Matrimoni all’italiana

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A photograph comes from a country full of colours,
where the light allows creativity to grow,
where our land tells who we are,
photograph are like traditions and flavours that last forever.
I’m Matteo Coltro, a wedding and lifestyle photographer. My job is to tell your stories, stories that are full of emotions, smiles, tears, hands clasping, things that you share with the people you care about. Where memory ends, my pictures start to keep your memories safe.
Matrimoni all’italiana is my point of view on wedding photography, with a contemporary, stylish and genuine style to create everlasting pictures that will keep your story safe.
“I believe that the ultimate ambition for a picture is to end up in a family photo album”. F. Scianna

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Matrimony all’italiana are based in Busto Arsizio, Italy and covers Europe.