The Talk Of The Town… Part 2

Welcome back to the city of Manchester for the second installemt of “The Talk Of The Town”. Since yesterday I have actually decided that I would like to live in Manchester Town Hall please. How cool is the floor for blogs sake?

Ok, im off to investigate how I go about becoming the mayor of Manchester (I’m assuming that’s what I need to do). I will leave you in the capable hands of Jill (on the words) and Anna (pictures).

Anna Hardy

I wanted a photographer whose style I liked and also someone who would appreciate the beautifulness of Manchester Town Hall. Another main concern was that we were comfortable with the person and the photos weren’t staged! I googled wedding photos of the Town Hall and it led me to Anna Hardy’s blog. From looking at her collection of photos, lovely write ups and speaking and meeting with Anna, we knew that she was the one! I knew that we would feel comfortable with her being part of our day – and it was like she was a guest! What she produced was a collection of beautiful photos that are like a story of the day and exactly the style of photography we were looking for – amazing!

Cup Winners

My close friend Rachel made our wedding cupcakes. We (and the other family members) sampled many trial batches of different flavours and toppings and we voted for her carrot cake cupcakes with vanilla frosting. They looked and tasted absolutely delicious! (And they freeze! – So we had wedding cakes on our return from our honeymoon! Ha!)

Hey Mr DJ

The entertainment was one of the most difficult things for us to choose. We were worried as we felt that a DJ can make or break a wedding reception. We decided on a DJ that would accept a playlist but also notice what the dance floor were enjoying. Chris found a company on the internet called DJs4Weddings and we provided them with our playlist of songs that the guests had requested and our own favourites and crossed our fingers! Luckily the DJ was really good and everybody – including me in my heels – was up dancing all night!

George Is Best

Our first dance was ‘Here Comes the Sun’ by George Harrison/The Beatles. As we have been together a long time and like all genres of music we don’t really have ‘a song’. We didn’t want a particularly modern or a typical first dance song. We both love this song and one of Chris’s only requests for the day was that this song be used somewhere as he wanted to be able to think of our wedding when they do occasionally play this song on the radio.

Wish Tree

We had our florists design a wish tree instead of a guest book. We also arranged to have a projector with a slide show displaying pictures of us together from our youth to now.

Final Thoughts

What made our wedding special was that we had it how we wanted and didn’t follow traditions like a formal wedding breakfast. We also invited only the people that are truly special to us and had influenced or been a big part of our lives in some way. It was a celebration of family and friends and having the little ones there gave the evening a lovely family vibe too!



Get a Costa Coffee Club Card – my mum and I, on our many trips out to look at florists, dresses, shoes, make up etc. would religiously ‘need’ a coffee and a piece of cake! You could earn millions of reward points! Ha!

Photographer Anna Hardy

Venue Manchester Town Hall and White Hart Inn at Lydgate

Accessories Halo and Jenny Wicks

Boutique Cocu

Shoes Allora by Rainbow Couture

Flowers Verdure

Entertainment DJs4Weddings

I love those shots from the dance floor, love the venue, love that short vintage dress, love love love the photography. Oh and Iove George Harrison too, he’s my bestest Beatle… what else?

Erm… Carrot cake. Cup cake carrot cake is genius.

Bye for now,

Adam (Mayor of Manchester).

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

13 thoughts on “The Talk Of The Town… Part 2

  1. We got married in Manchester Town Hall so I am somewhat biased but it photographs beautifully. Other things to love, the brides dress, gorgeous and lovely flowers. We actually had an appointment with Verdure but thanks to a certain Madame Contra ended up going with Blossom. Lovely to see another Manchester city wedding and yey for doing it your way!

  2. This wedding just looks like it was fun fun fun! The photography is amazing and captures the joy so well! The leaping flower girl photo is cute as button! Makes me want to bust out a few ballet moves myself! Oh and the venue – sigh – completely satisfies the grandiose lady I pretend to be sometimes!


  3. Loving the flowers and especially the wasp floor in the town hall.

    Adam for mayor! But only if he can keep up the blogging as a sideline.

  4. Love the last colour photo of the bride dancing – I imagine there will be a lot of similar photos of me dancing like that at our wedding – I only have a limited number of “moves” 😉

  5. Oh my lord. These photographs are beautiful. I don’t even KNOW the bride or the man she has her arm around who’s clutching a bottle gift bag, but that photo is so beautiful. And the little girl jumping. And the neckline on the dress and the buttons down the back are stunning. And it’s SHORT! Go, short dresses!

    Love it all.

  6. You’ve got to love Machester Town Hall as a Venue, but Anna really does blow the photogrpahs out of the water! Gorgeous images!

    Also loving the short dress… might just have another one of those coming up this week 😉

    And finally… @Karen – you lucky thing! Becky from Bossom is fabulous and your flowers will be amazing – Great choice!


  7. Oh, oh, oh.

    I saved both of these for tonight because I knew, I just knew, that the photography would be out of this world.

    The bride has the most beautiful smile. The pictures of the guests during the ceremony alone are…well, they are exactly what every wedding hopes to be.

    I am completely humbled, that is the only way to describe how I feel.

    Oh, and Adam, I’m happy to run your Mayoral campaign 🙂

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