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Wedding Suits From Jack Bunneys

Gone are the days when your wedding day outfit choice was only about your dress. Today just as much attention is paid to what the Groom is wearing and the search for that perfect suit has become an important part of wedding day prep. Grooms now put as much time, effort and money into finding their outfits as the Brides do!

Wedding style in general has become more and more unique and Grooms are now choosing a look that reflects them and their own individual style. That’s where Jack Bunneys comes in. If you’re looking for a well established British company to provide smart attire for your big day – then look no further. Jack Bunneys have been making and hiring suits since 1958 and are still going strong today.

That is why we are super excited to have them as our very first member of the Grooms Fashion Pack. A collection of the very best in the industry.

We have chosen them because they do things differently. Using finer materials, different colours, slimmer fits. They tried losing the fancy waistcoats, then reinventing the fancy waistcoats. They tried introducing different styles. They invented new services and new ways of looking at the industry. In short, and according to Marc, they did what they ‘wanted and to hell with what the industry told us we should be doing.’ Now THAT sounds like our kind of thinking…

Now in 2015 they’ve helped to shape the suit hire industry into a place where you can find a good fit with quality materials and excellent service, all for a reasonable price. Their small tailor’s in East London casts a long shadow, with our collections influencing the wedding suit market nationally.

Whether you want to wear flannel or tweed, stripes or checks, blue or brown, Jack Bunneys can work with you to create a unique style led look for your wedding day.

You can choose to hire your suit or have it custom made to be completely unique to you. Jack Bunneys are also proud to announce their new service, which integrates our ‘Made-to-Measure’ suit department and our ‘Wedding Suit Hire’ department to perfection, allowing a seamless blend of classical tailoring and hire.This integrates their bespoke (made-to-measure) department with their hire department to an even greater degree than ever before. Bespoke/Hire allows the Groom to have an extraordinary suit made to measure. Whilst also allowing the rest of the Groom’s party to truly co-ordinate by hiring their suits.

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