The Sweetest Thing.

After yesterdays contemporary and quirky take on W-day retro this morning we’ve done a complete one-eighty and gone all super feminine on you.

I adore the summer affair of Frank and Amanda (known as Framanda to their friends – I know! love!)… so much it’s been literally hell having to wait until Retro Week to feature it. I think it’ll be worth the wait though folks, so many ideas for you to steal on the fashion and floral front.

One of the reasons this celebration is one of my favourites ever to grace the pages of RMW is it is jam-packed with a whole bunch of my past and current favourite big day bits and pieces. Firstly Amanda is wearing THAT dress, possibly the most immense 50’s inspired gown on the whole of the planet. Secondly they have not one, not two, but ALL of my most lusted-after blooms of the moment, hydrangea, lisianthus and tonnes and tonnes of gypsophila…. a bunch of gyp in a tea-cup stacked on top of some old books has to be one of the simplest yet most effective table centres I have seen in a while. And then there’s the car, an original Fiat 500, the cutest car of the 60’s and early 70’s. (Possibly never mentioned the fact I like old cars – it’s a bit of a step away from make-up and clothes and the like…)

And lastly? lastly all of this pretty happened in a pub. Yep a pub. Just goes to show, you don’t have to have the fanciest country manor venue to shake it up in the style stakes.

Add all of the above to a witty write up and you’ve got yourself a generous slice of blue polka dot perfection.

With huge thanks to photographer Joanna Brown for just being generally awesome.

Easy Breezy Up-Do

My Fabulous hair was done by my hairdresser Mark Westbrook from Westbrooks workshop and wonderful make up was done by Sharon Robinson tel:- 07950885638 they both did the most amazing job, I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Simple and Perfect!

I Always Knew

As soon as my other half proposed I searched the inter-web for a 50s style dress.

I knew I didn’t want a long beautiful dress I just don’t think it would have been me…. if you know what I mean. Anyway, sitting in my office and suddenly it appeared on google…….eek!!!!!! I knew I had to find a supplier in the UK who had it.

Once I found it I popped it on and knew instantly it was the one, the designer is Justin Alexander style number 8465.
I’’m also planing to wear the dress every Christmas to pop the tree up in … making me a very large fairy 😉

Aqua And Grey

Our lovely bridesmaid Claudine wore a aqua dress from Monsoon and my little niece wore a sweet pink dress from BHS with my nephew as the dashing pageboy in his cute little grey suit. Knowing that we wanted a suits that would fit perfectly and for everyone to feel comfortable We decided not to hire them and to let everyone rock up in there own. (Plus we didn’t really want everyone matching on the day I think it added to the quirkiness).

Something Borrowed And Something Handmade

For my hair I made three little flowers, they are ivory satin with Swarovski crystal center bits (which I also sell on my little Etsy shop) and quickly whipped up a bird cage veil. I wasn’’t originally going to wear a veil but after much deliberation with Claudine ( my cheif Bridesmaid) and Joanna ( My lovely photographer lady) we thought it would finish the look off well.

My jewellery was from pilgrim and I had a little brooch on my bouquet which was from my Aunty Pauline.

A Gift From The Groom

When I think back on the things that really stood out for me it was the surprise that Frank had arranged before we got to the church.

On his list of thing to do for the wedding transport was one of them, he kept saying that my dad and myself were going to be picked up by the local cab company down the road. I belived him…there was a knock on the door from the taxi man and stepping outside we both looked up and down the road trying to find the him and his car. We spotted him a few doors down but we couldn’’t see the car as my own little car was in the way……..(now I have a fiat 500 the new one and my car is small so I was really confused!) My Dad was the first to spot the car and it was an original fiat 500……..I loved it eek!

A Flash Of Ditsy

My lovely gorgeous hubby Frank wanted a fab suit for the occasion so we trundled off to London town to a tailors called A suit that fits’ . He really loved the thought of a beautiful grey tailored suit with a flashy deep purple lining. His fab little ditsy print tie was from Reiss. The night before the wedding I also gave him a little pocket watch as a pressie he really did look amazing.

A Genius Talent

I love love our photographer Joanna Brown. I literary spent months searching for the perfect one and as soon as we meet her we knew we had to have her do our photos. She’s a very talented lady and made us feel completely at ease. I loved the fact that she did a photo booth as well…. pure genius!

HOT Flowers

Our florist were Roger and Sue from Hot flowers. I know how creative both Roger and Sue are so I knew they would do
a wonderful job. We created a mood board to show them our theme and for us to draw inspiration from too.

We wanted a vintage style bouquet for myself and little white rose button holes for the groom/groomsmen and vintage table centers in teacups and lovely little perfume bottles (which I searched the width and breadth of the country for in brick-a-brac/charity shops)… with the lazer cut butterflies and humming birds perched in the flowers.

Our colour theme was soft pinks, white, creams and some lovely dirty greens. Hot flowers picked a fab array of flowers to match, pink and white roses, green hydrangeas with Lisianthus etc… The teacups were then popped on top of some old books with a lazer cut table number and small jars with candles in.

I spent many a lunch time designing the table numbers, table names, table plan, menus, wedding invites, order of service etc ….. I also made good use of the Lazer machine I have at work whilst consuming a large number of chocolate pots for the candle holders. Dieting before the wedding wasn’’t an option…. Yikes!

A Day Of Entertaining

At the church we decided to hire Cornerstone Gospel Choir to raise the rafters and get everyone dancing down the aisles. I was really conscious of walking down the isle to the wedding march and both myself and Frank feeling very nervous so Cornerstone suggested “going to the chapel of love” by the Dixie cups which was the best. When the music came on everyone was smiling :0)

During the wedding breakfast (which consisted of the best burger in London!) I made the kiddies little goody bags to keep them entertained stuffing them full of toys and colouring in books.

After everyone had finished munching Joanna our photographer set up a Photobooth which was to the joy of our friends and family and not forgetting the wee nippers who loved it too.

For our evening entertainment we hired a lady called Kate Westall who sang our first song beautifully for us and a fabulous array from Bob Marley and Stevie Wonder to Jill Scott. She definitely got the crowd going and even the locals in the pub were up and dancing with us!

A Significant Reminder

Our first dance was Take That, Rule the World. The reasoning behind this was I love the film Stardust and unfortunately had made Frank watch it a billion times when we first started dating. Ever since then when ever we hear Rule The World it reminds us both of each other…. Although I’m still looking for the DVD he hid from me many moons ago!

Mini Bunting

I had already made the cake toppers before we had even decided on what cake to get. My dad got on the blower and asked if he could help us on the list of things to do. It was fabulous as we just wanted an iced white fruit cake so I could pop the cake toppers on top and the little bunting…. Loved it!

Retro Favours

We wanted the favours to be vintage with something from our childhood. Looking into vintage toys we came across Magic fish (!) and we just love mini eggs too…. The combination was a wee bit odd but we loved it and hopefully it took our guest back to the good old days!

The Prettiest Public House

The venue itself needed no real decoration its simple stunning down to its chesterfields, old painting and posters and cosy corners. We reserved the outside bit which was covered (just in case the rain wanted to join in on the party) it has wonderful chandeliers hanging down over the tables so seeing that, we though that little tea cups sitting on stacked old books with some pretty lazer cut butterflies and birds would do the job nicely.

Natalie who runs the Marlborough pub and her team did a awesome job putting our wedding decorations up and co-ordinating our day for us. I seriously don’t know what I would have done with out her.

Advice For Future Brides

We wrote a list of things to do in order of importance then we divided it between myself and the groom and stuck it on the fridge. ( crossing things off the list is very satisfying and stops the panic!)

I did a lot of D.I.Y for the wedding to save money. The invites, order of service table plan…etc…but please ask for help I don’t know what I would have done with out my family and friends.

During all the hustle and bustle of the day take 10 minutes out with your hubby to take your special day in.

If things go wrong it really isn’t the end of the world….Keep calm and carry on!

Lomography Love.

And to finish off, some dreamy lomo shots that Joanna took with her Diana F+. Perfect for Retro Week.

Browns Gown – Justin Alexander

Brides Accessories – Handmade and on Etsy

Maids Dress –Monsoon

Grooms Suit –A Suit That Fits’

Florist – Hot flowers

Gospel Choir –Cornerstone Gospel Choir

Fiat 500 –

Venue – The Marlborough Pub

Photographer –Joanna Brown

You like?

And are you joining my gypsophila and lisianthus fan-club?

Don’t forget folks, cute cameras and brilliant books up for grabs from Lomography on every post this week so get love leaving.

Big THAT dress Love

Charlotte xxx

66 thoughts on “The Sweetest Thing.

  1. It was worth waiting for – beautiful wedding, love THAT dress! I chose my flowers last week and have gone for something very similar! X

  2. Such a beautiful wedding and oh i am in love with those flowers. They are so beautiful. makes me excited to see the Gyp as we are having balls of Gyp for our centrepieces 🙂

  3. Erm there is just too much amazing stuff to say about this wedding…my pre-bowl of morning Frostie’s brain cannot quite get round to crafting some wonderful prose that will do it justice, so here are my top three:

    1. Amanda has collar bones to die for (I even touched the computer screen)
    2. The picture that shows the ruffled underskirt of her dress is amazing…is it wrong I want to stick my head in them…yes, very, very wrong
    3. I love it that their wedding breakfast involved a burger! I have told our venue that whatever ends up on my plate at our wedding breakfast needs to be accompanied by a peanut butter sandwich (smooth not crunchie) on Warburton’s white toastie bread (other loaves are available)



  4. I am absolutely in love with the lomo shots, especially the one where Amanda is getting out of the car. I simply must have photographs like these at our wedding!! xxx

  5. love this wedding! that dress if one of my all time favs whenever i see it i want it! and the lomo shots at the end! stunning

  6. That is one gorgeous dress! My SIL tried it on a few weeks ago and it’s even more stunning in the flesh.

    And everyone should have a Fiat 500 for their wedding car – too cute!

    And that last lomo shot is just beautiful.

  7. I LOVE the simple table centre pieces. Just stunning!

    I also wanted to try THAT Justin Alexander dress on but found ‘the one’ for me before I even got to it!! It looks stunning and fits in perfectly with everything!

    Just an absolutely beautiful wedding!

  8. Gorgeous wedding – love the dress (I too never quite got round to trying it on but always feel like I should have done when I see it looking so stunning on other people!) – love the flowers but most of all I love what a brilliant, happy time everyone is having!

  9. A beautiful weeding.. I am SO jealous. I had to sell my beloved fiat, Doris, when I went to live overseas. I’d love one for our wedding but we don’t need to drive anywhere 🙁
    I love your table numbers, is there anywhere we can purchase these or similar?

  10. Wow, what a beautiful wedding! I L.O.V.E the laser cut birds/butterflies and table numbers. How do you go about getting this sort of thing?

    -just beautiful.

  11. Wow! Such a beautifully captured day. Just love Joanna Brown’s style of photography. Plus, that Justin Alexander dress gets me every time as it was one of my finalists, just hope ‘the one’ I finally chose looks as stunning on me as the JA does on Amanda! x

  12. Oh I love love LOVE. I want big balls of gyp for my bridesmaids, and now also want that birdcage veil! Would the bride like to make me one please?
    I needs me one of those cameras – those last few pics are to die for 🙂

  13. Yes, HUGE gyp fan here! So glad to see it in use, I’ll be sending my florist this link. There’s such joy shining from these photos and the lomo shots just make things extra dreamy 🙂 x

  14. When I read “Firstly Amanda is wearing THAT dress, possibly the most immense 50′s inspired gown on the whole of the planet”. I just knew it was the Justin dress! It immense I love it.

    Gorgeous wedding and I love the venue…. And the burger!

    Off to a JA stockist this Saturday so I may just try on THAT dress for a twilr!

    Loving retro week!

  15. FRECKLES! This wedding is adorable – i love the shot of them on the sofa, and… the winner of the cutest wedding cake top ever award goes to…. druuuuuum roll please……THESE GUYS!

    Gorgeous photos, gorgeous post X

  16. well what can i say but, WOW! In every image it looks like everyone is have such a blast! and THAT dress! I’ve also been searching for retro inspired w-day photography so lomo could well be the way forward!

    oooooh loving everything retro!!!

  17. What a simply stunning day. This is how I want our day to be, totally blown away by the dress, I’m off to find it on the web now!


  18. Such a beautiful dress!! I tried on the full length version but it was a bit too much for me (as I am short lol) great images especially the lomography ones 🙂 x

  19. Wow! So many cute touches (and making me even more happy that I’ve chosen that dress for my own big day!)

    Also the lomo shots are brilliant! Xx

  20. Love the hummingbirds and butterflies – my wedding theme expands every day I come on RMW!
    Also loving the flowers, a few of these photos have made their way into my ‘inspiration for the florist thing’ 🙂 🙂 congratulations Framanda!! xx

  21. I love this dress too and when I get to the stage of actually trying dresses on, if it’s still available, I’m definitely going to try it. Can’t imagine I’d look as good as Amanda though!

  22. There is so much loveliness in the wedding, I’m not sure I can write about it all but I have got to say, that picture of the old lady laughing is amazing (I’ve got a proper soft spot for all old people and that just melts my heart, just gorgeous)

    It makes me smile to think of her wearing her dress to decorate at Christmas, what a fab idea.

    Just so much pretty *sighs and returns to dissertation grudgingly*

  23. Well, well, well where the ruddy hell to start?

    It’s all AMAZING! I love the dress, the flowers and boy oh boy do I WANT, no crap that NEED that car!!!!! Dream car the boy loves it too! The photos, the fact that she’s called Amanda! The fact thats shes called Amanda and loves DIY! The pub location (really wanted this to, but theres no cool pubs like this near us!), that they ate burgers (were having bangers ‘n’ mash! Rock on real food!), all the lomo pics!

    BUT most of all… all those smiles! Happiness justs shines through!

    Retro week rules!!!!!

    Now can I have a camera pretty pretty please with a cherry on top!????

  24. She has such a beautiful smile and that dress looks gorgeous on her. I hope I look that happy on my wedding day. 🙂

  25. RMW has already inspired me to use LOTS of gyp in our wedding flowers, and I am now so going to steal the gyp in a teacup idea – genius! Thank you for the inspiration xx

  26. Sod stealing the ideas… I’m hiring the bride to plan my wedding! Beautiful from top to toe, start to finish. I wish them millions of happy years together! xxx

  27. I love old Fiat 500’s!!!! We have a new one (bright red!) and we’re thinking of looking for an original for our wedding day too… though I have no idea how my dress will fit into it!

    Lovely lovely wedding – congratulations! xxx

  28. Love the car; It’s so cute! My sister had 4 large vases of gyposphilia at her wedding table, it was so striking when you walked in! Loving this wedding, mine is going to be in a pub too! Looking forward to a good old knees up! xx

  29. Thanks so much for featuring this wedding, Amanda & Frank are totally adorable in real life and full of life and so so happy on their wedding day… It was a pleasure photographing these two and being part of their day. x

  30. I can’t decide what is more lust-worthy: the brides or bridesmaids dresses. SO gorgeous. I will keep coming back to this one! (yes ok so I am already married but so?!)

  31. Ahhhhhhhh…. SO SO pretty!! All of it! Especially love the ‘Going to the chapel’ song for walking down the aisle- so fun!

  32. Firstly, I freakin love old cute cars…

    That Fiat 500 is blinking BOOTIFUL… Can you give away one of those?

    Secondly, the flowers are just the sort of thing I am after

    Thirdly, Love that dress and Forthly… Hair… 🙂

  33. Love sooo much about this. The flowers are just perfect, exactly what I would love for our wedding. And those laser cut bits of loveliness – just fab! The dress is awesome. The lomo shots have also converted me. I wasn’t that convinced by yesterday’s post but these really are something special. Now I’m just waiting for my invite from pinterest so I can put all the lovely flower photos on a mood board for the florist!!

  34. So much pretty I don’t know where to start! The relaxed happy vibe is exactly what we are aiming to achieve. Love the centrepieces, so simple and pretty. Lisianthus are one of my favourite flowers, definitely featuring on our wedding day 🙂 And the laser cut butterflies, hummingbirds and table numbers are amazing! What a talented bride! So many beautiful pictures of the couple too, that last one.. *sigh* they look so happy x

  35. Hiya Lovlies,
    thanks for all the wonderful comments it really nice of you folks, and thank you rock my wedding for posting this….im so excited!

    if you need a photographer Joanna is you bird….she is brill. i luv her to bits and love my picies.

  36. Hiya Lovlies,
    thanks for all the wonderful comments it really nice of you folks, and thank you rock my wedding for posting this….im so excited!

    if you need a photographer Joanna is you bird….she is brill. i luv her to bits and love my photos.

  37. Looks like it was a great day and Amanda looks so relaxed in all the photos! I hope I feel that way, two months to go and panic is starting to set in! The Lomo shots look fabulous, I think I’ll be joining the Lomography fan club!

  38. Ooooweee! I just got major butterflies looking at ALL the beauty! I have just had to have a HUGE wedding planning overhaul due to the fact that my sisterinlawtobe only went and booked her bloody wedding ONE WEEK before ours!

    Our original plans for a formalish winter wedding have now been scrapped and changed to a summer marquee wedding with a very chilled out BBQ theme! Don’t tell anyone…but this dress is the one I’ve picked to go with our new plans and I am so glad I did because if I look half as gorge in it as Amanda I will be a happy girl!

    CNC xx

    PS. Sorry for the major rambling quality to this comment x

  39. Oh my goodness, that bouquet! One of my favourites, ever! It’s a want to smush your face in it bouquet.

    Also loving the lomo shots at the end! What a great addition to your wedding photographs.


  40. That dress is THE dress that gave me dress wobbles during our planning! Gorgeous.

    Love the lomo shots. And love the idea of putting the Christmas tree up in your dress every year! 🙂

  41. If I’d had a *slightly* (ahem) smaller top half, this would have been my dress too. I love it. It starred in my file but sadly strapless was not for me…looks gorgeous though.

    And Joanna’s photos are simply divine – this girl is amazing, I love the timeless quality – it’s like looking into dreams…*sigh* x

  42. Really impressed by those lomo photos! I am assuming there’s been some editing? I can’t get over how much light and shade there is and how crisp the details are too – my photos tends to come out grainy all over.

    Really like the pic taken in the back of the car and the pick of Father of the Bride pushing his glasses back onto his nose too.

  43. Thanks for all the comments, about eh lomo shots these are all straight out of camera, no retouching as that would really defeat the object of the art for me. You need a steady hand, good light and the right film speed. It does take a lot of practise it is not as easy as it looks. good luck

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