Small family brand with handmade artisan headpieces & jewellery for modern Brides. Unique accessories weaved from botanical dreams and detailed craftsmanship. Bespoke service also available.


Beautifully made headpiece! It looks very delicate and that's exactly what I was looking for. I ordered a custom design and Anna was incredibly helpful and patient when I asked her for crystals and beads that would match the jewelry I'll be wearing on my wedding day. It was also made and shipped quicker than I thought. The item comes in an elegant box. I like this hair vine so much that I'll definitely be wearing it for other occassions in the future! :)


None other jeweller succeeded in making hair vines of comparable greatness and beauty. Anna reminds me of one Elven master from Tolkien’s Middle-earth: „There was in Gondolin a jewel-smith named Enerdhil, the greatest of that craft among the Noldor after the death of Fёanor. Enerdhil loved all green things that grew, and his greatest joy was to see the sunlight through the leaves of trees. And it came into his heart to make a jewel within which the clear light of the sun should be imprisoned, but the jewel should be green as leaves. And he made this thing, and even the Noldor marvelled at it.” J.R.R. Tolkien, Unfinished Tales, p. 215


So pretty and delicate, I love this piece and am so excited to wear it for my wedding! Thank you Anna xx


Even more beautiful in person. This piece is clearly made with a lot of care. Anna is so lovely and she lets you know exactly when she's started making your item, gives you an idea of when it will be sent out by and she also includes a picture of the finished piece. I cannot wait to wear this for my wedding. I highly highly recommend.


So beautiful, can't wait to wear it on my wedding day ???? Such fantastic and personal service too, thank you!


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