Too Good To Be True.

Wes and Laura married in April at Farbridge barn, Chichester. The wedding was simply IMMENSE.

If I had been told that this was an inspiration shoot then I would have been one fooled wedding blogger. I am not going to say anymore. Just sit back, drink in these gorgeous details captured exquisitely by navy blur and indulge in Laura’s big day write up.

It Was Right

My dress was from a shop in Horsham called crystal brides. I had seen a dress I loved in a magazine by designer mon cheri. After trying on lots of different dresses in the shop, I just knew that the dress in the magazine was the one! The shop ordered It in for me and I knew it was right straight away.

D.I.Y Accessories

I brought a plain veil online for £10 and sewed tiny seed beads all the way round it edge. Id seen  a similar veil for £180 in the shops! I made my halo beaded head piece myself, saving tons of money again!

Pimped Pumps

My shoes were cute little ballet style shoes from Topshop.

I saw some awesome metal heart bracelets in Primark and Wes stuck the hearts into my shoes!

Loose Curls

I had my hair done at bouffant salon in Worthing, I went for loose curls and the sides pinned up to showcase my halo headband. The gorgeous makeup artist lia boccia came to my house on the wedding day and did all of our make up.

I went for a natural look, but with false eyelashes. I brought a gorgeous MAC lipstick for the day in a pretty pink. (which I preceded to loose on the dance floor. Lol!)

Fab Florist

The fab florist Bo-k did our flowers. I spent a lot of time with Becky deciding on a vintage mis-matched theme, teacups, jam jars and teapots with flowers in.

Becky really understood my vision and seeing all the flowers set up on the day was amazing. We decided to add a pop of quirkiness by adding yellow billy ball flowers. Which I love, they are so fun.

Highstreet Hapiness

The groomsmens suits were from HM and Next. I brought the green bow ties for the men on eBay for £1.99 each! Bargain! The bridesmaids dress’s were from Coast In a gorgeous sage green colour that matched the bow ties.

Colour Pop Socks

My gorgeous Wes wore a grey suit from Next With the matching green bow tie like the other men. I brought him a pocket watch as a gift for the day, which went really well with his suit. All the men got gifts of cuff links with their initials on.

Wes wore some smart brown shoes from Next. All the men wore brightly coloured socks, which looked great in the photos!

The Stuff Of Dreams

Our amazing photographers, christine and xander from navy blur, made our wedding photo dreams come true! We fell in love with them when we had our engagement shoot in 2011 and love their fun style.

We also had the navy blur photo booth on the wedding day which went down a storm. We have been looking at the wedding photos everyday since the wedding, and I think I could look at them over and over forever!


Gary osborne, owner of film house, videoed on the day and edited it beautifully into a 5 minute extravaganza! It  is better then we ever dreamed of and We are so pleased we had it done, it’s such a brilliant reminder of the day.

Cup And Cake

My mum Jayne, a cake decorator made our cake. We designed it together, and it turned out perfect. Bo-k helped make the cake complete with flowers In a tea cup on the top tier and around the base.

I put the cake on a vintage tea trolly that I brought at a car boot sale for £2! We made sure that we took the wheels off so it didn’t roll away.

Our Favourite Songs

Disco fever provided our evening music. Their website was great, it allowed us to hand pick all our music, and guests could request too. A night full of all our favourite songs? Yes please! The dance floor was packed and we had the night of our life!

Can’t Take My Eyes On You

Our first dance had to be a song from our favourite band of all time,  muse, can’t take my eyes off you. It starts off as a slow and the chorus builds into a rocky song. Half way through the song we invited everyone to join us on the dance floor and the party began!

Pick And Mix

I knew from the start that I wanted to create my dream pick and mix sweet buffet which would serve as a favour for our guests. We had great fun picking out all jars from ikea and choosing all our fav sweets from a food wholesales.

I hand stamped little striped sweet bags with our wedding date and guests helped the selfs to sweets to take home.

Bunting, Suitcases, Jars And Hearts

I had a very clear vision of what I wanted the barn to look like. Farbridge Barn is a beautiful place and I added bunting, vintage suitcases, candles in jam jars and fabric hearts as decorations. We had soooo many decorations!

A Personal Day

We really wanted our wedding to scream ‘us’! It contained all the things we loved  and really was a dream come true. It was very personal, with all the DIY elements that I made with my friends and family’s help.

Do A To Do List

I would tell brides to be that it is never too early to do things. Once it’s done, you can tick it off your list! I did a lot of the work way in advance, so the months before the wedding were not stressful at all.

All the hard work had been done a year ago! I got a notebook and made it a month by month to do list, each month up until the wedding. So each month I knew what tasks I was had to do.

Breaking it down month by month meant I never got over whelmed with too much to do at once and it worked out perfectly. Nothing better than ticking off something on your to do list!

Venue – Farbridge barn

Photography – navy blur

Dress – mon cheri

Boutique – crystal brides

Shoes – Topshop

Florals – Bo-k

Hair – bouffant

Make-up – lia boccia

Laura and Wesley Atkinson 21.4.12 from Film House on Vimeo.

Bit good this one innit?

Thanks to Wes and Laura for sharing their big day with us. It is a veritable Smörgåsbord of big day inspiration.


Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

33 thoughts on “Too Good To Be True.

  1. Wow, just beautiful and a girl after my own heart with her ‘to do’ list! A fab example of having a beautiful, unique and personal wedding without bridezilla stresses and buckets of money. Nice one!

  2. That beaded halo is to die for! I LOVE it!
    Gorgeous wedding with fab little touches, especially the bouquets on strings of pearls (pinned it!) and the lovely little thank you bags.
    Oh and bubbles on your way out as Mr & Mrs – just fabulous!
    🙂 xx

  3. Laura Girl, you are just EVERYTHING. Maybe my favourite ever bride on RMW. Gorgeous.

    Massive fan of the hair.

    This wedding just screams JOY xxx

  4. I am joining in the hair love – as a fringe girl myself I love to see a bride rocking one – this is joining on my w-day hair inspriation board right now!

    How cute and smiley are these two – love it! It all looks like pure fun – you just wanna joing in when you see these pics!

    Also love the ‘its-never-too-early’ mantra – mines not until next Sept and I have the venue, dress, makeup artist, stationary and florsit all in place and am loving all the ticks on my list! Have fought hard against all the nay sayers who say its too ealry and am looking forward to the months before being nice and chilled. Its also way more budget friendly getting things in early!

  5. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I love so much about your wedding Laura, but especially the bridesmaids globe bouquets on pearls!
    Your first dance song is inspired, I love, love, love when couples take old style songs, mix it up and put their own stamp on with a contemporary cover version, uber cool guys!

  6. Wow! That video made me cry… beautifully shot memento of the day! All the thoughtful DIY details of the day look incredible

  7. Balls! The video just made me cry at my desk!
    (I walked down the isle to ‘Kissing You’ – Damn you Des’ree!)

    What a beautiful. So cute! Congrats Laura & Wes!

  8. lovely, lovely wedding… however, this is the second post I’ve read where instead of the word bought, you’ve put brought instead… slightly odd. Still love you guys though! 🙂

  9. Eek! as bridesmaid being a part of this day was amazing! so glad my lovely sisters talents have been shown on this blog, she spent months making all the decorations and they all look perfect!

  10. What a gorgeous couple and gorgeous wedding! Love the pic of the women lined up with their tea cups having a catch up! Priceless!

  11. Oh my goodness, I absolutely love this wedding!!!!!!!! I’ve got a ‘virtual moodboard’ on my laptop of pictures of things I like (and/or want to ‘borrow’ for my own day!) and I think I’ve literally copied and pasted the whole post!!!
    I am also getting things done way in advance, as I’m not getting married until next October – but there’s nothing better than ticking something off the to-do-list!
    I love the cake also – we’ve got a kind of tea theme as we got engaged over afternoon tea – my ring was on the top of the tray with the cakes!!
    What an absolutely gorgeous wedding Laura!!!! x

  12. Absolutely gorgeous, so many details I love. And I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s looked at their wedding photos everyday since x

  13. Thank you everyone for your awesome comments!

    We want to go back in time and do it all again!

    Amy- you need to get on – an online mood board that most brides cant live without!

    Philippa- the £10 veil is from def worth having a good look round that website. My sister has brought a bird cage veil from them too.

    Laura and Wes x


    This wedding blew our mind with the amount of detail and organisation involved, everything was hand-made to perfection and this beautiful couple were amazing. They gave us creative control but had made fun little add-ons to include like the awesome ”hitched banner’.. they even missed dessert just to get photos in that PERFECT golden sunshine light.. so dreamy!

    We loved these two from the moment we met them and it couldn’t have been more fun being their wedding photographers!

    Thank you RMW for the awesome feature, we love you!

  15. Hi Laura! Congrats for your wonderful wedding! I also am going to get married soon! I simply loved your ballet shoes! But I can’t find it anywere! Can you tell were I can buy them? On topshop I already saw and I can’t find them there…

  16. Hi Ana, thank you! I brought my shoes about two years ago, so that prob why you can’t find them. Good luck with your search for the perfect shoes!

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