Valley Of the Dolls – The Wrap Film

Well it wouldn’t be a Rock My Wedding shoot without a behind the scenes video now would it?

And who did we decide would be the perfect man for the job? Rupert Ward-Lewis.

Rupert evoked such a positive reaction to the lovely Lizzie’s wedding a few months back, he was the first person we thought of. Based in Bristol he was an absolute trooper on the day, despite having a horrible cold and we are literally bursting at the seams to get on and show you the film he captured!

But before we do, here’s what he had to say about the shoot and spending the day with Julia Boggio and the Rock My Wedding team…

I loved working on this project, and to finally get to hang out and work with the gorgeous Rock My Wedding team was so much fun. They seemed a little star struck 😉 to be working with me but after a laugh and a smile they realised that I was human after all…!

To work with Julia was just fantastic, and the finished product looks out of this world. All the effort and time that the whole team put in to pull this project off was amazing and many thanks to Rock My Wedding and Julia Boggio for letting me capture it. To make films like this is a success, the day needs to be fun, and fun we certainly had!

Oh and as it seems to be such a highlight for all of you(!)… you get to hear Charlotte and I talk again in this one 😉

Make it Large and turn it up LOUD lovelies!

Rupert provides you with a bespoke film making service, from the increasingly popular ‘ save the date’, to your full cinematic wedding day film. He is a freelance camera man, and as well as producing beautiful wedding films, he works for the BBC and runs a creative agency in Bristol. He’s a busy chap! Rupert is also working internationally and has bookings in the US, Turkey and Amsterdam this year.

” Shooting weddings is my favourite work.. I love to capture amazing moments and provide a really special service, that the couple can cherish forever..” – Check him out ladies!

I’d like to Thank…

Once again, we’d like to say a massive thank you to all the suppliers involved in the shoot – it was a mammoth task, but we reckon it was just about worth it, not only to work with the legend that is Julia Boggio and her team, but all the amazing people we had the pleasure of working with both on the day and in the run up to the shoot. Without each and every one of you the shoot would not have been possible and we would like to thank you all, on behalf of our readers too for helping us make the magic pretty 🙂

Here’s what Julia had to say about the Day…

I really enjoyed working with the Rock My Wedding. I’ve admired their blog for a while and thought it would be fun to do something together. And I wasn’t wrong. They were so professional in the way they presented concepts to me and then organised the shoot. I was mightily impressed. My favourite of the three dollies was definitely pop because it’s so up my street. But that being said, it was fun to shoot all of the looks. I always enjoy opportunities to shoot well-planned fashion stories like this one. I have to say a big thank you to Nonsuch Mansion as well for allowing us into their amazing venue for the day. The location was absolutely perfect for what we wanted to achieve and I think Nonsuch is a hidden gem in south London. Also, I was glad to be able to work with both Robbie Honey, who I’ve known for a while, and Russell from Blackburn Bridal, who I met while filming for Wedding TV last year. I’m already looking forward to our next shoot together!

Here’s the Hall of Fame:

Photographer – Julia Boggio

Videographer – Rupert Ward-Lewis

Hair – Cassandra Rizutto at Love Your Hair

The Dolls feature was fantastic! I am so happy with the images and I’ve had such great compliments on it!
I love to create bespoke styles for her brides on their wedding days. My Job starts from the first day of contact to arranging everything in between from hair trials, on the day timetables to dressing a bride and being there right up until the she is ready to walk down the isle. For me its all about taking someone’s vision idea and bringing that idea to life and giving a bride her dream look, its all about that Smile that says its just what I wanted – “Thank you”.

Make-up – Katy Messer at Make-up By Katy

Katy has been in the make up industry for over 15 years and has travelled worldwide as an International make-up artist and trainer until deciding to focus solely on bridal makeup in 2010.
Her versatile artistry style has her travelling up and down the UK and throughout Europe creating timeless looks for brides and their parties. We think she totally rocked the Dollies!

Venue – Non Such Mansion

NonSuch Mansion was such a beautiful venue, the main rooms have totally different looks, my favourite being one we didn’t actually use with amazing Osbourne and Little Monkey wallpaper. Sounds odd but it was stunning. Definitely check them out if you’re looking for a Surrey/South London venue.

Bouquets – Robbie Honey

Diamante Jewellery – Glitzy Secrets

A treasure trove of affordable vintage-inspired jewellery and headpieces, Glitzy Secrets collection takes inspiration from past eras, including the Roaring Twenties and 1940s Hollywood. From dramatic necklaces to crystal encrusted cuffs, Art Deco style clips to bejeweled side tiaras, Glitzy Secrets is perfect for the bride who adores the romance and timeless glamour of bygone years.

Large Pink Flower, Daisy Chain Headpiece, scrabble rings and badges (amongst other things) – Rock N Rose

ROCK ‘N ROSE is a British vintage-inspired women’s jewellery and headwear brand. Sisters Jessica Lathan and Emily Jane Lathan are the creative force behind Rock ‘N Rose. Each piece is designed, sourced, produced or reworked by hand in-house at RNR HQ and all in very limited numbers.

Things that inspire us: the years we missed, the hollywood era, romance, magpies and a good cup of tea.

All Headpieces – William Chambers

Gowns – Ugo Zaldi, Claire Pettibone and Jenny Packham all from Blackburn Bridal Couture

Dress – Morgan Davies at Morgan Davies Bridal

Short Veil – Morgan Davies Bridal

Bridesmaids Gown – Twobirds

Twobirds has created the dream Bridesmaid dress – over 15 styles, 19 colours and allone dress. It’s simple, bridesmaids can wrap it in any of the styles, flatteringtheir own figures enabling them to rock their individual tastes while enabling brides to have the consistency they seek for the bridal party.

The dress has such a wonderful feel and is so flattering girls just want to wear it again and again after
the wedding. Founded by Ariane Goldman who created the dress for her own wedding in 2007, the twobirds family has grown and now has stores in London, New York, LA,Toronto and Sydney. All of the ‘birds’ around the world are incredibly passionate about the company and dresses and came to the company either as brides or bridesmaids themselves.

Twobirds UK have their gorgeous sanctuary of a boutique nestled in Notting Hill where they welcome bridal parties by appointment and stock both the classic and rosette collections.

Shoes – Rachel Simpson

Rock My Wedding Mug – Priceless!

Styling – Rock My Wedding

*For individual items, please revisit each of the Dolly Posts.

Did you like it lovelies? (Because we loved it!)

Yours Truly,


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

26 thoughts on “Valley Of the Dolls – The Wrap Film

  1. Christ on a bike, that looked fun!
    Rebecca I am loving your lipstick lady.

    Julia – all the best with Baba Boggio. You have really gone out with a bang. Looking forward your return already. I love your shots!

  2. Seriously cool and massively amazing!

    You all should give yourselves a big pat on the back. Actually just pour yourselves a drink and chill out tonight, bask in the glory, because it is Friday and this week has literally been THE BEST (yet! 😉 ) on RMW. And you did it ALL!!!!!!! I’m a little in awe of how talented you guys are. And also incredibly thankful that you put this much effort in to making it so fab! It really has been such a great week and I genuinely feel very inspired! In fact today my hair is in a minnie mouse esque bun and I am totally rocking some green eyeshadow! Hehe!


  3. Ooo, I loves a good wrap film I do 😉

    Team RMW I salute thee, you guys did an awesome job with Valley of the Dolls. Tres inspirational and prrreedddyyyyy!


    PS. Rebecca, pls can I have your earrings?
    PPS. Adam, pls can I have your record collection?

  4. Why, oh why, do I get all hot eyed when I watch his videos?!

    I am now even more excited to be having Rupert record our wedding in January 2012. We spotted him as a result of a previous RMW article and fell in love with every one of his videos.

    Love the new website, love that I want to be at every single wedding on the site (even though I don’t know them!), and love that we’ll be getting the chance to capture our special day in the same way.

  5. Absolutely loved working with everyone on this shoot.

    The RMW team are one of a kind and so inspiring.

    It was an honour to be photographed by Julia, and all brides to be should hunt her down!

    If I could, I would hire Katy (make – up) and Cassandra (hair) to make me look pretty every day.

    And to finish off… if it didn’t make me look crazy(ish) I would definitely wear the feather dress all day everyday… even in when asleep…

    Chara xx (aka Dolly Pop)

  6. Hi girls!

    Oooh I do get a bit nervous when it’s my own mug on these pages! Eeek!

    Mahj – the earrings were from Topshop by Orelia – they have the cutest things 🙂
    Naomi – my lippie was a gift from Charlotte 🙂 Mac – I’ll get the colour later, I have to say though, I looked a right mess that day, we went to bed at well past midnight the night before and were up before 6! With all the running about make-up was the last thing to get touched up!

    Hope you all like the video … Rupert is so much fun to work with.


  7. Well done all, the video looks fab! I haven’t been around to comment much on the dolly pages this week as I’ve been in hospital but these have been a great distraction! I loved them all! xx

  8. Love it ladies! Video has brightened my Friday no end. In fact the whole darn shoot has brightened my entire week! xx

    [Dolly Pop all the way for me, SO what I am desperately trying to pull together for my own day, and only two weeks to go – giant eeeeeeek!] x

  9. Angela – do hope you are feeling better and that Dolly has cheered you up a bit 😉

    Thirza! Giant eeeeek right back at ‘ya, have a great day and make sure you send in your Dolly Pop ideas to us!

    Charlotte xxx

  10. Great video loved the bit at the end with the three of you looked lots of fun.

    Julia is so good I would love to have a studio session with her, her pin up shots are so brilliant.

    loved all the colours of the dolly styles and the love heart background looks amazing

    a really fun shoot

    xxx p.s love the mug!

  11. Awesome job. The photos, the styling, the film – brilliant. I suspect I am Dolly Rock at heart but love all the looks. Stunning work guys!


  12. Love it, love it, love it! This week has been fab-and the wrap video tops it off spectacularly 

    Dolly week has been brill-so many great ideas!

    If you guys ever decide to go into wedding planning/styling etc could you please put me at the top of your list as I would so love some of your awesome wedding inspiration right now!!

    You all deserve a very big pat on the back-and an ever bigger glass of chilled wine this evening 

    RMW rocks…xx

  13. Like Susanne, we booked Rupert after seeing Lizzie’s beautiful wedding film on RMW. Also really excited to have our very own film shot by him. We found our photographer through RMW too – now I just need with my make up artist! 13th August anyone? 🙂

    Lovely end to the week. Have a lovely weekend! xx

  14. I have loved this week and the video is awesome.

    I think we all love seeing your ‘mugs’ on here!

    You guys are great! i love weddings (this week)

    oh and my favourite thing this week: Dolly Pop Flowers – i have printed them off and put them in my book! I love THEM! And I loved the dolly pop dress (number 1) and the shoes and the bracelet… AND THE HAIR….

  15. Great shoots this week and lovely to see it on film, you’ve done yourselves very proud, loved all the styling etc, must have been amazing to shoot with J Boggio, I love her work and would love to have a shoot with her one day 🙂

    I wasn’t sure which was going to be my favourite Dolly but I think it has to be Dolly Pop! Brilliant

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone and look forward to next week’s RMW x

  16. Awww, well done girls and Adam, you should all be very proud!! The skys the limit for you guys at the moment and you seem to be grasping the opportunities with both hands!!! I reckon you’ll be on out TV screens in no time, the trinny and susanne type gurus of the wedding world!

    Love it! x

  17. Thanks lovelies – your feedback is really appreciated!

    Shell – you will be top of the list pet!

    Laura – where are you based?

    Lady Ha Ha ( love that name – makes me laugh every time!) you so have to have that bouquet!!!!

    Inga – Julia does Vintage Boudoir and will make you look FABULOUS.

    Gemzykate – Bless you, Which one would Adam be….. Trinny or Suzannah?


    Charlotte xxx

  18. The video was great, looks like you had great fun. i’m probably going to sound like a right weirdo but you have a really nice voice Rebecca, I wasn’t expecting the accent but you sound so friendly! (weirdo comments over now)

    Your models were fab- Dolly Pop is so photogenic, Dolly daydream has the most amazing figure, and Dolly Rock is just so god darn pretty! Jealous!

    I love love love the daisy chain head piece- my friend (although not engaged yet she’s not far off) suits flower garlands so much that I am trying to convince her to do this look for her wedding. She’s not convinced yet as the only example I had was an old fluorescent flower garland from a fancy dress beach party…. this will change her mind for sure!

    x x x

  19. Charlotte – based in Birmingham, but wedding is in Suffolk. Ideas? Katy Messer is booked already on my date – tried her! 😉 xx

  20. axm237 – ha ha! I hate hearing my voice – doesn’t everyone?! But thank you!
    Your friends wedding sounds amazing. I would love to see a bride ricking that kind of headpiece!

    Abbi B. Brilliant use of wordage!

    Thanks for the comments ladies, and I too love Lady Ha Ha’s name. Sheer brilliance.


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