Wedding Videography

Rolta Films

We create cinematic wedding films but we also tell stories, your story.

Our films are beautiful, heartfelt, real and most importantly fun as hell!. It is our intention to make you laugh and cry, as we like to blend the emotional with the down right stupid!

We are there to capture you, your personalities, your friends, your family, everything and everyone to create a cinematic, fun, a heartfelt yet true depiction of your story and we’ll make you look bloody good doing it.

So… let’s tell your story

Pricing & Availability

Get in touch with Rolta Films to find out pricing and availability.

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Information about the services provided by Rolta Films are outlined below

Back Up Equipment

We have a range of equipment and have more than we need in case something was to go wrong


We shoot on Sony A7 range camera’s in both 4K and HD

Digital Editing

Our editing process takes between 2 – 3 months


Yep. A DJI Phantom 3 with 15mins of flying time on the day, mainly to capture those grand views of your venue and surroundings

Flexible Hours

Of course, what kind of wedding filmmakers would we be if we didn’t work all hours!?

Full Day Coverage

We only offer Full Day Coverage for a simple reason, how can we tell your story if we’re not there for all of it!?

Highlight Films

Our films range from 6 – 12 minutes. This we kind is the perfect length to keep the emotions constantly flowing for anyone watching. Within this time we are able to include everything important moment detail and person you wish, without you getting bored, so you will come back time and time

Musical Overlay

We use cinematic music from professional composers, that will be picked to compliment the emotions of the day. However if there i

Online Viewing / Sharing

We provide sharable links & files for all social media platforms

Pre-Wedding Consultation

We’d love to meet you before, mainly just to get to know you and for you to get to know us, as you don’t want complete strangers in the corner filming you creepily all day!

Second Shooter

Always bring two cameraman, as there’s always so much happening that in needs two to capture close to all of it.

Venue Visit

Although it isn’t a requirement for us, as we are able to adapt to any situation! but it always helps to visit and it’s always fun!

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