Sarah Ellen Bailey | Creative Wedding Photography

Natural, artistic, creative wedding photography, tailormade for your day.
Our photography is documentary style; unobtrusive and relaxed.

We aim to document the day with as little staging as possible, blending in to capture the unscripted moments, the excitement and emotions in a kinda stealthy ninja-like fashion. We shoot continually, aiming to capture your wedding in its entirety so you can relive it all again down the line.

We’ll also grab some cracking shots of the newlyweds for the wall.

Pricing & Availability

Get in touch with Sarah Ellen Bailey | Creative Wedding Photography to find out pricing and availability.

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Information about the services provided by Sarah Ellen Bailey | Creative Wedding Photography are outlined below

Back Up Equipment

We use the best possible Nikon cameras & lenses we can get out hands on. Current work horses are a Nikon D5 and D4, for the enthusiasts. They’re unbelievable bits of kit and extremely well built which means that they’re unlikely to fail. They’ve been tested by stray glasses of wine and rather creative dancers, and won.

Stuff does break though, it’s mechanical and that’s life, so we have more of everything close by, just in case.

We also carry hairspray, plasters and other useful things.

Engagement Shoot

Every booking includes a complimentary get together with cameras, sometimes around the time that you book, often a little closer to the wedding day. They’re not as scary as you think, we keep things relaxed and aim to have a bit of a laugh as well as a catch up about your wedding plans.

We’re big fans of these. You end up with a set of nice photographs, we get to know you guys a bit better (so we’re less like strangers on the day) and we get to have a bit of a dry run for the couple shots.

Full Day Coverage

We’re with you for whichever portions of the day you’d like us there. Usually we arrive mid way through the preparations so we can cover all aspects. We stay to capture an essence of your evening entertainment too, shooting continually in between so you’re left with a comprehensive record. We do pause/point the cameras elsewhere when people are eating though, no one looks great mid chew.

There’s no time limit so no need to panic if things run late etc, we’re with you until you’re done with us.

Flexible Hours

No two weddings days are the same and we work around your plans. If you’re getting married at dawn, ok. If your celebrations are over a couple of days, that’s cool too.

Half Day Coverage

If you don’t need us to be with you all day that’s fine too. Just chat to us about the details and we’ll adjust the price accordingly.

Online Gallery

All of the ‘useful’ images (eyes open, no silly faces unless particularly hilarious) are individually processed and uploaded to a secure online gallery. You can edit what images you share with friends and family on there, and people can order prints or download directly to save you a job.

You can also use the gallery to organise the images, e.g. pick your favourites, choose the ones you might want in an album. It’s a pretty handy tool as there are usually lots of photos to choose from.

Photo Printing

Your online gallery is hooked up directly to a lovely, quality print lab, so you and your guests can order all the standard sized prints directly.

We also offer a host of bigger prints, canvases, wall art and other stuff at a very reasonable price. Our aim isn’t to make money from our products so you pay pretty much what we pay, with a tiny amount added to cover the cost of any design work.

Pre-Wedding Consultation

We’re here to chat on the phone, over email or even on a video call if that floats your boat. We’d like to meet you at least once before your wedding day to catch up about your plans and talk photography options. Tell us everything we might need to know.

The more we natter, the more we get to know each other too. That means we’re less like strangers with cameras at your wedding and you’re therefore more likely to smile at us and mean it. Stuff like that shows in a photo you know!

Pre-Wedding Venue Visit

We always make sure we’re familiar with your wedding venue(s) before you get married. We want to know where the light will be at what time, where the lovely photo opportunities are etc. That way we can make the very most of each location without wasting any time.

Sometime we visit a venue with the couple so they can share their favourite places and we can have a wander around together, sometimes they leave us to it. There’s no hard and fast rule.

Prices Starting From

£800 for shorter coverage.

Second Shooter Available

We usually come as a pair which allows us to capture a second angle of the day. Think close ups of exchanging rings and gorgeous shots down the aisle. It means we can capture more of what goes on throughout too and as we can literally be in two places at once, we get to spend a bit of the morning preparation time with both of you, if you fancy that.

A second pair of hands also allows us to discreetly do a little of the more creative stuff.

Having two of us isn’t mandatory but very useful.

Shoots on Digital

Wedding Albums

We work with two delicious album providers, Graphistudio & SIM. They offer an enormous range of album styles/sizes so we ask you decide on this before the day. Instead, once you’ve seen your images you can let us know which sort of album you fancy, how many pages, what cover etc and we charge you what it costs from the supplier with a nominal amount added to cover the cost of the design.

All images are supplied print ready, so if you don’t fancy an album through us, you can arrange your own.

Willing to Travel

We travel everywhere and include the cost of this within our prices providing you’re within a 60 mile radius. Beyond that we add mileage.

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