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Hey, I’m Josh. You’ll most likely find me blending in amongst all of the mayhem, letting every moment unfold naturally and embracing any spontaneous mishaps along the way, with the aim of presenting you with a collection of the most beautifully-unpredictable, authentic images that I possibly can, whilst having an incredible time alongside you and your guests.

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Information about the services provided by Joshua Gooding Photography are outlined below


I’m very proud to be able to offer the Fine-Art Books by Folio Albums to my couples.


Back Up Equipment

I always have back-up equipment and I shoot on two cameras throughout the day. I also back-up my photographs onto multiple devices which are then stored in at least two physical locations after the day.


Full Day Coverage

I’m completely flexible before the ceremony and I always stay until at least 10.00 pm, which is usually around 1-2 hours after the first dance, however, it can often be hard to leave if I don’t have anywhere to be the following day, so you won’t usually find me rushing off! 


Half Day Coverage

I’m always more than happy to offer smaller, bespoke packages for Mid-week and Winter weddings.


Flexible Hours

I will work entirely around you and your plans.


Online Gallery

Your password protected gallery will allow you to share your photographs with all of your guests, who will be able to view and download them as they wish. 


Photo Printing

You will have the option to order high-quality prints through your online gallery, which are fulfilled by professional printers, however, you and your guests are also more than welcome to print elsewhere.


Pre-Wedding Consultation

I love getting to know all of my couples before the day, whether that be over video calls or in-person over some drinks.


Second Shooter Available

I can offer a few various options if you would like additional coverage from one of my talented peers during the day.


Pre-Wedding Venue Visit

Most of my weddings are scattered around the UK, so I’m not always able to visit the venue before the day, however, I will often try to scout out the venue the day before the wedding if I’m in the area or even early on the day of the wedding itself If I can’t visit beforehand.


Engagement Shoot

Some of my favourite memories have come from the times that I’ve spent exploring new locations with couples during engagement shoots and It’s a great chance to get to know each other before the day, so I’m always happy to offer them as an extra for anyone who is interested.


Willing To Travel

It’s always exciting to see new places and I’ve been lucky enough to shoot weddings in locations such as Bali, Kenya and Australia over recent years, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re planning a destination wedding, as I would love to come with you!

There are no additional travel or accommodation fees for weddings in the UK.


Shoots On Digital

All of my work is shot digitally.


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