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Until Your Heart I Have Won.

I’m nervous.

I’m aware that quite a few of you have been waiting in anticipation for this post. Admittedly we’ve been a bit mean what with our sneak-peeking here and there but finally it’s here.

Blimey, it’s nerve-racking I tell you.

But here goes…today I’m sharing my big day with you lovely lot.


I’m married!!! I’m actually blinking married. Nearly three months in and it feels like it was yesterday yet eons ago all at the same time. We’ve rifled through the photos over and over again, watched our video a zillion times and I’m currently knee-high in thank you cards.

And you know what… I LOVE being married. An exhilarated thrill runs down the length of my spine every time his ring catches the light or when he introduces me as his wife. I still manage to surprise myself when I call him my husband but I’m so proud…so privileged to be his.

But you want to see the pictures right? So let’s get on with it.

I should probably say at this stage that this wedding report is going to assume a slightly different structure to our usual format. I’ll be taking you through all the nitty-gritty details in a three-part saga over the next three days so stay tuned.

It Started With Iscoyd Park…

Iscoyd Park was the first and only wedding venue I visited.

I say ‘I’ because the boy was at home in bed with man-flu on the day I ventured to Iscoyd with my parents.

And I fell in love.

Head over heels with the place. Because it is perfect and I wish it was mine. The grounds stretch for miles and the place is the size of a small palace yet somehow it feels homely and comforting and warm.

Sweet cottages on the grounds, weathered floorboards, the most delicious entrance you’ve ever seen and centuries of history kickstarted my passion for the place. And then I saw the ceremony room and it was sure as sure a done deal.

Just wait until you see part two folks!

Phil Godsal owns Iscoyd and is one of the most genuine, kindhearted and easy-going gentlemen you could meet. Frankly anyone that opens his gorgeous home to hundreds of strangers every year is a hero in my book.

Within 15 minutes of seeing Iscoyd, we had booked the last available weekend of 2012, secured a registrar and texted friends and family to save the date. I still hadn’t quite got round to telling the boy at this stage which meant that he found out via an over-enthusiastic friend of ours.


He didn’t really mind…

It was Iscoyd Park that inspired the theme for the day. Within minutes of savouring the atmosphere in the entrance hall I was transported back to times past, of jolly hockey sticks, polo players, gentlemen’s clubs, elegance and sophistication. Where girls wore long silk dresses for dinner, champagne saucers in hand clutching the arms of their cigar smoking, tweed-wearing other halves.

It was to be a very English Affair.

French Lace

I’m not going to lie to you.

I found shopping for my wedding dress overwhelming and all-consuming. Granted time was not our side so I really felt the pressure to choose something quickly.

Despite the quick turnaround on the venue front, I really don’t like being rushed. I’m usually pretty definite about my fashion choices, what I like and what I detest but I’d succumbed to a serious case of wedding-dress blindness.

The lovely Emma from The Bridal Room came to my rescue, subtlety directing me towards a Charlotte Balbier number called ‘Martha’ that she knew I’d adore.

I instantly felt like me. It was light and airy – a complete relief from some of the heavier dresses that drowned me – whilst being ultra fitted too. But it was the French lace that the dress was made from that blew me away.

And I was sold.

Shoes, Stoles and Sapphires

Whilst hunting for my dress threw me into a confused tangle of nerves, choosing my accessories was easy as lemon pie.

I coveted a cathedral length veil left untrimmed at the edges; I’ve waxed lyrical about this in several posts so when I found ‘the one’ at The Bridal Room I leapt about the room in glee. I paired this with a pearl hairband also from the same boutique.

My mum bought both my ‘something blue’ – an antique blue sapphire necklace and my ‘something old’ – a Victorian diamond cluster ring both of which I wear daily. My ‘something new’ was a glitzy pair of Jimmy’s that I’d popped on my wedding wish list about a year before the boy proposed.

I know! How organised am I!

Lastly my ‘something borrowed’ was the gorgeous ‘Verity’ Stole from Hope and Grace in antique pink. Perfect for keeping me warm during the outdoors portrait shots; I felt like a glamorous movie star and didn’t want to give it back!

Au Naturale…Well Nearly

Originally I wanted to braid and pin up my unruly mane. If I’m honest this was for the boy more than anything as he’s particularly smitten with my neck.

Who knew…boys are funny creatures aren’t they.

After a couple of trials experimenting with various up-dos, I just felt old and not really…well…me. For some reason I couldn’t channel the ethereal, fairytale look that I’d envisioned in my head. Wearing my bonce down and curly felt right – probably because this is actually what I’ve been blessed with so it seemed daft to fight it. I enlisted the skills of my trusty hairdresser Bex from James Bushell who styled and rollered me to perfection along with the bridesmaids and my mum.

If there’s one woman that I trust implicitly then it’s Jodie. One of the sweetest, most down-to-earth folks you could meet, I’ve been lucky enough to work with this make-up genius on several occasions.

There was no doubt then that Miss Hazlewood would preen, moisturise and prime my face to perfection on my big day. And she did just that…

I wanted a luminous, fresh look suggestive of an English Rose but with special attention paid to my eyes. They’re my best asset after all 😉

To the soundtrack of ‘Allo Darlin’, Jodie worked her magic on me and the girls whilst simultaneously preventing me from zoning out from the mania that was taking place around me.

Now that’s talent!

Men In Blue

Mismatched country squires in keeping with our wider wedding theme was our original brief for the usher’s outfits. We were keen to avoid the traditional morning suits and black tie attire in favour of a more tailored eclectic look.

Think striped blazers, brogues and chinos in a blue through to brown colour spectrum accessorised with bowties and beautiful pocket squares.

Yeah…ummm, it didn’t quite turn out that way.

With Mother Time snapping at our heels we were forced to compromise and the boys ended up wearing identical outfits that we assembled in Zara Men.

That said they still looked gorgeously dapper in navy chinos, herringbone patterned shirts, black velvet bowties and blue blazers complete with suede elbow pads. A pair of brown brogues also from Zara was a subtle nod to the initial ‘country squire’ inspiration.

Flower Fairies

My maids or the flower fairies as I called them on the day consisted of my two sisters – Imogen and Thomasin and the boy’s brother’s girlfriend – Laura. Still with me…?

It was important that my maids embody the spirit of Ralph Lauren girls – sophisticated, glossy and refined. I’d already half-jokingly explained at length to my genius of a photographerAnn (Kathrin Koch) that my wedding photos should look something like an ad campaign. Yes because we’re so model-esque aren’t we?!


Aside from these quixotic demands I was pretty laid back about the girls’ appearance. All I asked was that they looked H.O.T.

Surprisingly it was Tom that took the lead; she hated what she called the conventional bridesmaid dress and schemed and dreamed up a design with a dressmaker she’d known from her fashion days to produce a silky, sexy dress complete with covered buttons and a slit half way up the thigh.

It was important that the girls retained some semblance of individuality so I suggested they each sport a different colour – we chose grey, dirty peach and a very very light smokey green. The silk was purchased from The Clothhouse in London on an immense trip that might have ended up in quaffing copious amounts of champagne in The Wolseley.

Lastly dreamy hydrangea and eucalyptus crowns and ample corsages finished their look off perfectly.

A True Gent

Ste maintained that if my outfit was to be a complete surprise then he was going to have fun playing that game too. It didn’t stop him asking for my mum’s sartorial expertise though.

During the run-up to the wedding, several friends asked if I was nervous about being left out of the loop, but hand on heart I can honestly say that this was one area that I didn’t fret about. Ste has a classic yet modern style of his own (ok I’m biased!) but I knew he’d look gorgeous in whatever he wore.

In the end he opted for a chequered blue three-piece from Tiger of Sweden paired with oxblood Paul Smith brogues topped off with a baby blue shirt also from Tiger, a spotted cashmere pocket square and a crocheted navy bow-tie both from Reiss.

Endearingly, he accessorised his outfit with an antique Victorian pocket watch which he whispered to me later was going to be our family heirloom to pass onto our children and theirs too.

It was clear that my mum had cast her fashionista influence over the boy when he appeared for the evening entertainment in a change of outfit.

Yes you heard me – the groom actually had more outfits than the bride.

Summer’s Last Hurrah

I remember Selina’s slightly bemused look when I shared my vision for the wedding flowers with her…

‘Old garden roses thick with aroma, berries and foliage scooped into old kitchen jugs and trophy cups.’

…but she rose to the task admirably.

Based at Iscoyd, Selina knows the house intimately so it made complete sense to enlist her floral expertise in dressing each room and creating my bouquet, the buttonholes and the girls’ flower accessories.

Instinctively she knew that I was keen to avoid anything that appeared overly engineered or too stylised and produced the most wonderful organic and unruly arrangements. I may have actually squealed at her when she bought my bouquet to me on the morning of my wedding.

I wanted the boys to have masculine buttonholes so Selina pulled together a clutch of thistles,berries, catkins and foliage tied with burnt orange ribbon that I’d found in VV Rouleaux. Being a feather fanatic I couldn’t resist adding some pheasant tail feathers into the mix either.

They looked delicious.

And guess what…that’s not all…

No I have not one, not two but three videos from the immense Shutterbox Films to share with you lovely lot over the next three days too…

Selina also integrated ‘Irish Bells’ into some of her floral masterpieces which was especially poignant for me.

Why you might ask?

Well you’ll have to wait until tomorrow won’t you.

All my love Lolly xxx

Photography by Ann-Kathrin Koch Photography
Author: Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.

68 thoughts on “Until Your Heart I Have Won.

  1. Some observations:

    1. To look that fly in rollers should be illegal
    2. The Balbier.
    3. The tears of joy
    4. The tears of joy
    5. Er… the tears of joy. (I’m aiming for tears at my nuptials – can you tell?)
    6. To be looked at LIKE THAT by the groom, something for us all to aim for n’est ce pas? While we’re coming home a ball of sweat from the gym or losing our rag over the latest DIY project to blow our fuses (invitationgeddon anyone?) we ought to remember what (and who) it’s all about and aim to be viewed with such unequivocal adoration by the one other person who matters most on the day. Thanks for the reminder, Lolly.

  2. I don’t think any of us were in any doubt that we would fall in love with your wedding Lolly, but wow….what a devilishly stylish bunch! You look simply stunning, and those bridesmaids…..floral crowns…and the elegant yet sexy dresses, I want one!! Can’t wait to see more tomorrow. xx p.s. the picture of you walking back up the aisle with Charlotte grinning like a cheshire cat in the background is awesome!

  3. Ooooh Lolly your photographs are stunning – love how seasonal your wedding looked. Very excited as we’ve just booked Lee and Dawn at Shutterbox films for our wedding on 21st December this year. It was actually your wedding film that gave me a lump in my throat the other day when I saw it on the Shutterbox site!



  4. LOVE the bridesmaids’ dresses and flower crowns – dreamy.
    Beautiful bride Lolly!
    And gotta say the groom’s suit is too cute…
    Can’t wait for the next instalment…

  5. OK after sitting speechless for a few minutes here goes….your mum is a stunner…..does Tom sell because I am buying!! So sexy – love the waist split thing…..the men’s check shirts – I’m also buying….the sun, the trees, the confetti, the everything!! And @ Philippa – yes that look! I confess to freezing the video to really take that in. 🙂

  6. Ahhhhh shucks, I’m currently a rather fetching shade of crimson having read all of your lovely comments so thank you dolls.

    @Philippa I’ll now be adding ‘looks fly in rollers’ to my skills on my cv 😉 And yes there were lots and lots and lots of tears – plenty more tomorrow too I promise…

    @Becky Good choice – Lee and Dawn are the absolute best! And it’s lovely to hear that our wedding video touched you – you can imagine that I was in floods when I watched it with the boy. I think I went through an entire box of Kleenex.

    @LynseyB I’ll tell him that – his head will grow so big he won’t be able to get in the front door 😉

  7. Oh I love it! Its all beautiful! Those bridesmaid dresses are awesome and I love your dress – nearly went for something very similar myself by Charlotte Balbier… and I love what you say about how even after 3 months it seems like yesterday and forever. I’ve now been married 7 months (where did the time go?) and I know exactly what you mean

    PS Love the new site all! just back from our belated honeymoon so missed all the new year excitement

  8. I don’t know what I can say that all the lovelies above haven’t already!

    Just that everyone looked amazing, especially you Lolly! I loved how seasonal and natural everything looked, the venue is spectacular – no wonder you just got on it and booked!

    Shutterbox have done such an amazing job with your film – I bet that has you and your family & friends weeping when they watch!

    Eagerly awaiting parts 2 &3 and more tears at my desk!


  9. @Nicola thanks sweet pea and I’m sure I’ll be able to drag the man himself on later to say thanks for all the compliments.

    @Naomi my mum will love you for that! Can you believe she’s 50?! I hope I look that good at her age! And I can certainly ask Tom if she’s considering returning to her fashion roots – she might be a little tied up with the stationery business at the moment…that could possibly be my fault 😉

    @Abi Doesn’t it. The boy and I still look at each other and go ‘cor blimey we’re actually married…!’

  10. Oh Lolly-pop I love you!! I could look at these photos ALL DAY (but I have work to do).

    I already have a crush on your entire family. You girls are absolute stunners – bet your Mum & Dad are so proud of their amazing genes. Great work from you @Tom on the maids fashions. Can you and your pal knock something up for my girls too?

    The flower garlands, the balbier, the venue, the fact that Ste is also looking like total hot stuff as are all his groomsmen.

    <3 <3 <3

    Cant wait to get home and watch the vid (again) xxx

  11. Oh wow… isn’t this just wonderful?! Love all of this… beautifully written. Thank you all for the kind words about the film too… it means so, so much to myself and Dawn 🙂 Bring on part 2… x

  12. Lolly, Lolly, Lolly!!!! I am supposed to be working, but instead I am trying not to get caught as I stare longingly at your gorgeous pics!!!
    As always you are flipping stunning! And I must say Ste is looking pretty darn dapper too.
    In fact – I think the whole blinking bridal/groom party are all stunners!!

    Am L.O.V.I.N.G the bridesmaid’s floral crowns & corsages! Especially ADORE the autumnal colours.
    Oh and you know how I can’t get enough of your gorgeous door wreath (I NEED to get me one of them!)

    Congrats lovely on a beautiful day & HUGE congrats on becoming a MRS!!! Eeeeeeee 😀
    Bring on parts 2 & 3 🙂 xxx

  13. Tomorrow cannot come quick enough. If someone told me this was an ad campaign I’d wouldn’t think twice! The bridesmaids dresses are just beautiful and so are you Lolly,

  14. Oh lovely Lolly, I have been in London all day knowing these photos were being posted imminently, it’s been torture! How dare work get in the way of my wedding viewing pleasure pah!

    Everything has pretty much been said, its just all so beautiful and detailed and thoughtfully planned, and thats just part 1, you are well and truly spoiling us!! But most of all what I love about these photos is how obviously in love you guys are, it radiates off even my tiny little iPhone screen in the horrible light of a cramped train!

    Congratulations!!! Xxxx

  15. Elegant, stylish and simply so damn sweet – I of course wouldn’t have expected anything other from your day, it’s so you and I’ve only met you once but your style from everything you post has shone through in abundance here! You know I’m a HUGE fan of Ann’s work too and she didn’t let us down one bit with this beauty – Ralph eat your heart out I say! And your video just gives me goosebumps, I may have watched it 3 times and even made the boy view it too! Part 2 and 3 please…. ♥♥♥

  16. Lolly… I bow down to thee. This is just beautiful. Loooooooove the BMs dresses, your frock, your eyelashes look immense and the Choos- swoooooon. Looking forward to pts II and III- epic! xx

  17. Finally the day is here and you share your precious day with us! But let me tell you, you needn’t have worried!!! You are as gorgeous as I expected you to be (as is your husband by the way) and the whole affair shows so much love and beauty. I absolutely love the way Ste looks at you and you look so happy! I can’t wait for the next two instalments and thank you so much for sharing!
    Did I mention that you looked gorgeous? I’d kill for that complexion!
    Love, Anja

  18. Aww just watched the video and it made me cry within the first minute! Happy now? It’s gorgeous, and that seems to be the word of the day!

  19. What a beautiful day/venue/dress/bride! Plus is that a josef frank print chair in the box photo??! This wedding has everything!

  20. It’s not often you look at a wedding and think, bloomin’ eck how gorgeous is the mother and father of the bride??

    Of course, Lolly and Ste stole the show, perfectly accessorised with stunning bridesmaids, flowers and venue.

  21. Lolly and Ste the look of love so thrilled to finally see photos of your epic day. The boy and the girl did good. Can’t wait for part 2. Love Karen xx

  22. Loving all your lovely and heartfelt comments girls – thank you so much it means the world to me!

    @Karen how amaze is that stole! I did do a whole lotta a bit of swishing and pouting in it. And I was actually really pleased with how well those boys scrubbed up – I mean how many weddings have a pair of identical twins in their wedding party eh?

    @Becca you NEED a wreath! And hell why not throw a few corsages and floral headbands in there too! Thanks for all your lovely thoughts doll x

    @Lisa bless you! Ralph eat your heart out shall be our mantra from now on.

    @Teresa I think you may very well have made my parents’ day!

  23. Awww wow! It really has been worth the wait and that’s just part one! You are so truly stunning and you look so happy and loved up! It really is a glamourfest of a day and I cannot wait to see the rest!!!
    Totally clapped eyes on those shoes along the aisle and went “The O’Shea!” and then it was confirmed with that lovely smile on the way back down!

    I am seriously excited about the next parts and wish you both all the love and happiness in the world! Being married really is awesome! I can’t believe it is nearly our first anniversary…it flies!

  24. @Becca – shall we also just make ourselves some flower crowns for day to day activities?

    @Lolly – also… Irish bells? I love a sentimental flower choice… Can’t wait for the tale! xx

  25. WOW. WOW WOW. You, The Groom, your bridesmaids, the ushers, venue, everything…… Utterly stunning. The video got me, tears within seconds. Cant wait to see more!! My big day is in september-you and the rest of the team @RMW are my saviour!! Daily Inspiration!! xxx

  26. B-E-A-U-TIFUl. All of it is stunning! I’m not sure what to add without repeating everything that everyone has already said – but I do second it all! Just gorgeous!!

    Can’t wait for instalments 2&3.

    Congratulations 🙂 xx

  27. Wow, your photos are utterly gorgeous! It’s making my stomach flip into knots looking at them as I am getting married there in August! Such a beautiful place.

  28. What a gorgeous wedding, really pretty bride….’groom too’ says my wife. Love the photos too, great work by Ann-Kathrin. Would love to see more from the day.

  29. What a lovely way to start a day!

    After a day of being developed (teaching term! Basically an inset day of boredom!) I didn’t have time to check in yesterday.

    However what a way to start my day! Lolly you look ruddy delightful, your maids look like they’ve stepped off a catwalk! Oh and if you don’t mind me saying your hubby is a bit of alright isn’t he! What a bunch of lookers your kids will be! Right now stop messing about and show us the rest… PLEASEEEEE!!!!!!

  30. Lolly! What a beautiful day. I’m so pleased for you. I got married last year and also choose the same Jimmy’s as you! They are amazing aren’t they? I’m so pleased it all went well for you. Many Congratulations. From Mrs Jenkins-Knight! x

  31. Wow!!!!! what beautiful wedding I so cannot wait to see part two…such a gorgeous bride and groom and such hart felt words..I’m so happy for you both xx

  32. Lolly

    I realise I am a little late to the party here as this was posted sometime ago, but better late than never….

    What an amazing wedding, you looked absolutely fabulous, as did the birdesmaids and the groom.

    May I ask what foundation and lip products you used, as they are exactly what I am after? I had a make-up trial yesterday and it was a little disasterous, the natural look was not quite achieved!

  33. @Sam ahhhh thanks so much lovely! I’m not exactly sure which products were used on my face as I left myself in the capable hands of my make-up artist Jodie Hazlewood who runs Make-up By Jodie. It might be worth asking her for advice…sorry I can’t be of more help.

  34. Hi Lolly, Amazing, beautiful, inspirational wedding – thank you for sharing with us all. This might seem like a strange question, but where is your Mum’s dress from? She looked fantastic and my Mum is desperate for some inspiration! I hope you don’t mind me asking. Thank you, Claire

    1. Hi Claire – I absolutely don’t mind you asking at all. It was a Vivienne Westwood number but I don’t think they’ll have it in stock any more as my big day was nearly three years ago now. That said they do often create similar looking dresses year on year so it’s worth a look anyway. Hope your mum finds what she’s looking for.

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