Vintage by Verity, a DIY Wedding… Part 1

Today we have a very special wedding from a Rock My Wedding reader, Verity. Verity told us how much she loved RMW and used it in her planning and we just had to share all the fabulous details she packed into their day that she found on these very pages – makes us feel all warm and fuzzy 🙂

Dean and I got married on Saturday 25th September 2010. The ceremony took place at 2.30pm at our local village church St. Marys and All Saints, Whalley. This was followed by a wedding reception for 100 guests at Bashall Barn, where we also had an evening party for 130 guests.

Fancy not Fussy

My dress was by Benjamin Roberts, design 1033 from his vintage collection. Before I went dress shopping I’d looked for styles online and kept coming back to Benjamin Roberts as I just thought the design were different, without being overly fancy (I’m not big on fuss!).

I found trying on wedding dresses a very weird experience indeed! My dress sense in general is usually fairly quirky, and I had every intention of doing something different, either in colour or shape or fabric, but as soon as I started trying them on, all I could think of was “What will Dean want to see me in?” It was then that I knew it would have to be something fairly traditional (for Dean) and something stylish and unfussy (for me).

I bought the dress from Emma Hartley Bridal in Colne, Lancashire. I loved it for the stylishness, the wonderfully simple and luxurious soft taffeta, the gorgeous detailing of the crystals and pearls, and last but not least the internal corset which gave me the most amazing shape on the day!

Birdcage Beauty

Even though our wedding didn’t really have a theme, there were lots of vintage elements to the day, and Dean and I are obsessed with art deco furniture and paintings, so I wanted to have a vintage look with my hair and jewellery. Birdcage veils have always appealed to me but there are pretty hard to come by – most dress shops I visited didn’t stock them. In the end I turned to Etsy and found there were loads of lovely handmade veils to choose from. Mine was called Lolita from Velvet Owl and was an ivory net with a silk Gardenia which attached with a pin.

Jewellery-wise, again I wanted something simple and elegant. My dress had some gorgeous pearl and crystal detailing at the top, so I wanted something to match. My pearl and crystal necklace was called Opulent Heirloom by Katzi London. I also wore some pearl studs which were my ‘something borrowed’ from my Auntie Glenys.

Well, how could I resist? As soon as I saw a lovely bride on RMW wearing Ms. Westwood’s Lady Dragon Hearts, there really was no other choice for me – I simply had to have them! I tried some on in the Vivienne Westwood boutique in the Trafford Centre, but unfortunately the colour I wanted was no longer in stock. Luckily, I found a pair on ebay – never worn – I was so excited when they came, that I even showed a few of my girlfriends, despite me wanting to keep everything a secret. The oohs and aahs just confirmed what a great choice they were and everyone on the day commented on them.

The best thing about my shoes is that they are totally wearable after your wedding. They look just as stunning with a pair of jeans as they do with the most important dress of your life! Love them.

Relaxing with the Regulars

I was so lucky when it came to hair and make-up. My regular hairdresser (and good friend) Lois Pickup is also a freelance hair and makeup stylist for magazine shoots so she has an abundance of style, talent and the appropriate equipment to create the perfect look for me. It meant that everything could be done at home, so we had a lovely relaxed morning on the day of the wedding.

We had a few trials and knew the general look we wanted – soft, romantic tones for the face; dramatic eyes, and a forties up-do, but in true girly fashion, we were still making final tweaks to the hairstyle at midnight the night before the wedding!

Lois was busy from 6.30am getting us all looking stunning and then she had literally minutes to do her own hair and make-up before racing to the church to join us as our guest. I can’t thank her enough, though; the final result was truly amazing.

Bridesmaids in Blush

My bridesmaids were my very gorgeous (and oh so skinny!) cousins, Natasha and Olivia. We spent a long and tiring day shopping for their dresses, a task which if I’m honest I thought would take a lot less time than it did. It ended without joy, but then a few days later Olivia tried on a dress in Karen Millen as a potential prom outfit (yes, she is that young!). We went back en masse and the deal was done. The dresses were exquisite and the matching shoes were to die for – all my friends have been asking about them ever since the wedding.

And a Groom in Grey

So, with the bridesmaid dresses sorted, we now had a colour scheme. Our flower girl Eleanor had a dress from Debenhams which matched the bridesmaids perfectly and the boys (who didn’t much fancy anything pink) went for a complementary grey.

Dean had a few suit wobbles in the week leading up to the wedding. I think he wished he had gone for something a bit different from the ushers and best man, but he needn’t have worried. They all looked very handsome in their Lingfield morning suits from Moss Bros and Dean in particular just looked lovely. He accessorised with ultra cool black Chatterbox Brogue from Ask The Missus, Paul Smith heart cufflinks and stripy Paul Smith socks (with secret matching pants). Who said it was just girls who were shoe mad? My man has more pairs than I do!

Vintage style Floral fancies

My future sister-in-law Nicolla Moran used to be a florist and is an über-creative lady so I knew my flowers would be fabulous. She didn’t let me down. They oozed romance and the table decorations had a vintage twist as she’d used teacups and biscuit tins (that we’d all been collecting from charity shops for months) instead of vases. It had a wonderful effect.

I literally cried when she presented me with my bouquet at the wedding rehearsal the night before. It was so stunning and the colours just hit you. We’d decided on a mix of Victorian lilac tea roses and Juliet peach David Austin roses (the lovely papery peach coloured ones which I adore). This was then supplemented with lisianthus and alstroemeria.

Chic eh?

Wait until you see the DIY style in Part 2.

Yours Truly,


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

33 thoughts on “Vintage by Verity, a DIY Wedding… Part 1

  1. I want to eat that bouquet.

    And I’m loving the fantastic write-up, it’s bringing the whole day to life so beautifully. And you’re all utterly gorgeous, that goes without saying!


  2. I love the bridesmaid dresses. I hope she wore it to her prom afterwards!

    And yes, your waist is teeeny teeeeeeeny tiny.

    Look forward to part two.

  3. what a figure??!! amazing.

    I literally cannot wait for part two of this, am loving the write up so far…

    big ‘in love with that vintage style make-up’ love x x x

  4. Er, is it wrong that I want to be the Entire bridal party?

    And I’m not usually a flowers girl but to echo Aisling, I want to stick my face in that bouquet.

    AND the bride writes well. And has more style than you could shake a Lady Dragon at. Excuse me whilst I die in a mire of jealousy and admiration over here.

    Congratulations Verity and Dean!

  5. Those flowers are some of the most lovely i have seen! Especially those boutonnieres which look so great with the mens suits. Gorgeous bride and bridesmaid too – Loving the whole colour palate!
    Rachie xo

  6. Gorgeous and more gorgeous – verity how small is your waist, dita-esque proportions! I love how you and Dean are holding the photos from (I’m guessing) your parents’ weddings? Such a sweet reminder of their days! xxx

    PS. more please

  7. Am just going to echo the awe at the teeny weeny Real Bride waist. And ask Father Christmas for a waist that small!

    Part 2 please. xoxo

  8. This is utterly gorgeous! Serious BM dress envy and also love how the bride makes the birdcage veil look so chic. Wow, wow wow!! Roll on part 2….. x

  9. Wow! Thanks so much for the lovely comments ladies. I heart this blog! It was a truly unbelievable day – just seeing this is bringing all the emotions back. I wana do it all again!

    I happen to know that the best bits are yet to come in part 2 so stay tuned!

    Verity x

  10. What a gorgeous wedding! I want your waist Verity! You have also just confirmed that we made the right decision with the suits – we confirmed the Moss Bros Lingfield yesterday and they look gorgeous here. We are also going for grey ties in Hawkstone – is that the same colour as you had?

    Love the whole thing and looking forward to part two! x

  11. Must must see Part II. Loving it all, especially the hairdo piccies; is that your Nan, Verity? So sweet!

    Loving the BM dresses, I had very similiar style but same colour for my sister, one shoulder ruffle Karen Millen number that looks soooo glam. This is such a very beautiful bridal party, blessed with good looks and figures to squeal over *hides Quality Street tin* xxx

  12. Verity you are a truly stunning bride! This is a great write up, bridesmaids are gorgeous and I’m loving the colours too.
    Congratulations to you both! Can’t wait for part 2 x

  13. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease put part 2 up soon, I have nothing interesting to do today and have resorted to checking RMW every five minutes for the promised third post. x x

  14. I was so excited when I saw this was Verity’s wedding! Love seeing other RMW reader’s weddings.

    What I’m loving from Part I…

    Beautiful bride (dress, veil, jewellery, make up and hair, everything!)
    Gorgeous peach David Austin roses (my absolute fav)
    Verity’s write up
    Pictures of Verity and Dean holding pictures of their parent’s wedding (this is genius and has gone straight on my spreadsheet!)
    Stunning bridesmaids and awesome ‘Don’t touch the hair’ sign
    Lovely grey groomsmen suits

    That’s pretty much everything. On to Part II now!

  15. I just had a massive perv over this wedding, I don’t get time to come on as much as I used to (roll on maternity leave I say!) but I thoroughly enjoyed this! I wish I could do it all over again

    Jenny xx

  16. And I keep umming and ahhhing about those Viv Westwood shoes…(I’ve noticed the Trafford Centre never have any good colours in too!). They look fab Verity!

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