Urban With A Soft Vintage Twist.

There is nothing better than seeing a Bride and Groom completely in love and having the greatest big day ever. Second in line to that is a bride and groom who put together all of the ideas, textures and colours they adore to create their very own dreamy theme.

For Laura and Dan it was creating a soft and feminine vintage-esque aesthetic amongst a gritty urban back drop, frills and froth set against exposed brick and concrete floors.

A perfect example of RMW’s W-day “rough luxe” if you will.

And let me tell you folks, this pair are gorgeous. As RMW real bride Karen would say “they are HOT… like FIRE!”.

Indeed. And beautifully captured by Shell De Mar.

A Dress From Overseas

The story of my dress is a strange, unusual one! All I knew is that I didn’t want a full length dress, because of the location it didn’t seem right but I also wanted to be completely comfortable and able to dance my socks off! I tried on a few but nothing was quite right, and lots of shops didn’t have the right style. I also felt a bit worried about spending so much money on a dress, I struggled to get my head around that.

When searching for ‘tea-length wedding dress’ online, the same image kept popping up – and I absolutely loved it. I couldn’t find a name or supplier, but could order it from China. This was a big gamble and something I still can’t believe I did! But on the scale of a wedding, £100 (including shipping!) wasn’t much to loose if it wasn’t any good.

It arrived within a couple of weeks, and turned out 50% OK – the top and back was beautiful but the skirt was completely wonky and had far too much fabric in the back, making my bum look outrageously large!

I went to a local dressmaker who I had previously only used for alterations, and after discussing with her and buying some new fabric, she completely rebuilt the skirt for me. It cost less than £300 in total and I couldn’t have loved it more!

Lovely Lemon

I’m not very good with shoes full stop – give me bare feet any day! Therefore I had great trouble finding the right shoes, mainly because so many out there at the moment have enormous heels. To make it even trickier, I had my heart set on a peeptoe, in turquoise or coral.

While the colours were everywhere in the shops, the heel height, peep toe and colour never quite combined in the right way! Around the time we picked lemon yellow for the boy’s ties and hankies, I found a sweet pair of lemon pantent peeptoes in New Look, and wore those for the ceremony and photos, then changed into some slightly more comfortable mushroom low stilettos from Debenhams for the evening.

I knew I didn’t want a veil, I felt it was too fussy and traditional for the style we were going for overall, plus I didn’t want to cover my hair up. However, I did want something to add interest and so went for a natural-looking satin flower I found on eBay.

 I wanted some earrings that would be a bit unusual, as I decided not to wear much else jewellery. I found some green hearts on Etsy that complemented my engagement ring which is a turquoise opal from the 1930’s. The designer handmade to the size I wanted, and I absolutely love them!

The First Purchase

Our bridesmaids dresses were from Monsoon, I saw them quite early on and went for it without really knowing how everything else was going to look/tie in yet. I loved the vintage look of the lace and detailing, and it suited all the girls who are of varying height and shapes!

The boys all wore the same suits, from Moss. We bought them as Dan preferred them to any hire ones he tried and they ended up being almost the same price anyway. We went for grey as it suited the theme well – black would have been too formal.

Soft And Natural

My hairdresser let me down two weeks before the wedding, and so Matthew at Scarlet and Hollywood stepped in and he and his assistant did all four bridesmaids, my mum and me. I was a bit worried about not having my hair loose but felt that I should do something different with it on such a special day, plus it’s a bit long and would have covered up the sweetheart neckline of my dress had it been down. I went for a soft side ponytail and I think the flower made it look quite sweet. 

I did my own make-up, having sought out the best coverage/longest lasting foundation out there as I felt that was most important for photos (I ended up with Even Better by Clinique). I kept the look quite soft and natural to match my dress and hair.

Relaxed Blooms

Our flowers were beautifully put together by Wichet at Aflorum. We wanted the flowers to be really relaxed and natural. We spent about 6 months collecting Victorian poison bottles and other vintage glass jars, then realised we were going to spend a fortune to have anywhere near enough. We asked friends and family to help collect jars for us, as we needed 60 in total, and we decorated the less interesting ones with string. All the different heights and sizes worked really well, the tables looked brilliant.

I left the detail of the bouquets completely up to Wichet, as long as they were quite casual looking with the odd daisy here or there I wasn’t too fussy. It was neat and understated, just perfect!

My Childhood Sweetheart

Dan wore the same as the best man/ushers. He is an incredibly casual person (we’re both designers and so jeans/t-shirts are the daily uniform!), and so I love any opportunity to see him dressed up smart. We’ve been together since we were 15, and we’ve watched each other grow into adults. I’ve never loved him more as I saw him waiting there for me, and the nervous, silly excitement between us as we sat at the beginning of the ceremony was one of my favourite moments of the day.

The One

Dan is a keen photographer himself, and so it was his job to find us the perfect person to photograph our day. As designers, getting the right person to understand and further enhance the feel of our wedding in the pictures was a top priority and we wanted a natural, reportage style rather than a simple wedding photographer. As soon as we met Shell De Mar we knew she was the one for us!

Her enthusiasm for people in love and weddings makes her an incredibly easy person to work with, her portfolio is so bright and vibrant and her ability to tell a story in a soft, intimate way is enviable. Our photos are beautiful! Shella captured the urban backdrop and all the details perfectly.

The Cake Buffet

Our beautiful pal (and bridesmaid) Emma is not only a brilliant friend and copywriter extraordinaire, but also makes the best cakes in the world. She’s been feeding our cake addiction for years and when the question of wedding cake came up, there just wasn’t a doubt in our minds she was the girl for the job. Now, we REALLY love cake. So we had to have tonnes of it. We went for a triple tier Victoria sponge as our main cake, then both smaller chocolate and coffee and walnut ones, and finally teeny lemon fairy cakes decorated in coloured buttercream to match our scheme.

We wanted a casual, rustic feel to the ‘cake buffet’ and bought various stands/boxes/plates in antique and junk shops. The old ‘Cakeoma’ box was a fantastic find and my dad made a perfectly fitting lid which we covered in fabric, to act as a base, making the main cake stand even taller.

All Night Dancing

We had a DJ for the evening, who was recommended to us by the venue. He did the most fantastic job. We asked for him to play some songs supplied to us by guests in their RSVPs, but he did the rest and judged the crowd perfectly – there wasn’t a quiet moment on the dance floor!

If You’ve Got My Back

Our first dance was to If Ever I Stray by Frank Turner. We are massive fans of all his music and the decision began with the artist rather than the song. If Ever I Stray is a song about how life isn’t always easy, but with a few simple, vital ingredients (namely good friendship and the ability to give each other a reality-check when needed), it is possible to overcome anything. The last line in the song is “If you’ve got my back, I’ll go on”. That pretty much sums it up – it’s our anthem. 

The Gift Of Music

I think the favours were the first thing we decided on and got to work to produce. We both love music and while we don’t always necessarily agree on what’s ‘good’ music, there’s loads of tracks we have enjoyed listening to together over the last 14 years. We decided to put a compilation together to share with our family and friends. 

Choosing the tracks took some time! Then, we typeset the names for the back, and a quote for the front and got big rubber stamps made. We stamped some brown kraft CD wallets, got the CDs printed and tied the packet up with string and a little tag stamped with ‘thank you’.

Our Own Style

Where to start with decor! Our vision was always to have a soft vintage twist to the urban backdrop and really play with soft and pretty elements versus the concrete floor, exposed bricks and beams. We made white tissue paper pom poms to hang from the giant beams, which worked really well to soften the surroundings. Then we had bunting, chalk signs, a briefcase of postcards for our guestbook, to be written and pegged up on a string, a photobooth with silly masks and handmade card props, plus lots of smaller details (that took over my life for months!).

Fun And Friendship

The best advice I can give to any bride planning a wedding is to trust your instincts and follow your heart. Also, don’t ask too many people their advice unless you’re prepared to be very confused! I think we baffled everyone with our ideas and I think a large portion of the guests weren’t sure what to expect on the day…

I admit a wedding in Kings Cross doesn’t sound too glam! We never wanted a formal wedding, and from the very beginning we knew the focus had to be based around the fun and friendship we share – until it all came together in the city we love so much, even I had doubts at times that we were headed the right way, but it couldn’t have been more perfect, or better suited to us. 

Ceremony Venue – Marylebone Town Hall

Reception Venue – 6 St Chads Place

Brides Shoes – New Look

Brides Earrings – Etsy

Maids Dresses – Monsoon

Hairdresser – Scarlett and Hollywood

Florist – Aflorum

Photography – Shell De Mar

I really don’t know where to start with all the things I love about this wedding. The sorbet colour scheme perhaps? the suit-everyone maids gowns? the genius cake buffet table?

And as immense as all of the portraits are I can’t help but love the one with the Barclays bicycle the most…..so cute it hurts.

Big Hot Like Fire Love

Charlotte xxx

P.S No clue who Nigel is but he’s one lucky guy eh?

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

29 thoughts on “Urban With A Soft Vintage Twist.

  1. Oh oh oh! I think i love everything about this wedding, the dress, the peep toe shoes, gorgeous girly dresses and all round fun and friendly day! How amazing! If my day can be just a little of this then I’ll be happy! Though we never get to see the dress in full – its look lovely and is nice to see a less traditional/long dress… something I struggled with myself! Love it!

  2. Holy sh*t it’s like ONE MIND! Well, almost – that is exactly what i’m doing for my favours and also the whole little vase/flowers for the tables. I love love all the cake and once again have long table envy. The tiny geisha pen-toppers are my faves.

    Laura and Dad are a gorgeous couple. Laura is pure peaches and cream english rose, I love the soft side pony. I do enjoy a good side sweeping hair-do. Who does Dan look like? Dan looks like someone!

    Venue is cool as candy although the giant train would strike terror in my heart, it’s like the episode of Corrie where the tram came flying off it’s tracks into Dev’s Corner Shop.

    Absolutely HOT LIKE FIRE!! xxx

  3. This is fab! Love the edgy venue and all the soft decor details.

    My favourite photo is of bride and groom Laura and Dan with all the twinkly lights behind – looks amazing!

    Nice use of the Karen-ism in the intro too Charlotte! x

  4. @Karen – Al is in charge of our favours and this is what we’re doing too! He’s designed the cases and front of the CD and tells me he’s got a very reasonable quote for the printing…I’ll have to find out where from and give you the details!

    Plan is to have a page on wedsite which explains why we chose each song included… xxx

  5. “To make it even trickier, I had my heart set on a peeptoe, in turquoise or coral… While the colours were everywhere in the shops, the heel height, peep toe and colour never quite combined in the right way!”

    Welcome to my world right now.

    I honestly don’t know where to start with pinning this wedding. SO much to swipe!! Looks fabulous, Laura.

  6. @Philippa have you tried looking at Rainbow Club shoes? They can be dyed to loads of different colours if there’s a style you like?

    I think both John Lewis and Coast sell the range and both offer the dyeing service (I think!). xxx

  7. Aww lovely, congrats! I agree with you about the peeptoe/heeled shoes thing. I need a flat or extremely low shoe as my other half is shorter than me (also for comfort reasons!) but I can not find a good looking pair of peep toes anywhere. All the heels are huge and the flat versions aren’t nice. I’ve bought several pairs and changed my mind – going shopping after work tonight to try and find something – fingers crossed! xxx

  8. STOP! Stop it right now! I cannot take all this beautifulness! so so so gorgeous. What a wonderful looking personal day and great photography! Congratulations 🙂

  9. I am officially in LOVE with the bridesmaid dresses!!


    And look at the little man breakdancing. Bless.

    @Karen I too have long table envy. I also have escort card and popcorn box envy too.

    @Kitty that’s my favourite picture too. You can literally feel the love flowing from the groom.

    I also quite fancy using a mini stool as a cake stand.

    *goes off to look on ebay*

  10. @Kitten – Great shout on the shoes, I think our Kate got the same as you didnt she but dyed them bright yellow! Let me know about the cases.

    @Laura – I want a Nigel! ha.

    @Shella – more pics? Oh you spoil us. Such a treat.

    @Lauren – I can almost hear the creative cogs in your head. Milkmaid chic.

  11. @Karen – Dan looks like the actor in the The Fantastic Four, Ioan Griffiths! I think so anyway.

    @Lauren – yep, I clocked the breakdancing toddler too!

    And yay redheads! She was damn right not to cover that gorgeous hair.

    Would have liked to see that amazing sounding ring though..

  12. Laura… I MUST know the exact pantone ref/cmyk percentages of your cake buffet sign please.

    @Kitty, thanks, I’ve had a peek at Rainbow Club, but I really want sub-2″ wedge peeptoes, preferably in soft leather, so I’m really struggling! Have just bought some Alfani shoes from Ebay USA, so I’ll see how that goes! (and how stung I’m going to get on import tax!)

  13. Oh my! Another ruddy amazing venue! RMW you really are spoiling us this week!!
    Where to start?!!! I love everything about this wedding! the gorgeous dresses, the cute confetti bags, the awesome cake table (@Lauren – I know! a stool for a cake stand!), the cute favours, the fab boxes of popcorn & not forgetting the amazing photography!!!

    yup, I’m a little bit in love with this wedding! 🙂

    oh & I nearly forgot….think I want to steal the little breakdancer for my wedding! he rocks! 😉

  14. Amazing wedding, beautiful english glowing bride in all the tea party vintage – onto Shella’s page to see even more!
    I must know, who did all the stationary? All the details are just gorgeous! x

  15. This was a great wedding . Beautiful venues and food. The atmosphere was perfect and the day was memorable> Lots of hard work paid off!

  16. @Laura – gorgeous wedding, congratulations. Can I ask you how you did your photo booth, did you just set up a digital camera? I can’t decide how to do mine or to have one at all. Thanks x

  17. @Sam B – any luck with the shoe shopping?! I hope so, it’s frustrating isn’t it.

    @Peridot Here’s a not so great shot of the ring, you get the idea! https://instagram.com/p/OH3yfAo5Sn/

    @Philippa – absolutely – C53, M0, Y19, K0!

    @Lauren – I gave the teeny stool to the local charity shop, if I’d have known it would have been yours 🙂

    @Gabi – we are designers so we did all the design of everything ourselves. I realised we didn’t documented our invites anywhere, here is the invite and rsvp card.

    @Becky Yes we did, it was pretty makeshift really! I too wondered if it was worth the hassle but people LOVED it. It was very much worth it. We rigged up some fabric as a backdrop and put a camera on a stand and let people take the shots for each other. Shella took a few on her camera to get everyone going, but then people went for it. Here’s the result! https://tinyurl.com/d8bk9hr

    @Jenny Let’s do it again next year! 🙂

  18. This is one cool wedding Charlotte, congratulations! Really love the clouds and would love to know where you got them from, if anyone else know’s I’d really appreciate if you could drop me a line x

  19. I just couldn’t go away your website before suggesting that I really enjoyed the standard information an individual supply in your guests? Is gonna be back often in order to check up on new posts

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