The White Style…

A little while back, I had lots of fun putting together a post on spring shoes, in the hope that lots of you would be wearing bright and beautiful coloured shoes for your wedding. And I’m not afraid to admit that I had lots of you pegged completely wrong!

Tons of you are planning on rocking a traditional bridal shoe, and if it’s good enough for Mrs O’Shea, well then it’s darn well good enough for me!

So today we’re sharing a selection of pretty cream or white, elegant but decidely bridal shoes, and why not?

Designer Dreams

While Choo’s and Loubouins are often on the radar of our readers when it comes to designer style, we’ve yet to see Aruna Seth feature on these pages. Pricey but fashion forwards, there is a variety of designs, sure to keep the most picky shoe lover inspired if you’re looking for something different.

*Cerise (crystal heel), Nia (bow embellished), Samantha (metallic python) and Sheri (lace), all Aruna Seth

Rainbow Beautful

Some of the prettiest designs – particularly if you’re working a country garden theme, are to be found at Rainbow Club, in this designer collection by Dianne Hassall. The collection features sensible heels and lots of lace or floral embellishment to make your toes look very fancy.

*Flora, Violette and Sweet Briar by Diane Hassall for Rainbow Club.

Simpson Sweet

We featured Rachel Simpsons shoes in our Dolly Shoot a little while back and went for some of the more alternative black and white styles but I think her ivory collection contains some of my favourite designs. Tick off your ‘something blue’ with Mimi or wear the perennially stylish (I’m so having a moment with suede…) Marylin.

*Mini and Marylin, Rachel Simpson Ivory Collection

New Finds

One of my recent new finds is Glamorous Sole, which we spotted at the National Wedding Show last year. The designs are simple with minimal detail and might be perfect if you don’t want to detract from your dress. Who could forget Benjamin Adams? Best known for his crystal embellished peep toes, I spied these more contemporary heels for a bit of variation on the theme.

*L-R – Bologna, Glamorous Sole, Catherine, Benjamin Adams and Milan, Glamorous Sole

High Street Heaven

Sometimes I feel like a broken record, but we’ll always keep saying it: Don’t forget the high street! Particularly with the abundance of paler fashions on the catwalks this summer, there are lots of matching shoes and whilst white stillettos used to scream Essex, no-one can accuse you of being behind the times now! It’s also definately the place to stop off if you’re looking for flats, if you’re not a heel wearer, or just want to dance!

*Woven Platforms, Jewelled Ballet Flats, New Look, Next, Florie (satin) shoe, LKBennett

So have we inspired you readers?

We’d love to hear where you found your shoes – particularly if you got a bargain – we love a good bargain we do 🙂

Yours Truly,


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

45 thoughts on “The White Style…

  1. Whoop de doop doop.

    I love CL’s but wonder about spending £600 on shoes I’ll destroy on grass. I can’t decide if to buy the LK’s (so comfy) and then a nude pair of CL’s for the ceremony and life?

    I’m gunning for the LK Bennett sale and then I can buy them just because.

  2. it was high street all the way for me, much though it would have been amazing to have a pair of designer shoes its a) not what I’m like in real life and b) waaaaaay out of budget. Plus I know I’d be scrambling around on rocky outcrops and who wants to be doing that in £600 shoes??!!

    Having said that, the aruna seth lace ones might just have changed my mind if i’d seen them in time!

    mmmmmmmm shoes

    mrs x x x

  3. I “invested” in a pair of Jimmy Choos ( which I know I will wear again and again (and again…) I got a little light-headed with all the amazing shoes in JC and wanted to buy so many other pairs as “reserves” – luckily my Mum was with me and restrained me, as otherwise we would have had to uninvite several guests to balance the budget 🙂

  4. I soooo wanted a pair of JCs but my budget wouldn’t allow (I had my eye on a pair called cosmic). I have gone for a Kurt Geiger pair instead called Harmony. They are in a pretty taupe colour (I knew I would never wear cream ones again). I’m then going to buy a pair of ballet pumps for dancing in.

  5. I found the shoes really hard – I wanted white shoes but hated all the bridal shop ones I saw. I love a really high heel and with my dress, I thought a pointed heel would be best.

    I actually found a pair I loved on ebay – never worn for £24!!! Bargain! They are a high pointed court shoe with a fine heel and a lovely structured bow detail at the front!

    They were so comfortable on the day, I didn’t take them off at all!

    I would recommend having a look on ebay if you haven’t done so already! I was a bit sceptical but totally chuffed with my find!!


  6. Awww crap! Rebecca, you cant put pretty shoes up on a Fri when I am planning a Trafford Centre visit this Sunday!

    Even though I already have my shoes, I have such a shoe problem that I would somehow justify to myself that the LK Bennett pair above would do very nicely thank you very much!

    @sarah, mine were also an eBay find, never worn for £12!! Bloody bargain!!


    PS. mrs, seriously, have you submitted your wedding yet lady?!?!

  7. it’s coming peeps, took ages to get our pics (not our photographers fault, all mine!!)

    mrs xxxx

  8. I had a lovely pair of nude Carvela pumps (bought in TK Maxx for a bargainous £24!!) all ready to go for w-day. I was SO smug in an ‘I hate bridal shoes and I want to be able to wear my shoes again’ type of way. Then I took them to a dress fitting. They looked WRONG. It had to be bridal shoes, but I still hate most of them and didn’t want to pay a fortune for shoes I would never wear again and that would get ruined by grass/new husband stepping on toes during first dance. Looked everywhere then found a pair in, of all places, New Look for £25! Part of me would still like really expensive wedding shoes (Loub.ou.tins…..) but you can’t really see them under the dress anyway and I’d rather spend the money on something people will notice.

    On a totally separate note, Rebecca and Charlotte, you REALLY need to do a post about engagement shoot hair/makeup/wardrobe! I have mine on Monday and still have NO IDEA what I’m wearing. I’m probably overthinking it, and know I should wear something I’m comfortable in, but some advice on what looks good in front of the camera would have really helped me, and I’m sure there are other brides out there who feel the same! 🙂

  9. I’ve got the Rachel Simpson ‘Marylin’s,’ for my wedding next Saturday! I love bows and these are super comfy, at £155 they were a must have.

  10. Oh my, JanieP, that is some impressive footwear – you need lots of pics with those on show!

    Well, RMW Rebecca, I would never have thought it but you’ve made me seriously consider a metallic python shoe! They are beauties. As are, of course, the LK Bennett shoes.

    Actually, other Rebecca, have you seen that House of Fraser has 40% off in LK Bennett at the moment?

  11. I bought myself an amazing pair of lk bennett shoes last weekend from their clearance shop on Kings Road – bargain price of £40 from £120!

    Could not believe my luck – the last pair of beautiful latte coloured heels in a size 5 (although i was willing to ram my feet into a pair of 4’s!)that will fit my vintage vibe perfectly.

    Have been wearing them in all week round the house!

  12. Oh excellent, Friday morning shoe porn!

    JanieP I echo what everyone else has said – that’s some seriously stylish footwear you have there lady.

    Tracy M – Exactly the same thing happened to me, silver/grey Dolce and Gabbana peep toes less than half price from Bicester only to discover they looked rubbish with my ivory dress ( I put them on in the evening as REALLY wanted to wear them!)

    Ended up with very plain pair of Rainbow courts for day which were very comfortable. If I’d had more time I may have searched some more but tbh I had enough to think about! I’m sure your NL pair are fab.

    Anna K – I never knew I needed metallic python courts either but now I ruddy well do. I blame Rebecca for having to get a second mortgage.

    Charlotte xxx

  13. I always thought would get a pair of Jimmy’s or CL’s for our wedding but after thinking about it, I just couldn’t justify the cost on top of everything else we were spending on so am v jealous of you lovely brides who do, but I do love my ‘Moonstone’ – Belle by Paradox bridal shoes, they had a sparkle brooch at the front which matched my hair clip and I had them dyed to match the BM dresses. I loved having the colour peek out under my dress which surprised a lot of our guests 🙂 and have since worn them with jeans which looked great, can’t wait to wear them again once Baby K appears, if I tried to wear them now I’d probably fall flat on my face! Have to say there is some serious shoe eye candy on this post, my fave being Mini by Rachel Simpson….I’m tempted to buy them anyway even though my big day has been and gone…..they are soooo Dreamy……happy shoe shopping everyone xx

  14. I love those LK Bennett shoes but I just know I could never last all day in them (I have the same shape in black patent and I can only wear them to work when I know I won’t be doing much walking!)

    I have instead splashed out on some gorgeous ivory suede shoes from Emmy – the Chloe style with silver leather trim - and although they have 8cm heels I think they will be comfy on the day. I’m also happy they have straps so they won’t fly off when I’m flinging myself around during our ceilidh!

    I’ve been wearing them while practising our first dance (a very amateur waltz attempt!) and my other half says I’m the perfect height to dance with in them :0)

  15. Hmm i just dont know – Would LOVE to go for the louboutins but realistically not sure i can justify them especially if i get a white/cream pair as i just dont think i would wear them again! Really liking those LK bennetts though! They might be a more realistic option!
    Rachie xo
    PS; Janie P and lb – really gorgeous choices!! x

  16. I had mega shoe issues- first off were some super cute dove grey and blue Viv Westwood heart Lady Dragons… but they weren’t high enough and I just couldn’t get comfy with them…. then I went designer, ordered some beautiful Alexandre Birman blue peep toes from the US of A… which were so small and narrow even my mum (a size smaller than me) couldn’t fit into them, so they had to go back. Cue utter misery… until I found my current (and final) shoes. In…. ZARA!! They are bright blue and 100% leather, so are really comfortable, the heel height is perfect, the colour is gorgeous and they are just so pretty…. happy ending at last, as I tried them on with the dress and they look fab!! And all this for under £40.. yay 🙂

    I do still wish for the designer dream, but I think it just wasn’t meant to be for this occasion- maybe I’ll get them for our golden wedding anniversary! xxxx

  17. Morning Lovelies!

    I will be wearing these beauties… (at the sale price -woooo!!!) and I am going to wear them to death! A la Naomi – I may well wear them to bed on W-Day night!


    P.S – did anyone else fall more in love with Kate/Duchess of Cambridge/Catherine this morning when they saw the piccies from last night?! Le Sigh – I think I have a girl crush!

  18. Keika – SO. JEALOUS of your shoes. They are gorgeous!! If I had them I’d wear them to bed every night.

    And I’m totally with you re: Princess Kate – she looked amazing. You have the shoe version of her dress – all peachy and glittery and beautiful! sigh…

  19. I got my shoes in the Next directory sale for £25. I ordered them (as I do with many Next sale items) thinking I would just send them back if unsuitable – also thought £25 is not much to spend if I saw something better. They are perfect though, ivory satin peep toes with a jewelled bow on the toe. Best of all they make me super-tall, to match my 6 foot 4 husband to be. And they have saved me money as my dress only needs taking in, not up!
    I am still toying with the idea of sparkly flats for the night do though…

  20. Helen – Heaven! and Keika – Delicious! And lucky you getting them in the sale….

    Am already in the “I heart Kate” club but even more so now, she just oozes style and sophistication in that Jenny Packham.

    Charlotte xxx

  21. I have always wondered, what happens with the dress when people change to flats in the evening? Do they just let it drag on the floor cos they aren’t really bothered by that point?!

  22. Ooh and glad you approve Charlotte. I agree with everyone about Kate – she looks *amazing* in that JP. And I want her hair!

    I feel I should clarify the flats comment – it came out sounding a bit derogatory to flat wearers which wasn’t what I meant at all – have been toying with the idea myself but owrrying about the practical aspects…

  23. I have had soooo much trouble finding wedding shoes! I really didn’t think it would be this hard! My lovely sis-in-law to be has very generously lent me her Gina bridal shoes for my something borrowed, but at £300 PER SHOE I am too scared to wear them for our festival-style marquee reception! I’m thinking of just moving onto flipflops for that but worry what going from a three inch heel to flats will do to the look of my dress!

  24. that JP could totally be rocked as a wedding dress doncha think?

    some some super chic city wedding…

    i wants it

    mrs x x x

    PS Keika – just watched that video and OMG is right!!!

  25. Got my shoes in the sale! Kurt Geigers all the way. Lovely nude pair which are the comfiest heels I have ever put on my feet! The totally go with the fifties inspired feel of the day and my dress and I already had them in red so I knew the ones I wanted!!! And I will wear them to death afterwards!!!

  26. The LK Bennett shoe is in the sale, I tried it on a few months ago but just too high.

    I have been having a massive shoe dilemma, on a recent trip to New York I got a bit carried away and splurged on some Manolo Blahnik’s but since returning i have been having doubts, they are higher than I wanted and are very much a white wedding shoe, although I will probably dye them black after the wedding (The MB store in London has recommended a good place to get this done).

    But I had always envisaged a bright shoe and was in fact planning on a blue shoe or failing that a pink shoe so now I am really torn over the MB’s that are lovely and cost a fortune or running to Coast and getting a low heeled blue shoe that I have seen and now can’t stop wishing I had!

    Does anyone know anything about heel shortening? I have read some things online that make it seem like this could be possible, just half an inch would make all the difference to the Manolo’s!

  27. No offence taken Helen, to be honest I have been wondering the same thing, which is why I haven’t bought any yet. My dress does have a train though so will be dragging on the floor anyway. I might just take my shoes off altogether!

  28. I have a beautiful pair of pointed toe Jimmy Choo shoes in white, with a sparkly broach on the front. They were a very early wedding present from my fiance, and a bit of a bargain (well, in my eyes anyway-probably not in his!!!). The discount village in Bicester near Oxford has a really good selection, and they are all about half price!!!! I’m going to get them cleaned and dyed after the wedding, so I’ll have a pair of evening ‘choos’ ready for xmas parties!!

    I’ve always wanted a pair, so I know I’m going to feel like a princess gliding (note to self…may need to be doing some further walking practice beforehand) down the aisle in 5 weeks today 🙂

  29. I had pictured pink peep toes and tried them on with my dress, didn’t look right in the slightest! It took me soo long to find that perfect balance of too bridey and not bridey enough…So after much searching I ended up with the perfect pair of vintagesque ivory suede beauties from Monsoon. The are called Caroline if you want a peek, sorry link doesn’t seem to working! They seem to be very comfy, but will find out in 99 days time -eek!

  30. Oh my! That video had me squeaking!
    Love the shoes and everyones shoes that have been posted!
    I can’t wait for the shoe shopping! x

  31. I insisted that I had to have a fancy-pants pair of colourful shoes under my dress, however when I was looking last year I couldn’t find ANY in the right shade of pink that were just the right side of quirky for me! Instead, whilst hunting around in a boutique in Brighton, I found a gorgeous pair of very high stilettos, nude/light grey, suede brogue shoe boots with bright pink laces by Paul Smith (Chandra heels is what they’re called I believe). Of course, they had my name written all over them and I can’t wait to wear them in 99 days’ time 😀

  32. Lucy S….. Are Lady Dragons uncomfortable as I am considering getting some for my own wedding…. Found some for 12 quid on EBay, bargain!

  33. It’s a gorgeous nude Kurt Geiger pair of heels for me. So comfy with a cute bow on the front… LOVE! And to make it better, they were in the sale!

    Kelly – it sounds like we may have the same pair 😉

  34. for twelve quid, get them, try them and find out!!! bargainous!

    I have funny feet- really wide but quite short, and I just couldn’t get comfortable wearing them- the straps at the back wouldn’t fit me and I just couldn’t make them work for me. The heel height didn’t feel right either…… but then I’m a weirdo in the shoe department as I sold them on to a friend who will be wearing them for her wedding and she LOVES them and I’ve seen people in forums raving over them….

    good luck whatever you decide xxxx

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