The Sparkle Of Winter Frost.


I HATE in-between weather. I like my Springs green and fresh, I like my Summers filled with blue skies and bright sunshine and I need Autumn to be crisp and full of burnt orange and mustard yellows. So I’m tired of this windy/rainy/mild/cold combination. Sort it out weather…

I’m ready for the icy blue skies of Winter, the sparkling glimmer of frost and a low full sun that barely seems to make it above the horizon.

With this in mind, we’re going Wintery this afternoon. We’re looking forward to actually needing to wear a scarf and a hat – rather than just thinking you need to wear one, then leaving the house and ending up a sweaty wet mess within five minutes, because it’s actually rather humid.

I love Winter weddings. There is just so much you can do in terms of decor and styling. Metallics, rich deep berry tones, icy blues and greys, ivy green and Father Christmas red…the colour schemes are endless.

Experimenting with lighting is a dream too – creating a space that looks cosy and magical is such fun. And then there’s the accessories…this is where amazingly pretty scarves, gloves, jackets and even capes can all be brought out…

I’ve stuck to a white, silver and grey palette for this afternoon’s post – hopefully it will ease you into the upcoming clock change and make you look forward to Winter.

Frost 2

I love a bit of faux fur – it adds a lovely bit of texture to any outfit and is the perfect way to keep bare shoulders snuggled up at a Winter wedding. I also love the contrast of the colour against the white snowy backdrop.

It doesn’t have to faux fur either – a fluffy cardigan or jumper a la Kate Middleton or Olivia Palermo looks fabulous too and again adds a gorgeous extra dimension to texture to your Bridal look.

And just look at these sweet treats. The Winter is the best time of year for a bit of comfort food and baked goods are always going to go down a storm when they look as festive as these. I love the idea of a cake bedecked in bling – the perfect Ice Maiden cake.

Frost 1

And if that cake wasn’t sparkly enough for you – just look at the one above!! So many textures of icing, glitter and flowers? This is the perfect cake in my humble opinion. It really would make a wonderful addition to any Winter wonderland wedding.

As I said in the intro, Winter weddings are perfect for letting you imagination run wild. How about those beautiful white star and Mexican bunting garlands? Imagine them hanging above your tables, wound with fairy lights? It would look magical.

And obviously – an adorable pooch in a grey knitted sweater and little booties is an essential addition to any Winter wedding.

Frost 3

Pine cones are another extremely versatile way to decoration your wedding tables – they can be sprayed any colour, you can string them up, slot name cards into them, put them in pretty dishes and just generally let them make the room smell like Christmas.

Blankets a necessity at Winter weddings. Especially if you are getting married in a marquee or tipi. They would be great as favours, but if this is too pricey, why not invest in three or four for your home post-wedding, treat yourself to something woollen or cashmere.

Frost 4

A Winter wedding really is an excuse to sparkle. Whether it’s via a headpiece or your gown – sequins, glitter, metallic fabrics – anything goes. Think New Years eve glamour. For me Winter weddings can be more indulgent than Summer weddings – sumptuous, textured and extravagant.

After all, you need those layers to keep warm…

Frost 5

Flower wise, if you’re veering towards a silvery grey colour palette, I’d favour white blooms with sage green foliage. It just creates a look that is fresh and seasonal, rather than artificial.

Dusky pinks or holly berries can always be added for a touch of warmth and how about using velvet ribbon for texture? A bouquet wrapped up like a Christmas present? Yes please.

Frost 7Frost 9

Winter weddings can also embrace one of my favourite types of floral arrangements – the wreathe. And they don’t have to be flashy – this simple one above looks so beautiful.

To finish, why not channel your inner little red riding hood and wear a cape? I’m in LOVE with this Bride’s look – elegant and feminine, with a little burst of colour from the red roses – she looks like she’s about to be whisked away on a sleigh to lapland.

Are any of you getting married this Winter? Excitement levels must be building as you countdown the final days!

What decor and colour schemes have you gone for? How will you be keeping warm? Are any of you hoping for snow?

Lots of love,

Fern x

Author: Fern Godfrey
Fern spends most of her time dreaming about weddings and trying to convince her long-suffering boyfriend to propose. Lucky enough to live in sunny Cornwall, if you need her – you’ll find her at beach.

10 thoughts on “The Sparkle Of Winter Frost.

  1. I also love a winter wedding and fully endorse the bling and sparkle. My sister is getting married on New Years Eve and everything is looking so fantastically winter wonderland!

    I absolutely adore the grey ombre cake in your pics, and that grey tulle skirt with cashmere jumper (might have to be my Christmas Party look!)

    Nicola x

    1. Hi Nicola 🙂

      Ohhhh how exciting!!!!

      During the summer I’m convinced I want a beach wedding, then as soon as it starts getting cooler I’m desperate for a Winter one. Might have to have two weddings just to keep myself happy 😉

      Please do wear that look for your Christmas party!!! I’m in love with that outfit!

      Fern x

  2. I am Nicola sister and can confirm I love all your pics they are so beautiful!!! I love winter and love that things can be super sparkly and still look glam and not to over the top have an amazing wi tee wedding xxxx

  3. Wow. I really love winter as a theme of an outdoor wedding. Anyway, thanks for posting this. I love the cake. I think it would be better if a snowman could be posted near the aisle instead of having flowers to be showered, I think it’s nicer to have snow flakes. Haha.

  4. HI, do you have any vendor information for the wool knit cropped sweater with crystals/beads at the bottom – it is on the model with the grey tulle skirt? Would love to purchase or re-create this.

  5. Where can i get the dress that is in the picture top left with polka dots on the gray skirt and the white cashmere sweater??

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