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Wedding Guest Book Alternatives {“Leave a Love Note”}

It’s a small detail, but an important one. Where do your wedding guests leave their wedding cards? I know from experience from all the weddings that I’ve been to that people don’t like leaving their carefully-chosen (and carefully-stuffed-with-cash!) wedding cards just ANYWHERE. Step in this DIY wedding card table, which incorporates a) a box to pop said cards in, and b) a load of blank cards which your guests can fill with words of advice and love, then post into a colourful envelope. Guaranteed, you and your other half will spend the day after your wedding ahhing and giggling at the messages your loved ones have scribed.

How to Make a DIY Wedding Card Table {What You Will Need}

Wooden card box, white box canvas, colouful envelopes, pink roses and pencils, all resting upon a wooden table

White box canvas (or you could use a piece of plywood painted white)
Envelopes and cards (I used envelopes that I already had, plus the Rosa Pink Envelopes and Cards and these Kraft Envelopes and Cards)
Silver pen
Wooden box
Double-sided tape

How to Make a DIY Wedding Card Table {Instructions}
  • 1. Write the words ‘Leave a love note’ (or something similar) onto your canvas in pencil. When you’re happy with the lettering, trace over with a silver pen.
  • 2. Lay the canvas flat on a table and arrange your envelopes on top. Use both square and rectangular envelopes in different sizes to make it visually interesting, and choose colours that will complement your colour scheme.
  • 3. Using double sided tape, attach the envelopes so that the ‘flap’ side is visible.
  • 4. Prop an empty box in front of the canvas with a ‘cards’ sign on the lid, so your guests know to leave wedding cards inside it. You could also use a wicker basket.
  • 5. Leave a load of blank cards and pretty pens or pencils on the table for guests to write their words of wisdom onto before posting inside the envelopes.

Happy crafting! And enjoy reading all the love notes after your big day.

  • Metallic Silver Pen
  • Wooden Pencil
  • 10pk A6 Kraft Cards & Envelopes
  • 10pk A6 Pink Cards & Envelopes

DIY Leave a Note Alternative Wedding Guest Book

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