If you haven't come across Sophie & Luna before, then allow me to introduce you...lovely Sandra designs and makes dried flower crowns here in the UK for free spirited, bohemian brides who want a bridal accessory they can treasure forever. As beautiful as fresh flowers are - we all know they have a shelf life. Investing in a dried flower crown means you can wear it again and again and again. Parties, festivals, beach trips, even out to dinner...I mean why the hell not? If I had a dried flower crown I'd certainly wear it at any given opportunity ;) The latest designs from Sandra at Sophie & Luna are gorgeous, you can shop her collection here and she creates bespoke pieces too. These incredible images, taken by Natalie J Weddings were shot in Arizona, at Antelope Canyon, with gorgeous Sandra and her best friend Iain modelling. Those dusk portraits with the pair silhouetted against the darkening sky are just dreamy and don't even get me started on the sequinned jacket by Otaduy. LOVE. This is utter magic unfolding before your very eyes...enjoy!
Sandra at Sophie & Luna: The Urban Botanical Collection is the very first luxury flower crowns collection. Using preserved and died flowers, with inner details and luxury packaging, it makes it a completely delicatessen for those flower crown lovers. I am always inspired by things around me. This year has been London more than ever. Its clean shapes, vivid colours and contrast from those Summer days but also soft and pale tones when it is cloudy and romantic. I focus on delivering high quality headpieces. They are made with 100% natural flowers that last forever. You can travel with them, reuse them after the wedding, wear them for your hair trial and the most important of all, to keep them as a memento of your big day. They are practical as the city is. I am so inspired about the idea of Nature influencing the city and vice versa. I chose the Grand Canyon for the shoot because the marvellous views and powerful energy. Everything around there is magical. You feel very small and realise how much we owe Mother Nature and the connection with it is beyond I have experience before. I chose Otaduy two pieces dress because it is a modern look, trendy with the disco look of the sequins yet romantic, just perfect for the modern boho bride – the Sophie and Luna bride.
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Head Pieces & Female Model: Sandra at Sophie & Luna | Model: Iain Spivey | Dress: Otaduy
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