Barney Walters

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Travelling near and far to connect with couples and tell their stories, is such a rewarding experience and probably the reason I have never really wanted to do anything else, (except maybe an RAF pilot when I was a teenager).

On a wedding day, I love absorbing all the social connections that unfold, there are so many stories to be told within one event. As your ‘photographer’, or ‘guest with a camera’, I will be looking around to maximise every last minute of those social connections.

I frequently travel between the UK, Spain and Italy for my couples, as well as other destinations across the world when invited. In 2017 alone, I stepped onboard nearly 80 international flights. Yes, I’m also a travel, airline and miles geek.

But, don’t get me wrong, I love Cornwall too!

Home is always home.

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Barney Walters is based in Menheniot, Cornwall and covers the UK, Spain, Italy, France, Denmark, Bali and Thailand.