” use then that’s awesome.


After a few hours of exclaiming “What the ruddy hell are we going to do now?! the other idea was so cool?!” and generally looking blank, the answer was obvious. Or at least staring right at us from our make-up bags.

As well as many other things Lolly and I have in common we share a mutual love of all things Chanel. My obsession began the day my Mum bought me a bottle of the then-much-in-demand Rouge Noir nail polish when I was just sixteen. It was so grown up. It was so sophisticated. And even though looking back that particular shade didn’t suit my suit tone in the slightest (jaundice-tinged goth anyone?) I still have very fond memories of feeling like the kitten that got the creme de la creme of the beauty world circa the late nineties.


Up there in my top ten female icons is the Madame of Chanel herself – Coco. My Nana Lily used to say to me “Just wash your face with nothing but warm water and a flannel – it’s what Coco did!”

And I guess there lies the intrigue, she was so fashion-forward, so strong and entreprenurial yet from what I can gather, took what can only be regarded as a rather simplistic approach to her general life.


There is never a new Chanel product that I don’t covet (or old for that matter – a 55 bag would be perfect thanks Santa)…or a perfume campaign or couture collection that I don’t think is 100% perfection…..Did you see the Haute Couture Spring with the black tulle eyelash?! I die.


Statement peeper sweeping aside, once we had decided on our main source of inspiration I guess you could say everything else for the campaign kind of fell into place. We wanted beautiful yet simple table scapes. We wanted the prettiest gowns and the dreamiest hair and make-up. We wanted candlelight and sequins and a touch of rustic Provence.


We wanted Paris in the springtime. We wanted a grand piano, jaw-droppingly gorgeous blooms and the cutest flower girls. Basically we wanted the epitome of a French love story complete with a super hot groom on a moped.

Yes. We were VERY sure on the moped. And the hot bit. Lucky for us we managed to find a List member whose fiancé happened to own the ideal model in a shade of blue.


Just to clarify – I mean the model of moped. Not the male model. Lolly and I found the very-pleasing-on-the-eye Luke whilst perusing the internet for a man that could in fact be called Pierre. Or Jean-Claude. Or something very um….sexy and yes you guessed it…..French.

We think he passed the test with a grade A.


Adam and I had recently met bridal gown designer Naomi Neoh and were not only impressed with her obvious enthusiasm but also just how undeniably delicious her dresses are. Plus we loved the fact they are available in a range of blush pink and pale blue shades that fitted perfectly with our colour scheme and set ideas.


To compliment such fairytale fashion we wanted our models to have luminous complexions, and proving just how useful a social media tool I think instagram is, I spotted the very glow-giving effect that Jo Leversuch has on folks faces from following her and randomly checking my feed one afternoon. That woman knows what to do with highlighter people.

Pair that with Emily Kent’s amazing hair-styling ability and you’ve got yourselves our modern interpretation of a girl named Coco.


From a product perspective with this campaign we collaborated with fewer industry suppliers, for no other reason than we wanted to create some pieces ourselves, and literally go out find decor items that we thought our community would love – we hope you think we’ve achieved that, even in some small way.


Our “memory” frames are some of our favourite pieces, ideal for table names or numbers, to display pictures of your nearest and dearest and to hold keepsakes/lyrics or anything else that you what to keep safe and on show.

We also have a vast selection of vases, from teeny tiny mercuried glass tea lights that hold a single stem to a farmhouse jug and ceramic planters that work as a table centre in their own right or of course for your windowsill. We literally bought a few potted plants from the local garden centre and put them in – took just a minute.


To make our aforementioned vases look epic we chose the talents of Leafy Couture that provided us with all sorts of the most spectacular pink sweet peas, ranunculus and roses as well as the most perfect bouquet of lilacs. Please PLEASE someone have a bouquet of lilacs for W-day?!


Our limited edition typography artwork is based of love, together foreverness and yes you guessed it….the land of ooh la la. Each print is available on an aluminium finish silver paper or marbled gold (I know – so fancy!) and can even be purchased framed, in either A3 or A4.

We have even decided to make our very own wooden head-table/wall wooden planks – I’ve got one on order for Chez O’Shea already.


We also found a few pieces of fun guest entertainment items that could also be used as decoration at your venue, a cork board world map that would work equally well as a table plan as it would somewhere for your guests to pin photo booth results – or maybe somewhere to show all of the places you have been as a couple/would love to visit one day?

We then have a “I’m as big as” measuring chart which we love as an alternative guest book. HOURS of entertainment. I think Adam was as tall as Elvis….or maybe that was just his hair?


We couldn’t believe the amount of enquiries we’ve had about our crates and butler trays since the Rock My Boutique Pop UP Shops so we’ve got those on offer too….along with some lovely lanterns and a whole host of glass and antique-look silver candle holders.


Bridal accessory wise if you are an avid RMW reader then you will know we are HUGE fans of Katy, founder of What Katy Did Next, she produces such unique yet wearable pieces and always seems to be creating something new and exciting – it made perfect sense therefore for her to produce some head wear for you gorgeous lot. The leather feather bands are amaze, as is the sequin bouquet train……if I was getting married one of those would be MINE.


You may have also noticed that we have created one or two things for grooms, namely cufflinks and “buttonhole” badges. These are lovingly hand-made by ceramic specialist Alice Shields whose work I discovered whilst on a mini-break with Mr O’Shea in Somerset last year.


Not quite the same as finding some break dancers in a car park – her brilliant and witty designs were in a rather lovely shop (!) but I did contact her out of the blue and say…..”Hi, we’re Rock My Wedding and we’d really love it if you would come work with us…”


She didn’t balk at my request for an “I fancy your pants” design and from that moment I knew we were on to a collaborative winner.

There is also a selection of ceramic tags – these would be cute as decor for bridesmaids bouquets or as favours/general table pretty-ness.


You may have noticed (you may? – you can’t miss ’em!) the giant light up “Coco” letters, these are not for sale at Rock My Boutique unfortunately but you can hire them (or any other words/letters) for an event from Doris Loves. Amanda and Darren made exactly what we asked for in record time and were ridiculously nice about our diva-ish requests for a particular shade of pale dove grey. We like them VERY much.


Bonny and Clyde created us both some luxe and rustic stationery goods that fitted in with our vision like a dream. They do all sorts of other designs too, if you fancy a butchers then go check out their Facebook page.


Last but not least we would like to thank two very we-couldn’t-live-without-them people, Lauren from interiors blog Fairly Light who assisted us with styling (seriously you need to go check out her home decor ideas and instagram feed – I want to steal everything she features.) and the VERY talented photographer and RMW sponsor Anna Clarke.


As soon as we thought “light, bright, breezy beautiful…..” we knew that Anna would do an excellent job of bringing all of our hard work to life. And she did. She can also do a similar thing with weddings – go check out her website for examples of happy-ever-afters.


Videography – Simon Clarke Films
Photography – Anna Clarke
Venue – The Old Chemistry Lab at Nottingham Conference Centre
Styling – Team RMW
Assistant Stylist – Lauren at Fairlylight
Florist – Leafy Couture
Make-up – Jo Leversuch
Hair – Emily Kent founder of The Wedding Hair Company
Headpieces, veils and sequin cuffs – RMW in collaboration with What Katy Did Next
Sequin bouquet Train and sequin badges – RMW in collaboration with What Katy Did Next
Shoes – RMW in collaboration with Harriet Wilde
Bridal Gowns – From a selection at Naomi Neoh
Flower Girl Dresses and Shoes – Little Bevan
Bridesmaids Dresses – “The Fearne”, RMW in collaboration with Maids To Measure
Artwork – Team RMW for RMB
Vases, Candlesticks and Frames – Team RMW for RMB
The Belle Necklace – RMW in collaboration with Natasha Jane
Ceramic cufflinks, badges and tags – RMW in collaboration with Alice Shields
Giant “Coco” letters – Doris Loves
Stationery – Bonny and Clyde also on Facebook


Click here & view all images from this campaign

And if you didn’t get to see our campaign film yesterday then you can have a butchers here… romantic!

So I guess that leaves me with only one thing left to say……what piece is your favourite?

To see the whole Coco collection please visit

Big All Things Chanel Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

41 thoughts on “Coco….The Rock My Boutique SS13 Campaign.

  1. Wowsa Groovy Bananas!

    I dont know if it’s just me, but your link to RMB at bottom of post doesnt seem to be working. On my comp it comes up with 3 forward slashes, so might be a typo? The links in the credits however seem to work so im off for a good old look!

    You guys are so super talented.


  2. Well i said it yesterday and i will say it again. your talent knows no bounds and we were so happy to help you even in the smallest way. Bonny and Clyde wish you every success with the boutique launch and for the future of RMW. Its gonna be freekin fabulous. Im off to hunt out the credit card RIGHT THIS SECOND. xxx

  3. Ahhh I wore Naomi Neoh’s Chloe at my wedding on Saturday! Couldn’t find many pics of the dress online at all beforehand, so how funny that this pops up days after I wore it 🙂 It was AMAZING to wear xx

  4. Oh Charlotte – you weren’t lying with the ‘Rebecca would love this….’
    I LOVE it ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don’t know where to begin – there is just too much pretty for my eyes to cope with!
    Seriously I want it ALL!!!!!!!!

    Huge congrats guys this collection is absolutely immense!!!
    And yes, I have used an excessive amount of exclamation marks, but this collection ruddy well deserves it! 😉

    Right off to explain to the boy how we need all of it!! haha

  5. Thank you so much folks for all your lovely comments and encouraging words! We’ve had chockloads of sales already!! Some of you must have been waiting with your credit cards in hand – we love your dedication!!

    @Emily thanks for pointing that out – it should be working now xx

  6. Amazing I am definitely going to get an aluminium print. Oh how exciting!!!!!! And @fairlylight I can see all your exciting home decor. Congrats. She is amazing all and my very very good friend I’ve known forever!! Go see her page. Xxxx

  7. Seriously guys you simply can’t do this to me with 6 weeks to go!

    I am so excited about all those decor items…and the tags and the badges, I want them!! Plus those headpieces are so lush, my flower girl needs a flower crown!

    I’m not sure this comment is doing justice to have much I love your new range…but I do I really do 😀

    Congratulations guys, you do pretty like no one else! xxx

  8. The post looks great, it’s so cool seeing it all together. Thanks RMW it was great working with you again as it always is!
    There may even be a little footage left over for a cheeky BTS…..who knows 🙂

    PS: My wife is one talented mofo xx

  9. Really beautiful shoot. Will the feather headband that the model with the fringe is wearing be available from the boutique?

  10. @Tabitha – oooh go get your flowergirl a floral headpiece – dare you!

    @Simon will the BTS be me sweeping again??? And Anna is immense!

  11. It’s all just so pretty – I thought buying it all might be a little excessive so i’ve finally made a decision, put my order in and now all that’s left to do is await it’s arrival. My new Oxford home is going to look so beautiful thanks to Team RMW – You’re all v.clever. x

  12. Well well well…

    You guys are immense!

    Thank you SO very much for your kind words about Darren and I. We are so very pleased and honoured to have been involved and SO impressed with the outcome!

    Right off I go to spread the word about your awesomeness and to find out more about the wonder that is Alice Shields!!!

  13. So so proud to be part of this AMAZING campaign and have my ceramical bits and bobs in the RMW boutique. Thanks so much Charlotte and team RMW. You are all super duper fantastic! xxx

  14. @Sarah don’t resist! You use too much precious energy resisting and frankly everyone needs a bit of pretty in their life, no?

    @Lizzie hi sweetheart! What did you go for in the end then?

  15. @Jen – oooh tell us what colour you go for!!!!!

    @Rebecca – and you too madame – I think you should go nude with your blonde locks!!!!

    Charlotte xxx

  16. Team RMW are very lucky that I’m not one of those cheeky little light fingered minx’s – spending a day with the most beautiful products ever meant it was very hard not to want to take home one of everything with me!

    Thankyou so very much for asking me to play a little part in all the prettiness. It is GORGEOUS! Can’t wait to work with you again xxxx

  17. Oh well done guys this is amazing. I love everything!

    So glad to see all the lovely trinkety bits that us brides go mental for and loads of it is priced really reasonably too. MASSIVE well done to you all, but excuse me… I have to go shopping now… x

  18. too pretty for words – i love it all (and i WILL be buying lots of ‘presents’ for myself). just don’t tell my future husband, ha ha ha. the vases especially will look stunning at my vintage glam winter wedding (i do have a LOT of vases already, but hey ho flowers are my new found obsession)… pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty and a whole load of pretty

  19. Gorgeous!!! Très chic!! Wunderschön!! Those Pictures, your ideas, your creativity, they just amaze me every single time! Your are AMAZING!

  20. This is my wedding to an absolute tee! You literally captured everything I’ve been sourcing or dreaming of for my own wedding. Simply beautiful!

  21. @Lydia – yay! so glad you like it 🙂

    @Lisa Hancox – We used Favourite and L’Exuberant in styling but to be honest the lipstick applied was a different shade of pink -I’ll see if I can find out what pet.

    @Sharon – Thanks so much!

    @Jessica – I know aren’t they?!

    Charlotte xxx

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