We Have Plenty Of Pretty To Give Away…..for like FREE!!!!

You may or may not remember this beautiful little lady from last summer when we posted her wedding on RMW, I think you’ll agree that bride Becky was cute as a button in her gorgeous grecian gown, flawless make-up and DELICIOUS headpiece.

And it’s the headpiece we’re particuarly interested in today lovelies as Rosie Willett, designer of said piece of pretty is giving away all sorts of similar items to Rock My Wedding readers for FREE.

Yup that’s right folks, we’re sharing the love and the generosity this Tuesday morning as we figured a) it’s probably cold and miserable outside b) not everyone has the extra budget for accessories c) we’re nice like that….

Rosie Willett: “Rosie Willett Designs offers an exclusive collection of headpieces and jewellery for the fashion conscious bride. Our ranges include romantic, vintage, classic and contemporary styles, all individually hand crafted by the designer in the finest silks and laces with Swarovski crystal, pearl and diamante.

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new ballet-inspired collection ‘Tutu’ which is available through our online boutique and selected stockists”

And what is it we have to give away I hear you ask?

Well then, lots and LOTS…..

1st prize : Any headpiece and coordinating jewellery set from Rosie Willett Designs

2nd prize: Any jewellery set from Rosie Willett Designs

3rd prize: Any necklace from Rosie Willett Designs

And if you’ve already bought your bridal adornments how about the perfect addition to your maids outfit or a special gift for MOB? It’s not just the Tutu collection you can chose from either, it’s any headpiece/jewellery set from Rosie Willett Designs including any one of the current four bestsellers :

We suggest you hot foot it right on over to Rosie’s website, have a good old nosey and comment below with what it is you would love to win and why. We’ll then pick 3 lucky winners out of the blue polka dot hat by Sunday evening.

Lots of love and luck you gorgeous lot you.

Big Make Mine A Charlotte Love

Charlotte! xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

123 thoughts on “We Have Plenty Of Pretty To Give Away…..for like FREE!!!!

  1. Oh my gosh there is so much pretty here u can not decide!! I love the hermione headpiece and the beautiful and elegant swarovski pearl ivory necklace and long earrings- pick me pick me as they would complete my wedding outfit- rock my wedding and Rosie u really r spoiling us!! Xxx

  2. I would love love love to win the luxurious pearl ‘Darcy’ headband for two reasons: a) it would go amazingly with my antique pearl engagement ring and b) romantic images of Pride and Prejudice are already being conjured up, just from the thought of having it on my head as I walk (skip) down that aisle! xx

  3. Oh boy! Too many to pick, but I think I’d have to go with Georgina. It matches the David Fielden dress I bought off an English bride, and the veil should help keep the bugs away from our woodland wedding in Scotland!

  4. What a way to start the morning! Thanks for openings my eyes, wasn’t aware of Rosie’s amazing designs – have fallen in love with Carmen on the spot, but there are so many designs that would complement my dress as it’s covered with fabric flowers!
    Thanks for the blog RMW crew!

  5. For me, it’s a toss up between the Darcy and the Margot, but the Margot has the edge (just!) as I think it would go better with my dress – my mind could change though! Also, how pretty is the red haired model?!

  6. oooh they’re all lovely! I would love ‘Sylvia’ for my sister. We’re both getting married this year, but she’s been very ill with glandular fever (not the best timing) so reckon this would cheer her right up!

  7. They are so lovely. I have been struggling to find a headpiece that will work with short hair for my wedding this summer, but I’m sure that Margot will fit the bill. Such a great name as well, makes me think of glam Margot from the good life. Thank you for offering this give-away.

  8. Such pretty things, I am sure I was a magpie in a previous life as I love everything! If I had to choose then Anna and Margot are delicious 🙂
    I would love to win as everything for my wedding has been on a strict budget and regretfully I have been forced to compromise on most of things. So maybe, just maybe this could be my crowning glory and all that I could have ever wanted x

  9. Ooooh! The perfect way to cheer up a snowy morning. Yes folks, SNOWY.

    Rather than build my hopes up, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I probably won’t win any of these pieces of pretty but I NEED my hair to be like that redheads! (Ignoring the face that my own hair is long, poker straight and brown here!) Oh and if did win, it would be Coppeli all the way!

  10. These are amazing but they cost as much as my dress (im on a very tight budget and its a very nice dress)! I am torn between Olga, Anna and Darcy. My fiance would be very happy if i got one of these because then I could stop nagging him and sometimes we have to be selfless and make them happy too right?! Ok ok this isnt quite the definition of selfless…….

  11. My favorite is AUDREY headpiece. It looks romantic and stylish. I don’t want to go over the top with accessorises on the day so I’d love something sparkly but sophisticated!

  12. Ooh, why haven’t I come across these before in my online trawl of lovely floral headpieces?? Georgina and Charlootte are my favourites, they would be perfect as a statement piece to go with my simple dress.

    I’ve been looking for inspiration as I was hoping to fashion myself something diy-style due to budget constraints, however I hadn’t reckoned with my severe lack of craft abilities 🙁

  13. Zut alors! Another stunning red head.

    With this hair colour ladies, you are spoiling us.

    Oh, and Georgina is a.mazing. 🙂


  14. I would love love LOVE to win Sylvia as it would go brilliantly with my something borrowed,my Grandma’s Spanish pearl engagement bracelet. Also, as the wedding gets closer my hair budget seems to be running away from me and this head piece would ensure I have beautiful wedding hair whatever happens.

  15. Wow. These are….stunningly, effortlessly, super-de-dooperly gooooorgeous!!

    I would love, love, love to win these pieces of pretty, as up until 5 minutes ago, I had no idea that there were headpieces that so perfectly match my dress, infact that match my whole wedding!

    Plus, they are so blooming pretty, that I will have to have one now, even if it means working a thousand extra shifts at my second ‘wedding funding’ job!! I majorly heart Darcy, Sylvia, Beatrice and Charlotte, they would all fit in perfectly at my vintage/ english country garden style wedding!!

    Thanks for such a lovely surprise, it has perked up my otherwise gloomy tuesday morning! 🙂 xxx

  16. I tried on a RW head piece over a year ago, in Corbridge, when I started dress hunting and have loved them ever since. And she’s a local girl – from the North East too!

    With my gorgeous lace Cymbeline dress now sorted I know exactly which hair piece I would like to adorn my hair…. the ‘Charlotte’ head band with beautiful lace petals! the delicate yet soft details will go so perfectly with my dress. Informal yet uber elegant!

    fingers crossed x

  17. Wow! These are so beautiful that, after being hooked on RMW for months, I just had to leave my first comment! I love love love Darcy, would be so thrilled to win it (or anything!) as it would match perfectly with my dress (which I’ve seen featured on these pages and it made me love it even more!), and Margot is so beautiful and elegant.

    Just want to say a quick thanks while I’m here – after reading Charlotte’s post on teeth a while back I was inspired to do something about mine – I’ve hated them for years and finally last Friday I got metal braces on my teeth at the grand old age of 27! They really hurt and I’m feeling very glum and self-conscious but I know it’ll be worth it in the end.

    I just keep reminding myself how great I’ll feel on my wedding day in November!

    So thanks very much for the inspirational post Charlotte, and to the RWM team for such a fab website!

  18. Ahhh I love you RMW and your amazing competitions! I would love to win the beautiful Georgina head dress. The reason? No would would ever in a million years expect me to wear something like that, so they’d all get a massive shock when I come down the aisle! As for the jewellery, it would have to be the teardrop crystal range, simply because it is gorgeous!

  19. I can’t believe I have never seen Rosie’s designs before! how is this possible?

    Carmen is perfect. I love the whole tutu collection but I love Carmen the most. Ive been looking for something that is the right mix of smart and floaty for my garden wedding in June. It will also go perfectly with my vintagy all lace Constantina dress.

    Leaking money left right and centre on boring things like electricity generators and luxury loo trailers (bottom of a hill wedding) So my hair budget is suffering big time… pleeeease

  20. I’d love to win the beautifully elegant Hermione head piece – my dress is red for our Christmas wedding and this would be the icing on the cake and really stand it – it’s gorgeous and unique xx

  21. Geez you ever so generous lovely people! Such a lovely thing to do and whilst I have no idea what my wedding outfit is going to look like I would defo make it work alongside Margot! Its so beautiful and simple and would suit the not fussy do I am hoping to rock.
    Thank you ever so much and good luck to everyone!! x

  22. I have been lusting after all things ballerina bride recently (have you seen that Martha Stewart video!) so am loving the whole Tutu range but have settled on Darcie as my favourite. I love pearls and have them adorning everything from my fingers to my shoes on a daily basis and they will be a big feature of the wedding so the ballerina / pearl combo hits the jackpot for me!

  23. Wow what a fantastic price, it was very difficult to chose which one I would have but I am absolutely loving the Margot headpiece would be perfect and something you could wear on special occasions afterwards.

  24. Gorgeous! With a different dress it would have been Charlotte all the way but I think Coppelli would actualy be a perfect match. Good luck Ladies x

  25. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful post! Such gorgeous photos to wake up my sleepy eyes (and a great distraction from my work PC – whoops!) Planning my wedding is a becoming a full time job! I wouldn’t be able to do it without RMW! I love you guys!

    Oh why has my online search never led me to Rosie Willet?! – her designs are stunning. Without question, my favourite piece is the Ava Jewelled Headpiece. It would definately be a treasured item to my wedding, and something I would cherish and pass on to future generations to come. It would certainly rock my wedding! One word really sums up the Sva headpiece – Beautiful!!!

    Fingers crossed xxxx

  26. Oh my goodness we’re spoilt for choice. I think I’ve managed to pick a favourite though….’Verity’. So pretty, thank you RMW! x x x x

  27. Wow, what a great competition and what gorgeous things. I love the Darcy flower head piece with Tulle and Ivory Pearls. This would look so pretty with my dress that is also made up of lace and tulle, it really would complement it beautifully. The designer is super talented and has so many wonderful variations on offer. It took me ages to pick the one I liked the best. Thanks guys and good luck to everyone else. RMW is brill x

  28. Wowee!! What delights for a Tuesday morning!

    I’ve just (finally!) put a deposit down on ‘the one’ this week and am looking for a head piece and jewellery to match my lovely dress for our wedding in July (yes, Iknow I was slow on finding the one, but it took some time!)

    Naomi absolutely fits the bill and will match the waistband on my dress perfectly.

    Of course, the Swarovski AB & diamante jewellery would set it all off beautifully!!

    Good luck everyone!!


  29. My wish would be to win a pair of the stunning Swarovski Crystal AB Teardrop Earrings (in sterling silver). We are geting married in Ibiza this May and they would be perfect to glitter in the Balearic sunshine we are praying for! Thank you so much Rosie for such a kind gesture 🙂 x

  30. I have been searching high and low for such gorgeous wedding adornments! I have 3 months till the BIG DAY, and Sylvia would be a perfect match with my dress. Fingers, toes etc crossed that Sylvia can complete my dream wedding look! Thanks RMW Xxx

  31. Wow what an amazing competion – you girls defo rock at RMW – Can i just say all the headpiece are AMAZING – i love margot, verity – both so amazing and would compliment my pronovais dress –
    Long pearl earrings are just stunning aswell
    I would love to win as blew the budget on dress and veil so need equal stunning accessories to match
    Good luck to all lovely ladies

  32. How beautiful are these?? I LOVE them and sooooo hard to chose one. Think my fave has to be the ‘Darcy’ headband – stunning and elegant and know this is how it would make me feel on my wedding day.

  33. Oh I love the Grace headpiece!! So much fun to look at all the beautiful pieces, especially as I’m 7 and a half months pregnant and not feeling very glamorous at ALL right now! Makes me look forward to our wedding next year even more…. Thanks for all the inspiration RMW!

  34. I LOVE these – just what I have been looking for. I have the same colouring and hair as the redhead in the pictures and am planning a 1930’s style wedding look in New York next year – I have the bias cut silk dress in cream, gold peep toe shoes, vintage look wedding ring……just need need need one of these pearl headbands now!! Thank you RMW for the inspiration 🙂

  35. Sophie Frances – how spooky as I read the same “teeth” post just yesterday and have made an appointment for March to see the brace-man! Scary scary scary but sooo worth it I am sure. I had one briefly at 16 but hated it and so stopped wearing it. I really regret it now though, not least because this time I have to pay! lol

  36. ooh i remember looking at Beckys wedding, so gorgeous and fresh and full of smiles. I love the Rosie willett pieces, I think my favourite has to be “Margot” from the tutu collection or “audrey” from opulence. I bought my dress over the phone when i had the mumps, after trying it on a few days before. I recently went back to the shop to try it on and i fell in love with it all over again. (A nervous nights sleep the night the night before wondering if i was a tad impulsive). It would be lovely to complement the dress with such beautiful pieces.
    ps, i love the colour of the dress the model is wearing in the new collection, i would love that for my bridesmaids! xxx

  37. Gosh, this is just what I dream to wear on my wedding day 🙂 I think Clara and Natalie headpieces would be perfect matches for my dress, they’re both so gorgeous, I can’t even pick one 🙂 And I’m also in love with Swarovski Ivory Pearl and diamante jewelry!

  38. Wow, what a treat! Thank-you Rosie! I love Darcy, it is just what I’ve been looking for – something with a vintage feel and a gorgeous, sparkly flower to set it off, thanks!

  39. ‘Romantic Vintage Elegance’ is the ideal term for my wedding, this teamed with a pallet of pale pinks, nudes & blush will hopefully complemented the English rose look im dreaming for.

    ‘Sylvia’ would be perfect to complete the soft 40s style waves & waterfall veil.

    A simply ‘Swarovski Ivory Pearl Bracelet’ that oozes sheer class would be the final touch to the look.

    An amazing competition! Good luck everyone!

  40. I love Juliet! (feel like i’m in a Shakespearian play!)
    What to do with and what to wear in my hair on the big day has been leaving me stumped because a) we are getting married in December and b) I have a short bob – so having a veil is definitely out (can just imagine dragging a sodding wet, muddy veil full of slush into the church)
    Flowers wouldn’t work as it’s winter so the Juliet is the perfect combination – I like how the flower appears to be sitting on top of a snowy branch… Ooh how I do love a nice snowy branch!

  41. My absolute favourite is Emilia – the flower is as close to the ones on my dress as I’ve seen so far, which would be perfect 🙂 I’ve got a teeny tiny budget for the day so to be lucky and win a treat as gorgeous as this would be fantastic.

  42. Hi Claire – well done! You’re right, it IS worth it! Whenever I saw someone with braces I was envious that they’d soon have straight teeth.

    When I was in two minds about it I said to myself, if I don’t do it then this time next year I’ll wished I HAD done it as it would have been over by now!

  43. Sophie Frances and Claire – so nice to have feedback on “old” posts, we write so much sometimes they get lost in the archives!

    No-one can say having a brace is a nice experience but the results will be worth it. PROMISE.

    Charlotte xxx

  44. If I won, I would love to give the gift to my bridesmaid Tonia who has been an absolute angel since I got engaged and a fabulous friend since University when we met. She would look gorgeous in either Darcy or Charlotte as they would compliment her dress perfectly.
    p.s Rock My Wedding Rocks!!!

  45. They are all really pretty it’s so difficult to choose! But because I have a fringe I think for me it would be Milla or Coppelia. I plan to wear my hair down (it’s long and blonde) so those would add a bit of style to a simple ‘do!

  46. I’m really loving the ‘Charlotte’! Totally inspired by the pics as my hair is the same colour and I’m currently stuggling to picture my bridal look. I want to rock my day, in my own way, not how I’m expected too. Loving the challenge of it. x

  47. Oooh, the Georgina. I haven’t chosen my dress yet but I know I want red lipstick and flicky out eyeliner and how perfect would that be with the Georgina? It’s a rhetorical question because the answer is clearly FLIPPING PERFECT!

  48. I looooooooooove the Darcy and the Margot! but all the pieces are so beautiful! I haven’t decided on my dress yet, though an Etsy number is the frontrunner at the moment. Good luck to everyone who enters! xx

  49. I love all but my fav is darcy and margot as having a 20s/30s feel I think they would be wonderful. My bouquet having pearls would match the headdress. How exciting would it be to win as i watch your blog every day and love it so.xx

  50. <3 * Georgina * <3 How I love you!! the designs are stunning, and beautifull made, I cant wait for my upcoming wedding 12 weeks and counting people! 🙂 DIY right the way through and this would finish off my statement headpiece 'dream' perfectly xx

  51. Roses and lace is my theme for my Scottish summer wedding and if I was lucky enough to win it would complete my look! All the designs are so beautiful and there are so many lovely ones to choose from but I would be thrilled to be a winner of any of the prizes! I am telling all my friends brides to be and even one`s who arent but love wedding about this amazing blog.

  52. pretty for free?


    OK, so I started looking at all the amazing headpieces and totally fantasising about which one wouldn’t look wierd on my stupidly small head and then I stopped myself. Why, I hear you cry (cups hand behind ear)

    Well, two reasons…

    1. I already have a headpiece. Well, the makings of one anyway, and

    2. It would be supercool to be able to be able to present my sister and chief bridesmaid Emily with the ivory pearl and diamante set as a thank you for the masses of hard work that she has put into my wedding so far and I know will continue to do so for the next 7(eek!) weeks. She has totally gone above and beyond the call of duty and, as I have stupidly decided that just before my wedding is the ideal time to cut up all my credit cards and get debt free, I don’t have a single spare penny with which to purchase a piece of pretty to say thank you to her.

    (crosses fingers, toes etc)

    r.now x x x x

  53. I had RW headpiece and jewellery for my big day. I’d like to win for my best girl who is currently planning her wedding. I love the Beatrice xxx

  54. I really love the Darcy headpiece – it would go so well with my short organza dress and my grandma’s dainty earrings. Also, Georgina is fantastic… I love the dramatic look.

  55. I have been lusting after Rosie Willets hair pieces for ages after seeing her featured in a magazine and I had finally decided that I wanted to buy “Sylvia” to wear in my hair, but unfortunetly I lost the diamond from my antique engagement ring. I now sadly have to use my accesssories budget to buy a new diamond before my fiancee realises! 🙁 I would LOVE to be cheered up with some nice news 😉 xx

  56. Love the whole collection! Particularly love the margot hair band its divine, would love it for my wedding in December as it ties in with my sparkles and snowflakes theme. Plus the model has red hair like mine, so I know it would suit me. Crossing my fingers now until Sunday!

    Becky x

  57. Just had a quick look at all the lovely things on Rosie Willett’s website and think the whole lot is fantastic.(Especially the Sylvia flower). I only recently started to think about hair accessories when a friend quizzed me on whether I would be wearing a slide, tiara, clip etc. Now I am completely lost in the hair accessory world so winning would be a super big help

    Love the RMW site (if I had an apple I would put it on your desk)

  58. Thank you Charlotte & Rosie! One word describes how I feel having read about that amazing competition. RELIEF. Odd I know, but courtesy of my blonde mother and african father, I have unruly, unpredictable, always puts up a fight when aiming for elegance, shoulder length afro hair and I have just seen the perfect style to take to my long-suffering hairdresser for le grand jour(Charlotte). It would be so amazing to win the gorgeous piece that is Sylvia to wear but if I don’t win my bonus prize has been an inspired up-do that has potential to tame my hair! x

  59. Sophie Frances – I say that exact same thing about dieting too! e.g. If only I’d have started saying no to cake a few months ago…these jeans would fit today! lol. Good advice and definitely taking it in regards to braces, if nothing else 🙂

  60. I love all the headpieces in the Roses & Lace collection & would love to win the ‘juliet’ for myself to wear to a beautiful vintage soiree. But I have decided to be unselfish and try to win the ‘Beatrice’ (Roses & Lace collection)headpice for my beautiful (young, but broke) aunt who is getting married to her soulmate : )

  61. Oh wow they are so pretty! Georgina is definitely my favourite, it is so beautiful! I’ve got a colourful wedding dress and thought about trying to make a headpiece, but these are so stunning, now they’re all I’d want! And the pearl and diamante earrings are so pretty. So so lovely, thanks for sharing! And thanks for doing the comp Rosie!

  62. I absolutely love this! I’m a newbie on RMW but love the site…
    I haven’t started dress shopping yet but love everything on the site.
    I especially like the Georgina headpiece i think mainly because I’m not sure I want a veil and partly because my mom wore something similar for her wedding…

  63. So I would simply lurve to get my hands on Darcy! I had a bit of a Carrie Bradshaw moment when I suddenly found myself adorned in a veil when trying on my chosen dress and have been secretly panicking about not looking like I am a teenager playing fancy dress on my nearing wedding day ever since! However, the gorgeous Darcy could well ensure that my nightmares cease and I actually get a good nights sleep. I am planning on a multi strand pearl necklace too so it would/should look fabulous!! In the words of the Donkey in Shrek…pick me, pick me!! x

  64. I absolutely love GEORGINA! I really want to win this, cos I want to show the hubster to be that I can look super duper fab on a super small budget. Perhaps I’m kidding myself?…

  65. I am completely and utterly in love with all the headpieces, and whilst I could be a real selfish madam and think of the one that would best compliment my own wedding dress…I immediately saw Darcy and thought of my wonderful beautiful best friend who is getting married the month before me. I know she won’t write on here herself (thinking people like us never win a thing!) so I’m going to say “please let me win” so that I can give the prize to my gorgeous best friend Clare (who is also my chief bridesmaid). xxx

  66. Oh my word I love these gorgeous pieces of pretty, what a clever, clever lady. I would like a Darcy please to go with my Candy Anthony dress! Thanks RMW for alerting me to such loveliness xxx

  67. For me its all about Margot, through whole being a bride thing is becoming increasingly stressful for me and this is one item that hasn’t brought me out in hives! Its truly stunning and simple in its exquisiteness! LOVE!

  68. I usually do not enter competitions as I do not have much luck winning, but these stunning headpieces just prompted me to try my luck for once!!!

    I absolutely love the Rose & lace collection and it would just be perfect with my simple yet elegant dress & would add a special touch of Britishness to my wedding in Malaysia 🙂

  69. Ohhh I love competitions!

    Darcy for me because it is classy and elegant. Not at all like me 80% of the time but how I love to feel the other 20%. Even the name is perfect – very Jane Austin!

  70. Anna! Oh my breathtaking and that’s how I want to look on my wedding day. It’s so beautiful and will match my dress perfectly. I’m so amazed at the whole collection but Anna is a winner for me i just love it.

  71. Darcy for me too please. Stunning. And I adore how you’ve named your Tutu collection after Ballets/Ballerinas. Really beautiful things – and thanks RMW for sharing a really lovely designer I hadn’t come across before.

    Yours Hopefully,
    Laura xx

  72. Oh wow, what a feast for early morning tired eyes, I’d love to win the Margot headband as it would compliment my daisy and gerbea themed wedding to perfection. I can just see the disco lights reflecting off my new head bling 🙂 – guests prepare to be sparkled. xx

  73. These are absolutely beautiful! If I was lucky enough to win it would have to be ‘Hermione’ as not only would it match my dress and theme perfectly, but by happy coincidence it is also the name of my daughter! x

  74. These are all absolutely beautiful but my favourite is the Darcy because the flower matches my Priscilla of Boston dress and the pearls match my grandmothers pearl earrings. x

  75. Wowzers! Completely blown away by the sheer prettyness and glamour of Rosie’s designs..I have completely fallen for Charlotte – so, so gorgeous!
    I was thinking along the lines of keeping my accessories to a minimum….my lord, how much can pretty things catch your eye and make you change your mind!!
    Suddenly rearranging my wedding budget for one of these beauties…..fiancee in afghan, his visa card and pin here!!! Ooops…surely this would be classed as a vital wedding purchase??!! xxx

  76. OH MY GOSH!
    I absolutely love the headpiece “Arabella” I have quite a big head (!) and big hair. It looks as if Arabella was made for me 😉 Please, please, please I do so hope I win. Am currently dress shopping and I find it a jungle. Some start with the shooes, some with decor I would start with a headpiece…

  77. I love the Sylvia headpiece so much! It’s simple but stunning. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for to match my wedding dress for June. It shouts floral, feminine and youth – exactly what I looking for for my strawberries and cream themed wedding. Amazing!!!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  78. Oh my gosh ladies – how is it possible that I’ve not seen Rosie’s designs before? So lush. So many gorgeous pieces that I’m finding it hard to decide! I’m having an ultra vintage, romantic Italian wedding later this year (September yay!), and think that Margot is absolutely stunning & perfect – so elegant and subtle. I’m also equally in love with Georgina – how beautiful is that piece! Just the thing to make me feel like a galmorous Italian movie star. Very exciting competition – thanks for offering this! Fingers desperately crossed…. x

  79. I’d certainly be living ‘The Good Life’ with Margot!
    It’s beautiful and simple as is all the coordinating jewellery. I have my fingers and toes crossed 🙂

  80. No I’m not commenting to win one of the Rosie Willett Headpieces. But I see a number of brides both when I photograph them and In my Fabulous Wedding Boutique base in Spondon. Normally Mum and or Friend comes in to help the bride choose the dress. They spend a long time picking the dress and then seem to spend 10 minutes picking the accessories that go with it.

    These headpieces are sensational. I love Olga and Arrabella – As I keep telling my brides accessorise to enhance the dress not just because you feel you need to. I will be sending my brides through to Rosie Willett.

  81. Its been raining all day, what a way to cheer us all up….But please let it be me!! I love ‘Florence’. I’ve been looking for a head piece just like it and havent been able to find it anywhere. I want it and its Swarovski Crystal ribbons!! Everything is crossed!!! x

  82. I love Sienna from the Bohemian Romance range.
    I’ve only four months left to find a headpiece and our budget is kinda running out now! I bought the shoes first and am waiting for the dress to arrive, now need to pull the whole thing together with a picture perfect Rosie Willet piece. I’ve looked at heaps of tiaras and pins and not found anything with the elegance but sparkle factor until now and would love to win!

  83. Absolutely fell in LOVE with the “Gwen” piece from the Contemporary Glamour section. We just got engaged over Valentine’s Day weekend, and while that is “popular” we want everything else about our wedding to be unique – and this headpiece would be PERFECT for that! Thank you for the opportunity to win it for free and help out our limited wedding budget!

  84. SO hard to choose as they are all so gorgeous but I heart ‘Charlotte’ from the Roses and Lace Collection. As a red-head who is getting married in 6 weeks *starting to hyperventilate* I’ve been fretting about what to do with my hair and lovely as my Accessorize organza flower is, Charlotte is so much nicer! It would go perfectly with my lace Cymbeline dress (fitting tomorrow – eeek) and rose bouquet – dammit – now I’m getting my hopes up!!

    Thanks RMW & Rosie Willett – you are spoiling us! xxx

  85. All fabulous pieces but one stands out for me.

    Kirsten. 100% class. 100% Impact.

    The classic elegance of this piece would go perfectly with the flower on my Pronovia gown and I now have inspiration for what to do with my hair!

    Love love x

  86. Margot is just what im looking for – its beautiful but not over the top and would go perfectly with my dress. I was considering just having flowers in my hair but after seeing this I have changed my mind!

  87. Ooooffff! As the 104th person to declare their undying love for the juicy gorgeousness on the Rosie Willett website, I fear that my two-penneth worth may be in vain….but what the heck!! I’ve never won anything in my life so maybe my luck is due to change!!

    For me it’s easy ladies…..”Margot” and I, are a match made in heaven. She would be the perfect match to the subtle decoration on my dress, and would show up just enough against my dark hair. I heart.

  88. Oh my what a wonderful website! This is the first time i’ve seen Rosie Willett’s design and even if I don’t win I’ll definately be having a look for my big day!
    I absolutely love Emilia and Beatrice, they would look so beautiful against my dress which is quite simple but I’m also very tempted by Grace which I think is so elegant and very sexy and could be worn again and so totally justified against anyones budget! What more could you want 🙂

  89. The Margot headpiece is beautiful. Very simply and eternally stylish. I am not getting married yet, but I would save it for when I am 🙂 x

  90. Wow. I would have to say Tutu Anna and co-ordinating Peal and Diamante earings and necklace.
    It makes me go…ohhhhhh loook at those….. 🙂 🙂 Loverly xxx

  91. I’d love the Margot headband, it’s so beautiful and elegant, and I can imagine being able to wear it again for other special occasions x

  92. Hello – I’m recently obsessed with this website! I just had to at least try to win one of those stunning headpieces – darcy and beatrice are especially beautiful!! Never considered wearing something like this until I saw those pictures, I was actually looking for hairstyle inspiration, and I’ve found it here!

  93. What a wonderful giveaway! I would love to win the beautiful Georgina with the birdcage veil, it would go perfectly with my Justin Alexander 8465 (eeeee, which I can’t wait to wear!!) and keep the ballerina- theme going!!x

  94. Wow, these are gorgeous! I’m drooling over Darcy, haven’t found my dress yet, but I’m taking my inspiration from this piece! xxx

  95. Such beautiful collections – probably not a single thing I don’t like or love! My favourite for my wedding in particular is Aurora from the Tutu collection. My dress is made of ivory silk satin, so the piece would go perfectly with the dress. Also, Aurora is the one that will probably compliment my face the best.

  96. Oh wow, I would be happy with pretty much anything from that ballet-inspired line. It is all so pretty! *makes grabby hands*

  97. What an amazing prize draw! I love the Reese headband pefect for my bobbed hair and vintage style wedding! And the Swarovski Ivory Pearl & Diamante Brooch would go perfectly on my marabou shrug! Actually I love it all!

  98. These headpieces are beautiful. I would choose the Margot headpiece, because not only could you wear it on your wedding day, but any other day you want to feel special x

  99. I’d love to have Milla for my beautiful bride-to-be. We’re hoping to have a beach wedding and the Milla headpiece will fit in with her hippy-ish style.

    It could be the finishing touch to our dream wedding.

  100. Slyvia is beautiful! Pure understated elegance…and would go amazingly with the look I’ve dreamed up for my big day!

  101. Olga, Sylvia, Juliet or Anna – too difficult to choose! I love putting our kids first but am sooo looking forward to one day when i dont feel guilty about wearing the most amazing dress complimented by the most beautiful headdress & accessories – I wanna be a “yummy mummy” for just one day and cherrish ever moment! Lou x

  102. Love it all,such amazing pieces and fabulous detail. I would be over the moon if i won a stunning tutu headband. My 13 year old daughter would look amazing as bridesmaid in September for myself and her step dad. I think she may outshine me though!

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