Timeless Glamour.

I love a sleeve me. And no it’s not just because I have a girl crush on Madam Middleton, it’s because they look so deliciously elegant, be it capped, three quarter legnth or full on all-the-way-to-your-wrist.

Beverly Lister’s 2012 collection offers a varied selection of sleeved numbers as well as your perhaps more traditional shoulder baring beauties. Taking influence from the timeless glamour of the 1950’s and 1960’s and using delicate beaded Chantilly lace and Duchesse satin, Beverly’s current selection of pretty is opulent, decadent and seriously red-carpet worthy.

Beverly Lister gowns are all designed, hand-made and hand-finished in England and are stocked throughout the UK.

Perfectly Capped: My two favourites from the collection, the neckline on Bouquet (top) is universally flattering and Juliet (bottom) is ridiculously feminine. Loving the over-sized floral birdcage, so stylish.

Winter Chic: A viable option for a bride getting married in the colder months, the Baltimore comes complete with a removable top piece unveiling a true fairytale princess inspired gown underneath.

A Royal Influence: It is the simplicity of Eliza that for me makes it so covetable, combine with chunky statement pearls and a backcombed ballerina bun for maximum impact.

Lady-like: Not everyone wants to flash a substantial amount of skin come W-day and if that’s you then why not give Martha a whirl, charmingly sophisticated.

And the veil? I die.

Delectably Demure: Beverly used the super sweet sixties style of Doris Day and used fancy floral applique to create Primrose (top left and bottom right) and Sara would look stunning paired with a wow-factor headpiece. And yes, I am strangely attracted to the satin-ribbon-as-bandana look….

Hair – Yulia Newport at Hepburn Collection

Make-up – Mariam Jensen

Are there any of you lovelies that are wearing Beverly Lister for the big day?

Anyone definitely opting for sexy sleeves?

Big If You Are I’m Green Eyed With Envy Love

Charlotte xxx

27 thoughts on “Timeless Glamour.

  1. My dress (a Jenny Packham) has beautiful beaded capped sleeves. I thought i’d be a strapless bride, but as soon as I tried one on I knew I wanted sleeves! 🙂

  2. @Laura C – I have a sneaking suspicion that we have the same wedding dress…for me, that dress blows the strapless gowns out of the water and I can’t wait to wear mine this Sunday!!! Eek!

    We see so much strapless these days that I love to see sleeved gowns. Apart from the fact that they are more flattering to my tiny-rounded-shoulder-and-larger-busted frame, I think everyone expects to see you come up the aisle in a strapless creation, and I like the element of surprise that a sleeve adds!

  3. I always knew I wanted a dress with caps, but it was so hard to find when dress hunting, every bridal shop I went into they only had strapless dresses, it really put me of dress hunting that I designed my own dress in the end.

  4. I love sleeves on dresses too, they can really add some elegance and vintage appeal. Also some churches still insist upon the brides shoulders being covered as she enters the church, sleeves can be prefect if you don’t want a veil.

  5. i love love love sleeves, i also knew i didn’t want strapless but its so hard to find in a lot of bridal shops. I am totally in love with primrose – you could wear her to the shops right?


    mrs r.now x x x

  6. I’d always thought I would definitely be a sleeved bride, but when we started trying on dresses this week, it turns out I suit strapless much more. Who knew? I really wanted sleeves but they turned out quite ageing on me. I’m going to go for strapless after all but I do love a sleeve. A sleeve is so refreshing these days after all the strapless gowns. A bride with a sleeve usually looks chic & so elegant. I’m sure all of you will!

  7. I wanted sleeves (or at least one shoulder) on my dress but ended up with a strapless number which I never thought I’d be able to wear as I’m not exactly blessed on the boobage front, but it looks great and I love it.

  8. I’ve been waiting for a post like this, thanks Charlotte! I am definitely a sleeves girl!
    @Lynette, I also ended up designing my own dress so I could have the sleeves I was after, I can’t wait to wear it or see it start to come together!

  9. I love sleeves! Although strapless is a good look on me, I always knew I wanted a sleeve or strap. I ordered my beautiful dress last weekend, and it has the loveliest lace straps, I’m utterly in love!

  10. Tracy M, I agree with you about the ‘surprise’ of sleeves! Can’t wait to walk up the aisle with my long lace sleeves!! I was delighted when Kate Middleton opted for sleeves because I really hoped it would lead to more choice for brides (despite discovering my vintage beauty two months before the royal wedding :)). I too was put off a couple of early ventures into wedding dress shopping when every single dress I was shown was strapless, despite me saying I really didn’t want a strapless dress! It definitely suits some and the lace bolero look above is a good way of combining both, but for me I just knew it would be full sleeves that made me happy.

  11. I adore my dress – like proper love love love it! I also adore sleeves/straps. I’ve had a little phone conversation with my dress lady and there is the possibility of a little addition to my dress *big cheesy grin*. So now I’m gathering sleeved images…top two – STRAIGHT in the book!

    Rachel xx

  12. I adore my dress – like proper love love love it! I also adore sleeves/straps. I’ve had a little phone conversation with my dress lady and there is the possibility of a little addition to my dress for day and whip it off for night *big cheesy grin*. So now I’m gathering sleeved images…top two – STRAIGHT in the book!

    Rachel xx

  13. So glad to see sleeves making a comeback! I tried on so many strapless dresses and every single one looked awful on me. I was despairing of ever finding anything that looked right. Then I found the one – 50s-style, tea length satin skirt with a lace-covered bodice and….elbow length sleeves! Hurrah 🙂 Absolutely love the Juliet style above – beautiful! xx

  14. @Tracy M: Great minds think… sleeves! (and Jenny Packham).Best wishes for your W-day – you go rock her! I have to wait until 2013, but can’t wait either 🙂

  15. I love sleeves!

    I knew I wanted sleeves more than anything else about the dress! Long or short, slinky or full bodied…. I wanted to cover my arms a bit…

    My dress has a lace cap sleeve ‘shrugette’ so it is removable if I want to (doubtful) and the way it does up at the back (ribbon at the neck) it creates a lovely key hole back detail… SO EXCITED!!! (erm 9 months is seeming AN AGE away… but also, I got engaged 10 months ago, where did that time go??)

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