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Wedding Blessing in Germany with Outdoor Ceremony and Festoon Lit Reception

Fanny and Mathias held their wedding blessing on the tiny island of Rügen in Germany. In such an intimate setting there were limited wedding suppliers so the couple organised many of the finer details remotely and even transported some suppliers in from Berlin!
All that effort was well worth it and Fanny and Mathias look to have a beautifully relaxed day surrounded by their nearest and dearest.


“We wanted an atmosphere fitting with the location which is atypical but most of all, our wish was a convivial atmosphere. Mixing the nature of the island with a bohemian/vintage/chic touch! We were also really lucky with the weather and managed to spend a lot of time outside in the garden, which was great because we set up some “ouside-corners.
We were already civily married, so this “second-part wedding” was just laid for our families and friends. Somehow, it made that day much more relaxing with less pressure. We were able to enjoy a lot of tiny moments and spend time with our relatives.”
– Fanny & Mathias

Wedding Blessing

We’re seeing more and more couples opt for a two parter of a wedding. In fact when I married my husband we went for a similar arrangement with a formal, legal ceremony followed by a wedding blessing surrounding by our family and friends.
Fanny and Mathias called on those friends and family when their florist didn’t come through, and they didn’t let them down!


“We had a big flowers fail for our wedding and that was for me a disaster because most of our deco was based on flowers or vegetal details. So, friends and family suddenly improvised themselves florists and saved the situation (a few hours before the wedding) by buying flowers and making compositions. A real team effort!
I know it’s easy to say but don’t plan TOO much your day minute per minute because in any case, there will be some surprises or things that you didn’t consider. Try to relaxed and calm and you will find solutions with your fiancé or bridesmaids/best men for every case and situation.”
– Fanny & Mathias

Becky and Charlotte’s Plan B podcast is well worth a listen if you’re worried plans might go awry on your big day. There lots of tips for keeping a cool head and loads of examples of brides and grooms just like Fanny and Mathias who refused to let any issues stand in the way of enjoying their wedding.

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