The ULTIMATE Behind The Scenes.

We only have three things to say really.

1) Turn it up LOUD

2) If your internet connection is slow make sure the film has loaded (grey bar needs to be almost to the end) as you will need to get the full effects!

3) Aaron from Reel Weddings is a complete star, with a limited notice period and several nagging bloggers he came up with this little piece of genius in record time. We love him.

This is a complete insight into what goes on behind the scenes at a Rock My Wedding photoshoot……so sit back, relax and enjoy the show lovelies.

Did you like it?

We had so much fun, can’t wait for the next one…….

And just to share with you another Rock My Wedding original image style for brides idea, here are some fresh, fun and uber cool contact sheets for you of Naomi, Julie and Mahj.

Naomi Wears : Dress by Essence of Australia, Nova earrings and Nova comb both at Liberty in Love, lipstick “Full Fushia” at Mac.

Julie Wears: Dress by Essence of Australia, Serena earrings by Liberty in Love and the Boucheron bracelet by Stephanie Brown

Mahj Wears: Dress “Naroa” by Novia D’Art and headpiece by Louis Mariette at Liberty in Love.

Gowns – all at Mamfii Bridal

Accessories – Liberty in Love

Make-up – Catherine Hughes at IvyClara

Hair – Severin Hubert at Hepburn Collection

Photography – Dani and Chris at CBMedia

Videography – Aaron at Reel Weddings

Styling – Charlotte and Rebecca at Rock My Wedding

With huge massive thanks to Aaron at Reel Weddings who made our week with his amazing videography skills – go and check him out ladies!!!


Charlotte xxx


Naomi: “I think I am going to wipe my fushia pink lipstick across my face for the contact sheets, what do you think, too much?”

Charlotte: “Pet it’s genius, sounds like the kind of thing I would do…….”

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

70 thoughts on “The ULTIMATE Behind The Scenes.

  1. This video got me so excited I got goosebumps!

    There’s nothing better than gorgeous brides, having a fun time playing dress up!

    We have some fabulous and funky exclusive Sarah Houston gowns that would look great on your next shoot


  2. Right, I’ve now watched the vid (was planning on waiting but couldnt’ resist) and it looks like you all had an absolute blast! My favourite bit is the ingenious way of levelling out everyone’s heights for the group shot!

  3. I can’t watch the DVD because I’m at work. Boo hiss.

    I would literally be your biggest challenge. Busty and tiny waisted pale, big undereye baggs-ed, massive uncontrollable frizzy haired (found two more greys at lunchtime – PANIC), baggy upper armed and meet in the middle thighs owning bride to be seeks HELP.

    Maji’s poses are my favourite. My standard photography poses are the Cheryl salute, the heart with hands shot, dam busters, the Posh point, the mcdonalds “M” and then my final four?

    Me spelling out L O V E using my arms for the L and O. My legs in the air for the V and my arms leg and head for the E.

    Just call me Kate-fliiping-Moss.

  4. Such a great shoot – gorgeous photos, beautiful setting and stunning gowns. And all the girls look Fab-u-lous!
    I know of a great venue up in the Cairngorms National Park that would be perfect to host the next shoot – it’s a bit of a journey away, but well worth it. Think country house chic, vintage gorgeous-ness, landscapes to die for and yurts! Eeek xx

  5. LOVE IT!! How could you not…I’m mean seriously,
    Hair -fabulous
    Make up – gorgeous
    Frocks – beautiful
    and the people involved – well your all stunners!!
    Although you had the hair, the make up, the gowns, and the beautiful peeps where were the flowers??…..*ahem* (clears throat and makes a little hand waving gesture whilst bouncying up and down) I’d love to do some sexy fleurs for you next shoot if you’re interested??

    Gayle xx

  6. Erm, pretty please can I be in all future shoots? I’ll bake things and everything!

    Amy F – I was in the middle of a brew when the contact sheets were taking place and Chris and Dani just told me to bring my tea with me!!

    Le.Sigh. I want to do it all again. xoxo

  7. I have LOVED this week. The video was brill and it looked so much fun. All the real brides looked fantastic.

    Can I be on the next one..pleeeease!!!

    x x

  8. Me!!ME!!! Pick me!!!(frantically waving hand around like an uncool and overeager school kid!!)(I’m not!) I would LOVE to do a shoot like this!!!!
    So fab!!!!

  9. Such a fantastic day, great team, lovely brides and amazing coverage all week. So glad to have been part of it. A PR’s dream – thanks girls! The video is just brilliant too, love it ALL!

  10. I’m gonna come right out and say it- I AM SO JEALOUS! Looks like a great time was had by all, well done, ladies (and the occasional gent)

  11. I can’t view the video at work as no sound… boooooooooooo.

    Wish, wish, wish I hadn’t have had other plans that weekend as I clearly missed out on all of the fun and fabulous styling!!

    Love the pics!


    PS. Mahj – how stunning are you on the right hand pic on the middle row?!

  12. Amazing amazing video. I love it. I’ve just watched it through three times and I WANT IT ALL. Mahj’s arms, Naomi’s hair, Julie’s beautiful eyes… *le sigh*

    Too. Freaking. Awesome.

  13. Wow! RMW has totally rocked it this week. I am usually an observer rather than a poster, but have been blown away by your antics this week. Fabulous posts and the ladies look fantastic.
    I have followed RMW since the beginning and been married nearly a year now, but want to do it all again after this weeks great inspirational ideas.
    Love it. x

  14. Oh. My. Actual. Goodness.

    I am in love with this video and the contact sheets and the pictures and the hair how to.

    In fact, I’m just a big ball of ‘WOW’ right now.

    I would love to do the next one… *wink wink hint hint*


  15. Everyone. Stop saying how amazing the VIDEO is.

    Its not bloody fair.

    Home in three hours. No one can talk about it until then.


  16. Absolutely loving this week’s posts. Can’t wait to try and copy Mahj’s smokey eyes! Simply beautiful!

    I too can’t watch video yet…grrrrrr!

  17. I feel a tiny bit selfish saying this as ive had the chance to be involved in this one, but i really really really want to be in the next one tooooo!!!!!!! xxxxxx

    thanks everyone, for making me fell so speacial on the day and after with all the beautiful comments xxx

  18. Please please! pick me pick me!

    You all look beautiful and the styling is so inspiring. It looks like you all had an amazing day.
    It is great to see this on a British blog.

    I’ll be attempting the side, messy bun at the weekend. Fingers crossed it goes well. I am rubbish at styling my hair normally


  19. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

    This is amazing!! You all look absolutely stunning and it looks like such a fun day! I want you to do me now please?

  20. Alas, It is over. I am so sad about that. So happy to have been a part of it, but sad it is done.

    If there is not another bridal makeover before I am wed I vote you have a “What the wife likes shoot”. I’ll pose with a toaster or something. Basically any excuse to do it all over again!

    Thank you so much team RMW + Sev & Roz + Catherine & Dave + Jo + Chris & Dani. You all rock my world.


  21. The video looked like so much fun what could be better than a group of girls playing dress up with super talented experts doing your make up,hair,styling and taking your pictures? Heaven!

    Very jealous i cant join in Im voting with Naomi for a “what the wife likes” photo shoot 🙂

    Contact photos are so cool love love love them!

  22. Ahem, I do believe I haven’t commented yet.

    I can’t tell you all how many times I have watched this video. It totally sums up the day, the fun we all had and the amazingly talented team we had on the job. I’m insanely grateful to each and every one of them for giving up their time to do this with us.

    And that includes the Brides for putting up with me man-handling them into dresses all day 😉

    And, It’s not quite over yet…

  23. The video totally rocks!!! Looks like the most amazing day – I’m jealous too! Makes me wonder what you clever peeps have planned next?? Xx

  24. WOW!!! I absolutely love it girls (and Adam). Seriously awesome video – geez even I want to be there for the next time you do it. And I’m a guy! 😉
    Don’t worry Adam, you can get all the lady-attention, I’ll be just fine oggling all the camera gear 😀

  25. Wow. What FANTASTIC comments from you all. Julie, Mahj & Naomi all looked fantastic all day (and it was a looooong day).

    Any kudos for the clip we made has to be reserved to the three ‘Real Brides’, as without them being all awesome it would be nothing.

    Much love to all the other professionals on the day and to the RMW crew


  26. Really enjoyed reading this week’s posts. Lucky lucky girls who got to take part. Might steal the leather jacket idea…! Well done RMW!!

  27. Fan-bloody-tastic!! what a great week with the shoots and the video, you’ve excelled yourselves here, tres jealous….so want to get glammed up and wear my dress again, looks like you all had a wonderful time 🙂 x

  28. Is it really weird that I was actually quite excited to hear Rebecca speaking? When you only “know” someone via their blog, you don’t realise how much you give them a “voice” in your own head – and for some reason Rebecca’s accent was totally not what I was expecting! She sounded all normal! In my head you are both mega posh… (Hope that doesn’t make me sound like a creepy stalker – I’m not, promise!)

    Fab video, looks SO fun. I’m adding professional photo shoot to my life list right now!

  29. I had to save the video until this morning when I was not a train, but it was so worth it! Looks like an absolute ball and the posts all this week have been fab. I think I might be investigating videographers this morning! xx

  30. And it’s my turn!

    So glad you love it ladies, as you can imagine, our first shoot was a huge learning curve and we were excited but also nervous at the prospect of really putting ourselves out there.

    It’s things like this that if they crash and burn you would wonder what you were doing writing an “inspirational” blog in the first place – if what you were doing wasn’t inspirational to brides I mean!

    Your feedback has been fantastic and as a result we are already putting our thinking ( fancy) caps on for next time… this space 😉

    Charlotte xxx

  31. Ohhh why didn’t we think of this when I was planning? (she says rather enviously)

    I love how it has an edge of that scene in SATC the movie when Carrie tries on all those different gowns for Vogue, girls you all look amazing and it’s wonderful to see you all having so much fun.

    Definitely something to feel immensely proud of! Well done all of you xxxxx

  32. I’ve FINALLY watched it – how much fun does that look?!! My favourite bit is Charlotte sneakily tucking into the Mini Eggs!!

  33. Looks like an amazing day! The video is brilliant. The girls look gorgeous, a very big ‘I’d love to be involved’ from me! 🙂 Well done!

  34. Oh my god, you so have to do this again! It would just be a waste of your talents not to! (Plus I totally want to be in with a chance of being involved if even a teensie bit possible!!) It all looked SO much fun! Major evny over here too!


  35. Oh wow! looks sooo much fun!
    I wish i could be on a shoot! haha XD .
    The video style looked amazing, if i had someone videoing my wedding i would want it to be that quality! <3
    (p.s. you all look stunning ladies!!!) xxx

  36. Please please please can you tell me the name of the headpiece Mahj is wearing. I have searched the Liberty in Love website and I can’t find it anywhere 🙁 @gettingmarriedin6weeksandhavenohairideas!

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