Oh my the flowers, colours and fashion at this city wedding are simply breathtaking. A gorgeous array of pink hued roses & dahlias make up the bouquets and centrepieces, which look absolutely striking against the cobalt blue Coast bridesmaid dresses and rustic reception at The Artisan of Clerkenwell in London. Plus Bride Verity's Sarah Janks Cassandra is unbelievably glamorous and she looks effortlessly classic and timeless in her sleek gown, as does her groom Mark in his dapper New & Lingwood suit and custom made waistcoat. Everybody is super smiley and it's no wonder when Verity & Mark's main aim was to create a fun and happy atmosphere where everyone can feel at ease.

The Dress

Verity The Bride: I wanted classic with a hint of glamour. I love fashion and I love clothes that are timeless. I feel like the Hollywood glamour era is a timeless classic so I was going for that. Classic and quite understated but feminine at the same time.

The Grooms Fashion

Mark wanted to feel comfortable – to be able to dance and to not sweat too much! He had a waistcoat especially made so he had something special to wear on the day. It was a lovely golden colour and I surprised him with an engraved pocket watch the night before, and it worked perfectly-phew!

The Venue

We met in London and have been our happiest here. It’s also neutral ground. The pub symbolises everything we love about London. Laid back, chic – effortless cool. A fun and happy atmosphere, where everyone can feel at ease. Who isn’t happy in a pub?!

Colour Scheme/Decor

The theme was – there was no theme! I hate ‘matchy matchy’ and think it dates really quickly. I loved the bridesmaids dresses so went with them and just wanted bright flowers so it worked really well. I wanted everyone to wear what they felt good in – it just worked out really well!


We are lucky enough to live around the corner from this magical florists run by LOVELY people. They do a lot of shoots and launches so are used to having to produce very current and cool arrangements. It worked perfectly with what we wanted.


It was very important to us that this wasn’t a church wedding. While we are quite a traditional couple, we're not religious and for us I think it was right not to have a religious ceremony just because it’s a tradition, or a pretty setting. The Town Hall was perfect because it symbolises the heart of a borough. Where so many milestones in life take place and are documented. It’s not about all eyes on you – it is your special day among so many other special moments, and it feels like you somehow share that with the other weddings. The readings were by two of my best friends and my mother-in-law. They were beautiful, real and heartfelt. The last reading being Bob Marley’s ‘He is not perfect, she isn’t either...’


We are lucky enough to have a very successful DJ as a friend. He is very good at judging the crowd and what they are responding to. He not only does wedding DJing as a profession, but he also does venues in Ibiza – needless to say the dance floor was never empty with Max Robinson on the decks.]


Our very good friend Amanda Waters made the cake. It was absolutely perfect, beautiful and DELICIOUS, most importantly. There were only 2 pieces left after the wedding – I think that is unheard of and a testament to how good it was.


We chose Nicola because I had researched quite a few in my home town area of Beds, Herts and Bucks and they were the most natural. I loved the moments captured and how real and happy they were. I find posed photos so cringe and hate having a photo taken on my own. But I was so happy, I am learning to love the faces I pull, as she captures a very happy moment that you can’t not smile when looking at!
Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

Dress Designer: Sarah Janks - Cassandra | Bridal Boutique: Les Trois Soeurs | Bridal Shoes: No.1 by Jenny Packham | Bridesmaid Dresses: Coast | Grooms Suit: New and Lingwood | Venue: The Artisan of Clerkenwell | Florist: Jam Jar Flowers | Stationery: Lucy Says I Do | Entertainment: Wedding Smashers | Transport: London Retro Bus Hire

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