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Wedding Party Songs – The Ultimate Wedding Party Playlist

Music plays such an important part of your life. It can literally take you right back to a certain year, a certain boy, or most importantly an epic wedding! My husband & I love playing the game ‘what year was that’ when we’re listening to the radio or flicking through the music channels & we both often refer to it as a memory; the year we first met or the year we had our first-born. Fill your dancing playlist full of these favourite wedding party songs and we guarantee you’ll have an incredible dancefloor full of bouncing, smiling faces.

Rob and I are lucky enough to have some amazing friends & we have been to some truly fabulous weddings, all different, but all equally epic as they’ve created the perfect party atmosphere. Our group has some poignant songs which just have to be played at each wedding /party/gathering and I think the song that sums up our group the most is The Killers Mr Brightside, no wait is it Take That’s ‘Never Forget’ actually it could also be Michael Jackson’s ‘Man in the Mirror’, ok it’s ALL of them and probably some more too!

But my point is music is so infectious but so unique to personal taste how do you satisfy the crowd & find that perfect eclectic mix to keep everyone busting moves on the dance floor?

So many more of our lovely Brides and Grooms are opting for a budget-friendly Spotify playlist and control over what’s being played. So here at RMW towers, we thought we’d help you with the ‘wedmin’ so you can cross another job off your list and created ‘The Ultimate Wedding Party Playlist’ for you jam-packed with amazing wedding party songs!

We each added our favourite anthems and then we also asked our lovely Facebook community for their favourite song to guarantee them up and on the dance floor shaking their tail feather.

We have to say we were pretty impressed with the suggestions and we haven’t been able to stop humming along and tapping our feet since!

I challenge you to not find a genre or song on there that you don’t think YES I’d definitely shimmy along to the dance floor for that one! And if we haven’t quite got it right, don’t be afraid to leave your favourite TUNE in the comments box below…

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The Ultimate Wedding Party Playlist by RMW


Author: Lorna Shaw
Lorna loves a new posh frock, is a hopeless romantic and is lucky enough to be living her ‘happily ever after’ with her wonderful husband, three beautiful children and pet dog.

7 thoughts on “Wedding Party Songs – The Ultimate Wedding Party Playlist

  1. Thank you so much for compiling this great list of songs. I’ve been listening all day and have added so many new songs to my wedding playlist!

  2. Amazing selection of aptly chosen music fit for any wedding reception 🙂
    It’s really good fun sitting down and compiling a playlist together for your special evening, especially when certain memories pop up, locations, moments you’ve shared with your friends and family. Music is visceral with the ability to remind you of special moments in your life, so definitely worth the effort making a play list over choosing a DJ who talks over all the over played songs that you and your guests never wanted to listen to anyway 😉

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