I create inclusive ceremonies, working with Feminist, LGBTQ+ a gender non-conforming couples who want a ceremony that reflects their values AND feels like the start of the party. Drop me an email!


Can we add specific religious, cultural or symbolic elements to the ceremony?

Absolutely, any element that you'd like to have included can be done. Religious passages, cultural traditions, rituals, songs and dances. This is your ceremony and we'll do it your way! ​ Symbolic ceremonies such as Ring Warming, Hand Fasting, Unity Candles, Sand Ceremonies and Tree Planting etc. can all be done too. I'm happy to walk you through what these involve too so you can decide if one of them is right for you.

Do you offer services for same-sex weddings?

Of course! The only people I'd say no to are homophobes and racists.

Where can I get married?

Absolutely anywhere - on a beach, on top of a mountain, in your back garden, at the zoo, in your living room (or someone else's as long as they've said yes!). Just bear in mind that having a back-up is a good idea in case of bad weather. I can travel around the UK and internationally to perform your ceremony although this may come at an extra cost.

What about our vows?

I'm sure you're sensing a theme here but, again, this is completely up to you. You can write your own vows and make them as funny or romantic as you like or you can pick something more traditional. You'll have unlimited contact with me throughout to work on your vows if you wish. If you're shy and nervous about the public speaking part of the ceremony then we can work together to get you more confident and do a rehearsal so you know what to expect.

What will you wear for the wedding?

My first question will be what colour the bridesmaids are wearing (if you're having them) because you don't want me up there looking like an accidental bridesmaid. I'll wear something smart and in-keeping with your wedding and am more than happy to run an outfit by you beforehand. If you're having a specific theme like a festival wedding then I'll make sure I've got some wellies and glitter paint.


Thank you so much for Saturday, we had an amazing day and your management of the ceremony was truly wonderful. We've had so many compliments from our guests on how they didn't feel that they'd missed out on our legal vows last year because of our ceremony.

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