The Rule Breakers.

That’s what I am today.

We have a few rules surrounding real wedding features – that they haven’t been featured on another blog and that they are UK based (or UK couple/destination).

Todays wedding has previously been featured on Green Wedding Shoes. And it’s in Australia.

But I don’t care.

Because you folks need to see this.

Non traditional in every sense of the word, home spun, beautiful and more laughter and joy than it seems possible to fit into one day….if RMW HQ was a W-day it might just possibly be this one.

Candice and Sam did pretty much everything themselves, I was desperately trying to figure out Candice’s dress designer only to realise she made it herself. She also put together all of the blooms. And made all of the bridesmaids accessories.

There are feathers headresses. There is a feather cape. There are portrait shots in some kind of strawberry pop-up shop and a whole wedding party dancing in the woodlands and in the middle of the road.

You know what I’m going to say now right?

Yep. I die.

With thanks to Lara Hotz for these amazing images.

My inspiration for the Big day really started well before we were engaged. I love the feeling of all your close friends and family sitting around a large table eating and drinking, laughing and telling stories, those are the evenings you never want to end.

And so I decided that i would base our wedding around that “feeling”. The feeling of being relaxed, envolved and just having fun, and thus creating a culture around food, wine and friends. And I just so happened to have an amazing brilliant cook in the family, my brother.

I absolutely LOVE old vintage crockery, silver wear and ornate ornaments and utensils. I had been collecting ‘old things’ and ‘new things’ for several months to create our theme.

I had many memorable moments during the day but the one that stood out to me was when I hugged both my parents farewell at the end of the aisle and took the hands of the love of my life!! Very overwhelming!

If I were to give any advice I would say relax and enjoy the planning enjoy each other and enjoy friends cause it comes and go’s oh so quickly!

And I would yell out to all HAVE LIVE MUSIC it is amazing, it creates an organic feel to your day!

Choose your photographer carefully and think in detail exactly what you want from the photos and look for that perfect person…. photos are FOREVER so don’t go with “oh that will do”.

I really wanted my wedding to be personal and with all the touches and details that i love to be filtered right through the day!!

As our theme was “Native American Indian/gypsy, everyone dressed up to this theme which made the photos just the funnest!!

We made headpieces, clothing, built a TeePee made kites, and had a lot of accessories using feathers, flowers etc.

I became one of those people that thought “I can do everything, in just 4 months”.. I made my own wedding dress, sewed all the feather headpieces, put together all the flowers for bridesmaids and the list goes on… would i do it again.. for sure!!

I got our beautiful Felicity Saundercock to do all our makeup and a fashion hairdresser Jo for our hair! (both whom I knew previously)

Live music was played by Shane McGrath and Dave Ingles for the ceremony and “Bears with Guns” played for the reception.

We danced to one of our favorite artist Ray Lemontagne ‘You are the best thing’.

It is a testament to our photographer Lara who did above and beyond what we asked for.. She become apart of our day making everyone feel comfortable and inspired by her detailed eye for colour for style and for that ‘otherworldly’ look and feel.

She was extremely professional, fun and I would highly recommend her for any event or occasion.

I know – Lamas. Everyone needs Lamas at their wedding right?

Maybe room for just one more……

Photography: Lara Hotz

This might be completely the opposite of what you consider W-day perfection, and that’s absolutely fine.

But it just goes to show, if you want your maids to wear a tie-dye play suit, spend your reception wearing a feather crown and encourage your guests to wear a full-on Native American indian costume then you ruddy well can.

Big Gypsy Soul Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

40 thoughts on “The Rule Breakers.

  1. Gorgeous wedding, gorgeous bride. Er and I probably shouldn’t say this but her boobs look amazing in that dress! 🙂

  2. Utterly swoon worthy. The woods…. the feathers…. the smiles…. the bride WOW. This is me all over.

    For this you should aways break the rules.

    Just remeber well behaved people never go down in history…….

  3. Oh my days…..this wedding is ruddy brilliant!!!
    Feather crowns!?!!?!!! I WANT!!!!
    These guys are just far too relaxed and cool for me to cope with! heehee

  4. Wow, this looks like the coolest of inspiration shoots not a real wedding. So happy carefree, and too damn beautiful for their own good me thinks!

  5. What a refreshing alternative to the standard traditional norm, a breath of fresh air and all so natural and real – the documentary style photographs do a great job in capturing this. Goes to reinforce that at the end of the day a wedding can be whatever you want it to be – you don’t have to fit any kind of preconceived mould – as couples are unique so should their day be. These guys clearly had a lot of fun! Love this! <3

  6. Wow wow wow! This is my kind of wedding. Love the feathers, the dress and all the dancing. I think I sat with my mouth wide open for the whole of that post. Blew. Me. Away.

    btw @Joanna thought exactly the same thing!

    Stunning bride all the way from feathers to toes….

  7. Aww I absolutely adore this. So relaxed and personal and looks like like such a fun day. I don’t know about a feathered head dress, I want a ruddy lama at my wedding!

  8. Beautiful! I totally feel that ‘feeling’ she talks about through the pictures. Interestingly, for anyone really keen on a lama – hold your wedding at london zoo and they’ll bring one out for you to have your photo taken with! My friend got married there in May and there are many a comedy shot of her and Perry the lama. He didn’t smile once.

  9. Geez… I have never seen such a bunch of hotties in one place! Are these the best looking people on the planet or what? And clearly talented in the sewing machine dept as well!
    @Inbal Livne, my Dad has a similar comedy shot with a Lama, never fails to make me grin…

  10. Brilliant wedding and fantastic wedding pics too

    Lucky for the UK- Lara Hotz will be there in May June next year … maybe she will do the pics for wedding there too

    xx hh dad
    Lara Hotz photography

  11. Hi your wedding looks amazing! Can i ask is your hair colour natural it’s beautiful i want mine to look exactly like that on my wedding day. Thanks Kate

  12. I can not contain myself about this wedding; it is exactly perfect! And to my surprise (or should I say cosmically I knew) her name is Candice also! Also because of this article I have discovered Ray Montagne!! My soul is warm now

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