We Love Luci.

You may recognise the lovely Luci from her Gravatar image as a regular commenter and supporter of Rock My Wedding, Luci actually entered our “Real Bride” competition way back when and although she didn’t “win” she still wanted to share her beautiful big day with the RMW community. And we’re so glad she did, her account is honest, witty and heartfelt.

This is a super SUPER pretty affair with accents of grey, pink and ivory and a few little Alice In Wonderland touches….and boy did this lady sure have an amazing day – you can tell by the almost permanent cheshire-cat grin she’s sporting.

Luci and Keiron were married at Riverdale Barn in Yateley, Hampshire.

My Story

I feel like a real “old married” sitting in my dressing gown and typing right now, but to all you unmarried ladies I say this….BELIEVE THE HYPE. Everything people harp on about is annoyingly true.

Yes- it goes by so quickly; True- on the day you couldn’t care less about the place settings …and…you’d better believe it….getting married to the love of your life is ABSOLUTELY THE BEST THING YOU CAN DO. Here is my story.

We were married on the 28th May 2011 at Rivervale Barn, Yateley, Hampshire. We chose the barn for the stunning beams and chapel-like feel with space. The light just poured in and felt good for the soul!

I honestly woke up on the morning after my wedding feeling dreadful. I was told by my married friends that the last week of “wedmin” is a doddle after the previous months. Wrong. Thanks in part to the Met Office iPhone APP I had turned into a precipitation-obsessed demon and was stressing big time. I had also had a bad night’s sleep and had truly burnt the candle at both ends that month. But when I put my foot out of the bed that all changed. My wedding day was here! Dreamy.

Beautiful Imperfection

My hair was done by the lovely Jess at Aveda, my local hairdressers and I did my own make-up. I had a few hideous hair and makeup trials, one in which the artist herself admitted she made me look like a “Polly Pocket”. Not exactly the look I was going for! I decided to stick with what I knew and felt happy with that on the day.

My headband was from the delicious Flo and Percy and the petals on the band mirrored those on my dress….Ahhh, my dress! After a mammoth hunt I found Coppelia by Ian Stuart at the fantastic Mamfii bridal. Truthfully, there were about 6 dresses I could’ve ended up having, but just one that made me giggle! I loved how the fabric was so light and girly but the distressed, imperfect- looking flowers gave it an edge. A girly dress with balls!

Secret Shoes

My shoes were the only bit of bling I really had on the day. I am not really a shoe girl (gasp!) and couldn’t bear the thought of being uncomfortable on the day and not able to dance. I trawled websites and developed a healthy loathing for most “wedding” shoes. By chance I found some sparkly ballet slippers from Anthropologie in the US a few seasons back. I loved being able to flash them at people or keep them a secret!

My Favourite Part

My favourite part of the day was the ceremony. I walked down the aisle and couldn’t help getting a frog in my throat when I clapped eyes on Keiron. He kissed me and said “you look amazing”. We had written our own vows and chosen readings that we absolutely loved. Full of emotion, laughter and love… there is not a second I would change.

My adult bridesmaids wore French Connection Maxi dresses picked up in the sale with a vintage pink hair flower.

My flower girls had dresses from Monsoon in a similar pinky colour. Keiron wore a dark brown 3 piece suit from Slaters and a stunning Marc Wallace shirt. I originally wanted him in a top hat, but when he tried one on we wet ourselves laughing as he looked like a character in Downton Abbey!

Never Walk Alone

Our flowers were done by the extremely talented Sue at Lavender Hill . She just got what we were after straight away and filled the barn with sweet avalanche roses, peonies and fragrant herbs. As my Dad died 11 years ago I was keen to have some memory of him on the day without making it morose. Sue stitched my Dad’s pocket watch to my bouquet. Although I walked down the aisle on my own, I was far from alone, really. Thank you, Sue.

An Elegant Wonderland

We settled on some vintage, elegant decor with a modern twist. Alice in Wonderland little touches were a thread throughout the day too, without being too “in your face”. Our table planner was made ourselves. Each guest had a key with an “Alice” character on depicting their table. Guests also tried their keys to win some champers. We had little bags full of colouring, outdoor games and toys for the children and of course, a sweetie bar. I know you’ve seen it a bazillion times before, but…so?! If it works, why re-invent the wheel? The kids (and the adults) were very happy bunnies!

Pinched shamefully from several wedding blogs, we made our own “Madlibs” for guests to fill in throughout the reception. It went down very well, although some of our guests were so rude we had a hard job picking a winner that didn’t need censorship!

I Love The Groom

Our evening celebration had a relaxed, happy vibe. I’d put badges with phrases like “The bouquet is mine” from Cox and Cox in the loo’s. They went down a storm! I wore one saying “I love the Groom” with pride! We had a photo booth with moustaches, chalk boards and top hats which people took to the dancefloor. We gave our Flower Girls Ragdolls with personalised sashes and our Page boys had personalised silver VW Camper moneyboxes that they played with throughout the night.

Pure Indulgence

Our cake was from Cake Indulgence and each tier was a chocolate combo, such as chocolate and mint, chocolate and raspberry. We chose it purely on taste grounds, as soon as Keiron tried a sample at a wedding fayre he snapped it right up.

Rocking The Dance Floor

We danced to an obscure Morissey track called “Sweetie Pie”, chosen by Keiron. When I first heard it I was totally taken aback by the lyrics, they are so poetic and talk of loving someone so absolutely. We’d learnt some dance steps and decided to do a make-shift waltz. My oldest school friend, Anna Neale is a musician and she did a great job of rocking the evening.

Advice From A RMW Bride

I’ve actually been thinking really carefully about this section as it’s something I always looked at in the run up to my day. I actually have 3 bits of advice…

1.Surround yourself with people that you love and that genuinely care about you. Sadly, one person who I trusted hurt me on the wedding day and I should’ve known better. Although in the end it didn’t spoil the wedding at all, it came pretty close for a minute there and was just so silly. Please choose wisely.

2.If you have the chance spend the flight to your honeymoon with a pad, a piece of paper and your husband. Write down all the mental snapshots and conversations you had on the day. I am SO glad we did because I looked back on it last week and had actually forgotten tiny snippets of detail. We were on our flight to Italy giggling about the smallest things and it definitely made the wedding feel longer.

3.And finally …eek out every last second! I was partying ’til the wee hours in my wedding dress and a black top hat! You only do it once so make sure you are bursting with happiness, smiling like your face will break until you have nothing left to give. Never forget how lucky you are and why you’re there. Thanks so much to the RMW team who gave me the confidence to do it my way! I don’t think I’ve ever been happier.

Photography – Neale James

Brides Gown – Ian Stuart at Mamfii Bridal

Brides Headpiece – Flo and Percy

Florist – Lavender Hill

Venue – Riverdale Barn

Bridesmaids Dresses –French Connection

Cake – Cake Indulgence

One of the smiliest brides ever. Fact.

And I have already given Luci a good grilling on her perfect pink blush – Benefit’s Posetint topped with Benefit Dandelion apparently….

It’s also touching to hear that Luci’s favourite part of the day was the ceremony, as lovely as details and decor are (and they are) that for me at least, holds the most memorable moments .

Big Luci Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

26 thoughts on “We Love Luci.

  1. Such wise advice from this bride. It’s so true that spending some time writing down all those memories of your wedding will allow you to remember those moments that would otherwise be forgotten. I also like the way she had her father’s watch sewn onto the bouquet. It’s a private and discreet way to feel a loved one with you even if not there, without having to make it evident to everyone.
    And lastly…those Alice in Wonderland keys… They are so pretty!! All in all this couple has really beautiful taste. I lot of subtle touches, never over the top. Well done and congratulations!

  2. This is just lovely, I love it all! The Alice details are gorgeous, the colour of the flowergirl dresses is so pretty, the key table plan is brilliant… The pocket watch is a really nice way to remember your Dad too. Is there a part 2? I want to see more!

  3. Luci you look stunning! not normally a fan of Ian Stuart but that dress is beautiful and it really suits you. I love the pic of the cat 🙂

  4. Such a pretty wedding everything works so beautifully together. Love the flowers and the fairy lights they work so perfectly with the venue x

  5. What a gorgeous wedding! So many lovely things – the dress, the whopping great smiles on everyones faces, the stunning bouquet, and the cake – sounds amazing, mouth is watering even at 9.15 in the morning!

    I had the same photographer (so many amazing pictures here!) and very nearly went for Rivervale Barn too – stunning venue!

  6. Lovely wedding. I’m not a huge fan of Ian Stuart dresses personally but this one is beautiful! I also love the fact that she looks so happy! I’ve said it a few times but so often you see blogs/wedding reports where the bride is so self aware and just doesn’t look happy, so I always love seeing pictures where the bride just looks over the moon!

  7. Beautiful wedding … love the subtlety of all the little details. And please please purleeeeaaasse can we have a close up shot or a download of the Madlibs page? I need one!!!!

  8. I love a barn like this – rustic grandeur. I know what you mean about giggling when you put your dress on, I couldnt stop smiling and twirling when I 🙂
    You look stunning and so happy!

    Also, I need to get me some sparkly flats, heels are just not doing it for me 😉

  9. Beautiful dress and hair Luci and I think the venue’s just gorgeous too. Very wise words – I also panicked about weather, had no sleep the night before, and was let down by a very old friend just before my wedding – but it didn’t stop it being the best day of my life either 🙂 Congratulations! x

  10. You can just feel the happiness coming through those photos, i couldn’t help but have a big grin on my face whilst looking through this!

    I always love candelabras as centrepieces, so elegant! And the flowers are stunning – I almost moved our wedding date to May just so we could have peonies (fortunately, my mother has found roses that actually look just like peonies and flower in july!).

  11. oooooh every time I see this dress it makes me have the wobbles… Luci you look beautiful! also can you tell me where you got all of your Alice In Wonderland goodies from? not for my wedding but just like them!! X

  12. I love love love the mad-libs idea! Hope you don’t mind but i’m totally stealing that!!!

    Gorgeous bride she looks so happy and totally stunning wedding. And taking in advice no1, i have a feeling this might happen to me too…

  13. I recognise Luci’s gravatar! (does that make me a real RMW geek?!)

    Just wanted to say this is a lovely wedding and write up and you look so very happy Sx

  14. Hi everybody
    Thanks SO much for your lovely comments- I cannot stop smiling (again!)
    Laura T- I’M not an Ian Stuart fan really, but Copellia felt very UN-Ian Stuart if that makes sense.
    Madlibs went down a treat, I will send my photo of them to anyone that wants it if you give me your email. I can’t find the actual ones I used but here are similar https://emmalinebride.com/handmade-wedding/wedding-mad-libs/
    Claire- I got all the Alice goodies from me! I bought various photoframes then went to Liberty in London and bought buttons, ribbon and broaches. Then I printed off some illustrations onto some textured paper. Get a glue gun and get going!
    Seriously, thanks for the lovely-ness! x

  15. This is so gorgeous! LOVING the colours.

    Luci – we had the exact same plan of giving each guest a key to win a prize. The idea of incorporating them into the table plan is utter genius though – I was trying to work out how to attach them to guest’s napkins before!

    I literally spent 3 hours on ebay looking at “antique keys” last night – where did you manage to find yours?

  16. I scrolled down to the second image and the picture of Luci in her dress totally took my breath away. Luci you look stunning and that dress is utterly gorgeous!

    My favourite reports are from RMW brides because they are the most honest and you can see what elements of their day they’ve taken from things seen on here. (I know because my day was full of the same)

    Luci, your day looks magical and full of love. I love your write up and your advice. I wish I’d spent the flight to our honeymoon writing down all the bits we remembered, that’s such a good idea. I might do it now before I lose any more memories!


  17. I follow RMW every single day – my excuse is work 😉
    This is my favourite wedding so far!!!!
    It’s absolutely amazing – just stunning.
    I want to be in your dress and to experience your day as you look like you had such an amazing time, and I just want to see, touch, feel, taste and smell everything!!! Borderline stalkerish but this is just gorgeous!

    Congrats and lots of jealousy coming your way xxxx

  18. What a beautiful wedding. Some very lovely touches there.

    I love this venue so much. It’s right on my doorstep and I pass it every evening. If I had my day over again, it would be at this venue.


  19. I had a fab day and it was a pleasure to a be a bridesmaid. Luce made it really special and intimate and has just shown me the wedding video which I managed to get through without crying (just).
    I’m sure she wont mind me telling you that she started working in a Bridal Boutique on Saturdays as shes suffering from withdrawal symptoms! I have been told by my mother that Luce needs me to hurry and get married as she needs a new project!
    When my wonderful boyfriend (the cute teddy-bear looking one on Luci’s right above the ‘Rocking the Dancefloor’ lettering) proposes I’m sure Luce will have much more to say on this blog from a sister of the bride perspective. Remember that’s to the Right of Luci not left, he’s my cousin and that would be wrong! 🙂
    Much love

  20. Luci,
    We’re getting married at Rivervale in October this year. I stumbled upon this write-up, simply through Googling “Blush & Mink” as they are our colours too! Your wedding is a huge inspiration to me. Spookily, I adore Alice in Wonderland (I have six diffrerent copies of the book, aquired over the years) so I loved those details especially!
    I must bookmark this page in case I lose sight of my vision, or heaven forbid, the reason why we’re getting married!! 😉

    Kirsty x

  21. I am sold on this theme, totally totally sold. Luci, your story is beyond amazing and i wish you and your husband all the best for eternity.

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