The Vintage Beach…..Part 2

It’s not often I tell someone that I have found their W-day venue but after David Long submitted this Camber Sands affair I immediately advised my sister Melissa that this is where she is getting wed. No, she is not engaged yet but that is just a minor detail….

Seriously though, the Gallivant is to die for. A crisp white-washed backdrop for any colour scheme or theme that takes your fancy. And in the case of Kelly and Ross, a timeless and classy display of blue hues and rustic touches.

Oh and you’ve got to love portraits by the sea.

Easy Choices

Our photographer was a really easy choice, We had the very lovely David Long and I can’t recommend him highly enough. We found him when he photographed a friends wedding about a year beforehand where he had managed to capture some amazing moments and took some wonderfully creative photos.

David came down about a week before the wedding to meet us and take some engagement photos down on Shoreham beach. On the day he was completely unobtrusive, humorous and genuinely great to have around. He wasn’t remotely fazed by the wind (which was quite strong!) We felt he really understood what we want to create on our day and we couldn’t be happier with the photos which we really, really enjoyed!!

The Perfect Location

The Gallivant did the most amazing job, they’ve got a stunning location, the food was absolutely fantastic and they were incredibly supportive. The Gallivant was a random find but as soon as we met with Tudor on a snowy winters day in December we knew immediately that it was absolutely the right place for us.

Seashell Sweet

My mum and very lovely and hugely talented friend Amanda were the genius’ behind our cakes.

We knew we wanted to have cupcakes and a relatively small main wedding cake. I came up with the seashell design after trawling the internet for many hours. My mum made us a small 3-tier cake, which Amanda iced for us. Amanda also created the cupcakes for me. Both cakes were decorated with seashells and I found all the supplies including moulds on &

All of the cakes, including the main cake were presented on a collection of mismatched china cake stands which I found predominantly on e-bay and in the local flea market.

Vintage Jazz

There were a few things that we thought were essential to a good wedding and one of those was good music for the party. We went for a funky vintage jazz band called Freddie and the Freeloaders who came highly recommended by a friend who had used them several times.

They were absolutely brilliant, really flexible beforehand and on the night everyone was up dancing which was exactly what we wanted!

A Swing Secret

Our first dance was to Walking on a Dream by Empire of the Sun. Finding a first dance song was actually one of the harder things we did because in reality there’s loads of songs that mean something to us as a couple. We first heard it at a friends house and it just kind of stuck in our minds. We wanted something that was good for us to dance to and a bit different but which also held some personal meaning so this fitted the bill perfectly.

We did have a tiny surprise for our friends because we went and had a dance lesson at Hove Dance School so we did a swing routine which worked really well and managed to avoid the stereotypical shuffling! Learning it was definitely one of the highlights, we really enjoyed it!

Beachy Decor

We decorated the marquee with nautical bunting which we hired from the Big Beautiful Bunting Company in Cornwall.

I hand-made a series of driftwood signs on old bits of wood which we hung about the marquee and for the outside areas we put more jam jars filled with tea-lights.

The table runners were provided by The Gallivant and we took a big bag of beach equipment for the children over to the beach for during the reception drinks which included buckets and spades, kites etc which were brilliant fun.

My maid of honour created us a bespoke Ross and Kelly peep-thru board which guests used to have their photos taken for our guest book. We created a seaside scene in the adjacent garden with the peep board, a wind break, some buckets and spades and a big inflatable beach ball.

Our guest book was actually a guest tree. I designed some nautical tags which we hung from blue pampas in a vase. Each tag had a verse from a seaside poem on it and guests were able to write their messages on the tags.

Ross and I created all of the name places ourselves by writing peoples first names in stones on the sand on Shoreham beach and photographing them. We didn’t do favours but all of our guests took their name tags home with them!

At 11pm, we took everyone back outside and set off 40 (eco-friendly) sky lanterns which were beautiful.

Making It Ours

We live on the coast and Ross and I are both avid sailors, so the sea is a huge part of our lives. For us, our wedding day and the celebration of our marriage needed to reflect who we are and consequently the one thing we knew from the beginning was that it would need to be as close to getting married on the beach as we could manage and also (very importantly) to be relaxed!

Everything that we did from the nautical bunting to the beach flowers, the driftwood signs, our hand-made peep-thru board and the beach reception was designed to meet those objectives and we couldn’t have been happier! Neither of us stopped smiling from start to finish!

Keeping things relaxed was also a big driver for us and The Gallivant helped us in ‘informalising’ the wedding breakfast by serving all the food on sharing plates and we sat everyone on long tables and benches which all helped to create an familiar, ‘beach fete’ style atmosphere.

Planning a wedding is stressful, whatever anyone says so I think the biggest piece of advice that we would offer to anyone is to be true to yourselves and allow your own personalities to provide the ultimate inspiration for what is your day. That way, all the people who love you will have a great time and you can’t go wrong!

Venue – The Gallivant

Jazz band – Freddie and the Freeloaders

Nautical Bunting – Big Beautiful Bunting Company

Photographer – David Long

Told you. It’s a pretty special place no?

I just looked to see if they had any bank holiday weekend availability but no. Boo.

Anyone else having a blue and white beachy theme for W-day?

Big White-Washed Love

Charlotte xxx

19 thoughts on “The Vintage Beach…..Part 2

  1. Another stunning wedding! We’ve seen some brilliant, unusual cakes on here recently and this is definitely another one – I love the blue colour and the shell detail. I’m starting to think I was a bit pedestrian with my own cake!
    Gorgeous summery wedding for a decidedly wintery August day (in South Wales anyway) 🙂

  2. Divine! All of it! This is the first time I’ve seen bunting used in a more contemporary wedding and it still looks great. I love the pic of the bride leaning towards the groom on the beach and kissing.

  3. Wow wow wow! This wedding is amaaaazing! Hannah you’re so right, it is perfectly styled! The details are fantastic and there are so many of them that make the whole day come together.

    It looks like the day was so relaxed and Charlotte you’re so right, the setting and venue looks simply stunning! I wish I was a guest to this wedding so much! I’m completely loving the nautical, beachy theme.


  4. i am a TOTAL sucker for a nautical themed anything let along a blummin wedding. i literally spend my entire summer in navy and white. and i believe i may have already mentioned that i heart david long’s photos big style

    result? I die!

    thanks for cheering up my wet tuesday
    mrs x x x

  5. Soooo gorgeous. I have a couple of seaside weddings coming up and I’m so excited. Beautiful weddings like this one fuel the fire, and it’s captured perfectly.


  6. So pretty! And it’s only a little way away from me! I never even knew it was there!!!!

    The blue runner and bunting look stunning!!!! As does the lovely bride!!!!


  7. I love this “No Shoes” wedding, the bride and groom look so relaxed. Love the colours used. Gorgeous couple and great photos.

  8. What a visually sumptuous feast! It has to be one of the most stunning weddings I’ve seen – just so vivid and bright and airy. Delish

  9. Oh I do love this place. I looked at there website many times although I am yet to visit even though it is only an hour away from me. Love the bunting and blue and white look so fresh. LOVE it!!

  10. Gorgeous!!! Went to the seaside today, shame it wasn’t as sunny as this (v wet!!).
    Love anything nautical themed, it always looks so cool and crisp. Love that last picture as well.

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